The Accidental Nudist Cabin

byTx Tall Tales©

I picked her up by her hips and sat her on the arm of the couch, then spread her legs and stood between them. I leaned in and kissed her, while my hard-on pressed against her. "I think it's time," I finally told her.

She trembled. "Now?"

I smiled, took my cock in my hand and started rubbing it up and down her wet slit. "Right now. I can't stand to wait any longer." I pushed and felt her lips spread for me as the head disappeared inside of her. Her barely contained little whimper made me even more eager to have her.

I pushed a little further inside of her, running into her resistance as the thickness of my shaft pushed her wider than her comfort level. I leaned forward and hugged her. Then I kissed her hard.

"I'm going to fuck you now, beautiful, and it's not going to be gentle. You've teased me long enough."

She leaned back along the padded arm of the couch, a study in sexiness. Her pussy was still stuffed with almost half my cock, and it looked great, splitting her open. I lifted her legs, pushing them back until her shins almost bracketed her pretty face.

"Hold them," I told her.

She seemed nervous, her position precarious, and the arm that had been holding her steady slowly came off the couch and grabbed the back of her knee. I held her hips, and started.

My cock was aching for release, and I was as hard as possible, and swollen as thick around as I get. I've sometimes felt overly conscious about my penis. Although I stay big when flaccid, I don't seem to grow a whole lot longer. I mean, I'm as long as any guy present; I wasn't short shrifted in that department, but where others guys get a little wider, and a log longer, I'm the opposite. I get really thick. I think it looks weird, with this normal sized head and the shaft just getting wider and wider behind it. I don't reach my full thickness until about halfway down the shaft.

Where I was stuck now.

I looked down at the pretty little girl spreading her legs for me, in front of her husband, my wife and our dear friends. Her position left her completely exposed, with no doubt about what was happening to her.

I pulled my cock out, and started fucking her with the half that had already squeezed within her tightness, pushing just a little bit extra after each stroke. Slowly and steadily, she opened under my ministrations, and I watched my entire rod gradually disappear inside of her petite little body.

She was a vocal little wench, and as I extended deeper and deeper inside of her, she started a litany of moans, groans and comments, which only served to get me even further worked up.

She tried to give me guidance, moaning, asking me to take it easy, to take it slow, begging for gentleness, but I was beyond the ability to take it easy. I fucked her with long firm strokes that opened her to my need, until I was able to slam my entire length into her, eliciting squeal after squeal from her. Holding her hips tightly, I fucked her hard, pounding her, and I watched her resistance change.

"Fuck me," she gasped, holding her legs tight, gasping. "Fuck me with that fat cock."

I looked around and saw that Jack and Sheri were more intent on what I was doing than their own play. They had their hands in each other's laps, and were leaning against each other whispering. I smiled, blew her a kiss, and took to fucking my little toy even harder. Her movement under the hard pounding had her slipping on the arm of the couch.

I pulled out, flipped her onto her belly and laid her back along the arm. I liked the height at which it put her; it fit me easily, without wearing my legs down.

I slid my cock back home, from behind, and held her firm, sweet ass cheeks. I heard the alarm go off, and Dan quickly snatched it up and shut if off. "Ignore that," he snapped. Then he climbed out of his seat, and sat down on the couch right next to us. His face was only inches from hers. "You look amazing," he told her, leaning forward and kissing her. Then his hand was playing with her tit, while I used her hard.

I loved the feeling of being in her, but still wanted more.

"Dan, put a couple of pillows on the coffee table, would you?" I asked him, while drilling his wife.

He got up and put a seat cushion and a back cushion on the low table, completely covering it. Jill had moved the liquor bottles and other stuff out of the way, giving him a clean surface to work with.

I pulled Robin tight against me, entirely buried within her. I grabbed her hips tightly and stood, lifting her off the end of the couch, just hanging there in mid air, her arms and legs hanging down, her pussy firmly attached to my cock. "Damn!" I heard Jill mutter. I turned with her, and brought her over the coffee table, where she reached down with her hands, and eventually her knees, and took the weight off of her hips and pussy.

Positioned on her hands and knees, she bowed her head, gasping, as I once more picked up the pace, fucking her hard in front of our audience. Jack and Sheri had found a position where they could both watch the activity while she sucked on his rod to her heart's content.

I was enjoying this incredible little fuck immensely, and wanted it to last. I pulled out of her and sat her on the table so I could feed her my cock for a while, just to see it. I wanted to see her lick her juices off of me, then do her best to take my cock in her mouth.

As I fucked her face I reminded her, "See where all that teasing gets you? Tease a man too far and he can't be responsible for his own actions." I held her face, using her mouth, letting her tongue do its job as she fully participated in the blow-job. She wrenched her head off of my cock and attacked it with both hands and her mouth, working me hard.

I looked over at Jill, who was wrapped around Dan, stroking his cock for him, while he watched his wife of two years get taken.

"You," I reminded Jill, looking right at her so she couldn't miss the reference. "You were almost as bad as this one. You'll get yours." I watched her turn pale, her breath catching, as her hand paused in its stroking. Then Dan's hand was on hers, reminding her.

"On your back," I told Robin, returning my attention to her.

She acceded quickly, and I opened her legs leaning over her. "I'm going to fuck you until you come for our friends," I told her, easing the head of my cock back into her sweet tightness.

This position was a winner; I opened her legs wide, and pounded her, leaning over and looking down into that beautiful face. I kissed her repeatedly, claiming her, my tongue filling her mouth possessively. As the fucking continued, and her excited moans got louder and more frequent, Jill entered the picture, kneeling down beside her friend, and playing with her tits.

"God, you look so hot like that," I heard Jill whisper, "taking all of him." She bent her head forward and took a hard little nipple in her mouth. I looked over at Sheri to see how she was taking all of this, and was shocked to see her straddling Jack, facing me, his stiff rod clearly disappearing inside of my wife. She looked a little embarrassed, and then gave a small shrug. She leaned forward and slowly eased herself into position to occupy Robin's other tit. I heard the grind of wood on wood as Jack pushed the couch away giving him room to screw my wife from behind.

Robin was going crazy by this point, all the attention, and the extending fucking setting all her nerve endings on fire. I stood more erect, holding her legs in a wide V and watching her pussy getting stretched to the limit at the end of each stroke.

The first orgasm to explode from her came as no surprise, but the continuous, uninterrupted chain of quivering releases almost scared me. I started to slow down, but my wife grabbed my hand. "No," she said. "Fuck her harder."

I did as commanded, gripping her thighs just above her hips, and fucking the poor creature as fast and powerfully as I could. My hips were a blur and my lower back was aching as she split the air with a huge scream, arching below me, and then settling back onto the table. It had pushed me to the very brink myself, and I finished with a series of long full strokes, coming inside the long-time object of my lust. I looked up at her pretty face. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she finally relaxed, for the moment unaware of her surroundings.

I collapsed back on the nearest couch, huffing and puffing like I'd run a marathon. I felt movement at my waist, and looked down to see Jill getting comfortable.

"Hi," she said almost shyly.

I had to laugh, "Hi."

She reached for my cock, gently holding it in her fingers, tugging a little. "Do you think you might have anything left for me?" she asked, softly.

I looked over to the other side of the table and was greeted by a beautiful sight. Sheri was on her hands and knees, taking Jack at one end, while Dan filled her mouth at the other. She looked as happy as a clam. A well stuffed clam.

"I don't think Jack will mind if we bend our rules," she said, "especially since he started it." She leaned in and put her mouth on my cock.

"I won't be up to another session like that for a while, probably not for days," I warned her.

"Good. That's not what I want. I want to ride you into the sunset," she giggled. "Or into the dawn." She put her mouth back down to resuscitate my junior partner. I let her do her job, while I watched my wife get spun like a top, her two partners switching openings. I almost laughed as I saw them 'high-five' over her. While my wife was blowing Jack, he reached down beside him where the stuff from the table was stacked, and took a swig from the rum, then passed it to Dan, who did likewise. He then reached over and came up with one of the cigars.

"Hold on a sec," he told his little cock-sucker, and dislodged long enough to grab a long piece of bark, get it burning in the fireplace, and use it to light his cigar. He took a deep draw and smiled, slowly letting the smoke rise to the ceiling. He looked over to see me leaning back, with his wife attached to my cock and raised his cigar in salute. He seemed to think better of it and scrambled over to where we were.

He passed me the cigar, while his hands glided over his wife. "Just don't break her, OK?"

I laughed, "I should say the same."

Jack caressed Jill's ass, sliding down her crack, "You're OK with this, right baby?"

She took her mouth off my cock, looked up at me and winked, "If it's what you really want," she said softly, tentatively.

"Just this once," he said, looking back over his shoulder to where Sheri's vacant mouth beckoned.

Jill smiled at me and winked again, "Just this weekend, I'll go along with whatever you want, do whatever you want, be your slut-wife." The sound of her voice and the look in her eye were definitely on different teams.

He gave her a kiss on the shoulder, and headed back to my wife, taking the time to light up the other cigar.

"Look at them," I whispered to Jill, who sat up and looked to the side. The image of my wife being assaulted from behind by Dan's insistent pounding, while Jack just relaxed as Sheri swallowed his cock, both men smoking big old cigars, will stick with me for years.

Robin on the other hand just lay there where we left her, semi-catatonic. Jill laughed. "I thought it was just a saying, but I think you literally fucked her brains out."

"Let's give our spouses some privacy," I told her, "and I've got to do something about Robin, I'm feeling guilty."

I got up and carried Robin to the furthest bed, leaning her against the outside wall, covering her with a sheet. She woke partially, moaning, "No more, please, no more." I bestowed a small kiss on her lips before I left for my new partner.

I went back to get Jill, and almost died laughing when Sheri tore into Dan. "If you drop your ashes on me one more time, Daniel, that will be the last time you get any part of me this entire weekend! Jesus, even Alex doesn't do that!"

He acted appropriately contrite, and I was quiet as I escorted Jill back to the same bed I'd tucked Robin into. She hesitated. "Why not the other one?"

"I just thought I'd leave that one for the other three. Right now, I think we're paired up for the rest of the night."

My words turned out to be true. Jill rode me for an eternity, and then we switched places and I was happy to return the favor. She was able to get me to come before too long, but went right back to work getting me hard again for more mutual riding.

Robin's little voice got my attention, as Jill leaned back and admired her latest handiwork, a large thick red hard-on, just looking for a place to call home. "Jesus, Alex. Doesn't that thing EVER go down?"

I reached over and pulled her lips to mine. "Not so long as you two are near me and unclothed."

Jill mounted me again, looking for another orgasm in her long procession of passion eruptions.

Robin crawled closer, "God, I ache all over, and I may never walk again," she moaned. She clutched my arm tightly leaning her forehead against my temple.

"I swear," she said softly, "if you EVER do anything like that to me again..."

I waited, as did Jill, who stopped her grinding for the moment. "Yes?" I finally asked.

"If you do...." she said softly, "I'll be ruined for other men, and you'll have to keep me for your own." She leaned in and kissed me with a growing passion, while Jill switched from grinding to rocking.

I didn't fuck Robin any more that night, although Jill did manage to squeeze another one out of me.

We got to watch the boys take my wife to the other bed and take turns tit-fucking her, and then alternating their use of her. Anytime they left her alone, she made for one of their cocks, her mouth working its wonders. I don't know when they finally gave up; I was long asleep by then.

* * *

Once more I was the last to awake, but this time it was nowhere near as glorious as the previous day.

Not only was I sore from head to toe, but my 'alarm clock' was shaking the bed like a Jiffy-pop shaker.

I opened my eyes and growled, "Enough."

"Man, you're a hard sleeper," Dan teased sitting on the bed opposite. "You already missed all the drama."

A lifetime's worth of amazing memories created in one night. It was all coming back to me. "Jesus! What a night!" I stretched and stood in front of Dan who, reached out with the back of his hand, and pointed my morning wood away from his face.

"Fuck dude! Don't point that at me - I've seen what it can do. I thought my wife was going to have to leave here in a wheelchair."

I walked to the bathroom, leaving the door open and laughed. "Look who's talking. I'm amazed we're not pumping my wife's stomach this morning. You seemed awfully relaxed, smokin' a cigar, having a drink, while Sheri sucked you dry," I reminded him.

"Over and over again," he agreed. "Damn that was hot! I don't know if I could survive too much of that one."

"You'll never get to find out if you keep using her as an ashtray, you dick."

"Shit. You heard that, huh? One fucking mistake, and I bet I hear about it forever."

"Your wife made some comment about my doing the whole 'Clinton' cigar thing on her and the consequences. If it gets too bad for you, I know how we can re-direct the heat."

"So, you've got to tell me, is she often like that? I mean, IN-credible!"

"It's not that bad, she only gets that way about every few weeks or so."

"Sounds about perfect then," he said with a huge, mischievous grin.

I walked back out, headed to the kitchen, looking for a lot of water, and a little snack. "You up to something?"

"Well, now that you've been here, you know what I'm up against. There are just so many things I'd like to do to the place."

"It's a diamond in the rough. Hope Diamond, maybe."

"Exactly, and I could really use some help," he said slyly.

"Shit - here comes the pitch." I said, sitting and eating hard biscuits and honey.

"Think about it. Every two to three weeks, we make a weekend of it. And when we're up here, the same rules apply - the Accidental Nudist Cabin. We get some work done in the day, get a little R&R in, and then we give our wives a well deserved change of scenery in the bed."

"Oh, this is for our wives, huh?"

"Robin's already been nagging me to setup our next trip out here. Just you and Sheri."

I laughed. "Let's see if Sheri makes the same request," I teased.

"No doubt, bro. She's paid a visit to the promised land. She'll be begging for a return trip."

"You are so full of shit. What was that you said about drama?"

He explained that Jack was gone when everyone else started waking up, but he showed up a little later - just needed to clear his head, he claimed. The girls wanted to get out and do some absolutely minimal shopping, just enough clothing to get home without getting arrested, and some provisions for lunch since our larder was just about empty.

Apparently there were some heated words between Jack and Jill before the whole group left. Jill talked about staying behind, if she wasn't wanted, and Jack took that poorly, making some comment about her wanting to stay behind with the two of us.

"Damn, I hate that shit," I told him. "I thought Jack had more sense than all that."

"I don't think any of us expected last night to end up like it did, ladies included, and I'm hoping he just needs some time to work things out."

"You're OK with everything right? You feeling a little weird? Maybe want to punch me in the mouth?" I asked, only half-kidding.

"If you told me three days ago that I'd be chatting with a guy who fucked my wife senseless, and I'd be as happy as I'd ever been in my life, I'd have laughed in your face." He smiled. "You're not going to snake her, and I don't think she'd survive more than once a month with you anyway. How about you?"

"I gotta admit, a couple of times I felt a little bit weird about the whole thing. Sheri passing out BJs was one thing, getting double-teamed by you horn-dogs, that was completely mind-blowing. She had just finished telling me she wasn't going to let anything bigger than a finger inside of her." I grinned maliciously. "Come to think of it, I guess she kept her promise."

"Fuck you too, asshole," Dan laughed. "If you hadn't used up Robin, and then hogged Jill for the rest of the night, we could have all shared like nice friends do."

"You know, I thought I might get upset or jealous, but the God's honest truth is I thought it was great. Now I'm thinking I'm the luckiest fucking man in the world. You get to be the second luckiest."

"But none of this goes on back in Dallas, right?" he asked.

"None. I think the 100 mile rule applies here. 100 miles away from home, if I'm anywhere near your wife, she's fair game. Same goes for you and Sheri."

"Like a Cozumel trip?" he asked smiling.

"Bowlegged for the whole week," I told him.

"Good, as long as we're on the same page," he laughed.

We talked some more about our plans for the place, and it turned out he had big ideas. Of course with 30+ acres of prime land, a couple of hundred yards of lake front, and the legal right to do almost anything he wanted on it, I'd dream big too.

We were starting the shut down process, and dealing with a few issues around the place when we heard the bikes returning. It was hard to miss.

The girls came traipsing along, discarding their clothing almost as soon as their feet hit the floor. All three of them. Then to my immediate disappointment they headed back inside the cabin. The beautiful natural scenery suddenly seemed pale in comparison.

Jack wandered over our way, with a contrite look on his face. "Hey Dan, sorry about the crap this morning. The combination of being hungover, and not getting enough sleep left me in a crappy mood, which was pretty ridiculous after last night. I just wanted to let you know I was sorry. The comment about Jill sticking around for you guys was uncalled for."

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