The Accident Ch. 04


"Oh baby. I love what you've done with your sweet pussy. It looks...finger-licking good. His hot tongue slipped between my pussy lips and then up and over my clit. As I lay there, he began to eat me out with a passion that I had never gotten from him before.

He ate me to an orgasm and almost to a second before stopping. I was breathing hard and gasping as he moved up my body with his. I felt his hard cock bumping my leg, my inner thighs, and then, the plum shaped head brushed against my pussy.

I gasped, and pulling on his body, tried to get him to drive that hard cock into my starving pussy. He held off, looking into my eyes with a strange yet loving look. I could feel him maneuvering his cock head between my pussy lips, spreading them slightly, and then slipping up and down that now very wet slit.

"Please John. Fuck me. Take me. I'm yours. Only yours. Please. I want you to fuck me."

"I want to fuck you Sue. I can feel how wet you are. Are you ready for me now? Are you ready to fuck me? Do you want my hard cock in your tight little pussy now?"

"YES...YES...YES...FUCK ME. Take me John. Please...I want you. I need you. FUCK ME."

With my words still ringing in my ears, his hard shaft drove into my pussy in one long shove. I gasped at the unexpected filling of my hole. It was so hard, so hot...and so filling. I clung to his body, hugging him tightly as my legs went up and around his butt, pulling him in more and more.

"Yesss...fuck me John. Harder. Fuck me harder. Yesss...Oh, yesss...I love you John, I do. I need you too. FUCK ME. Yesssss."

I had lost my mind. This was the hottest sex we had ever had, and it was the hottest I had ever been. I couldn't believe it. We were having the best sex we ever had. I loved his cock ramming into my poor little pussy again and again. I came almost immediately, and then an amazing thing happened. I began to cum again and again. I was having multiple orgasms.

As I lay there, I felt him tense up and just as I went into yet another orgasm, his hot cum shot inside of my now, very wet pussy. That added heat and feeling shot me way over and I almost passed out. John collapsed on top of me, then after a few minutes, rolled to one side.

His hands never left my body, and he was caressing me as he laid on one side, staring into my eyes.


His look was one I just couldn't tell about. It made me nervous, and excited too.

"Oh...I was just looking at you. You've changed. A lot."

"Yeah? Well, so have you."

"I still love you, you know."

"I still love you too John. I'm..."

"No...don't say it anymore. We're starting over...remember?"

How he had known I was about to apologize for the uptight time I didn't know, but he had before I had even got it out. He had changed so much. It was as if I didn't know him at all. I liked the new him...but at the same time I wondered if what he had lost in the 'old' him would be bad or good for us in the future?

"I want to remember you just like this. You are so beautiful. So soft, inviting, and...everything. I love you Susan. But..."

"But...what John? What's wrong?"

I could tell something was bothering him now. It was in his eyes. He had made some kind of decision and I could tell that it wouldn't be a nice one for me. I had to know now though. I didn't want to be drug along, dangling like I had been for these last months.

"It's much as I loved tonight, and being with you...I still...memories are still haunting me. I love you, and I loved making love to you. I just don't know if some of the demons that are inside me can be conquered. I don't want to get all set up again as man and wife and then run into some kind of mental anguish that kills our marriage. Not again."

"What...what demons John?"

"Those ones that tell me to doubt you, to doubt that you'll be faithful to me. The ones that cause me to remember that son of a bitch and that night at the hospital, when I found"

"Oh. I don't know what to say John. You need to know that I'd never...ever cheat on you again. I can't prove it, and I know that you would have doubts about that, but I just couldn't. Not now. Not after all we have been through. I do love you, John, but I don't want to go into some relationship where you would be angry or mistrustful of me either. I couldn't live like that. Nor, actually, could you."

"So...where do we stand Susan? What do we do now? I still love you, and you still love me. We have serious issues regarding trust and faithfulness now though."

"Maybe, well, maybe we could go to marriage counseling? Would doing something together like that help us?"

"I don't know. I don't think I could stand to go back over all what happened yet again. It's taken me so long to get to where I am now. I don't know if I could handle hearing about you and that...son of a bitch. Not again."

"Okay. I guess that if we can't fix it, we need to move on then. I don't want to get divorced..."

"I don't want that either. I do know however, that if we were to move back in together, those trust issues would flare up too. Damn it...I love you so much and...the's so bad right now."

I could feel the pain in his voice. I wanted to reach out and hug him to me, holding him close. He had never talked like this before. Always we had talked, but not so...openly about such close matters of the heart. John had been one of those guys that held certain things close to his vest. I know he told me he loved me constantly, but there had been deeper things that he never mentioned to me. Now...I was one of those deeper things.

"Then maybe you need more time John. I'll wait for you. Forever if that's what it takes. Maybe...just maybe, we could be friends with benefits? You know...we could meet like we did tonight? It would keep us in touch and talking. Then, someday, maybe, you'd be able to handle it and then we would both know."

"Sue, do you think that would be wise? What if that day never came? We'd be tied up by each other, for no real good reason. I just don't know."

"Look John, there will never be another man for me. I know this in my heart. Regardless of what happens to us, I'll never want another man again. I've learned a lesson and a painful one it was to learn. I know that in the entire world there is only one man for me. I had him, and now I lost him. If I can get that man back, then I'd be the happiest woman in the world. If I can't, then I'll be alone. It's just the way it will be John. You are the only man for me and when I messed that up...I ruined not only my life, but also I hurt you too. I have no excuse. None."

"But you can't just hang around in the hopes that one day I'll forgive you and forget all about this and accept you like I did before Sue. I know that at some point, we both have to move on."

"I've moved on John. I want you back. Lacking that, I'll be okay by myself. Not the perfect life I envisioned when we got married, but a life I could accept after all that's happened. You need to figure out what you need John."

"You're right. I do need to figure out what I need, and what to do. I'm...sorry."

"You're sorry? John, the only one who needs to be sorry, is me. I'm the one that wronged you. You have acted far above what most men would have done in the same situation. I am the one that brought this all on. Not you."

" didn't bring this all on. Yes, you did participate, but you are not the reason we are where we are now. That bastard Bill...he's the reason you did what you did. If he hadn't worked on you for so long and slipped through your defenses, you would never have turned to him. He set you up and took you down that slippery trail."

"You make it sound like he's pretty devious. How could any man be that way? You make it sound like he could do that to any married woman."

"He did Sue. You were not the only one. I told you...I have proof of that. You are the last of a string of married women he has managed to turn to him. He's ruined at least three marriages that I've found out about."

"Well...what are you going to do then John?"

"I'm going to fix his wagon. He is about to learn to not mess with married women again."

"Then what? What comes after you have fixed his wagon?"

"I...I...don't...know. I just don't know Sue."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/24/18

"I think he was nervous about having sex with me"

Really? Well, I think he was nervous about having sex with a moving car.

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by Anonymous09/12/17


Would I be able to touch that cheating skank knowing what she willingly did with Bill and at least one other man and was planning to do with multiple dicks? Oh hell no.

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by Anonymous08/14/17

Don't forget

Motivation: anger can motivate you!

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