tagNovels and NovellasThe Accident Ch. 03

The Accident Ch. 03


John and I had been happily married for quite some time when I realized that I was getting bored staying at home. I felt that I needed to get a job so I could get out of the house more, and meet new people. After long discussions on the matter, John finally agreed that I could get a job. His belief was that I didn't need to work so why should I?

I started to work with the company and grew to love my job. I was meeting new people, and learning new things constantly. Eventually, I moved up to a place of importance. I knew that my looks had something to do with that, as most of the upper management were males who at times could be real hound-dogs.

I was so excited when I got my last promotion. John was actually happy for me, and the extra money was going to savings, so we were financially quite well off. Then Mr. Samuels got transferred here. The first day I met him I felt something deep inside. He had a magnetic aura about him that made most women either talk like giddy school girls or just about drool over him.

The weird part was, he was a bit over weight, and definitely not a movie star quality type of guy. Yet, for some reason, all the women in the office found him to be quite attractive. Perhaps it was how he treated and also talked to women. He was one of those guys that women seem to instinctively trust. Funny, intelligent, and somewhat a bad boy at times too.

Then, one night we had a meeting with a client. At dinner that client was hitting on me. I am used to that, having dealt with some clients before who had tried to bed me as 'part of the contract' but I had handled them all well, got the contract signed and not given up anything other than some time.

This night was different. First the client was pushy and more demanding. Secondly, we had been drinking a bit, and usually I would just have water, but as I said, with the pushy client, I had to have a few drinks too.

To be honest, all the flirting had my heart all aflutter. It had been a long time since any man had paid attention to me like this client was. Bill, (Mr. Samuels) even picked up on the flirting and soon I was getting it from both sides. I felt like a Goddess or actually, a very attractive woman.

As the night went on the guys kept up the flirting and by the time we said good night to the client I had been getting on edge. I could feel a certain heat inside me that had all to do with sexuality and desire. As we headed back to the office, Bill kept up the banter and once we got to the parking lot I was on fire. Bill ran around and got my door for me before I could do it myself.

As he held the door, I turned my head up to thank him for being such a gentleman. Our faces were just a scant few inches apart. Suddenly, our lips touched and we were kissing. I was hotter than I had been for a long time. I really needed to do something soon or I was going to burst.

Bill took my hand and led me into the building, kissing me and then, to add to the fire already burning inside, caressing my breasts through my dress. By the time we got to his office, I had no thoughts about anything but fucking this man.

I stood in his office, and did a slow sexy strip. When I was naked...well except for my stockings, heels, and garter belt, I sat on Bill's desk and began to play with myself. Shamelessly playing with my pussy, sliding my fingers between my pussy lips, then plunging them deeply into my hole. Bill, who had stripped down to his boxers, sat on his chair and got right between my legs.

Soon, I felt his hands on my thighs, caressing me. Then, hot breath as his face got closer and closer to my now very wet pussy. The next thing I knew, Bill was roughly shoving fingers in and out of my pussy, and then his mouth was sucking on my tender clit.

I was so close to cumming I just took my legs and spread them as wide as I could to give Bill full access to me. His tongue would dive deeply inside my pussy, then slip out to lick around my hole. Soon, his tongue was dipping lower, and just as I began to orgasm, I felt the tip of his tongue on my little asshole. The feelings that shot through me with the knowledge that his tongue was there...in that spot, drove me into an orgasm like I had never had before. As his tongue left my asshole, his fingers invaded.

As I came down, Bill stood up and dropped his shorts. I gasped. His cock was the biggest thing I had ever seen on a man before in my life. I stared at it as he walked around to the side of the desk. Turning my head to follow that bouncing shaft, the head of it ended up right on my lips. Bill was facing my head, but kind of parallel to my body. His fingers on one hand went to my wet pussy, and began to fuck in and out of me.

Soon I moaned as I felt the stirrings of need building again. The next thing I knew...his cock was between my lips and pushing deeper and deeper. He was past the most I had ever been able to take from John, and more was still working into my mouth. He stopped for a bit, and pulled out, just the head between my lips.

Fingers found my nipples and began to pinch and tug at them. That combined with the fingers in my pussy soon had me moaning some more. As my lips parted, relaxing on that large head, he slipped it deeper into my mouth. This pattern kept up for a while, until at one point, I realized that his balls were rubbing across my eye sockets as he thrust forward. My throat had opened up with me never exactly knowing when or how.

As he literally fucked my throat, I began to get hotter and hotter. I was taking his monster cock all the way into my mouth, and down my throat. I was deep throating a huge cock like a pro. Excited beyond belief, I really started to work at giving Bill the best head I had ever given any man.

Bill pulled out of my sucking lips with a pop and moved around to stand between my wide spread legs. Taking his cock in one hand, he rubbed that plum shaped head up and down my pussy lips, making me beg for him to fuck me. He teased and teased me with his hard cock.

Finally he moved to push his cock into me. I moaned and reaching around grabbed his hips and pulled him hard into me. This caused his whole cock to drive into the depths of my pussy. I began to orgasm, and kept orgasming on each stroke of his huge shaft into me.

He fucked me...I mean really fucked me hard. I held onto his hips and rode that shaft like it was the last cock on earth. I came and came as Bill worked up to his orgasm. Then, he drove deep into me, his pubic bone crushing against mine. I soon felt his fiery hot cum flooding my womb. My last orgasm was as intense as my first and I came with him.

After a little rest, I was just looking at his cock and began to get hot all over again. I think it was the difference, and the newness of it all. That and the illicit nature of this whole act. Soon I began to suck on his shaft, bringing it to full steely hardness in a matter of minutes. Bill fucked me again on his desk, my legs hanging to the sides, right off the corner of it.

His hands cupped my breasts and squeezed and pulled on them as he rammed in and out. I came twice more as he just rutted with me. After yet another rest, I was walking back from the bathroom and cleaning up a bit. Still naked, I stopped by the couch. Bill walked up to me and kissed me. The next thing I knew, I was bent over the back of his couch and his long hard shaft was filling me for the third time that night.

As he fucked me this time, he began to work fingers into my asshole. The touch combined with the pressure of his fingers against his cock in my pussy drove me higher and higher. As I came I realized that he had three fingers all the way buried in my asshole, and I liked the feeling. Yes, it hurt a bit at first, but now it...well, as they say...hurt so good.

By the time he came in my pussy, I almost wanted to beg him to fuck my ass too. He came before I could say that, as my orgasm...hell, multiple orgasms were keeping me from coherent language. I collapsed on his couch back as he pulled his cock out first, then oh-so-slowly his fingers out of my asshole.

I could feel cool air flooding my ass as it slowly shut from the invasion of those three fingers. I closed my eyes, letting my post orgasm flow over me. Bill bent down and kissed me thoroughly. Getting dressed, I knew that Bill and I had just had some great sex, but most of the greatness had been because of the newness between us. Had we been lovers, it would not have been quite so good I thought.

I got in my car and drove home. Sitting at a stoplight what I had just done with Bill hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just cheated on my husband. The one man I truly loved in the entire world. I knew that if John found out the pain it would cause him would be too much to bear. I sat there through two or maybe even more green lights, crying.

My guilt didn't go away the next day either. I struggled with telling John that morning. Then I decided to wait until that evening. By that evening, I had chickened out telling him at all. I had nightmares for several nights after that. I felt so sad and so low. How could I have let myself go like that? How would I ever be able to face Bill again? How could I sit there at home, and talk to John like nothing had happened?

For the next few weeks I was quiet around work, and never let myself be alone with Bill or any other man for that matter. I didn't trust myself. I didn't trust any man there either. I was driving myself crazy with guilt and the pain of what I had done to my husband. John, so innocent, was hugging me close every night, kissing me, holding me, doing everything he always had done for me. And I had stabbed him in the back.

Guilt also surrounded my thoughts of that one night of hot sex too. I couldn't help myself. I could still feel Bill's huge cock stroking deep inside my pussy. I could feel his scalding hot cum flooding my womb. I had dreams of that sex too. When I did, I'd feel even guiltier the next day. I was surprised that John hadn't seen through it all yet.

Then, one night I had to work over with a client. Bill had stayed too. We got the papers signed and this client offered us a drink. Bill accepted for both of us before I could decline and I found myself having a couple drinks with some flirting men again.

Bill drove me towards the office and once there I got out of the car with the intent to run to my car. Bill cut me off and taking me in his arms kissed me thoroughly. I broke away, breathing hard, feeling my nipples betraying me. They were getting hard.

"No...we can't Bill. It isn't right."

"But Sue...you loved the other night and so did I. I have to have you again. Please."


Before I could say anything, his lips covered mine and his tongue shoved into my mouth. He kept up with this kiss as I struggled with him. Then, something inside me just quit. I opened my lips more and pulled him closer to me.

He picked me up and carried me back to his car. Setting me down long enough to let me sit in the passengers seat, he closed the door and ran to the other side. Climbing in, he began to caress my shoulder, then my chest, then between my legs.

I'm ashamed to say, I pulled up my dress and spread my legs as wide as I could in that car, and gave him full access to my now very wet pussy. We drove to a local motel where Bill got us a room. Once inside, he stripped my dress off, and then my bra and thong. Standing in my stockings and heels, he picked me up and carried me to the bed. Laying me on it, he knelt between my wide spread legs and began to lick and suck on my pussy. I was on fire.

"Oh...Bill...yesss...lick me...oh yes...lick me."

I was running my fingers through his hair as he brought me to my first orgasm that night. He kept on eating me out, licking my asshole once in a while, and then fingering both of my holes. Soon, he had me on edge and ready to fall into my second orgasm.

As he pulled away I cried out. Wanting him to keep going. He had other ideas. He moved around until he was straddling my head, and in a classic sixty-nine, he began to lick and suck on my pussy again. I found the head of his cock and plunged it between my lips, sucking like a vacuum.

As he ate me I blew him. Once again, slowly, bit by bit, he worked more and more of his shaft into my mouth. This time I felt my throat opening up, and as I relaxed it as best I could, he began to pump his cock in and out of me. Feeling that hot hard shaft slipping between my lips, and bumping around in my throat was making me hotter and hotter.

Bill now had two fingers in my asshole and two in my pussy. His lips were around my little clit and he was sucking it out, pulling on it and then squishing his lips tightly around it. I didn't know it at the time, but his actions were causing my clit to extend out like a little cock. It was out quite a ways at that point, he told me later.

I was going nuts. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him all the way into my mouth and down my throat. His balls hit my nose and I just reveled in the hot skin that was rubbing hard against me. His cock began to throb and suddenly hot cum shot into my throat. He was so deep I never tasted it at all until I pushed him back enough to get some of the remainder on my tongue. I had just swallowed cum for the second time, and loved it.

Bill was still fingering my pussy and asshole, and I was close to cumming. He kept it up as I came and I just about passed out from the sensations I was having. We lay there for a bit, and then I began to suck on his cock again. I could taste his cum here and there, and feeling slutty as I ever had, I looked into his eyes as I took his whole cock into my throat.

Soon he was hard as a rock and I was ready to feel that cock deep inside my pussy. I straddled him and put the head of his shaft right between the lips of my pussy. Then, as I looked into his eyes, I just let go and fell onto his shaft. The feeling of that long spear filling me as I dropped almost made me cum right there.

I managed to hold back and really began to ride his cock. I was humping up and down so hard my hair was flying all over. I would grind on his pubic bone, my clit rubbing in his pubic hair. What I didn't know was my clit was still sticking out from his having sucked it so much. It was out about an inch and exposed. I was orgasming almost continuously as I bounced on him.

I came hard and long. As I fell forward Bill slid out from under me, breaking my most intimate contact with his cock. Then, as I knelt in front of him, he got behind and began to fuck my pussy again. Soon I was in nirvana again because he was fingering my clit as he shoved his cock into the bottom of my pussy. It almost hurt he was just there, almost bumping my cervix from time to time. I would move away just a bit when I knew it was coming, but once in a while, he would bump and that pain soon became...well, I'm ashamed to say it, welcome.

I came several more times as Bill pounded my pussy. Then he began to pay attention to my asshole. This night I wasn't drunk nor was I reluctant like I had been the other time. I asked, then begged him to fuck me there. Finally, Bill started to work his cock into my asshole.

Hurt? Man, that hurt for a bit. Bill was gentle, and slowly worked his shaft into my ass, bit by bit. Stopping when I would cry out or whimper and then letting me get used to what he had in, then slowly work some more in. After a little bit, he had that entire long hard shaft in my asshole.

I held still, as did he. Finally, my ass relaxed enough for him to start to move in and out in long slow strokes. Bit by bit, he sped up, driving a little harder, a little faster. Pretty soon I was shoving back at him and we were fucking as hard as if her were in my pussy. I was crying in passion and need as his cock split my ass cheeks wide open.

The feeling of his cock pounding my ass was nothing like I had ever felt before. I couldn't imagine why it felt so good, but I knew that I really like the feelings that cock in my asshole gave me. I came two times before Bill finally began to orgasm.

As he started to cum, I was in the midst of the biggest orgasm of the evening. My mouth was open as I cried out in heat and passion. Suddenly, Bill's cock slipped out of my ass, and he moved around to be in front of me. With my mouth open, it must have looked like an invite to him, and he shoved his cock right into my mouth.

I started to suck, thinking just how nasty this act was, yet loving it more because of it. His cum soon shot into my throat, and I kept his cock deep inside me as it did. After he came, I spent quite a few minutes licking and sucking his huge cock clean as a whistle. Just as I thought we were done for the night, he got hard again.

This time he rode my pussy to a very satisfying and sweet orgasm. I stood in the motel shower, cum running out of my pussy and my asshole wide open, wanting to do this again...soon. I was hooked on Bill's cock and the nastiness of what we were doing.

Later, when I got home the guilt hit me all over again. Only this time it wasn't quite as bad, and by the end of the week, I wasn't bothered by it. I knew that my affair with Bill was just a passing fancy, and we would soon get bored of each other.

I still loved John so much too. Every once in a while I would worry about if he found out about Bill and I, but then I would fool myself into believing that would never happen if Bill and I were careful enough. I never counted on a drunk driver side-swiping us while I was giving Bill a blowjob.

Bill and I met several times a week after work. He brought out the animal in me while we were together having sex. For some reason I would do things for him that I would never have dreamed of doing, let alone had done with John.

At times I would think about getting John to take my ass or letting him cum in my mouth as I deep-throated him. Then, reality would hit me and I would remember that Jim would never get to experience that, unless he were to be the one to push, which I knew he'd never do either.

The night that we had dinner with that client was one that I'll never forget either. I thought that the client had left after our dinner date, while Bill had actually talked him into waiting in the bar until he had me naked and worked up.

The door was locked, but Bill had given him his keycard. As I was going down on Bill, he had a tight hold of my hair. It was a bit unusual, but it was exciting me nevertheless. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me, and the bed moved downwards as if a weight had been put right between my legs.

Doggy position and naked, my pussy and ass were readily available to the 'client' and my first real knowledge that someone else was in the room with us physically, was when I felt hands on my ass cheeks as a rather large cock head was pressing between my pussy lips.

I struggled for a bit, but by the time the client was buried in my pussy, I was feeling things deep inside like I never had before. Two cocks, one in my mouth and throat and the other in my pussy made it feel like I had been impaled by a telephone pole. They developed a rhythm and soon I was bouncing between them, loving the feeling of having two large cocks fucking me as they were.

By the time Bill came, I was doing it all on my own, and his hands were not forcing me to stay on his cock. I swallowed all his cum, and then laid my head on the bed as the client fucked me to a very good orgasm. Feeling his hot cum shoot into my pussy as I rested there, I realized that things were getting way out of control.

The feelings I had earlier were gone and replaced with the knowledge that at least tonight I would experience two men at once and even if I never got to do this again, I was going to make it worth my time. After the client pulled out of my pussy, I turned around and sucked his cock fully into my mouth. It didn't take him long to start to get hard again, and when he did, I pushed him onto his back and straddled his cock.

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