tagNonHumanThe Accidental Human Mate Pt. 05

The Accidental Human Mate Pt. 05


I stormed into Kane's bedroom and slammed the door in his face.

I sat down on the bed, tears blurring my eyes. They would never accept me, I was less than nothing to them, my only value that of a slave to clean up after them and bend over obediently when they wanted to shove their cocks into me.

Kane opened the door and moved quickly over to me. He grabbed my face gently but firmly forcing me to face him.

"Isabella look at me. Amara is a bitter jealous cow who said those things as much to hurt me as to humiliate you.

The others will come around or they can face the same fate as that foul mouthed bitch. They are facing something they've never had to deal with before and it's going to take time for them to come round to the idea."

I looked at him. "Please let me go Kane. If you love me like you said you do, please. I cannot live here knowing how your people feel about me. It's not just humiliating but I feel like if you aren't there to guard me, permanently, more of your clan will attack me or even worse, rape me and end my life just to be rid of me and the threat of having their Chief mate with a human."

"No harm will come to you Belle, anyone foolish enough to attack you or attempt to molest you will suffer a far worse fate than Amara. Hurting you is as good as coming after me directly and no one here is strong enough to best me should it come to that. There's a reason I'm their Alpha baby.

I cannot let you go. Being apart from one's mate is a fate worse than death for us."

He stroked my hair and looked at me with an intense gaze. "Do you know what seeing you dressed like this does to me sweet? You look beautiful, every bit a Queen. Your kind heart and gentle manner are qualities that we desperately need in our leadership. It's about time we start treating our human slaves with more respect. They enable us to live our lives in a more peaceful manner. Horny were males cause chaos and break into fights, their inner beasts take over. Having the human females to slake their lust enables the rest of us to live together without as much conflict."

"Will you consider letting my friends go? I hate seeing them used like this, imprisoned like this." He sighed.

"Belle what's the point of us letting them go. They have been altered now, their bodies are no longer any good for human males. Would you send them back into your world as they are? Even so they know too much about us now, we cannot risk it. They would also need to be replaced. Do you want fresh unaltered females to suffer the same fate?"

I hung my head low and uttered, "No."

He started undoing the laces that held my dress in place. I looked at him with apprehension as my butt was still sore from the last time we had sex.

"I will go slow sweet, but I need to make sure you are stretched out enough before the mating ceremony."

"Why Kane what happens during the ceremony?" I looked up at him apprehensively.

His eyes darkened as he said in a low voice, "I have to take you in my were form."

"Are you insane? You ended the life of the last girl you took in your were form! How can you even think I would be able to survive that. Your claws and teeth alone will tear me to shreds Kane."

"The panther is part of me Belle. I control it now, it doesn't take over me like it used to when I was younger. You're my mate, you are now the main reason why I exist. My beast recognizes that too. I will not harm you sweet, you have to learn to trust that you are safe in my arms regardless what form I'm in."

He undid the last lace and my dress pooled around me. I could see his throbbing cock trying to free itself from the confines of his clothing.

"Undress me my sweet. There's too many barriers between my body and yours."

I started to remove his garments, he watched me intently as I slowly undid all the laces. His erection sprang out of its confines the minute the last lace was untied. I could feel the heat radiating from his rock hard cock.

I bent my head down and he sucked in his breath as I ran my tongue over the slit on his cockhead. He groaned and exclaimed, "Oh Gods Belle you're going to drive me insane like this."

I smiled as I licked him from root to tip while cupping his heavy balls and massaging them.

He growled and picked me up so that I straddled his lap.

He kissed me hard, his tongue dueling with mine. His spicy taste made me wet for him. He could feel my juices as they soaked his straining cock underneath me.

"Guide me inside you Belle," he said as if in pain. "I need to feel your wet heat around me. Place my cock inside your pussy baby."

I reached between us and he lifted me off his lap. I grasped his hot shaft and aimed it at my open hole. I shank down onto him and the head popped inside. I shank down inch by inch taking him further and further into my wet sheath. He felt so good filling me so completely.

He reached around and grabbed my plug. He started moving it in and out my ass. I felt so full with both my holes stuffed so full.

I looked into his eyes and through the heated lust I saw his love for me, I saw his need for me. I couldn't believe such an incredible man wanted me so much and held me in such reverence.

I rode him hard now, desperately wanting to cum. I wanted to milk his cock until every drop of his seed shot deep inside me.

"I want to come inside your ass Belle. I don't want to risk breeding you until I'm more informed on what it means for your safety. Belle please stop riding me like this I'm going to cum."

I couldn't stop, I could feel my orgasm approaching rapidly and he felt so good, so perfect inside me.

He growled and lifted me off his cock so fast I couldn't even try to prevent it. My pussy immediately felt empty, incomplete. I moaned unhappily at the situation but before I could even catch my breath, he had the plug out of my anus replacing it with his hard dick. He thrust deeply into my bowels, spooning me from behind. He reached around and pushed his hand as deeply as he could inside my wanton pussy. He was fucking me harder than he ever had before, ramming in and out of me as hard as I could take it.

"Kane I'm going to cum please don't stop, oh god please don't stop fucking me like this."

He growled as he shot his load into my asshole, I shattered around him. My ass milking him of all his cum.

He sank his teeth into my shoulder again, the pain switching to pleasure as I felt him draw blood from the wound. I don't think anyone in history has cum as hard as this man makes me cum.

"You're mine my sweet Belle, only mine."

We stayed joined like this in silence for a while, his softening cock slipped out my wide hole and I felt his seed leak slowly out of me. That's the last thing I was aware of before I fell deeply asleep in his embrace.

We spent the next two weeks pretty much shut in his bedroom, our bedroom, and the hot spring pool. We couldn't get enough of fucking each other, evening getting dressed to go and eat and meet with the council members made Kane grumpy because it cut into time we could have been spending alone together.

I was getting to know several clan members and slowly more and more of them started to warm to me, enough to come and talk to me and to find out more about this human anomaly who was turning their world upside down.

Cathy still looked at me sourly on the odd occasion I saw her. Her pussy lips hung low protruding from the tiny apron she wore while serving food to the clan. The perfect pink petals they once were, were a distant memory. She was obviously a favourite of the men and they had taken her almost continuously since she got here. I think she was being kept away from me deliberately. The other girls all but ignored me completely. As soon as they saw me they immediately cast their eyes downwards. Heaven knows what threats were made to them concerning their conduct around me.

I no longer needed the stretching plug. Kane had his cock inside me so often there wasn't any chance of my holes ever closing up again. I still didn't like the way my female parts looked but I would rather be like this than do without Kane inside me.

I had somehow fallen completely in love with him despite me still, in theory, being held captive by him. I wasn't allowed to wonder off too far without being guided back inside Kane's quarters. Every time I asked him if I could go and explore outside the clan settlement he said it was too dangerous to go out by myself. "You're too precious to me to risk it," he had said. He would usually just end up distracting me by exposing his himself to me. I just had to look at his hardening cock now and my pussy immediately went damp. I was thoroughly wanton. I had never thought of myself as a very sexual person before but Kane had turned me into his own personal slut. I couldn't resist him and I craved having him inside me, feeling him move within me, filling me up with his hardness and his seed. I craved the taste and smell of him, when we were apart for a few hours while he was dealing with clan business or hunting I felt empty and desperately wanted to be near him again. It was insane, I was always such an independent person and now I was no better than a clingy girlfriend. At least I wasn't alone in this, Kane suffered the same affliction as I did.

His friends teased him about how whipped he was. He usually just blew them off. Last time I saw them taunting him he just reminded them that at least he had his own woman and they had to share the slaves. That shut them up for the time being at least.

The council called a meeting with Kane and myself. We were to go to the council chambers this evening after supper. I was nervous as to what the outcome of this meeting would be.

A human slave was sent to help me dress and do my hair. She had obviously been taught by a clan female and I learned she was to be my personal 'ladies maid' as Kane teased me. I told him I didn't need a personal attendant but he said it was protocol with someone of my impending status. The only time I would have to make do without her was if she was summoned to service one of the clan males. That was the main task of all the slaves, to ensure the male's lust was kept in check.

I felt a twinge of guilt when I looked at her. Even though she would orgasm during these encounters I knew it was a forced climax and that she did not choose this for herself. It wasn't like sex with Kane. He loved me and cherished me and none of my orgasms were forced. I wanted him to fuck me.

I wanted nothing more.

We arrived at the council chambers to see all ten of the members already seated and waiting for us.

Kane's mother stood up and approached us. She kissed Kane's cheek and embraced him warmly. She then turned to me and greeted me.

She returned to her seat and a man I wasn't familiar with stood and addressed everyone present in the room.

"Council members, Chief Kangee and Ms Isabella,welcome. Let me begin by formally welcoming you into our Clan Isabella.

As you are aware your situation is most peculiar and we have no reference by which to know how to easily deal with this occurrence. We have however been in contact with several other were clans across the world and have found that this has happened once before with a werewolf belonging to a small clan residing in the wilds of Canada. We have yet to hear back from several clans in Europe and Asia."

"The male in question mated with a human slave, finding her to be his mate after he forced himself on her during a, how do I say this politely, multiple males were taking turns at copulating with this slave utterly against her will."

The clan shunned her in the beginning, stating that she was a well used whore but he convinced the clan leaders to let him keep her. She tried to escape several times and in the end he had to lock her in her room when he wasn't around to guard her. She was so distraught she even tried to cut her wrists with a dinner knife she hid under her bed.

They decided it would be best to keep her mildly sedated with drugs they procured during a trip into the nearest town. Needless to say the man needed to slake his lust and mounted her regardless.

She soon became pregnant with a litter of his pups, six to be exact. She was a small human female and her body wasn't equipped to deal with the pregnancy. She died while trying to birth the offspring. They all died. The male took his own life after seeing what he did to his mate."

I looked up at Kane worryingly. He squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"Kane we believe that the situation between you and Miss Isabella is different. She has not been shared out amongst the rest of the clan and we have been observing the two of you closely since you informed us of your intent to claim her as your mate.

We believe you are within your rights as Chief to do just that. We will however ask you to be patient with the clan with regards to their acceptance of this union. We also have to ask you to consider not elevating her to the status of alpha female after your union."

Kane didn't wait to respond to this." As my mate she is alpha, she is Queen. I will not relegate her to a lower status. This would just lead the clan to believe she's a personal sex slave and not my mate. I will not leave her vulnerable in such a way. What's to stop an un mated male from thinking she's fair game and raping her when I'm not around to protect her? She will have her status as my mate and they will give her that level of respect. I am your Chief and Isabella will stand beside me as my Queen."

"Very well Kane. We mean no disrespect by asking this of you. We are only trying to facilitate the acceptance of your mate as a member of the clan seeing as she is human and we are not. I do however fully understand your reasoning and we will respect your wishes."

"There are two more issues we need to address before the mating ceremony can take place."

Kane nodded his head. "Please continue," he said.

"Isabella are you aware of what the mating ritual consists of?"

I nodded my head.

"So you know you have to allow Kane, in his were form, to penetrate you both vaginally and anally in the presence of two witnesses as part of the ritual."

I looked at Kane with a menacing look and whispered to him, "You never mentioned the witnesses or the anal," I hissed.

I turned my head back to the council members and I nodded my head.

"Now for the biggest concern we have. Kane we do not believe it is safe for you to breed her. Your sire line will die out if you don't have any offspring and the leadership of the clan will need to be taken up by another when you are no longer able or capable of acting as Chief to our people."

Kane looked at them and said calmly, "My mate will bear my offspring and she will live. She was given to me for a reason and if my seed takes inside her then it was meant to be. If it doesn't then we will see what the future has in store for the leadership of the clan."

"Kane we understand that you wish to sire a new generation but we must insist you heed our warning. We do not want to risk your mate's life or that of your own."

"I will take your advice to heart, council members. Now when can we schedule the mating bond."

"A week from today should give us the time we need to prepare.

Until then you best prepare young Miss Isabella for what is to come."

The next morning Kane informed me that he would grant my wish to go out exploring the wilderness surrounding the homestead.

I quickly got dressed and we headed out into the fresh morning air.

We walked for around half a mile when Kane stopped me and turned me to face him. "Belle this outing isn't purely recreational. I need to help you get over your fear of my other side. Trust me little one, please do not run from me or try to fight me off. As in control of my were side as I am, I am still more animal in that form than I am in this one. If you bolt or try to fight me off my instinct will be to hunt you down and bend you to my will. I won't be able to shield you from any pain you suffer as well as I can in this form. Do you understand what I'm telling you sweet?"

I looked at him nervously and asked, "Why do we have to do this? Isn't it enough that I have to let you mount me in your were form in front of two people gawking at me?"

"Baby if you aren't used to being in my presence when I change and if you are frightened of just the thought being around me when I change forms, how do you think you're going to be able to cope with a huge black animal mounting and entering you?"

"Just remember its me and I love you. I don't want you to fear any part of me Belle."

He ushered me to an old log and told me to sit quietly.

"Don't be afraid." He kissed me on the top of my nose and stepped back a few paces.

His body contorted and he took the shape of the giant black panther I had seen only twice before. He pawed the earth and growled low as he approached me. My instinct to jump up and run took over and I couldn't stop myself from scrambling off the log and trying to escape. I made it maybe five paces before the cat pounced on me, knocking me to the ground. A huge paw held me down and I turned and stared into his large golden eyes. I was captivated by them. He looked at me with the same heated intensity as Kane did in his 'human' form.

I reached out a tentative hand to stroke his fur. I was trembling. He nuzzled my hand and to my amazement started to purr like a house cat. I giggled and he hissed at me. I giggled some more. Then he decided to add another dimension to this game and flipped me over onto his back. I clutched at his fur and I heard his voice in my mind. "Hold on my sweet. Hold on tight."

He took off at a trot with me holding on for dear life. I had ridden horses before but never a cat without a saddle. I heard him chuckle in my mind as if he could read my thoughts.

He picked up the pace once he felt I had found a way to stay on without falling off.

The wind blew through my hair and a feeling of complete freedom washed over me as I watched the beautiful landscape pass by as we moved swiftly through it. His warm silky fur felt wonderful against my skin. I was truly enjoying the ride and my fear of Kane's beast slowly faded away.

He slowed down once we approached a mountain stream and he came to a halt.

I slipped off his back and stood next to the crystal clear water and sighed contently.

"It's so beautiful here Kane."

"It's one of my favourite spots,"he said. I turned around and saw him standing close to me in his human form.

"I come here when I want to get away from everyone and everything."

I looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you for bringing me here. I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic being cooped up inside all the time."

"I didn't hear you complaining when I was buried balls deep inside you sweet," he chuckled. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed a gentle kiss on my neck.

"You did well my love. I'm proud of you, you're adapting to all of this far quicker than I imagined you would. I believe you will be able to cope with the mating ceremony without too many issues."

"I'm able to enter you in this form relatively easily now as you have adjusted to my size pretty well. In my Panther form my cock is larger and you will find it even more challenging to take me inside you. I will also penetrate you more forcefully in that form. I won't be able to shield you as well as I can in this form and I'm sorry that you will have to endure that. I don't want to cause you pain, but we have to go through with the mating ritual."

I looked at him with apprehension. "Kane I'm scared I will end up like that girl who died. What happens if I can't take you inside me, I'm already so full when you take me now I don't know if it's even possible for me to open up even further."

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