tagMind ControlThe Accident Ch. 05

The Accident Ch. 05


Sorry it's been a while. I do enjoy reading the comments. I am not a professional writer, nor am I a lawyer or doctor so positive suggestions are welcome. Encouragement and constructive criticism are also always welcome.


Alarms suck. There really is no better way to state that. I tried sitting up and realized that I was sandwiched between two beautiful women. This alarm thing is sucking more and more now! I finally was able to untangle myself from the sheets and the girls and shut off the alarm. It was 7 am. Two hours to my meeting. Before I got into the shower, I started the coffee by the bar and then turned on the water. A quick shower, and I was getting dressed. Jon really made sure that I was stocked with clothes. I picked out a suit, shirt and tie and proceeded to dress. Jon called at 745 and I agreed to meet him across the street at the diner for some breakfast.

Before I left the room, I checked and Jenny and Heather were still sound asleep. I left a short note telling them to stay as long as they wanted and I would call when we were finished for the day. The morning sun was bright as I crossed the street. Jon was already there, waiting with more coffee. Good man. We discussed the case and the potential settlement, but agreed that we wanted to make a final review of everything over the weekend before agreeing to anything.

By 830, we were done eating and we got into a cab and took the short ride to the law offices. We were greeted at the reception desk by a pleasant middle aged woman who showed us into a waiting room, where there was tea and coffee and a rest room for our own use. We didn't have to wait long before the door opened and we were shown into a conference room right at 9 am.

There were four people there to greet us. The main lawyer, an older gentleman, who introduced himself as Richard. Another middle to older aged man, who was the trucking company representative. A third man older man was also there, He introduced himself as Doctor Wendel, but he did not say a doctor of what or who he was with. The last person was the Richard's assistant, a junior lawyer. A stunningly pretty dark skinned woman named Michelle. She was fairly tall, possibly from the heals she had on. Dressed very professional. At least I would have something to look at during this meeting!

I could not tell you everything that was discussed. There was so much legal mumbo jumbo and I was totally lost. Jon was right at home though. He was really in his element. I would have to keep him on a retainer or something! The only thing that was remotely interesting was Michelle. It seemed that her job was to mostly run in and out of the room on one request or another. At least I was enjoying watching her walking to and from. But I also noticed that Jon was also watching her as well. Now that was interesting. Somewhere around 11am a break was called. Michelle showed Jon and I to a room that she said told was clean with no listening devices. I suppose they must have to deal with this stuff a lot. I asked Jon how it was going, and he confirmed that it was progressing nicely and that we should be done either before or shortly after lunch.

Michelle came back in to get us. I was fully awake by now, coffee having kicked in fully and the weariness of last night's fun and games having finally worn off. It was when Michelle opened the door that I realized I was hearing thoughts again. I could rather clearly hear Michelle evaluating both of us. She liked how we were dressed and she was really enjoying watching Jon work. What I did notice was that while she did not think either of us were un attractive, but it was the way that Jon was working that was really exciting her. She was intrigued by Jon. We sat back down and Jon started working again. I just sat there trying to look like I was paying attention and understood it all too. But in reality, I was watching Michelle. Since I was going to be here for at least a few more hours, I figured I was see what I could suggest to her. As I started in on her, I realized that I was not going to get very far if she did not want it. I could tell that she was very intelligent and headstrong. Any suggestion I might make to her, she had already better have been thinking about it! Interesting, I thought. I found a limit. Of course one person does not make a rule, so I kept reaching out to her.

I started with small suggestions and gradually worked my way up to big ones. But all I could get her to even think about doing is to flip her hair from one side to the other. She was too intelligent to let me think I had her under control. So much for suggesting things to her. Well maybe I needed to be a little more assertive with her. I started to send her commands. I began with forcing myself into her head. This was interesting, and I was having to concentrate a bit more than normal. I started by making her feel like someone was licking her nipple. Once I got that though into her head, it blossomed, and in a hurry! I looked at her and I could see her face and body jump a little in surprise since it was totally unexpected. I looked at her blouse and sure enough, I could see her left nipple was erect! After a minute, both nipples had become erect and I could see she was enjoying it. I let the command slip from my mind, and hers subsequently. I could see her visibly relax her body. Well, I thought, this has new and different possibilities, but I do have to be careful!

As I was thinking about the pro's and con's about controlling someone, I suddenly felt Jon's had on my shoulder. "Welcome back Thomas!" he laughed a little at me. "I realize this stuff is not that much fun, but it's almost done and we need to talk." I looked and the clock now said 115 pm! Wow. Instead of Michelle showing us to the private conference room, Jon and I left the building and caught a cab back to the hotel. Jon called in a couple of burgers of fries to be brought to the room. It's a safe place he said to me.

When we got there, everything had been cleaned from last night's fun. I called out a hello when we walked in and was greeted by a tiny sexy little woman who threw herself into my arms and gave me a big hug and kiss. As we moved into the suite, Jon called in a third burger for Jenny and we sat down to talk. Jon started with a bunch of legal stuff, but then stopped and turned to Jenny.

"Jenny", he said, "how would you like to be the official and legally binding trainer for Thomas? It would mean you would have to take time away from the hospital, say on a special assignment. These lawyers are good and give a lot of money to the hospital."

Jenny sat back for a minute, a little stunned at the development. But more importantly, I was just as stunned. I had never thought about doing it this way. Jenny looked at me and I said right back to her "You know how I feel about this. If you can stand to be around me all the time, then I'm all for it."

"So I would still have my job, this would be a special assignment for me?" she asked Jon.

"Yes, and you keep your benefits and everything." Jon replied.

Jenny looked over at me and I just nodded and with that, she accepted the task of kicking my ass instead of sitting out a couch.

"I think we'll have to work out some ground rules for everyone, but this part seems to be a done deal." Said Jon.

Right then, the door knocked and then the waiter entered the room with lunch for the three of us. As we were eating, Jon paused and said "The other thing we need to discuss is the actual settlement. The trucking firm is offering you a cash settlement of 5 million dollars!" He paused to let that sink in. "They are also going to pick up your medical bills for life, regardless of the cause. And they are offering to purchase you a place to live, up to another million dollars. Any thoughts on those terms?"

Wow, I had never thought about actually having that kind of money before. And to have my own place that does not need to be paid for? Almost sounded too good to be true. And Jenny gets to be around too. "I can't think of a reason to say no right now" I said to Jon.

We finished up with lunch and Jenny took off to go home and change. As Jon and I were heading back to the lawyer's office, one thought did cross my mind. What was in that truck. People don't just start being able to hear thoughts or even control other people. There had to be something in there. As Jon and I got to the offices, I pulled him aside and mentioned this to him. He frowned too and thought about it. "Guess I'll ask before we sign any finalized contract". And with that we walked in. We were greeted by Michelle at the receptionist desk and escorted into the main conference room. The entire time we walked, I could see Michelle watching Jon. As we sat back down and started the legal stuff again, I just reached out to Michelle again to see what I could tell.

It appears she spent the entire time thinking about and talking about Jon. She spoke of Jon in a professional way with her boss, but kept thinking about him differently in her head. It appears that my prodding woke her up a bit. As I dug a little further into her, it seems that Michelle has spent all her time with trying to get her career going and hasn't has time for a man. Not that she hasn't wanted one, just a lack of time and the right one. Well, maybe Jon was the right one for at least now. So I spent the next hour pushing suggestions and positive ideas about Jon into her head. I stopped when Jon was poking me back to attention.

"Sorry, It's hard to follow" I sheepishly said to the table. "What was the question at hand?"

Jon looked at me a little frustrated and he repeated "Do you have any other issues that you want to bring up before we sign this agreement?"

I was about to say no and agree to the contract, until an unbidden thought hit me from Michelle! It was a very strong emotion of anticipation. I paused and thought about it a little more. While I was thinking, I probed Michelle just to see and it hit me! I sat up and said "Yes, there is one thing I would like to know before signing."

I could see everyone sit up and look at me intently. I looked at Richard and the other two gentlemen and finally said "Just wondering, but what was in that truck?"

Well, it appears I asked the question they were hoping I wouldn't! The look on all their faces went from shocked to disappointed to determined. The lawyer turned to the trucking representative who turned to the Doctor. It was the doctor who spoke first.

"Is there a reason you feel the need to know what was in the truck? Are you feeling any different than before?"

Before I could say anything Jon shut me up with a look! "Is there a reason you cannot just answer that question to my client? What was in the truck?"

The trucking company man took a deep breath and looked at us "I do not have the shipping list on hand, but I'm sure that I could produce it by next week. Why don't we add an addendum for me to produce it and just sign today so that we do not have to wait any longer. It is a very generous offer on the table after all."

Even a non-lawyer like myself saw through that line of crap. Jon of course beat me to the punch. He turned to Richard, the lead lawyer and said "I guess we will be meeting again next week, say Monday morning at 9 am. At that time, I expect that your client will have the full manifest of what was on that truck. I will also expect that you tell your client to provide a reason this Doctor has been part of this meeting when he was not in any of the previous meetings."

Jon turned to me and said "Do not say anything else here. It's time for us to go." And with that, we stood to go. Richard stood and looked at Jon "Monday morning, 9 am. Thank you."

And turning he said "Michelle, please walk our clients to the door and please go with them back to the hotel. Please get another room for Jon and ensure that all expenses will be charged to the firm for the next 7 days. Please call the company car for the ride."

And with that, we left.

The ride was short and very quiet. I was wondering if Michelle was here really to scoop Jon on something for her boss. I couldn't tell when I tried to check. So instead I spent my time prodding her some more about wanting Jon. When we pulled up, she walked to the desk with us and made the necessary arrangements for my room, one for Jon, and surprisingly one for her. When we looked questioning at her, she just told us that it was "bosses orders", and really wouldn't say anything else.

Jon and I went our separate ways for the evening. He already had other plans and I was tired. It was a long day and a long evening the night before. I was thinking that a good evening would just be to hang out with Jenny and watch a movie and go to bed early. So I put in a call to Jenny, but it rolled to her voice mail. I didn't leave a message, but sent her a text asking her to call me when she was free. Since I was on house money this weekend at the hotel, I decided that it was a good time to unwind and walked into the bar for some self-medication.

This hotel bar did not have the usual "happy hour" that many places did so it was a lot quieter than another place might be early afternoon on a Friday evening. The bartender, who looked like he was there before they broke ground on the hotel, walked over. Deciding it was time to treat myself, I ordered the 25 year old scotch. The bartender gave me a sideways look, but poured the drink and served it on the rocks. Nothing quite like a nice scotch to relax to.

Not in a rush, I enjoyed the drink. As I sat there alone, my phone buzzed and then buzzed a second time. The first one was from Jenny, letting me know she would call me in 10 minutes. The second one was from Ruth-Ann! It was a picture of her in a bathroom at some store. She was topless, as in she had taken off her shirt and bra. Her nipples were hard and she was pinching one of them with the hand not taking the picture. The caption below was short. It said "I'm sooo horny!!" Smiling, I replied back to her and said: "Up for some fun?"

The text came back from her very quickly and in all caps said "YES PLEASE!!"

I sent back to her "You need to take yourself right to the edge of an orgasm using your fingers only. But you are NOT allowed to cum! And you need to do it 5 times tonight!"

"OMG, please, I need to cum! I don't know if I can do that! And I'm going to be with Peter all night!"

"You can, because it is for me! And make sure you let me know as you complete each one!"

I got no reply to that so I finished the first drink and got a second one, why not on someone else's tab! Jenny called back then and I asked her if she wanted to come to the hotel tonight. She said that she needed about an hour, but she would let me know when she was on her way. Without much more to do, I finished my drink and decided to take a little walk. I just walked in a direction I had not yet gone. As I walked I found myself in front of an adult fun store! Why not take a peek inside, so I walked in.

It was a small store and it looked like it catered to the wilder side. They did not have the typical wall of adult films, but had plenty of interesting devices, dildos of all sizes, assorted leather items, and other toys. Looking, I found myself checking out a set of nipple clamps. They had a nice chain between them and they also had a set that had a collar that could be matched! The idea of the nipple clamps intrigued me. As I was standing looking in the case at the clamps, a woman came out from behind a dark curtain that I had not noticed before. She was attractive, but older than my tastes run.

She asked me if I wanted to touch the clamps that I was looking at. I agreed and we discussed them. She told me that they can put on a lot or a little bit of pressure. She also said I would really like the collar that goes with it. Nothing like a couple of drinks to loosen someone up, so I told her that I wanted both models, the one with and without the collar. I also pointed out a few other items that might be fun later down the road! The woman smiled and wrapped everything up for me and I paid her and walked back. Right as I got to the front of the hotel, Jenny called and told me she was on the way. Great I said, I will meet you in the lobby.

My phone buzzed as I hung up with Jenny. It was Jon, he just sent a quick text saying "Relax tonight. I'm going to be busy doing research. Let's meet for brunch tomorrow."

"Cool, I'll get back to you around 10"

I got into the elevator then and headed to my room. As I was putting my new things away, I got another text. This time it was Ruth-Ann. There was no text, but a video. I opened it up and saw it was Ruth-Ann, squatting in front of a mirror at some store. She was naked except for her shoes and she was playing with herself. Her pussy was trimmed neatly, as I suspected it would be and she was playing for all she was worth right until she was about to cum. I could hear how wet she was and when she suddenly stopped, I could see her pulsing, wanting more! As she was gasping for air, I heard her say "one" and then the video stopped.

Wow, that was hot I thought. I could feel my cock swelling from pleasure. Well, I didn't really have time for anything as I got another text, this time from Jenny. She said she was almost at the hotel. I put my package away where it wouldn't be found and ran back down stairs just in time to see her getting out of the cab. She was wearing a one-piece dress that showed off her legs and ample breasts. "Wow" I told her, "For someone who didn't want to get dressed up much, you sure did a great job!"

Jenny blushed when I said this to her and she bowed her head as she walked up to me to give me a kiss and hug. I took her bag and gave it to the front desk and asked them to deliver it to the room, which they did and I took Jenny to the in house restaurant for some dinner.

It was a quiet affair. I did not try and probe Jenny. I was still trying to find out who she was and I didn't want to wonder if it was me or her answering. I told her about the meeting and the ruckus that came up at the end. I told her about having the hotel suite for the week and she kind of perked up at that. She kind of looked at me and I nodded to her and told her that she was of course welcome to stay with me as long as she wants.

We just spent time talking about small stuff, like our schools and where we grew up and things we enjoyed. It turned into a two-and-a-half-hour dinner with two bottles of wine. After I signed for the dinner, and tipped generously, we went upstairs. It was still early on a Friday night, but neither of us were interested in going out. When we got upstairs, Jenny turned to me quickly with a surprised look on her face. "I totally forgot to ask you if you wanted to go to a party tomorrow night! It's my friend Trisha's 5th anniversary and they are having a people over to watch the game and grill out"

"That sounds good to me actually" I replied.

We walked into the suite and Jenny's bag was there. She grabbed it and said she was going to change and we can watch a movie. She went into the bathroom and I went into the bedroom and also got out of the suit. I grabbed some gym shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch and started looking for a movie we could watch. As I was sitting there, I heard my phone go off again. I checked it and saw it was from Ruth-Ann again!

She was dressed, but had her hand down her pants and looked to be panting hard in the picture. This time she did add a caption and it said "2". Smiling, I turned the ringer off so I could watch the movie with Jenny.

She came out of the bathroom and she had changed, but not into her clothes! She had taken the shirt I had been wearing at dinner and had rolled up the sleeves so it was not too long for her. It really is the little things that are so sexy!

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