tagMatureThe Accidental Gigolo Pt. 03

The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 03


Chapter 8: The Accidental Menage, Part One

I awoke the next morning to the sound of pounding on the door. I stole a quick look at the clock. Seven-thirty. Seven-frickin'-thirty on Sunday morning. What kind of person would just show up at the house at seven-thirty on Sunday morning?

Natalie just turned over in my slightly undersized bed, facing the wall and using her butt to push me out. Hey, lady, I'm tired, too. Nine o'clock, eleven o'clock, three o'clock — who did she think I was, Superman? I had to admit, though, it was my house. If either of us were going to answer the door at this hour, it should probably be me. I sighed, slipped out of the covers, and pulled on my shorts. After I tiptoed out of the room, I strode down the stairs into the foyer, not even bothering to turn the lights on.

"Yes?" I said impatiently as I yanked open the door.

I was propelled back through the darkened hallway by a force of nature. She kicked the door shut behind herself.

"Your mom called me last night," Laura said giddily as she shrugged herself out of the trench coat that she had worn and let it drop to the floor. The thin pieces of cloth she was wearing underneath, a dark silk teddy and matching pair of panties, stunned me into continued silence. "She said you would be all alone this week and asked me to check up on you. David finished his laundry last night, and he left first thing this morning. So I decided to check up on you second thing."

By now I had retreated nearly all through the hallway and into the kitchen. I was vaguely aware that she held something in her hands. The door jamb stopped me, and I watched Laura drop to her knees in front of me and reach toward me, toward the waistband of my shorts. Oh, God. Even with a gorgeous woman sleeping upstairs, I had no more self-control than a dog presented with a T-bone. I closed my eyes. I felt Laura's hands on my wrists, and heard a quiet, unexpected click. I opened my eyes to find Laura staring up at me with a smile on her face. Then I realized my hands were cuffed behind my back.

"Laura?" I said sternly.

And then the pounding on the front door resumed.

"Who the fuck is that?" Laura looked toward the foyer and then back up at me. "I mean, what kind of person would just show up at your house at seven-thirty on Sunday morning?"

I executed a classic double-take.

"You did," I hissed.

"Besides me," she stood up and patted my cheek. "How many me's are there?"

That's what I was afraid of.

"Just ignore it," she advised. "It'll go away."

But I hadn't locked the door, and both of our eyes widened as we heard the door begin to open. Laura ducked back out of sight, leaving me standing there in a pair of shorts and a pair of handcuffs. In the dim light, I could only tell that the newcomer was wearing a trench coat like Laura's. And when she dropped it on the floor next to Laura's I could tell that she was wearing a teddy and panty set like Laura's. And, also like Laura, she held something in her hands.

"I came to check up on you," Pam said as she stared at my shorts. "But I see you're already up. I knew you'd be an early riser. I brought Mr. V and Mr. Z."

Laura stepped out to join me in the door.

"Well, why don't you just take your two friends and go on back home, honey?" she snapped.

"Laura?" Pam asked.

"Pam?" Laura leaned forward to try to penetrate the darkness.

The only thing lacking at this point was Natalie, who announced her arrival by switching on the lights in the hallway. She was completely naked.

"What is all the noise?"

She looked around at the frozen tableau, the three people blinking in the bright light.

"Your two older girlfriends are these... fossils?"

The way Natalie giggled out the word "fossils" broke the spell. Pam started giggling as well, and Laura joined right in.

"This is very funny, ladies," I tried to be the adult. "Now could someone please take these off?"

I turned to show Pam and Natalie my handcuffs.

"You own a pair of handcuffs?" Natalie asked me.

"They're hers," I nodded at Laura.

"I see. And what did you bring?" Natalie turned on Pam, who slowly brought out the hands she had been trying to hide behind her back. "A vibrator and a zucchini?"

Natalie walked over to where I was standing and took hold of the handcuffs.

"All right," she said. "Everybody upstairs. You two first. No, wait. Did you both park in the driveway?"

Pam and Laura nodded.

"Honestly," Natalie sighed. "What do you suppose Mrs. Parsons will say when she sees that? Go pull your cars into my driveway. I'll meet you upstairs.

Natalie propelled me up the stairs, and when I started to make the turn into my room, she stopped me with a jerk on the cuffs.

"Not there. Bed's too small. Down the hall."

"But that's Mom and Dad's room," I pointed out.

"No!" Natalie giggled. "Come on, studly. According to your mom, the bed probably needs the business. I'm sure the sheets are clean."

Of course they were. I'd done them yesterday, hadn't I?

We waited there for the others to join us, and in another minute, we were all settled on the bed. Pam and Laura efficiently stripped off the bedspread and blanket. Natalie efficiently stripped off my shorts, and pushed me to a seated position against the headboard. She was sitting to my left, with Pam and Laura in front of us.

"Leave the cuffs on, naughty boy," she waggled her finger in front of me as she saw my arms moving behind my back. "Or your friends will have to take their toys and go play at home."

She wrapped her slender right hand around my cock and slowly began stroking her thumb all the way from the base up to the crown of the head.

"Whereas if you're nice, maybe they'll find something to play with here."

I stopped struggling.

"First of all, ladies," Natalie looked at my new guests. "I'd like to thank you for training my new playmate. I'm a little hurt that neither of you mentioned it last month, when we were, uh, dishing the dirt in the living room. But since I'm obviously the new girl in the group, I'll tell my story first."

Natalie proceeded to relate, in explicit, often pornographic detail, all of the events of the last thirty-six hours of her life. Pam and Laura sympathized up to a point: the point at which Natalie told how she had announced her intention to teach me to satisfy my older lovers. After that, they started laughing. They stopped quickly, though, when she described the deliciously slow way that I had gotten her ready, the rhythmic in-and-out of our coupling, and finally her release into blissful oblivion.

Halfway through, Pam pulled aside her panties and pushed her vibrator inside herself.

"Hey," Laura complained.

"You can have the zucchini," Pam held it out with a nasty grin.

"I don't want your fucking zucchini," Laura said as I started shaking with laughter.

"Girls, girls, girls," Natalie shook her head. She reached out with her left hand to my mother's bedside table. Pulling the drawer open, she fished out a similar vibrator and tossed it to Laura.

"How did you know that would be there?" I asked in shock.

"Oh, come on. Deirdre?" Natalie said. "Puh-leeze. Can I finish now?"

By the time she was finished, both Pam and Laura were breathing hard. Both were staring at my cock, the one still playing hide-and-seek with Laura's fist, with undisguised lust.

"God, I wish I'd been there," Laura gasped after licking her lips.

"Me, too, girlfriend," Pam whispered.

Hell, by the time she was finished, I had started to wonder if I had been there. It sounded too good to be true. But my cock remembered it. I felt it begin to swell.

"Ladies," I said, "I'm gonna — ah, Natalie!"

As I announced my intention to climax, both Laura and Pam dove forward, mouths already open. Natalie took a different, slightly more painful, slightly less enjoyable approach. Her right hand squeezed my cock, effectively shutting me down. Her left hand shot forward, catching both Laura and Pam by the hair as their heads came together to try to catch my spending. Both of them came to a quick halt inches away from me, emitting little squeals of pain.

"Now girls," Natalie said, "we're not finished telling our stories, are we?"

"No," the two women said in unison.

"No what?" Natalie giggled.

"No, ma'am," Laura said.

"No, Ms. Winston," Pam said.

"Very good, girls."

Natalie finished her story quickly and decided that it was Laura's turn next.

"First of all, you don't owe me any thanks," Laura began. "He only fucked me once, well, for most of one day really. That was only last Saturday, when he came over to do some yardwork."

"And you seduced him?" Natalie asked.

Laura blushed and stared at the sheet.

"And he seduced you?" Natalie allowed a little surprise to creep into her voice.

Laura blushed harder.

"He, um..."

"Laura?" Natalie said softly.

The words rushed out of the older woman's mouth.

"He told me to get on my fucking knees, and that it was time for me to start doing some fucking work for him for a change. So of course I, um, complied."

I became aware that Pam and Natalie were both staring at me, their mouths open, their eyes wide.

"How did you guess," Pam started, "that Laura was...?"

"I didn't," I said. "I was, um, talking to the lawn mower."

Amid roars of laughter, Laura and I finished telling "her" story, and we turned to Pam. Pam's story actually produced tears of laughter, both when she explained how she'd made friends with "Mr. Z," as she called him, and when she described the position she had been forced to take in the stall of the boys' room last Sunday.

Finally, the three women turned back to me.

"So let me see if I have this straight," Natalie said. "Two weeks ago on Friday afternoon you were a virgin."

"Well, yeah," I agreed.

"And since then you've become so good at sex, not to mention adept at vibrators, food, bondage, role-playing, and anal sex, that you can satisfy a bisexual and a submissive, as well as a horny housewife?"

"Well, I wouldn't say adept," I countered.

"That's true," Laura said. "He still needs some practice. Oh shit, I forgot the lube."

She turned bright red as she realized what she had said.

Pam calmly leaned forward and yanked open the drawer in Mom's bedside table again. Rummaging through it, she finally sat back and tossed a tube to Laura.

Natalie raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, come on. Deirdre?" Pam said to general laughter. "Although I have to take issue with the word satisfy. I think a more appropriate word would be satiate."

"Or in my case, stupefy," Laura giggled.

"So are we just going to sit around talking all morning?" Pam asked. "I mean, this naked, handcuffed stud's parents are gone all week long, and he's just sitting here in front of us, threatening to waste something we could all put to very good use."

"I'll be happy to use it first," Laura smiled.

Her suggestion did not meet with universal approval.

"I was here first, girls," Natalie pointed out.

"And got more than your fair share last night," Pam said. "I was the first overall, so I have seniority."

"And have already had him twice," Laura argued. "I'm the oldest, and he's wearing my handcuffs."

"I'm not putting it in me after it's been in your ass," Natalie shook her head.

"Fine," Laura said, crawling forward. "I'll save that for my second time."

"Your second time?" I choked out.

"Shut up," all three said together.

"Come on, blondie," Laura nodded. "Bottom of the bed. I left you my vibrator."

"You left me Deirdre's vibrator," Natalie complained as she took the place Laura had vacated. "Wet, too."

"Pick, pick, pick," Laura said. "Pam's fucking zucchini is still available."

"No," Pam explained, "actually we threw the fucking zucchini out. That's just a regular zucchini I bought at Safeway yesterday."

"Thanks anyway," Natalie picked up the vibrator.

By then, Laura had yanked her teddy over her head and slid her panties down her legs. Turning around to show me her ass, she straddled me and reached between her legs for my cock.

"Come on, baby, scoot down," she punctuated her order with a gentle but firm pull.

I scooted, enough so that I was finally lying on my back with my head on a pillow. And my hands still cuffed behind me. I was in no position to complain, of course. This was exactly the same position I had had Laura in a week earlier.

As cute as Laura's butt is, it isn't transparent. The only clear sight line I had was when she finished rubbing the tip of my cock against herself and raised herself up to make sure that Tab A went into Slot B. I could feel her riding up and down on me after that, of course. I could hear the buzz of the vibrators. I could hear Laura offer the other women a taste, of what I wasn't sure. But from the kissing and the moaning and the generally wet smacking noises, I had a pretty good idea. The blonde head visible on the right of Laura's chest and the dark head visible on the other side simply confirmed it. God damn these handcuffs.

Although the sight of Natalie Winston on one of Laura Stone's breasts and Pam Lee on the other would have been incredible, the thought of it alone was enough. With one more flex of Laura's well muscled hips, I moaned and emptied myself inside her.

But Laura wasn't finished. Pulling my limp cock out a few minutes later, she offered it around, and I felt my other lovers take her up on that offer as well. I had no idea which one was sucking my cock at any given moment. But they were very good at it.

After that, I was just a toy. A plaything. A sexual object.

It wasn't so bad.

We had contests to see who could take me deepest into her throat (Laura), and contests to see who could take me deepest in her butt (also Laura). When Laura tried to generate interest in a contest to see who could bury the most of my cock in her boobs, she was attacked and forced to service Pam and Natalie simultaneously with the two vibrators.

We did get a short break for lunch. Natalie's attempt to get us some breakfast had been voted down 2-1. People in handcuffs, I was informed, were not entitled to vote. Pam took over after lunch, and our activities changed a little bit. With me sitting against the headboard and Pam sitting astride me, we watched Natalie and Laura pleasure each other with their tongues. Natalie only needed a little convincing, Laura none at all. Laura was much better at that, too, and soon had little Natalie wriggling helplessly. Right before she fainted.

"Kids," Laura said, shaking her head as she looked at Pam and pushed herself up on her elbows.

"She does that," I added.

"Shut up," the two women said.

"Think I should just leave her?" Laura asked.

"No," Pam answered, "I think you should find Deirdre's strapon and put it on her and give yourself a good fucking. I'll race you."

"My mother's what?!" I asked.

"Strapon," Laura said. "Probably in the closet."

"She doesn't have a —" I started to protest.

"Oh, come on," they said in unison. "Deirdre?"

No doubt some sort of feminine intuition is necessary to find the hiding place of other women's sex toys. Natalie was wearing it in less than five minutes.

"Huh?" she shook her head, slowly waking up to see the same sight I had seen earlier in the morning: a Laura Stone moonrise. "What are you doing?"

"What you couldn't, honey," Laura said over her shoulder. "Now be a good girl. If I win, Mama will reward you with another session with Terry's nice big dick. Ready, bitch?"

"Go!" Pam yelled.

The room was soon filled with moaning, grunting, and finally screaming. Laura screamed first, and Pam shortly thereafter. Pam apparently considered that to be some sort of moral failing on my part. A sexual failing, at any rate.

"I'm sure if you had taken the handcuffs off, I could have given you a better ride than Natalie," I said huffily.

"Maybe," Natalie giggled. "And maybe not. Now, if you don't mind, how about we take a little break to watch Pammy's Pleasure Palace, and then it's my turn."

"Watch what?" Pam asked.

"Oh, you know he already got the video from his friend in the boys' room," Natalie nodded at me. "Where is it, Terry?"

"Yes," Pam said acidly. "Where is it, Terry?"

"In my, uh, computer," I confessed.

Laura gleefully ran to my room and returned with the DVD. Mom and Dad had a combination TV/DVD player, and in a few minutes we were all enjoying the show. Well, Natalie and Laura were enjoying the show. Pam was glaring at me, as if this too was somehow my fault, and I was wilting under her gaze. Then Laura decided to make up her own, even more explicit, narration, and she and Natalie got to laughing so hard by the end that they fell off the bed onto the floor. Even Pam had to admit that Laura's was the funnier of the two. The video had a slightly different effect on me, and when Natalie climbed back onto the bed, she glanced down at me with a smile.

"Oh, goody," she said. "Out of the way, girls."

"No, no, no," Pam said. "I want to see him do it again."

"Do what?" I asked.

"What you did yesterday."


"When you made Natalie faint."

"Me, too," Laura chimed in.

"Okay," Natalie said shyly.

"I wasn't handcuffed then," I pointed out.

Laura reached behind my back and unsnapped them.

"She was wearing panties," I continued. "And a sweatshirt."

"Skip the shirt," Pam ordered. "As for panties..."

She got up and opened my mother's underwear drawer, pulling out a pair that was nearly devoid of fabric. They all looked at me expectantly, so I felt I had to oblige them.

"Those are my mom's?" I asked woodenly.

"Oh, come on," all three laughed. "Deirdre?"

Eventually, though, they found a pair closer to what Natalie had been wearing, and she slipped them on.

"Now," Pam said. "Let's take it from when you finally got his pants off."

"He had a shirt on," Natalie pointed out.

"For God's sake, just pretend," Laura said.

"No, it was important," Natalie insisted. So Laura fetched a shirt from my room and I pulled it on, making sure it covered my cock just as it had the afternoon before.

Fortunately, we remembered all the good lines: the "fucking God" line; the discussion about naming her breasts; my intention to worship her. I wouldn't say we duplicated it perfectly, but it was about as close as we could come without an actual script or a videotape. When Natalie fainted again at the end, I looked up, fully expecting a round of applause. And if it were possible to applaud with one hand controlling the buzzing vibrator buried inside your pussy, I'm sure I would have received one. As it was, I ended up with three unconscious women. I accepted that as a sort of fainting ovation.

Two hours later, we were just enjoying the last of Natalie's delicious dinner, made with the steaks that my mother had been saving for when she was in a good mood, and the red wine that she had been saving for when she was in a bad mood. We were all cleaned up by then, of course. Nobody was more surprised than I was, in fact, to learn that my parents had a shower big enough to hold four people. I know, I know — Oh, come on. Deirdre? And we were all dressed, in assorted gym shorts and T-shirts. We sat around the kitchen table, dividing the "checking up" schedule for the week. Natalie would take Monday, Pam Tuesday, and Laura Wednesday. I had a math test on Friday, so they decided that I should be allowed to study on Thursday night. Other than that, I was told, my homework had to be done by six o'clock every afternoon.

And then we started quarreling over who would be in charge on Friday night. I told them that the handcuffs were all well and good, but I had no intention of being the slave again next weekend. Finally, Pam decided we should play cards for it.

"You mean like gin rummy?" I asked.

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