tagNonHumanThe Accidental Human Mate Pt. 03

The Accidental Human Mate Pt. 03


The beast of a man started to drag me into the room when I heard a load roar and out of nowhere a huge black panther pounced on the man dragging me. I was forced out of the way and landed with a loud thud with my back and head slamming against the wall. It knocked the wind straight out of me and the searing pain had me close to passing out.

I felt warm fresh blood begin to seep from my shoulder and the back of my head. That was the moment I thought without a doubt that I was going to die. My life was over and there was nothing I could do to change it. A single tear rolled down my cheek and I closed my eyes waiting for death to claim me.

Amidst the chaos I felt warm strong arms gently gathering me up. I opened my eyes for a moment and it was him, my captor. He was rushing with me in his arms, I fell in and out of consciousness and in my half lucid state felt like we were moving too quickly to be humanly possible.

The next thing I remember was him stripping me bare and walking me into a pool of warm slightly sulphuric smelling water. It felt heavenly on my battered and bruised body and I let myself slip away into oblivion in the arms of this mysterious man.

I opened my eyes and saw misty vapours rising from the warm water. It took me a moment to remember where I was and with whom. I felt his strong body behind me, holding me against him as the water lapped around both our naked bodies.

Naked! I squirmed trying to get away from him but his arms surrounded me like a vice, trapping me against him.

"Easy little one, you've been hurt. Let the healing waters do their work. I won't hurt you, you're safe my sweet."

Still not convinced I continued to try to get out of his grip but it was futile. I balled my fists and tried to hit him where I could reach and finally managed to strike a blow to his leg. The pain that radiated through my hand was unbearable and I cried out and cradled my hand against my chest. The tears were flowing freely now and I felt him turn me gently in his arms to face him. He took my hand and examined it and placed it in his back in the water.

"You'll never heal if you keep this up. Stop fighting me pet. I mean you no harm please believe me."

He tucked a stray tendril of hair gently behind my ear and looked into my eyes.

"Don't cry sweet everything is going to be ok."

"Who are you? What do you want from me and why have you brought us here? I saw what that monster did to that girl, do you plan on doing that to me too? If so please kill me and be done with it I don't want to end up like that."

"My name is Kangee but my friends call me Kane. By what name may I know you little one?"

"Isabella well Belle, that's what my friends call me. My parents are the only ones that called me Isabella everyone else just calls me Belle."

"The names suits you little one. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." He smiled at me, but it made me very uncomfortable because his smile seemed to mask something more primal he was hiding.

"What do you intend to do to me and will you let my friends and myself go?"

"I have no intention of you letting you go my sweet. I hope in time you will wish to stay with me. I know you don't feel that way now but you may as well face the fact that you cannot escape so there's no point hurting yourself trying."

"I don't understand why you need to kidnap defenseless women. Surely men that look like you can find willing women to come to you. You saw what that man did to my friend. He's hurt her, ruined her. God knows what has happened to the others. Do you intend to treat me that way? Are you all that barbaric?"

His eyes darkened as he looked at me thoughtfully.

"I know you have a lot of questions and I will answer them all in time. I don't want to frighten you by revealing too much now but believe me I don't want to hurt you like that. Usually I would have because we enjoy the sport and the hunt. We aren't like you Belle. We are rough and live by our own rules. Humans we keep as slaves to serve us in various ways. You and your friends were brought here to serve us in several ways, one of those ways is to satisfy our un mated males sexually."

I looked at him with weary eyes."You keep saying human like you are something else. You plan on using me as a slave? I won't be your slave. I will die first."

He chuckled and I grew angry that all my suffering amused him so much.

"Little one you cannot escape me and believe me I don't understand why I'm so gentle with you as it's not my way. You are mine so stop fighting me. I don't intend to make you a slave to my clan. No one will share you with me but I will take you my sweet. Once I do there will be no point returning to your previous life. Your human body will never be the same as it was after I have been inside you. Human males won't be able to satisfy you again. Some human women don't survive sex with our kind and those that do need to make certain adjustments."

"What do you mean by my body won't be the same and 'certain adjustments'?"

All the fear I was feeling before returned with a vengeance.

He took my hand in his and gently pulled it down between his legs. I tried to pull away but he was determined that my hand end up where he lead it.

I felt shock radiate all over me in waves when he ran my hand up and down his semi hard cock, it was the length and width of soda bottle and it wasn't even fully erect.

There was no way he was going to fit inside me without killing me. Tears began welling up in my eyes and I whimpered in terror.

"Shhhhh little one you will learn to take me and I promise you, I will make you feel pleasure you've never imagined you could possibly feel. I will be as gentle as I can be with you at first. Touch me sweet you're only scared of it because it's not something you've experienced before."

"You'll kill me. It's too big you'll tear me apart. Please don't do this to me. You'll ruin my pussy even if it doesn't kill me."

"Sweet it's true some human women haven't survived it but they were forcefully taken and some by more than one man at a time. Your frail bodies aren't strong enough to deal with that force without being prepared correctly before being mounted. We have rules concerning that now. The males have been told not take a human without ensuring her safety first. It is not our intent to murder our slaves. I won't do that to you and you won't ever have to take more than one man inside yourself at a time. It's true that your body won't be the same. You'll be stretched open and you will need to adjust to the size of my cock. I will fit you with a special anal device so it'll be easier for me to enter you that way too. I will be enjoying your whole body and regularly. There's no point pleading me not to fuck you as I am going to have you willing or not."

"What are you?"I asked him trying to change the subject I couldn't bare thinking about any longer.

"I'm a shape shifter little one, a werepanther."

"My brothers and sisters can change form into the beasts that are their spirit animals. We also feed on the blood of our mates when we find them. It's rare for those of my kind to find their true mate early on in life and once they do, sex with anyone other than their mate is very unsatisfactory. Imagine sex without climaxing ever."

I looked at him with a mixture of fascination and horror. "How do you know when you've found your mate? Is there some transformation?"

"Yes it happens after we have sex with that person. Sometimes it happens the first time we copulate but it may happen after a few intimate sessions. We ejaculate for the first time with actual seed and not just seminal fluid. We also have the urge to bite and mark our mate. The females also have to have sexual contact with their mate often or they start to feel sick and end up in extreme pain. It's an intense thing my sweet and once a true mate is found it's for life.

Someone like us can only breed with our mates. We capture human women for our un mated males for this reason. Our males have a strong sex drive that needs to be quenched. Through having humans to see to our needs our females are free to copulate with only our kind, making it easier to be found by their true mates and not shackled trying to pleasure other males if they don't want to. That's not to say that our females don't take other lovers. Many do and that's often how they find their mates. Human males rarely, if ever,satisfy our females. Their cocks are too small and they lack the stamina of our kind."

He looked at me with heat in his eyes and placed a hand behind my head guiding my face towards his.

"Please try to relax little one", he whispered.

He pressed his mouth to mine in a searing kiss. I tried to push him away but it was useless. I balled my fists against his chest in utter frustration at being so helpless to fight him off.

He pressed gentle kisses on my mouth and stroked my hair to try and get me to relax and open my mouth to him. He ran his tongue over the seam of my lips and gently pried them open. I tasted him then, it was intoxicating and I couldn't stop myself from moaning softly and letting him slip his tongue into my mouth.

His kiss was incredible, I had never experienced anything like it before.

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"That's good my sweet . You taste so good, your lips are made for this. I need you little one. Trust me, surrender yourself to me. I want to be inside you, I want to feel you cum on with me inside you."

"You're going to hurt me", I said faintly. "I've never had a man inside me let alone someone as large as you."

"You're a virgin?"He asked with a look of total surprise on his face. "How old are you baby girl?"

"I'm 24", I said shyly.

"You're 24 and you've never had sex? Well that's rare in this day and age he chuckled.

I'm glad no one else has been inside you sweet. This makes it even better for me to imagine I'm going to be your first."

"Look at me little one."

I lifted my gaze to his and he gently stroked my cheek.

"I'm going to be gentle with you. I don't want you to feel pain only pleasure. I'm going to dim the pain for you in a similar way as I made you fall asleep. I will control the pain sensors in your body.

My bodily fluids like my saliva, cum and blood have healing properties. If tear you while entering you my fluids will heal you."

"You need to trust me little one. If you don't relax it'll hurt more and I don't want that."

As he leaned over to kiss me again we both heard a woman's voice intermingled with that of two others. "You cannot go in there," said one voice. "He is not up to receiving you," said another.

"Get out of my way," screamed the third followed by a thud.

I turned to see a beautiful raven haired woman, she was at least 6 feet tall and her eyes with dark with fury.

"What the hell is going on here Kane," she said.

He got up out of the water after depositing me on a smooth rock that left me covered in up to my shoulders.

"Amara, what are you doing in here. You were not invited into my private quarters."

"What are you doing in here with that human slave bitch," she spat. "She belongs in the common areas to service the clan as do all the others. You know how this works. She defiles this sacred place just by breathing in it! I'm the only woman you should be bringing in here! I'm your intended mate. I demand she be removed at once!"

He laughed then turned a scathing gaze at "Amara. We have fucked twice and you think you have some claim over me woman?

You are most certainly not my mate, you'd know if you were. How dare you come in here uninvited and bark orders at me. As clan leader I will do as I please. I have selected this human as mine and I intend to keep her. The others we took are more than sufficient to take care of our warriors needs. Now get out of here before I throw you out."

Amara cast a furious look at Kane. "This isn't over Kane I intend to take this matter up with the council. I will see your little bitch have all her holes stuffed with several cocks before the week is out."

She turned and stormed out, leaving me worried I'd suffer the same fate as my companions very soon.

Kane turned and looked at me. "Don't worry little one. My family are what you would call royalty in your world. The council has a say in matters related to the clan but it's rare that their say overrides mine and that of my family."

"She seems adamant that she's your mate. Why is she so possessive over you if she isn't?"

He smiled a half smile and said, "she's a vain creature. She wants the title of being the leader's mate and all the that provides her. Call her a social climber if you will. I had sex with her a couple of times but after getting to know her agenda I stopped sleeping with her. This was over four months ago and it baffles me that she thinks she has some sort of claim over me."

"She's very beautiful," I said as I cast my face down and stared at the steaming water.

"My people are all attractive to humans little one. It helps us capture slaves when we aren't likely to come across a large group of unprotected females out in the middle of nowhere," he chuckled." Our kind tends to live in unpopulated areas for obvious reasons. We usually have to venture into towns and cities to find humans to take back to our people. We don't want to make a scene and draw attention to our existence when we do so. Our looks and our scents attract humans to us."

I looked up at him and in asked him in a calm quiet voice, "have you ever killed a human woman during sex?"

He cast his eyes down and said, "sadly yes my sweet."

An alarmed look crossed my face as the the fact that he had admitted to killing a human woman during sex dawned on me. What if he does this to me. How can he speak to me about being gentle if he already killed a human by forcing himself on her.

"You raped a woman and killed her."I looked at him with a mixture of contempt and sadness.

"That's what you are going to do to me. All your reassuring words mean nothing. My body cannot accommodate you and you know it. You're too selfish to care what having sex with me will do to me. You just want to slake your lust despite the consequences. I know your kind don't respect or care about human life, obviously, but I'm a human and I don't want what's happening to me. I don't choose this."

I turned my back to him and waded out into the centre of the pool.

I heard a splash and suddenly felt his arms around my waist. He pulled me against his body and I felt his huge erection pressed up against me. Fear had me tightly in it's grasp.

"No my sweet you have this all wrong. I was young and so desperately horny that I wasn't in control of myself when I accidentally killed that poor girl. I was rough with her because she wouldn't hold still and accept me inside her and she was so small. You have to understand that to us that's the main purpose of a human slave, whether they are willing or not and in the beginning most are not. I struggled to force myself inside her as she fought to get away from me and in my frustration I shifted into my were form. I couldn't control it, all I could think about was getting my dick into her. I tore her apart as I thrust myself inside her and I couldn't heal her in time.

I regret this even now. I have never taken an unwilling human female since that night.

I don't want to rape you Belle, I want you to accept me inside you. I want to give you as much pleasure as I receive from you."

"I am older and more in control now little one. I can and will be more careful when I take you.

There's something about you that calms me, calls to me. I've never experienced this before, not even with one of my own kind. All I know is that I must have you and I won't share you despite that being our way with human slaves. The human females we bring here are meant to shared amongst the clan males."

I felt his hand move upwards and he cupped my breast and pinched my nipple between his fingers, caressing and rubbing it till it was rock hard.

I closed my eyes as shards of pleasure seared through me.

He turned me to face him and he brought his face close to mine and whispered," it's time little one please don't fight this. Let me take you, let me pleasure you."

He kissed me wildly then, stealing my breath away and his other hand trailed down my belly towards my feminine core.

He cupped me, one thick finger slid past my nether lips until he found my hole. He pushed his finger deep inside me. I exhaled sharply. I already felt stretched and full just from his finger. I was terrified how it would feel once he tried to stuff his enormous member inside me.

"Gods you're tight little one. I'm going to have to stretch you a bit and get you very wet before pushing myself into you."

He was thrusting his finger in and out of my hole. He added another and I clenched against them as I felt the discomfort of being stretched open.

"Easy baby just relax. Let me inside."

He picked me up then and carried me out the water and placed me on a soft bed of pelts. He placed a cushion under my bottom to lift me up and he then brought his head between my legs to inspect my intimate parts. I blushed a deep shade of crimson as he held me down and looked his fill.

I felt his warm breath blow lightly on my vaginal lips and he parted them with two fingers. That's when he ran his tongue through my wet slit. My hips bucked in response and he continued to lick and suck me. His tongue pressed into my pussy and I felt his hand pull my legs open even wider apart so I was opened up even further for him. He started to suck and vibrate his tongue over my clit while he shoved two fingers deep inside me. I felt a tightening coil within me start to hum and my breathing quickened. I was thrashing about wildly now, my hands entangled in Kane's hair and I was pulling him closer to my wet heat. "Please Kane I can't take this anymore. Please fuck me. I couldn't believe that voice was mine, begging him like some wanton creature."

"Shhh baby girl. Soon I just need to prepare you properly first. You're so wet my sweet, so wet for me."He slipped a third finger into my tight, wet hole.

I felt molten heat rise up in my loins, I was so close to exploding beneath him, when he pushed a wet finger against my anus and I froze.

I tried to squirm away from the offending finger but my squirming made it even easier for it to slip inside. My virgin hole tried desperately to close but the thick finger moving it's way in and out of my ass preventing that. All my senses were on fire. His tongue, his fingers penetrating both my holes simultaneously were too much for me. It sent me over the edge and I came so hard I screamed.

"That's it beautiful, cum for me. Show me how I make you feel."

The next thing I felt is the tip of his very hard cock pressing against my pussy. I froze in anticipation of the pain it would cause.

"Shhh little one I'm going to make this feel very good, wrap your legs round me and open your yourself for me." He reached in between us and started rubbing my engorged clit. My pussy got even wetter and I felt his huge erection press slowly into me. It felt like a log was being slowly pushed into me and I didn't know how I was going to be able to open up enough to take him if this was how only half of his head felt like inside me.

Thats when a heard a wet pop as he finally worked the whole head inside. "That's it baby, Gods you feel so wet and tight. I want you to look at me. Don't stop looking at me until I get all of my cock inside you. I want to see your eyes as I take you for the first time."

I opened my eyes and felt my pussy struggling to open up enough to accommodate his huge girth. I grunted as beads of perspiration formed on my forehead.

"I can't take you Kane I'm trying but you're huge. You're going to tear me apart I cried."

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