tagNonHumanThe Accidental Human Mate Pt. 04

The Accidental Human Mate Pt. 04


I paced the room. I needed to escape and fast. I didn't want to end up mutilated like Cathy and the others. I didn't want to be a slave having to do these monster's bidding.

Just then Kane entered the room. A look of relief and concern worn on his beautiful face.

"Hello little one. How are you feeling? Any aches I need to sooth for you?" He said mischievously.

"I met your mother," I said somberly. "She took me to see Cathy or at least what has become of her." I looked up at him with tears welling up in my eyes. He crossed the room quickly and gathered me in his arms.

"Shhh sweet. That's not your fate I promise you. You're mine and only mine."

"Till you become bored with me or find your mate," I said softly.

He chuckled lightly and I looked up at him with a scowl.

"This isn't amusing Kane, at least not to me."

"Baby I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing because of your adorable naivety. I bit you little one. Do you not remember what I told you about what happens when we find our mates? I mated with you Belle. I gave you my seed and marked you, do you not remember this?"

"I can't be your mate Kane I'm human. This can't happen."

"It obviously can and it has Belle. You're bound to me now and it's a bond that no one can ever break. You have all that I am and all that I can give my sweet. Everything I am is yours as you are mine."

"That's it then? No ceremony just sex?"

He chuckled again. "I wish there was only sex Belle. There will be a ceremony when my mother and the other council members figure out how they are going to deal with this situation. We are currently contacting other clans to see if any of them have ever heard of this sort of thing happening with a human mate.

In the mean time I need to get your body used to mine so I can take you without causing you pain. I need to open you up little one. I will being using anal stretching devices to ready you for taking my cock inside you that way. I will also need to regularly have sex with you so you can better accommodate me without tearing up inside. Soon you'll be able to take my cock as easily and painlessly as you would a human male's."

"You want to ruin me like they ruined Cathy? Have you seen how awful her parts look now? She has gaping red holes that look nothing like a human woman's genitalia is supposed to look like. It's not attractive Kane."

"Hush little one. You think it looks ugly but believe me it is exactly the opposite to me, to our kind. Seeing you open means your bodies are altered to offer us extreme pleasure. seeing you that way will mean you've opened yourself to receive me, to pleasure me and to receive pleasure from me. I cannot wait to be able to take you without fear of damaging you. You will be open enough to fit me like a glove. A perfect fit. Your body was made to fit mine Belle. It just needs a little help. Don't fret please. Trust me and submit this part of you to me and I promise you'll receive pleasure beyond your wildest desires."

He pushed me back gently back down on the bed and removed his clothing.

His hand slipped between my legs and he lazily started rubbing my clit to get me wet. "This will be slightly easier than last time sweet," he said reassuringly. "Just relax and let me get you ready for me."

I exhaled sharply as he thrust two fingers into me and started moving them in and out of me. He nibbled my earlobe and moved down to run his hot tongue slowly down my neck. My hands moved instinctively through his hair and down his muscular back. I needed him inside me, I've never needed anything as much. I was amazed at how quickly he could get me to respond to him. My traitorous body was not at all concerned with the repercussions that would inevitably come with mating with Kane.

"Kane please," I begged.

"Please what my sweet?" He looked at me with a crooked grin on his face.

"I need you inside me Kane," I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks.

"What do you need inside you sweet Belle?" He was clearly enjoying teasing me. "Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"I need you to fuck me Kane, I need your hard cock inside my pussy, please Kane don't make me wait any longer." I knew I was blushing after that crude request came out of my mouth but I couldn't help myself.

The words barely left my lips when I felt the tip of his cockhead press against my sopping wet hole. I felt myself opening wide to accept him inside me. The head slipped inside with a wet popping sound.

He took my face in his hand making me look at him as he inched his erection into me. I felt myself stretching and stretching as inch after inch of his huge member slid into me. At last I felt his heavy balls against my backside as he seated himself within me.

"So good,"he sighed. "You feel so good wrapped around me like this Belle."

He flipped us around and had me on my hands and knees. He brought my ass up into the air with my face down on the pillows. My body was completely at his mercy and I felt him insert a wet finger, lubricated with my own juices, into my anus. He played with my ass for a minute then withdrew his finger. He reached for something then I felt the tip of something rubbery press against my anal opening.

"Relax and push back against the plug Belle. It's a starter plug so it won't hurt."

He pressed the thing into me and it seated itself in my bowels. It was long and slender and felt weird up inside me.

I then felt his cock pressing against my sex and he thrust forward hard, filling me completely. He felt even bigger with the plug in my ass.

He thrusted in and out of me, I pushed back to meet him as the coiling heat started to take over my body. I was close to cumming and I knew I would come hard with both my holes stimulated like this.

I started to breathe heavily and he instinctively knew I was close.

"Wait for me Belle. I want us to cum together baby."

His thrusts became frantic as he pushed in and out of my sopping wet sheath.

"Now Sweet, cum for me now!"

I cried out his name as my body exploded. My orgasm carried on by the feel of his thick hot seed erupting inside me.

He bit down on my shoulder and sucked the blood from the fresh wound.

I collapsed with him on top of me and he flipped us over so I could rest on his chest.

I love you Belle.

I didn't hear him as I passed out from the intensity of the climax I just had.

I yawned as I opened my eyes. Sunlight streamed into the room and I squinted while I adjusted to it's brightness.

I sat up and something didn't feel right. My ass was sore and something heavy filled my bowels. I reached round to feel what was wrong and my fingers came into contact with a large metallic plug protruding out of me. I felt the skin around my opening stretched taught around the thing.

Panic started to fill me as I remembered what Cathy's anal opening looked like once her plug had been removed. I felt my sex, it too was unnaturally open. It would never be able to close normally again. Kane's cock had seen to that.

I felt violated that while I was rendered unconscious by Kane making me cum so hard,he had decided to destroy the last hole I had that still looked normal. Tears gathered in my eyes as the humiliation of this situation hit me like a rock. He'd been altering my body while I slept.

The door opened and Kane rushed into the room. A worried look played across his face.

"What's the matter little one, he asked. I could feel your distress, are you hurt?"

"You asshole," I shouted as I pummeled my fists against his chest. "What did you do to me."

"Easy now Belle. What on earth do you mean?" He looked puzzled and then the worried look returned to his face as he noticed the tears streamed down my cheeks.

He gathered me in his arms and held me tightly to his chest. "Shhh sweet, what has you so upset?"

"This thing in my ass, you've ruined it. This wasn't the deal. You waited till I was unconscious to disfigure me."

He looked into my eyes and in a calm voice said, "Belle I told you what I was going to do to you in order for me to fit inside you. You've been asleep for three days. In that time I thought it would be less traumatic for you if I began changing your body to what it needs to be to take me. I don't want to risk harming you and this really is the only way."

"Your pussy is almost ready to take me without much risk of me damaging you. Your anus is stretched enough for me to start working myself into it. You won't have to wear that plug for long my sweet. As soon as your sphincter muscles are loose enough you will only need to wear a light plug that you can remove when you need to empty your bowels."

I looked at him in horror. "So I have to wear a plug constantly from now on?"

"Yes for now my love. Your anus is will no longer be able to close like it used to because your sphincter muscles no longer retain their prior elasticity and unless you want to soil yourself you'll need to wear that plug till you can regulate your movements. It won't take you that long I promise. This is how it should be, you will remain open to me and ready take me at all times. You will get used to the plug and before long you won't even notice that it's inside you. Your sex is already permanently open for me now. All of this is necessary for you to enjoy making love with me without fear of pain and injury. You need not worry about any of this. You will adapt quickly and the pleasure you get from me will more than make up for these changes you hate so much now." He stroked my cheek tenderly.

"Let me show you how much pleasure it gives me to see you changed like this.

He spread my legs and looked at his handy work. I love this wide open pussy my sweet, it's just begging to be filled with my rock hard cock. He tongued my clit as he pressed four fingers easily into my opening. As soon as I got wet he pressed his hand inside me and fisted me gently till his forearm was swallowed up inside me. He took me like this till I was panting. I wanted to cum and I wanted to feel his cock pulsing inside me.

"Kane I need you inside me now. Please fuck me."

"I'm going to be inside you Belle. Just let me show you how good I can make you feel."As he said that I felt a strong pressure in my bowels as he pulled the plug gently out of me. He wasn't going to take my pussy I thought fearfully. He was going to try to stuff himself into my already tender asshole.

"No Kane please not there, I'm not ready to take you in my ass."

"Trust me Belle I wouldn't take you anally if I wasn't sure you could take me."

He reached out and grabbed a tube of lubricant and liberally applied a thick coat of it on his hard, distended penis. The head was purple and straining, he needed to be inside me and badly.

"Come to me sweet. Open your cheeks for me and let me see my prize." I bent over shyly and presented my most private hole to him. This felt oh so naughty and totally foreign to me. He took in a sharp breath as he reach out his hand to add lubricant to my backside. The lube felt good, it soothed me and I began to relax as he massaged it into my body. Then all of a sudden he shifted his weight and I felt the hot tip of his cock pressing against my opening.

He reached around and started rubbing my clit. "Push back against my cock Belle, relax your muscles and let me inside you." I pushed back tentatively and I felt my already stretched hole open slightly more. It was uncomfortable and I pulled forward to try and get away from his erection.

"Baby don't fight me please. Your fear will go away once you see how good I will feel inside you." Open yourself for me my beautiful mate, let me give you the pleasure that only I can give you."

I pushed back till I felt the head of his cock force my asshole open. There was a momentary sting of pain and then the head was in.

"That's it my sweet, good."

He started to push deeper into my bowels and a strange pressure built up inside me as his immense cock kept filling me up. Just when I thought I would burst from being stuffed this full he bottomed out inside me.

"There Sweet, you're ok."

He gave me a few moments to adjust to his girth and then he started thrusting inside me.

"Your ass feels so good Belle, you're so tight and hot around me."

His thrusts became harder and deeper and he rubbed my clit in tandem with his thrusts. All my nerve endings were on fire and I began to moan as he moved inside me, opening me even wider.

"Oh hell Kane, harder, I need you to fuck me harder." My saying this to him made him wild with lust and he pounded into me with frenzied hard thrusts.

"I'm going to cum Belle I can't hold on much longer." He took his finger and pressed down on my clit moving so quickly it felt like intense vibrations. The coil inside me burst and I screamed out my orgasm as I felt him erupt, shooting his hot cum deep inside my bowels.

Both of us breathless, we collapsed and he spooned me against him. He was still lodged deep inside me.

"You ok my sweet? You think you can remain awake this time," he chuckled.

"Kane you're still inside me." I was still breathless and stunned by how good he made me feel. I wondered if other lovers were so in tune with each other.

"I'm aware little one. I like being inside you and wish to remain so for a little while if that's ok with you."

"It feels odd to have something so big inside my ass. But you made me cum so hard. I never thought sex like this would be this good."

"I told you to trust me Belle. I know how to take you, to make you feel good. I want to give you great pleasure and will always strive to make sure you receive that from me.

I need to replace your plug soon. You need to remain open to receive me."

"Belle I will make you fall in love with me sweet. I will do everything in my power to make you happy and content to stay with me."

I felt his softening cock slip out of my ass and while it was still open he slid the large silver plug back inside me, trapping his cum in my bowels. My stomach felt slightly distended with the large load of semen plus the plug keeping it inside me.

I snuggled against his warm body and closed my eyes exhausted from our latest coupling.

Kane shook me awake gently. "Wake up Belle you need to get ready."

I opened my eyes and moaned in protest. My ass was sore from the pounding it received and I was still so tired.

"Ready for what," I asked.

He looked at me and smiled.

"You need to come and meet the rest of the clan. I need to introduce you to all of them and inform them that their chief has found his mate. It's an informal ceremony that takes place before the traditional mating ceremony can happen."

"I have nothing to wear and I cannot go out and meet anyone looking like this," I said with a pained expression on my face.

"I had you fitted for garments while you slept my love,"he replied with some amusement. "I do need to teach you to walk properly now that your nether regions have been altered and you have that plug inside you. Get up for me, I will hold you so don't worry."

I got up and and immediately felt awkward. I took a couple of steps and found it impossible to walk without opening my legs. "Try to close your legs, tilt your bottom outwards it will help. Walk on the balls of your feet for now till you learn to walk normally again." I glared at him.
"That's nothing my sweet, you should have seen me try to walk on two legs after I was used to walk on four as a babe"

It felt very odd to walk like this but at least I wasn't walking like a cowboy anymore.

He took me to the hot water spring and washed my aching body. He removed my plug and cleaned me. The water felt so soothing as it worked it's magic on my body. Kane held me in his strong arms as he waded deeper into the pool till we were submerged to our chins in the warm water. I felt his hard cock pushing against my pussy and it opened up to receive him. I rode him in the water till we both came hard together. After we cleaned each other we reluctantly left the pool to go and put on our clothing for the ceremony.

I felt like a native princess in my beautiful soft leather dress. It was hand painted and beaded and felt wonderful against my skin.
One of the clanswomen came in to dress my hair and she had woven shells into an intricate braid that cascaded down my back.

Kane came into the room and stopped in his tracks. His face lit up with pride as he looked me over. "You look exquisite my sweet. I am a lucky man to have been given such a lovely mate." He looked every inch the handsome warrior in his nude buckskin attire. He was wearing those black beads again and his hair was braided as well. He offered me his arm and we walked together to the main hall to meet everyone.

I felt nervous as we entered the hall. All around us were these tall, beautiful looking people. I felt small and plain surrounded with such striking beings.

As if sensing my discomfort Kane whispered to me, "You look beautiful Isabella, like the queen that you will become once you complete the mating bond with me. Hold your head up high my sweet. They will come to see you as I do. They will come to respect and welcome you as one of their alpha females. Anyone who dares not show you this courtesy will have to deal with me."

He walked me through the room to where his mother stood with several other important looking members of the clan.

"Ah Kane there you are," she smiled as she saw us approach. She looked at me and said, "You wear our traditional costume well my dear. I can see why my son is so taken with you."

Kane looked towards the others standing with his Mother and greeted them politely.

With that Kane's mother clapped her hands twice and the crowd went still.

"Everyone we are gathered here this evening so you can all hear this important announcement. Kane if you please," she said.

"My people, my brothers and sisters, thank you for coming here tonight. You have all given me your support throughout my life. You have hunted with me, trained with me and helped me when I needed you most. You mourned with me when my father passed on to the other side way too young. I ask you to support me now as I take my lifelong mate.

May I present my Queen, Isabella. May she come to count on you as kin. May you support her, teach her and love her as I do."

There were some stunned looking faces, mine being one of them. He said he loved me. I looked around nervously as I saw some of the weres looking at me, some confused, some curious and some appalled.

Then I saw the angry face of Amara as
she came towards me with near lightning speed, she jumped into the air and her body contorted into that of a huge snarling leopard. I shielded my face with my arms as I readied myself for her attack.

Kane let go of my arm and I felt a sudden shift in the air. I opened my eyes just in time to see the huge black panther charge Amara's leopard form. As he slammed into her I heard an awful snapping sound. He must have broken some of her ribs because she howled in pain. Several other members of the clan changed into their beast forms and were snarling and snapping at the fighting pair.

"Enough!" Shouted Kane's mother.

Everyone turned and looked at her furious face. The weres who had shifted form ran out of the room leaving the rest of the crowd in stunned silence.

A young woman came up to me and enquired whether I was hurt or not. I shook my head. She lead me to a chair and told me to sit down and wait.
About ten minutes passed and the people who had left returned, all except Kane and Amara. I searched the crowd for him and suddenly he appeared dragging an injured Amara behind him.

He looked angrier than I had ever seen him before and he dumped Amara in a heap in the middle of the room.

"Any other who would challenge my decision come forward now and let's end this,"he shouted."I will not tolerate anyone who wishes to harm my mate. Amara will pay for what she tried to do. She is banished, no longer welcome in this clan."

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