tagNovels and NovellasThe Accident Ch. 05

The Accident Ch. 05


After that night with Sue I was mixed up inside. Torn between wanting her back in my life full time and still angry over her having cheated on me. I spent the next week plotting my revenge on Bill, and working extra hard at my job too.

One night, after not having seen or talked to Sue all week, I arrived at my apartment to find Sue standing by the front door with two bags of groceries in her arms. I walked up wondering what she was up to, and as I opened my door, held up my arm to guide her inside.

"I thought that maybe you'd like a home cooked meal instead of eating out or cooking for yourself John. I hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all. I'm always up for a home cooked meal Sue. The kitchen is right here. I'm kind of glad that I cleaned it yesterday now."

"You go ahead and shower up sweetie, I'll get started on dinner. You sure you don't mind? I mean...I know that we have our...problem yet. I don't want to seem too pushy."

"No. You're good to do this for me Sue. I appreciate it a lot. I have some wine in that rack over there; I'll let you pick out what you think should go with whatever you're making. I'm going to go take a shower."

I went into my bedroom half-hoping that Sue would walk in and strip in front of me. That didn't happen. I got undressed and then went into the bathroom. As I showered, I realized that I had left the bathroom door unlocked. Freudian slip perhaps? Had I hoped that Sue would walk in while I was showering too?

Deep down I knew I wanted her back in my life. I also knew I had serious issues with all that had happened too. Stepping out of the shower I reached for the towel that I had put on the rack by the shower door. It wasn't there. Looking around and then through the door to my bedroom, I saw it lying on my bed.

Curious as to how it had grown legs and walked there, I stepped into my bedroom naked. As I reached for the towel, I noticed that the bedroom door was open and Sue was standing in the kitchen in such a way as to see me naked. I knew that she must have moved my towel somehow in order to see me naked.

Since we had seen each other naked lots of times, I wasn't too upset. Matter of fact, I wasn't upset at all. I figured that if she had wanted to, she could have joined me in the shower. She probably just wanted some eye candy before dinner. I was cool with that. Matter of fact, I stood in ways that showed my body off as I slowly dressed.

Sue made a wonderful dinner of halibut and potatoes. Along with the vegetables, I ate quite a lot. Sue was quiet as we ate, and accepted my compliments on her meal with good grace. That was just like the Sue I remembered. After dinner, with a glass of wine in our hands we went into the living room and sat. I sat at one end of the couch and Sue, surprising me a bit, sat right next to me.

"John, I want to say something to you. I've been a bad girl tonight. I moved your...towel so I could see you...naked. I'm sorry. I had no right to do that and it was wrong."

"I don't mind Sue. After all, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked before."

"Yes, but before we were happy and married. I used to sneak things around to watch you move and dress. I loved watching your naked body as it moved around. I missed seeing you. Now...well, we are not in the same circumstances. I've had a hard time keeping our separation real in my mind. I love you so much still and I know I hurt you so bad, yet, I just want things the way they were. I had no right doing what I did. I have no hold on you anymore and what I did would have been as if I had moved things to see some stranger's body. I didn't think..."

"Sue, don't be so hard on yourself. Look, we loved each other a lot while we were married, and as a matter of fact, we are still married. Being separated has been hard on both of us. What happened...well...I wish it never had happened as much as you do. If you want to see me naked, then I'm okay with that. You don't have to pretend that we are strangers or that we won't get back together. We might just do that yet. I've been thinking about us a lot. I'm working on those issues I have."

"I would never have done that to a date. I invaded your privacy. It was wrong."

"Sue, in spite of what you may be thinking, we are still married yet. I haven't filed for divorce, neither have you, have you?"

"Have I what?"

"Filed for divorce."

"Oh...God no. No, I'd not do that. If you wanted one though, I'd let you. I mean, I deserve far worse than a divorce anyway..."

"Stop. Don't say another word. You're still apologizing and trying to take all the blame for your actions. It wasn't all you Sue. You know as well as I do, especially now, that SOB Samuels was responsible for most of what happened. He set us both up and worked on you until you slipped. I know that now. Yes, you slid on us, but I'm still here, and I'm trying to hold you from falling as much as you are fighting to stay here. Don't beat yourself up."

"But...we are not...together. I mean, you have this place and I have my place and our home is...empty. I'm empty. I need you in my life John. Without you I'm...nothing."

My heart was thrashing. I hugged her close to me, holding her as she began to cry. I felt bad for her. I know that some men would have walked already. I know that some men would have taken revenge on a cheating spouse too. I was not built that way though. I still loved Sue in spite of everything. Yes, I still had serious issues about it all, but I felt confident that I would work through those issues soon.

Part of that 'working through those issues' would be my revenge on that damned asshole. He would suffer mightily for what he had done not only to my marriage, but to many others as well. I had gotten lots of help to work out this revenge and part of it was on the way already.

"Sue. Bill's comeuppance is underway. I mean...it's started."

"What are going to do John. I've worried about this revenge you have your heart set on and I'm afraid that it could all blow up in your face."

"He'll do it to himself Sue. One of the former lovers of his has a sister. They volunteered this phase of the plan. More than just me want some revenge on this bastard. He left this wife pregnant and ducked out on everything. DNA tests could confirm his paternity, but he has so far managed to block any attempt at DNA testing."

"What about that night at the hospital? They could have gotten DNA then."

"Not without a court order. It was over with and cleaned up before anyone knew about what had happened."

"So, what's going to happen?"

"The sister of that lady is going to work in your old job. Bill is still working at your old employers. Why they didn't fire him is beyond me, especially with the history he has following him. Anyway, she is going to be the bait. Every comment to her is being recorded; every drink he buys a small sample is kept out and tested for drugs. The police department is investigating him. I called in some favors."

"I don't think he drugged my drinks though John. Well...I don't think he did. I'm not certain now though. That first time...he bought lots of drinks and was always getting up to go get them. The client would get a waitress. I guess he could have spiked my drinks. I didn't feel anything strange or unusual though."

"Are you sure Sue? Do you know that your blood test at the hospital showed trace amounts of GHB?"

"Isn't that the date rape drug?"

"Yes. Your blood tested trace amounts of it. He must have given you small doses each time you went out with him. There were also trace amounts of other drugs in your system too. One was an opiate. He had been giving you a drug cocktail of some sort it seems."

"That bastard. No wonder I was so...pliable to his wishes. I never fought him on anything he wanted to...oh...God ...I'm sorry."

My face had given me away. As she had begun to talk about her being so pliable to his wishes, my anger had shot up instantly. I knew that he had drugged her now, and even with that knowledge I still got very mad about what she had done with him and for him. It hurt.

"No...it's all right Sue. I wasn't prepared to hear about that right now, true, but I'm managing okay. It's all right."

"I didn't mean to make you think I volunteered to do those things for him. I'm sorry."

"Sue, please...it's all right. When I think of you in his arms it drives me nuts. I can't help myself. You didn't mean to hurt me with your words, matter of fact, you had no idea that I could be cut so deeply now."

She was crying as her head rested on my shoulder. I still had my arm around her, but my anger was gone. I felt bad. We had actually been talking quite well until that point. I loved her still. My heart would not let me let go.

I kissed her forehead and then her nose. Trying to comfort her as I used to when she had gotten upset over something. Kisses had always been something to let her relax. Suddenly, I realized that I had a huge erection. Having her so close to me and then the kisses had triggered my need inside.

I moved a bit in hopes that Sue wouldn't notice my hardness tenting my pants. I was too late. She looked down and even with the tears still in her eyes she smiled.

"Well...I guess you do still care something for me. Did I do that?"

"Uh...well...honestly? Yes. When I kissed your forehead...and nose. I guess I got turned on. Having you so close to me, holding you in my arms like I was. I'm sorry."

"Sorry that you got turned on or sorry that I saw that you were turned on?"

"Sorry that you caught me I guess."

"Then, if I turned you on, I should at least give you some relief. Right?"

"You don't have to Sue. I mean..."

"You don't want me?"

"No...that's not what I meant. I do want you. I just don't want you thinking that you have to do something. Something you may not want to do."

"What if I told you that maybe I wanted to do something?"


Her lips touched mine and my words and stumbling around like a school kid were stopped. Her tongue was hot and wet as it darted inside my mouth. I was holding her close to me and realized that her breasts were pressing against my chest, her hard little nipples rubbing mine.

I put both arms around her body, and turned a bit more in order to kiss her better. As I did, she put her hands right on my crotch, feeling my hard shaft. As her fingers gripped me, I moaned into her mouth. It was like I flicked a switch and turned her into high gear at that point. Her lips began to crush against mine, and her moves became more desperate.

I was pushed back until my back was reclining on the couch. Sue straddled my body, and as I watched, she pulled her blouse up and over her head. Her long hair cascading over her shoulders and her nipples sticking through her bra like two little rocks. She put her hands behind her back, undoing her bra, and then, as I looked up, she pulled her bra off, leaving her totally topless. Her heaving breasts, swaying lightly in the well-lit room.

As I reached up to caress her breasts, she slapped my hands away. I was surprised at her actions. Instead, she bent a bit and put an arm around behind my neck and pulled up on me. My face was soon crushed between her breasts as she held me tightly up to them.

I kissed and licked her breasts and nipples. Soon I was sucking on a nipple as she started to mess with the buttons on my shirt. In short order I was topless and her hands were caressing my nipples and chest as she still held my face to her breasts.

Next, her hands moved down and soon my belt was undone, as were my pants. She sat up a bit as she worked my pants down, taking my underwear along with in the process. Once they were around my ankles, she slipped my shoes off and then removed my pants the rest of the way. I was naked as she still sat on me.

Pressing me until I was fully reclined again, she began to move down kissing my chest and nipples, then going lower.

"I have something I've wanted to do for you for the longest time. I want you to just lay there and accept what I do and I'll stop when I'm ready. Okay?"


My hands in her hair, Sue began to kiss down lower and lower, until I felt her hot breath on my cock. Soon I felt her lips caressing my shaft as she took me in one hand. Holding me up, I could see her lips just above the head of my cock and her tongue slipping out to touch and lick me.

I noticed right at that moment that her eyes were on mine. Usually, before, she would have them closed, or she'd be looking down at my cock. Never had we made eye contact while she was doing this. I felt my cock throb extra hard with the knowledge that she was doing this for me. Just for me.

As I looked into her eyes, her lips made contact with the head of my shaft. Then, ever so slowly, she pressed them down and around my shaft. As she continued down, her eyes stayed on mine. Soon, her lips bottomed out at the base of my cock. Then she slowly worked her way up my shaft, pausing at the very tip top, before heading back down.

Bit by bit, she went up and down faster, until I was holding her head trying to let her know that I was about to cum. Finally I shouted at her.

"Sue, I'm about to CUM. Look out."

She looked into my eyes and smiled around my shaft. She never missed a beat either. She just took me all the way back down and as her lips hit my pubic hair again, I shot off. My hot cum filling her mouth to the point that she had to back off a bit. With half my cock in her mouth, she kept her lips locked around my shaft as I filled her up.

As I quit cumming, Sue went back to bobbing up and down on my shaft. She swallowed all my cum like it was candy. I was stunned. I had never had this done to me before, not by her, and not with the eye contact. I laid back and let her suck on my shaft some more. I then realized that I was still rock hard.

As I lay there, Sue got up and pulled off her dress and panties. Then she climbed back on top of me and rubbed the lips of her pussy up and down my shaft. I put my hands on her breasts and played with her nipples as she began to slip me between her soft and tight pussy lips, soon engulfing my whole shaft.

She bottomed out on me and stopped moving, just sitting there feeling me inside her. Her pussy was tight and milking my shaft. Looking into my eyes, she just milked my cock as I played with her breasts. One of her hands reached back and lifted my balls, softly kneading them. This was a Sue I had never seen before. Confident and sure of herself, wanting to make sure I was well pleased. Offering me the sight of her body in full light of the well-lit room, and now playing with my balls after my having shot a load down her throat.

As she sat on me, I felt her begin to move. Up, then down, ever so slowly. As she went up, her pussy would tighten up around my shaft. It was as if it were trying to suck me, all of me, into her. On the downward plunge, she would relax and just swallow me up. Grinding against my pubic bone for a bit, then up she'd go again. It was a slow and intent fuck.

I kept my fingers busy on her nipples, rolling them between thumbs and index fingers, tugging once in a while. I eventually slipped a hand down to where we were joined, and began to play with her clit. She moaned, and threw her head back. Her long hair cascading behind her and down her back. I the light, she seemed like an angel to me. She had this glow about her.

"Oh...yes...John...ummph...yes...you feel so...good. Oh...yes."

He voice was soft yet quite loud in the room. Hearing her be so vocal about sex was a new thing too. I was mesmerized by her actions. I rubbed her clit and she began to go off. Her hips began to rock back and forth in short strokes, as my cock seemed to be gripped tighter and tighter in the confines of her pussy.

Sue began to cum hard and as she did she fell over on top of my body. Her breasts crushed between us, hard nipples now grinding on mine. I leaned up a bit and kissed her cheeks, then her nose. As I moved down, she moaned, her mouth opening a bit. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth, and she crushed her lips against mine. Her hands went behind my head, pulling me to her closer.

I felt her cumming hard, and let her do whatever she wanted with me. I thrust my cock up into her, grinding my pubic bone against her, and a warm flood of juices slipped around my cock. Shaking, she froze above me...moaning and then little cries close to yelps, as she went over. I held her to me, and we just rested with my still hard cock deep inside her.

After a bit, I moved and rolled her over onto her back. I put my cock back into her pussy, and taking her legs, bent her back, almost in two. This turned her pussy up to me, and left her totally exposed. I began to ram my cock in and out of her. As I did, I felt something deep inside me begin to churn. The harder I fucked her, the more it built.

After a little bit, I heard a voice breaking through to me.

"John...please...you're hurting me. JOHN...please...Oh...God...Please...John...JOHN."

I came to with a rush. I was ramming into Sue hard...too hard. I was hurting not only her, but I was also hurting me too. My mind had slipped...into a zone where I'd never been before.

I stopped and rolled off onto the floor. Sue was in tears as she lay there on her back. Ashamed I turned over and faced away from her. Hearing her sobs I knew I must have had a surge of anger. I had never seen it coming, nor had I realize how hard I had been fucking her either. I hoped that I hadn't hurt her seriously in any way.

"I'm...I have to go John. I'm...you..."

"I'm sorry Susan. I didn't mean to hurt you. I don't know what happened. I...just...don't know."

I sat up as Sue moved around gathering up her clothes. She went into the bathroom and dressed. I heard the toilet flush and then she came out. Tears still running down her face. I jumped up and went to hug her, but she shied away from me. Fear in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Susan. I don't know what got into me. Are you okay? I didn't hurt you bad did I?"

"Oh...no. I'm bleeding a bit...it shouldn't be anything serious though. I...it just hurt John. I have to go now."

"BLEEDING? Sue, I hurt you. Oh God...Can I take you somewhere? The doctor? Damn...I'm so sorry Sue...I never meant to..."

"John...I know you didn't mean to. I think that you have some issues though. Serious ones. The look on your face...it...scared me. You were taking it out on me...hurting me. I know you didn't mean to...but if you could have seen how you looked...I have to go now. I'll call you later...sometime."

As she left I sat there on the couch in a daze. We had gone from making love in a grand and beautiful way, to me becoming a beast and hurting her. I didn't know when, other than the feeling that seemed to come from deep inside me. Anger...lots of anger.

The next morning I called my shrink for another appointment. We had things I needed to talk about and get out in the open. I was quiet all weekend, and just called up my co-conspirators to see how things were coming on their end.

The next week I spent several hours on two different days with my shrink. My employer was pretty good about giving me the time I needed too. Also, during the week I got the information I had wanted to hear. Bill the Bastard had made his move on the woman that had taken over Susan's old job and not only that, he had used his cocktail on her. However, in her case, a 'friend' had happened by to offer her a ride home and Bill missed his chance.

The friend, an undercover police detective, took her to a local hospital and they pulled a blood test. What they found was enough for the cops, but they wanted a bit more if they could get it, just to be sure that when he was charged, they had something that would stick.

Three nights later, it happened. A 'client' had to have a dinner out, the lady and Bill went out, had dinner and a few drinks. One of the bartenders and one of the waitresses were undercover cops. As each drinking glass came back to the bar, a test was run in the back. Eventually, the cops had enough. Just as Bill stood to leave, taking the lady with him, the cops made their move. Bill was arrested and charged with attempted rape, attempted sexual assault, drug dealing, and possession of narcotics.

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