tagMind ControlThe Accident Ch. 02

The Accident Ch. 02


I woke up later that afternoon. Jon made his daily visit, we were getting closer to our settlement. He also got them to include all medical expenses, including rehab and any continued troubles that might arise. It was a great feeling knowing I would never see that bill. I didn't bring up what had happened earlier though. It was still a little weird, and it wasn't happening now. Maybe I just was having a reaction to the medications for pain management they were giving me.

When the evening rotations came around, the doctor agreed that we could try just regular Advil and see how we're doing then. The doctor also told me that I was going to start my PT the next morning. My PT would be Jenny. The doctor didn't say when Jenny would be coming though. Another quiet evening in bed until my phone alerted me to an incoming email. Not doing anything else I checked and did not know who it was from right away. The contact was not familiar and there was a large video attachment. Great, more spam I thought. I made to scroll to the bottom to un-subscribe from yet another list, when I saw the opening line. It read:

"Thomas, I do not know what overcame me this morning. I am SOOO sorry! I have never done that with any other patient before! I could not stop thinking about it all day either. It was so exciting and dangerous. When I finally got home, I had to take care of myself otherwise I would have been able to do anything else. I hope you like the video. I can't believe I'm sending it to you either! I've never even taken a naked picture of myself for my husband. I will also tell you (though I can't figure out why I'm telling you all this) that when Mike came home, I couldn't hold back and we've made love twice already and I'm ready again for later. I couldn't tell you why I'm telling you all this, but I just have this feeling that you would never say anything to anyone and that you are totally ok with it too. I hope to see you in the morning again! - Jean"

I opened the video and there was jean, naked in the bathroom of what I assumed was her house. She was sitting on the floor and was spread legged at the camera. I could see her pussy was nicely trimmed and she had a nice body. It was sexy for a woman with two kids. There was a little extra on her, but she wore it well. Her breasts were a nice size, maybe a 32/34 B. The video was not long, 52 seconds to be exact, but it was intense! From the first touch of her fingers on her pussy, it was wet. She arched her back and rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. I think she had two orgasms in that short video, or it was one long one, hard to tell, but she was having fun, that's for sure.

Watching her pleasure herself was exciting to me too. I kept trying to think of exactly what I did, said or thought that did this to her. I went over in my head the whole morning. It wasn't even all that long, less than 10 minutes. What had happened?? It was a while before I was able to go to sleep, but eventually I did fall asleep.

The next morning, I was woken up by a male nurse and he had the obligatory wheel chair ready for me. While I had nothing broken, Jon was taking no chances with the other lawyers and I was going to PT, like it or not! Turns out, it might have been the best thing ever, because this is where I met Jenny.

Are you familiar with those slow motion scenes in TV and movies, well I swear that happened to me. Jenny was stunning. On a good day she was 5'1", jet black hair that was pulled behind in a ponytail. I could not tell where her parentage was from, but it was somewhere in Asia. Good thing I was already sitting down, because I was not ready for what happened next. As she turned towards me and she looked at me, her eyes lit up a little, but her thoughts screamed at me! "OMG! Jackpot! That has to be the sexiest man to ever come in here!"

It took her a second, but she finally was able to shake herself free and she introduced herself to me. "Hi, I'm Jenny and I'll be helping to work with you for your physical therapy".

She stuck out her hand to shake mine and when I reached up and grasped her hand, her body visibly shook a little. She quickly brushed it off to a chill and thanked the orderly, but I heard what she thought and felt then. As our hands met, what looked like a chill was really a thrilling shake of her body. I knew then that her nipples stiffened and she got very excited all of a sudden. And her thought was electrifying "I need this man. I would do anything for him! This is the only man I will ever need or be with! He is the one to take me finally. And he can do whatever it is that makes him happy"

I assume that you have never heard these thoughts before, the secret thoughts of a person. Well, they tend to hit one very hard. As I said, good thing I was sitting down already. I was so shocked that I didn't even try to send any thoughts back to her right then. As things must, we finally got down to the PT. I was struggling to listen to her words and not her thoughts. She kept thinking of how happy she finally found me, and trying to figure out how she was going to tell me about herself, and when she will try to make a move, etc. I was really enjoying looking at this young woman. I found out that she was 23, was six months out of school, she wasn't seeing anyone, but wasn't looking either (not anymore I heard her think though!).

I finally was able to concentrate enough to see if this whole think with me sending thoughts really worked. Jenny had one of those low cut nurse's scrubs on, and she wore it really well. I was wondering if she was wearing anything underneath and I sent her a thought: "bend over so I can see down your shirt."

It wasn't two seconds later that I got a fantastic view of the bra she was wearing, but I also got a surprise thought from her "Damn, I'm wearing this sports bra today! What is that going to show him??"

Now I'm confused, did I send her the suggestion, or was that something she was already doing? Okay, time to try again. A few minutes later, I sent her the suggestion to rub her chest against my back. Again, I got the thought back from her "He feels so good, my nipples are so hard! Too bad he can't see that through this damn bra!"

Okay, twice about the bra, and twice I wasn't sure it was my suggestion, but I am totally hearing her think, that's for sure. One more suggestion I'm thinking for today. "Find a way to remove your bra so I can see your breasts and feel them on me". That should be specific enough for her to not have that thought!

Well, shew excused herself and went into her office and returned in less than a minute, she returned. Wow was about all I could think of as I watched her walk over to me. The sexiest little nipples were pressing against her scrubs. I nearly ripped my pants my cock jumped so much. She approached me and bent over again, giving me the most fantastic view of an absolutely perfect set of breasts! They were firm and perky. They might be B's, but on a woman that small, that were more than enough! So much for hiding my hard on then! The shorts I was wearing did not allow for any excuses at all. It was there for her to stare at it, and to my pleasure, she did.

"Sexy, sexy, sexy. I have to have him. He's looking at me! He can see my nipples and he likes it. Ok, bend over and let him see more...HOLY Crap, look at his dick! He likes what he's seeing! I like what I'm seeing too! I cannot let him go, ever!!"

We were both frozen right there. I was sitting in my chair staring down her shirt and she was staring at my cock. It had to be more than a few seconds before we both started to blubber and look around and make excuses. Jenny saw the time and ran into her office again and emerged just as the orderly appeared to take me back to my room. Lucky timing, I suppose. We said our goodbye's and she said she would see me next time. As I was rolling out of the door I could hear her thought "Next time will be very soon!"

My cock never truly went soft. I took a shower as I was moving around on my own and just started to watch TV as the evening rounds started again. My doctor came to visit me to discuss the PT and figured that I should be able to go home in a day or two as long as I continued my PT. Small chance I would quit as long as it was Jenny I thought to myself.

Jon came by again, bringing dinner (hospital food is just not worth it if you can help it). He was close to finalizing the deal with the other lawyers, just still doing some fact finding. I mentioned that the doctor said I could leave soon and that I could go home. That as it turned out was a problem. It seems that while I was in my coma, my lease expired and no one had contacted the manager and they cleared out my place (put it all in storage at least) and rented it to someone else! Jon had just found this out and told me about it. No worries he advised, I would crash with him until we figured out what we wanted to do.

Feeling relaxed then I laid back to watch some TV before calling it a night. I could not get Jenny out of my head. What a fantastic girl. I'll need to make this work! Just thinking about her made my cock swell up again. It had been a while with the exception of yesterday morning. But when you are in a hospital room, there is rarely any privacy, so I could not just take care of that myself. Then the door opened. I could see a nurse coming in, but then realized it was Jean.

"I wanted to come and talk to you before you were discharged since I am off the next week" she started to say, but then saw me laying there with a semi hard cock again.

"One more time won't hurt" was what I heard in my head.

She had half stopped in her tracks and then closed the door and came over to me. Perfect I thought, this is exactly what I need.

"You want to suck me one last time. This time though you want to touch yourself at the same time. This is a good thing. No one will know and it will make you happy." Is the suggestion I sent her way.

And a good one too. She never even hesitated and came over to me, smiled, said hello and pulled my cock out. I was hard in a second and I could hear her gasp. She smiled again and bent over me, opening her mouth and taking the head of my cock in for a kiss. She kept this up making it shine. She looked up at me and said:

"Did you like my email? I pulled your email address from your file, hope that's ok?"

"It was great", I said. "Very sexy. I enjoyed it a lot."

She didn't say anything else, but smiled again and started to really suck me.

"I will miss this! I can't get over how much I enjoy sucking him. It's making me so hot!"

I'm starting to like being able to hear these thoughts. So I prodded her a little more.

"Time to please yourself now too" I sent to her as a suggestion.

It seems that these suggestions work well when the person is willing. She reached down and pulled her scrubs down, including her panties and started playing with herself. I don't think she had ever sucked and stroked a cock and played with herself at the same time, but she finally got the rhythm down and was fully enjoying herself.

I did say that there is rarely any privacy, right? Suddenly while Jean was sucking while working two fingers in and out of her pussy, a thought thrust its way into my head and it wasn't Jean.

"Get going girl! Now's the time, we need to see him again, and now!"

Crap! It's Jenny I thought and she burst into the room. It was another frozen moment for everyone. Jean had my cock deep in her mouth, but looked to see who burst in, and Jenny had stepped into the room only to see Jean going to work on me!

I received two thoughts at about the same time, one from each of them.

From Jean I heard multiple thoughts "Crap! I'm not done yet! I can't be caught. I want to finish. Just watch and learn girl."

From Jenny I also her many thoughts at once: "What have I walked into? Who's this woman? He has someone already! I'm too late. He's huge! That's sexy."

Interesting what thoughts people have at unexpected times. I only had a second to compute these thoughts and I sent out my suggesitons: To Jean I sent "You're going to finish sucking me because this is the last time you'll have a chance to do it. It's also turning you on having this little woman watch you!"

To Jenny I sent: "Watching another woman please me turns you on! You can't wait to watch her make me cum. It doesn't change how you feel about me at all."

This all took place between the time Jenny burst into the room and when the door softly shut behind Jenny. Maybe I was too forceful with my suggestion, but it was so sudden. Jean started moving first and came and allowed my cock to fall out of her mouth. It was covered in her spittle, looking very shiny. Jean looked over at Jenny, who stood mesmerized at the site of my cock. It seems that she had never seen a cock as big as mine and she was staring lustily at it. Jean started to pump my cock again with her hand, it slid easily up and down, working it slowly so that Jenny could clearly watch.

Jenny, still mesmerized, took a few steps forward until she was standing next to my bed. The look on her face was lust, and excitement. She just stood there, I could see was excited. Her nipples were sticking through that sports bra now! Jean then took me into her mouth again and started to suck me. Jean also looked excited. I think my brain was on over load then because it took a few minutes of this before I could hear any more thoughts from them.

Jean was now giving me her best blowjob of her life. She was never more into it or excited to do it. I could finally hear her think "This is the hottest thing I've ever done. Mike would never want to do this. I am going to cum so hard when he finally orgasms! I can feel it!"

"I can't believe how turned on by this I am." Was the thought from Jenny. "This is one of the sexist things I've ever watched. I'm actually excited for him! I hope she is pleasing him!"

This is crazy I thought. I couldn't believe what was going on. I wasn't sure which was more believable, the fact that I could hear their thoughts and make suggestions to them, or that I was getting a fantastic blowjob, while being watched by the sexiest woman I've ever met, who was enjoying watching it!

I promise you that if you ever find yourself in this situation, you won't last too long either. Jean continued to take more and more of my cock into her mouth, until I hit the back of her throat. She's not a swallower, that for sure. But that little gagging noise was all I needed to push me over the edge. Apparently Jenny too, cause without anyone touching her, she had an orgasm. It was awesome to see too! Her knees buckled and she moaned. Her eyes rolled up and she fell forward onto the bed, across my chest, shaking in pleasure.

How could I not cum right then? I came so hard right into Jean's mouth. It was coming out of the sides of her mouth as she continued to try sucking me. Of course Jean followed with her own orgasm, shaking the bed with everyone in it.

After a minute, when everyone was breathing normally again. Jean got up, grabbed towels and cleaned me off as well as herself. Jenny say in the bedside chair, still breathing heavily. I could not hear any specific thoughts, but I was getting a feeling of overall pleasure from both women.

Jean looked over at Jenny, smiled and said "Your one lucky young woman. I'm jealous that I won't be around anymore." With that, she turned and walked out of the room, but not before I sent her one last suggestion.

"You won't ever tell anyone about this, but you'll always remember it fondly and when you do think of me, you'll have fantastic orgasms."

Jean stutter stepped at that, but I could see the smile on her face as she walked out of the room. I then looked at Jenny. The look I got back was so contented, happy, and satisfied. The thought was good too "I can stop looking. This is my man, now and forever."

Jenny slowly got up, took a piece of paper from the bedside table and wrote down her number and handed it to me. She leaned in and kissed me and said "See you tomorrow" and walked out of the room.

I laid there and wondered if that really happened. Did I really just find my future wife? The thought made me happy and I closed my eyes and slept fantastically.

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by Anonymous05/10/18


"Put simply, I can fuck my wife twice a day if I wanted to; but I have neither the time or the inclination. Most guys don't. "

Please only speak for yourself.
Holy shit. If only my wife let me do it thatmore...

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by hornacek10/14/17

a bit confusing

Having only two women in this chapter and their names being so similar when reading them (Jean, Jenny), it was hard to remember who was who when they were all in the same scene.

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by Whackdoodle10/11/17


Why is it that every MC story has the main character creating a harem? Seriously, that is a fuck ton of drama no guy wants or needs. And controlling them into living fuck dolls is boring because it isntmore...

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by C_frommn10/10/17

Like The Direction

But shouldn't he Program Jenny to locate others she would feel are worthy of being his. I mean he has control over the Women he meets so why not Create a Selected Harem.

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by GiveUaFreeFacial10/10/17

Good Story

Good story! I look forward to reading more chapters! However, you may want to give them a second or third read through before posting just to catch some of the minor grammatical errors.

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