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The Accidental Exhibitionist


I would always have described myself as being shy. Not quite timid, but definitely reserved. A lights off kind of girl. I'm twenty, five foot three, slightly curvy with ample 34C breasts. I've been with the same guy since I was sixteen.

It all started one day when I went shopping alone. Not just any kind of shopping, but lingerie shopping. I wanted to knock my boyfriends socks off. He was being a bit off with me and so I decided I should remind him of a few things.

I picked up this matching bra and thong set that fitted the bill perfectly. The bra was satin and see through mesh set in vertical panels. It set my breasts off perfectly, showing enough of them to tantalise but hiding the nipple from sight. The thong is the skimpiest one I had ever worn in my life and required me to have a trim to ensure that it looked right. I'd never been so trimmed down there before and I have to admit it made me feel a little naughty when I saw the finished job.

The following day I was going around to his house to spend some "quality time" with him. When we spoke I told him that I would bring some of my shopping over for him to see. He thought I meant shoes (my other weakness) and was less then enthusiastic about it. I just smiled at the thought of his face when he realised the truth.

I got up and took my time showering, shaved my legs, moisturised my whole body, checked my body in the mirror. I applied a light covering of make up. Then I put my new lingerie on and checked the mirror again. I then put on a floaty skirt and teamed that with a white baggy style top. I checked the mirror again. Perfect, you couldn't tell anything about my lingerie. I looked good but not quite the full seductress that I was planning on being.

It was a hot day and as it was dry and he only lived twenty minutes from me I decided to walk. To get to his from mine you have to go through the main hub of the town. At the moment there doing work on some of the buildings so there are always workmen about.

Not quite my type but it sure does make a girl feel good when she makes an effort and its appreciated, even if it is by strangers. So on a whim I decided to walk past one of the bigger sites.

Just as I walked parallel to the site ready for my appreciation I got it. From a wasp!!

It wouldn't stop buzzing around me and then even worse it dived down the back of my top!! I panicked, completely forgot where I was and just acted instinctively. I took my top off throwing it to the ground and started jumping around trying to shake the wasp off of me.

After about thirty seconds of this I got control of myself when I heard these almighty cheers. Suddenly I realised what I had done. There I was in front of this site with my top on the ground and my breasts restrained only by me sexy bra bouncing in front of a site full of workers.

At first I was mortified. Then I realised that they were cheering for me to continue and I have to admit that this thought was getting me excited. I could feel a familiar wetness between my legs.

I thought for a moment and decided to quit while I was ahead. I picked my top up and put it back on and carried on walking. My mind was a whirl. I had never felt so turned on. I needed a man now!! My desire was crying out to be satisfied and satisfied now!!

I picked up my pace I had to get to my boyfriends and get there now.

When I got there he buzzed me up to his flat I ran up the stairs three at a time. I was on fire! All I could think about was how it felt to show all those people my body. The more I thought about it the more turned on I became.

When I got to the flat the door was open. I could hear my boyfriend saying something. I didn't hear a reply so I guessed he was on the phone. I stood in the hallway for a moment. Then my desire got the better of me.

I closed the door and shimmied out of my skirt. Then for the second time I took my top off. I walked toward the sitting room where I could hear his voice. I opened the door and boldly stepped forward and froze.

Shit!! The bastard had only invited his brother and his brother's girlfriend over and there were the three of them standing in the sitting room staring at me in just my bra and thong.

His brother's eyes were popping out of their sockets. His girlfriend looked at me and I swear she licked her lips.

As for my boyfriend....

Well I'd like to say he whisked me off to his room and satisfied my needs but no. He sank deep into his chair covered his eyes shook his head and promptly became my ex boyfriend.

Now his brother and girlfriend. Well that's another story...

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