tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Accidental Exhibitionist Ch. 02

The Accidental Exhibitionist Ch. 02


After my previous accidental exposures I had to admit at least to myself that I really enjoyed showing my body off to people. Now boyfriend less I could at least explore this new side of me without worrying about what a man might think.

As I lay in bed I carefully considered my next move. After all I couldn't just wait for another wasp or turn up at friends in just my underwear. After some thought a solution came to my mind it would though involve a little more exposure but if it worked it should satisfy my newly discovered exhibitionist desire.

I got out of bed and stepped into the shower. Singing at the top of my voice, taking my time soaping and washing myself. As it's summer it was another hot day. I went to the back of my underwear drawer where I had stashed the most daring bikini that I had bought and never dared to wear.

The bikini is plain blue and ties up at the neck in a halter neck style and then behind your back to hold it in place. The bottom tied on each hip. I pulled on a mid length skirt on. I didn't bother with anything else on my top, as it would ruin my plan.

I collected my purse placed it into my bag and headed into town. My stomach was full of butterflies. Last time it was an accident. Today was going to be on purpose.

As I walked through the shopping precinct looking for a perfect place my nerves were replaced by a familiar feeling between my legs. I was getting plenty of lust filled looks from guys and I hadn't even started yet. I even swear that one guy got hit by his girl for looking at me.

Finally, I spotted a suitable shop. A well known store that sells cd's, dvds etc whose name we won't mention but I'm sure you can guess if I said that it had an innocent name. I carefully pulled at the knots holding my top in place. Not quite loosening them enough to cause the top to fall just yet but enough to get the process started.

I walked in and wondered around for a bit. The top stayed in place. So I decided that I should help it along a little. I stopped in front of a display in the middle of the store where I could be seen. I placed my bag on the floor and opened it slightly. I didn't want to loose my top permanently and so I was hoping that the top would just drop into there. Nice and safe.

I reached up to the top shelf. I could feel my skirt coming up my thighs. Then I felt the knot on my back holding the bikini top in place give way. The bottoms of my breasts were exposed. I carried on looking for this mystery cd that just had to be on that pesky top shelf.

Then all of a sudden my top dropped off and I was fully exposed to the whole shop. I put down the cd I was holding rapidly and did my best "How could that happen." Look and placed my hands over my breasts. Then began looking for my top. Enjoying the looks and cheers that I could hear but still playing my part to the hilt.

I suddenly became aware of a hand on my back. I straightened up and came face to face with the store detective. His eyes were burning with lust but the rest of him was all business. Except for his truncheon, which was in agreement with his eyes. He took me by the arm and with his other hand picked my bag up. My top dangled from it. He began to lead me to the back of the store.

Then he stopped as a woman blocked his path. I looked at her and my body went cold. It was Mrs Atkins my college art teacher and friend of the family. I couldn't believe my bad luck. She had never forgiven me for ditching her class and "wasting your artistic talent."

I didn't waste it I chose Drama instead. The boys were cuter and it was Romeo and Juliet and it was a good excuse to kiss a friends boyfriend (yet another story.)

"Excuse me young man what do you think your doing?" She demanded.

"Official store business madam. Please step aside." The detective intoned

"I don't think so young man. Now let Jennifer put her top back on now."

The detective paused in his tracks. He obviously had his orders but still to leave a half naked woman as she was and to refuse to allow her to cover her "embarrassment." could seriously have consequences. So he gave in.

I tied my top back in place.

"What's the problem young man?" Mrs Atkins asked

"We believe that Jennifer has been shoplifting."

My bag was open on the floor and you could see the full contents and there was nothing there that shouldn't have been.

Mrs Atkins looked at the bag and then me. She turned to the detective and laughed.

"Young man. You can see how little she is wearing and you can see into her bag. Where do you think that she is hiding her stolen property."

The detective looked me up and down slowly. Pausing for a second at my breasts.

"You can go." He said storming off and speaking rapidly into his radio.

I was seriously turned on again. The store detective had been a twist in my plan that I had not expected.

"Come with me young lady." Mrs Atkins said

I was to turned on to argue or to think straight so I did. We went to a nearby café.

Over a hot chocolate I told her about my accidental exposure the other day. She laughed when I told her that today had been purposeful but had gone wrong. She handed me a card.

"Be at that address tomorrow at 7pm and I will help you explore this."

With that she got up and left without saying another word.

What was I letting myself in for? I didn't want my family to know about my exposure and if going meant that they didn't have to find out then.....

But could I do it? What would it be?

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