tagNonHumanThe Accidental Human Mate Pt. 06

The Accidental Human Mate Pt. 06


I awoke and was immediately aware that my nether regions were extremely uncomfortable. I was glad all of this would be over soon. I wanted to start my life as Kane's mate and put this uncomfortable chapter behind me.

I got up and tried to walk to help shift the objects inside me so I could relieve the discomfort. Walking was rather impossible and I gave up and just lay against the bed in frustration.

Kane entered the room and rushed to pick me up. "I told you you wouldn't be able to walk with these things inside you sweet."

He placed me on my side back on the bed. And put a pillow between my legs to try and make me more comfortable.

I reached and slapped Kane on the thigh. "I deserve a damn medal for enduring all this you know. God Kane, will I ever be able to walk properly after this? I've never felt so uncomfortable."

"Yes sweet once the plugs are out of you.

You've been out cold for four days sweet and the plugs have done their work. You have completely healed too. You can remove these soon before the mating ceremony tonight."

"It's tonight," I exclaimed! "Oh thank god! The first thing I'm going to do after the ceremony is toss these damn plugs over a cliff!" A cheeky smile crossed my face. "Hey maybe you can locate Amara and I can send these to her instead." He laughed.

"Yes sweet tonight you will officially become my mate. You can do what you want with these plugs but I really don't even want to know where that horrible woman is staying." He shuddered.

"Here is what's going to happen tonight. The plugs will be removed and you will be bathed, dressed in a simple shift which can easily be lifted up to expose yourself. You will be well oiled so it's easier for me to penetrate you and less likely to tear you inside. Your human lady's attendant will do these things for you and you must let her."

"When you are lead to the council chamber you will be helped onto a mounting block. Once you are kneeling down on it the council member presiding over the ceremony will ask you if you accept me as your mate. You will then be asked to prove your willingness to accept me as both man and were by submitting to penetration by my were form.

You will be asked to present yourself by lifting your shift and exposing yourself and by lifting your rear up in preparation to be mounted. All council members but two will remain to witness that I have penetrated you as is required." I looked at him clearly uncomfortable with the idea. "I know it's a lot to ask Belle but we all have to endure it. It's probably easier for weres to deal with because we do the physical part of the ritual in were form."

I snorted, "You do realize that whoever came up with this mating ritual was clearly a chauvinistic male, right?" He chuckled as he nodded in agreement.

"May I continue?" I nodded my head. "They will then let me in to the chamber and I will shift into my were form and claim you.

Once I have penetrated you I will bite and mark you and ejaculate into your pussy. They have asked me to consider ejaculating into your ass instead but I refused. I want the mating ritual to be exactly as it should be.

After that I will change forms and we will say the binding words.

Once this is done the mating ritual is complete. I will then take you to the healing waters, bathe you and put healing ointment inside you.

We will then dress in our ceremonial garments and have a feast in our honor in the main hall. The clan members will approach us in pairs and officially recognize you as their alpha's mate and swear to honor and protect you and to accept your leadership in my absence. Those that refuse will be asked to leave the clan. Once the feast is over we will retire to my room till the morning. We will then head out into the mountains for a week to cement our union and hopefully fill your belly with our offspring. I want to breed you baby. I want to see you grow large with my babies growing inside you. I want you on your hands and knees with your round belly hanging low as I make love to you." He placed my hand on his hard cock to let me know how horny that mental picture made him.

I felt myself growing wet despite the discomfort of the plugs inside me. He smelled my arousal. "That's it baby, get wet for me, imagine this when you take my were cock inside your body for the first time tonight."

He held me for the next hour then left so I could be prepared for the ceremony.

The human girl, who I now knew was named Heather started to get me ready.

She shyly asked me to bend over so she could remove the plugs from me.

She wrestled the one out my pussy and it landed with a thud on the floor.

"Oh heavens Ma'am that must hurt like hell. Why are you letting him do this to you?"

"You don't need to call me ma'am Heather. My name is Belle and I'm human just like you so there's no need to be so formal with me. I could use a friend in here to be fair. This is as foreign to me as it is to you. Yes these plugs are super uncomfortable and it was painful when they went into me. I do love my mate and because I want to be with him I endured it. He is also aware that he owes me for this and I intend to collect on it."

She started to pull the plug out my anus. I felt sharp flashes of pain as she tugged at it. "It won't come out Belle it's stuck."

Beads of sweat had formed on my brow and I told her to try dripping oil onto my anal opening. She drenched my back passage in oil and tried again. She placed one foot against the bed for leverage and yanked at the plug with all her might. The language I used just then would make a sailor blush as the thing finally dislodged and came out. Heather landed on her butt on the floor.

She stood up and I saw the look of complete horror on her face as she stared at where my petite anal star had once been.

"Oh Belle" she said, her voice cracking slightly. "This is cruel, why would anyone who is supposed to love you want to do this to you."

"Heather bring me a mirror I want to see," I asked.

I could see she was nervous about seeing to my request but she brought me a mirror and I looked at myself.

I'd seen some of the girls private parts and they looked a frightful sight but nothing I had seen could have prepared me for how my alterations would look. The whole area was a deep shade of pink I could see the inside of both passages. It was like an invisible speculum held both holes open. They didn't even try and close, the muscles and stretched skin rendered useless.

I closed my eyes and swallowed. Even if I was to ever leave here, I could never return to human life. Even with surgery to try and repair what had been done to my parts they would never be what they were before. I had accepted my fate. I had agreed to mate with a were and this was the price I had to pay. I thought of Kane and was determined to see this through. I couldn't imagine my life without him and the very thought of being with anyone else made me fill with dread.

"I'm ready Heather. Get me ready for the mating ritual."

Heather looked shocked. "You mean you are going to allow yourself to get fucked in this condition? He will kill you Belle."

I looked at her with a nervous smile and said, "he hasn't killed me yet and I know he will do everything in his power to not damage me even further."

She began to oil me and soon I was dressed and ready.

There was a knock on the door and Kane's mother came to take me to my fate.

Citana lead me slowly to the to the council chamber. I leaned on her for support, walking was proving a challenge and I couldn't close my legs properly. I must have looked a site walking like someone who'd just sat on a cactus or something. It sure felt like I'd sat on one.

"You're very brave my dear," she said. "I don't know if any other human woman would endure what you have to be with my son. He truly loves you and I'm grateful you have been willing to sacrifice so much to make him happy."

I looked at her and smiled slightly. I was very uncomfortable and very nervous and I'm sure she could tell.

"Belle please try and relax. If you are tense this is going to be so much more difficult for you. I know it would destroy Kane if he injured you or even worse accidentally ended your life during the mating ritual. It's so much easier for our people to do this as they both mate in their were forms.

I know you're scared and I don't blame you. You are both taking a huge risk by doing this."

We arrived and the first thing I saw was the large stone slab in the centre of the room. Soft pelts were draped over it to cushion my knees and they had placed a wooden post for me to hold onto in front of it.

Two council members stepped forward to lift me onto the the mounting block.

As soon as I was in position, the man who was presiding over the ceremony began to speak.

"Welcome Isabella. Have you come here today of your own free will in order to become the life long mate of our Chief, Kangee?"

I nodded. "I need to hear the words Isabella." I answered, "yes I do."

"Do you understand what is expected of you and what will occur during the mating ritual?"

"I do," I said nervously.

You may now lift your garment to present yourself for the mating bond."

"We recommend you hold onto the wooden bar to steady yourself as the penetration can be rather forceful. Try to remain as still and submissive as you can. Kane will be more animal than man in his were form and the minute he sees you exposed he will be in a frenzy to enter you. To prevent any further harm from befalling you, you should not give him reason to be any more aggressive than he already will be."

The door opened and Kane was ushered in.

"Welcome Kangee, Chief of our people. Is it your intention to claim the human woman Isabella to be your lifelong mate. Do you offer your name, protection and shelter unto her. Will you accept any offspring she bares you?"

"I do,"he replied.

"Step forward. You may now shift into your beast form."

The council members began to leave the room leaving behind the two witnesses. They stood behind Kane with a full view of my of my naked rear. I felt a little like a stripper waiting for a dollar bill as I felt their gaze upon me.

I heard a feral growl as the black panther ran up towards me.

"Remember I love you Belle, remember how good I feel inside you," he spoke in my mind. I felt his claws on my back as he lifted himself up to reach my holes. He growled low as the hot, wet tip of his heavy cock pressed against my tender pussy and he surged forward. I cried out as he buried half of that monster inside with one forceful thrust. I thought he was going to split me in two as he pushed more of himself inside me. Sweat poured from my brow and I held on for dear life onto the post as each thrust sent me surging forward. I felt his black fur rubbed against my back as he began rutting in earnest.

Tears formed in my eyes as I strained to accept him inside me.

One council member spoke, "Kane you have to take her anally now."

I wasn't sure I would survive this, my backside was so tender from the plug.

I felt him pull out of my pussy, as he dragged out his massive cock it felt like he was pulling my insides out with it.

I felt him push against my sphincter. My poor battered asshole tried to open up but it wasn't opening wide enough or fast enough for the impatient panther. He growled as he bashed at me.

"Push back against me baby I need to get it inside," he whispered in my mind. I closed my eyes readying for the intense discomfort and I pushed back against him just as he thrust forward. I screamed as I felt my skin give way. The pain was intense as I felt him enter me and surged forward to push every inch of himself inside me.

He started thrusting hard and fast and his claws scrapped my skin as he held onto me, keeping me trapped beneath him, forcing me to accept his rutting cock inside my bowels.

Finally he let out a huge roar and pulled out of my ass and pushed himself back into my sex.

I felt torrent of hot cum pouring into me, my stomach distended with the sheer amount of semen being pumped into me.

He sank his fangs into my shoulder and the force of it was so intense I blacked out.

I felt water splashing on my face, "Belle wake up, wake up my sweet." It was Kane, a worried and remorseful look on his face. I'm so sorry I hurt you my love, it's over." He gathered me in his arms and rocked me.

I looked at him with a pained expression. "I don't think I can stand up Kane, my legs feel like jelly."

"I will help you sweet, I will hold you up."

He helped me to stand as we repeated the words to finish the mating bond.

Five minutes later and we were officially married.

He turned me to face him and kissed me. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said, " It will never hurt like that again baby, I promise. I love you Belle, you have my heart and the protection of my body as well."

He placed an ornate gem studded ring on my finger, he smiled and said,"This is a symbol of marriage in the human world. I want to honor that part of you as well."

"It's beautiful Kane," I said as I looked at the stunning ring on my finger.

He gently picked me up and carried me to our bedroom to prepare for the bonding feast.

An hour later we made our way to the great hall and the clan members cheered as we entered.

We both sat on chairs placed in the centre of the room as the clan members began to approach us two at a time to congratulate us and accept me as the alpha female.

There were a few clan members missing and Kane explained that they refused to accept his mating with a human and had decide to join other clans instead of staying with us. I was sad that I was the reason Kane had to lose those members but there was nothing I could do to change that.

We were given gifts and afterwards lavish trays of food and drink were brought in and served to us by the slaves.

After several hours of eating and drinking the un mated males started to grab hold of some of the slave girls. They had them bent over the chairs and straddled on their laps as they copulated with them. I saw Cathy being taken by two weres, and she was greedily licking and sucking another were's cock. She was moaning like well seasoned slut and clearly enjoying the experience. In fact none of the girls seemed to mind what was going on and they all seemed more than willing participants.

Kane took my hand and lead me to the hot spring.

He gently removed my clothing and quickly stripped himself. He gathered me in his arms and walked into the warm water till it covered us up to our shoulders.

I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, letting the warmth seep into my bones and relax my tired, sore body.

He just held me saying nothing, just letting the healing spring work it's magic.

"I will love you forever Isabella," he finally whispered.

We had left early the next morning for our week away from the others. The Honeymoon he promised me.

The water had worked wonders and my teared skin had knitted back together. I was still tender but at least I wasn't still nursing any open wounds.

There was a black and blue bruise with scabbed over puncture wounds from where I had been bitten on my shoulder. Other than that no visible scars.

I was alive and well and that was the main factor to consider, according to Kane. Things could have ended up so differently had it all gone wrong.

I looked at Kane, my mate, my husband. I couldn't believe this beautiful man was mine and mine alone. I smiled at him.

He had caught fresh trout from the river for us to eat and I had found fresh berries to serve with it.

We went for a late afternoon swim and after that he made a fire and we ate supper.

We slept in a tent and he held me close all night. He didn't try to have sex with me at all the first couple of days. He was at my beck and call, no task or request too big or too small. He massaged me, combed my hair and let me ride on his back in panther form.

By the third day I was wondering why he wasn't interested in having sex with me. I watched him swimming and the water flowing over his muscular body was making me rather horny. He turned as if he could smell my arousal and waded quickly out the water to where I was sitting.

He looked at me with those smoldering eyes of his. "You want me sweet," he asked. "Do you want me inside you Belle?"He looked every inch the wild predatory male he was. His body glistened with water droplets as the sun shone brightly on his skin.

I didn't answer. I crawled over to him and took his cockhead as far as I could into my mouth. He threw his head back in ecstasy as I licked and sucked his dick. I grew bold and I ran my tongue across his taint while massaging his heavy balls.

"I'm going to cum too soon if you carry on torturing me like this sweet."

"I don't care," I said with mock aggression in my voice. I giggled then as I looked at his pained expression.

He growled and grabbed me gently as he placed me on all fours. "Push that delicious ass of yours in the air for me baby."

As soon as I did as he asked he buried his head between my thighs and started to lick and suck my sex. I got very wet for him and he replaced his tongue with his steel hard cock, ramming it inside me to the hilt in one deep stroke. I sucked in my breath feeling him fill me up so completely again. This felt so right, I only felt complete when I had him inside me like this.

He started pushing in and out of me and while he was rutting into me he gently pushed his finger into my still tender asshole. I pushed back against him trying to get him as deep into me as I could.

"Baby I want to shift while I'm inside you. I want to show you that you can find pleasure mating with me in both forms." He removed his hand from my ass and I felt his cock grow larger inside me as he shifted into his were form. I tensed up expecting the pain I had experienced the first time but the it was more bearable this time around. Plus I didn't have any spectators glaring at me while I was being fucked. Kane nuzzled my neck and wrapped his large paws around me and pulled me against him, it felt like he was trying to cuddle me in his cat form.

I began to relax more as his thrusts built into a steady rhythm. He rolled me over and re-penetrated me while I was on my back. His silken fur rubbed against my clit as he pushed in and out of me. He licked my breasts and I started to feel the familiar heat starting to coil in my belly.

He speeded up his thrusts and I cried out as my orgasm took over me. He growled and bit down gently on my wounded shoulder as he dumped his load deep inside my pussy. He nuzzled my neck and began to purr contently.

I fell asleep spooned by the the large black panther who didn't seem so daunting anymore.

Over the next few days we explored the wilderness, swam, ate and had sex, I took Kane inside me in both forms.

On the fifth day he started penetrating my ass again, only because I begged him to, but not in his were form yet. He wanted to make sure I was ready for that first and I didn't push the issue.

Regardless in which hole he took me he insisted on cumming inside my pussy. He seemed determined to dump as much semen inside me as he could muster.

I could tell his main agenda was getting me pregnant as quickly as possible. He even stayed lodged inside my pussy for long periods of time after he had come. He told me that not only did he prefer to remain inside me but that it prevented his seed from spilling out of me, trapping it inside so there was a greater chance he impregnated me.

I never wanted children and the thought of birthing a litter terrified me but the look on Kane's face when he talked about having a family of his own made me swallow my anxiety and let him pump me full of his seed. I could never deny him a chance to have a family and I will admit that the thought of having miniature Kanes running around would be nice.

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