tagGroup SexThe AC's Out

The AC's Out


A ringing doorbell roused Abby from her heat-induced daze. She'd been getting the TV ready, but the heat was making it difficult to concentrate. It didn't help that they'd been without air conditioning for the past couple days. And it was almost 90 degrees outside!

Standing up from her chair, Abby passed between the TV and the couch where her friend was parked, fanning herself. Abby headed up the stairs from their lower level den up to the main floor. The temperature gradient from the lower level to the upper was punishing. And she thought it was hot downstairs! Her tank top, damp from sweat, clung to her in spots. Crossing the living room, she opened the door to find Hank baking in the hot sun.

"Hey stud," she said to him, smiling and winking.

"Ha ha," the man replied, dryly, clearly not comfortable being the butt of this particular joke.

"Well don't stand there, come on in. It's at least a little cooler downstairs." Abby grabbed Hank and pulled him into the house. She saw in his hands he carried in one a pack of dark beer, her favorite. In the other, some organic fruit juice.

"Something for Emily! Very thoughtful."

Hank grinned, lifting up the box of juice. "I know she's probably missing booze by this point! But this stuff is pretty tasty."

"I'm sure she'll appreciate it," Abby said, taking the beverages out of his hands. "Let's get this stuff on ice."

Abby crossed the living room to the kitchenette at the back of their apartment. Opening the door to the fridge, she placed the drinks inside.

"You guys trying to beat the heat?" Hank inquired.

Abby turned around and shrugged, shaking her head. "We're trying. Glad we have this split-level. It's... Well, not cool downstairs, but at least not as hot. Come on."

Abby snagged a beer out of the box before popping it into the fridge, grabbed a juice for Emily, and ushered Hank down the stairs to the lower level. The two of them felt some relief as they entered the sunken family room, but only a little.

As he got to the end of the stairs, Hank could see into the apartment's lower level room. He saw sheets and pillows stacked up in the corner, and guessed they were probably sleeping down here. In the middle of the room, the oversize blue couch and matching chair flanked the TV situated against the wall. Hank spotted the other apartment's occupant, seated in the couch.

"Hey Emily," Hank said, waving to the other woman on the couch. "How you feeling?"

"Pretty well. But very hot!" She replied, brushing a few moistened hairs from her face.

"Yeah, in more ways than one!" Abby confessed.

Emily swatted at Abby as she walked past her and took a seat opposite her. "Liar liar pants on fire!"

"Please." Abby addressed Emily with mock seriousness. "You are more handsy than a teenager! You really should control yourself. It's embarrassing."

Emily laughed. "I haven't heard you complaining until now!"

"It's the time, I guess," Hank said diplomatically.

"And now you're a pregnancy expert?" Abby inquired.

"Nah, not really." Hank said, shrugging. "But my brother was telling me about his wife. You know they had a daughter last year. In the middle of her pregnancy she was insatiable. He probably wants to get her knocked up again!"

"Aww, I thought it was because I was irresistible," Abby said, pouting, putting on a show for the room.

"You are sweetheart. Believe me," Emily said, her voice dropping a level, eyeing Abby like a wolf would a sheep.

"Mmm, thanks!" Abby said, all smiles, color rising in her face.

Hank cleared his throat.

"Oh! Sorry Hank. Getting carried away," said Emily, a little embarrassed. "But yeah, I'm feeling okay. Pretty good, considering this thing!" She patted her stomach, a modest bump in the middle of her curvy frame.

"Good to hear!" he replied, and continued, after staring at her for a few moments. "Pretty crazy, huh?"

"Yeah." Emily replied, a little somberly, peering down at her swollen belly. "Hey, thanks again, you know for..."

"Don't mention it," Hank said, dismissing her sentiment. "I was happy to help."

"I bet you were!" Abby snickered.

"Be nice!" Emily snapped at Abby, he face whipping around to glare at Abby seated across the room.

"Sorry..." Abby said, admonished. "I was only kidding around."

"Aw it's alright, she didn't mean anything by it," said Hank, trying to smooth things out.

Emily took a breath. "I know, sorry I snapped at you. But it's a big commitment, even if we aren't asking him for anything in a legal sense. He still has a stake in this too, you know?"

Abby nodded. "You're right. I didn't mean to make light of it." She looked over at Hank beside her on the couch. "Thank you. Really."

Hank looked simultaneously touched and embarrassed. "You're welcome you guys. Anyway, all I did was jack it into a cup, how complicated is that?"

Emily and Abby cracked up laughing.

Emily, after she recovered, looked over at Abby. "I hope our baby has that sense of humor."

"Me too," Abby agreed.

Hank stood. "I'm going to grab a refill before we watch the next episode. Anyone need anything else?"

Emily spoke up. "I'll take another juice, they're excellent!"

"Beer for me!" Abby said.

"Be right back." Hank said, and headed back upstairs.

Abby and Emily watched him leave. Although neither of them were really attracted to men, they could appreciate his broad shoulders and solid legs. Whether a son or daughter, they hoped their child would take after Hank.

"He's such a sweetheart." Abby said to Emily after Hank was out of earshot. "I'm not sure why he can't find a nice girl."

"Maybe he doesn't like girls!" Emily quipped.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure with the way he looks at you, he likes girls plenty," Abby replied.

"Oh yeah? He likes this?" Emily joked, grabbing her boobs and shaking each up and down in turn.

Abby laughed. "I know I do!"

They were interrupted as Hank came back with their drinks. "You do what?" he asked.

"I like this show. Come on, let's watch," Abby said, redirecting his question.

Emily pulled Hank over to the couch next to her, as Abby stretched out in her chair. As she reached for the remote, Hank could see down Abby's loose-fitting tank top, getting a view of her breasts beneath, held firm in a tight sports bra. He hadn't ever gotten quite such a good look at her, and was enticed by the view. She was wearing loose and light clothing to try to keep as cool as possible, and her clothes barely covered her lovely assets.

Abby's near flash was caught by Emily as well, whose heart quickened a beat as her lover's assets were briefly on display. She imagined herself freeing them from their captive cotton prison, sucking each nipple in turn, kneading her mounds and making her moan in pleasure. Emily felt herself getting flushed, and had to force herself to stop imagining making love to her partner while Hank was here.

Totally unaware of the effect she was having on her two friends, Abby casually started up the next episode of the series they'd been watching together, and settled down to watch. With one show stopped and another started, Emily and Hank turned their attention to the TV as they picked up where they'd left off.

The opening credits rolled, and for a while, their attention was directed away from Abby's boobs and onto the TV. For several minutes, the only sounds came from the action in the show. They all felt the stillness in the air as the afternoon continued, and the heat from outside continued to spill into the house.

They all felt the heat, each a little differently. But it was Emily, her body growing another human inside of her, that felt it the most intensely.

"Guys, keeps getting hotter in here. This pregnancy thing is raising my body temperature. I've got to cool down. Hank, you don't mind if I take my shirt off, do you?" Emily asked, almost pleading.

"No, whatever you need to do to be comfortable!"

"Thanks," replied Emily. "I don't want to be weird or anything."

Emily sat forward from the couch, pulling her t-shirt over her head, revealing her slightly swollen belly, breasts spilling out of her bra. She hadn't had a chance yet to buy proper maternity wear, and the bra she was wearing currently could barely contain her breasts, now adding mass in response to carrying a child. Before she was slightly curvy, but nearly midway through her pregnancy, she was positively voluptuous. Just a little more weight in her hips complimented her larger breasts. The total package was a combination that rivaled Venus of legend. Hank made a noise deep in his throat as this woman's body was revealed to him, and felt a thrill go through his body.

"What, do I look gross or something?" Emily inquired, a worried tone in her voice, clutching her t-shirt across her middle section.

"What? No. No! Of course not." Hank said.

"Then what?" Emily demanded.

"I dunno," he said, considering. "It's not unattractive. Your belly and... Well, all of you. It's just kind of... Different, you know? It's intriguing, honestly."

"You find me intriguing?" Emily asked, not quite teasing, but somewhat flattered.

"It's just... Exotic. Very feminine. Womanly. God I'm terrible at this," he said, as he hid his head in his hands.

"No no, don't be embarrassed. I'm flattered. I just think I look weird. I never thought I looked sexy!" Emily confessed.

Abby laughed. "You're a goddess!"

Emily blushed. "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. By the way, we can see pretty much everything under that tank top, I'm not sure why you're wearing it at all."

"Excellent point!" Abby said, whipping the shirt up and over her head.

For the second time today, Hank got an excellent show, and this a contrast with Emily's curvy physique.

Abby was a much more compact person, with thinner breasts and torso with a nearly flat stomach. She was quite a sight to behold.

Abby caught both of them looking and smiled, pushing out her chest in their direction. "You like these?" She said, grinning.

"Oh yeah!" replied both Emily and Hank, to their surprise.

"You better be careful," Emily said, her voice husky. "I might have to come over there and take a closer look."

Abby laughed. "You've seen all this plenty of times, you don't need a closer look."

"I won't be just looking!" Emily taunted her, licking her lips, staring at her.

Shifting nervously on the couch, Hank said "Uh, guys, the show?"

Suddenly remembering he was there with them, Emily turned around, embarrassed again. "Whoops! Can barely help myself, I'm just worked up all the time. Let's keep watching."

Admonished, Emily returned her attention to the TV. Hank and Abby followed suit, but the temperature in the room seemed even warmer now to all of them, and this time it wasn't entirely the result of the weather.

Their show continued, but the three of them were having trouble paying attention. Each of their thoughts were wandering in different directions, distracted as they were by each other.

Hank could not help by keep glancing beside him at Emily on the other end of the couch. She looked radiant, the fullness of her shape enticing. She sat with her barely round belly exposed, loose shorts bunched up around her hips. With one leg pulled up to her side, Hank caught a peek of colorful green panties through the opening of one leg of her shorts, stretched as they were across her hips as she sat with her legs spread apart. His mind wandered to the sorts of things he'd like to do with her, imagining how it would have been if his participation in her pregnancy had been an act more intimate than just the donation of his semen.

Emily never noticed any of Hank's glances, because she was too busy checking out Abby. The two had been together for years, and had often been physical with one another, but pregnancy hormones had kicked Emily's libido into overdrive. She found Abby a feast for her eyes, following the curve of her thighs up to her hips, bare midsection a tease. Her mind raced as she recalled past liaisons and dreamed of future ones.

The three friends kept their thoughts to themselves until the episode was over. Abby was first to rise, stating that she needed another beer. She asked the room if anyone needed anything else.

"Yeah, some air conditioning!" Emily quipped.

"Can't help you there," Abby replied.

"You guys don't have fans or anything?" asked Hank.

"Nah. Places are totally sold out. It's crazy," Abby said in a bemoaned voice.

"Yeah. Supposed to have someone come over tomorrow to fix the AC. I hope they get here first thing in the morning! I don't think I can take another afternoon like this," Emily said, complaining.

Abby nodded her head. "I'll get you some cold water. Be right back!"

As she left, Emily watched her go, admiring her legs and back. She was hoping to get a piece of that later this evening. In her mind's eye, she imagined bending Abby over, her back arched, sliding her hand down her spine, toward her tight little...

Hank interrupted her reverie. "You guys want to watch another episode? At least it might keep your mind off being hot!"

Small chance of that, Emily thought to herself. She was way too hot to ignore it, now.

"Sure," Emily responded. "I'm good for one more."

"One more what?" Abby asked, as she returned with more drinks.

"Episode. You down?" Hank asked.

"Yeah! I'll get it started," she answered.

Abby stopped in front of the couch, and passed a beer to Hank and water to Emily. Both of them got a full view of Abby's cotton-clad chest as she bent over before them. Unconsciously, Emily reached out a hand, caressing Abby's leg, stroking her hand across her smooth skin. At her partner's touch, Abby smiled and winked, a promise of later attention. She stepped away and sat back down on her chair, grabbed the remote and started the next episode.

Before the opening credits were through, Emily spoke. "Guys, I'm sorry. It's really warm. Anyone offended if I take my shorts off?"

"I thought you would never ask," Abby replied. She stood abruptly, pulling off her tight workout pants. Revealed underneath was only tight, sheer black underwear, barely covering her ass and crotch. She sat back down and took a long pull from her beer.

Emily's pulse quickened as even more of her lover's body was revealed to her. She reveled in the sight of Abby, imagined nibbling on her hips, brushing aside her underwear and finding the prize beneath.

Hank could only shake his head in amazement.

Emily followed suit, kicking off her loose shorts onto the floor. Emily's shorts now gone, Hank could see the faint outline of her full labia underneath the tightly stretched fabric of her green underwear. The smooth lines were interrupted here and there by the traced lines of pubic hair flanking her lips. The room seemed to get even hotter somehow, the air thicker. Hank had to compose himself, get his breathing under control, affected as he was by the display before him.

Abby sat again. "There. Much better." She said, unaware of the scene she had created.

They all turned back to the show, but their attention continued to wander. Emily was watching Abby more than the TV, and Hank tried and failed to keep his eyes off Emily.

Emily continued to fan herself. "Ugh. Boob sweat is the worst," she said, and looked over at Hank. "Sorry, you probably don't want to hear that."

Hank laughed. "It's fine. I'm sure it's a real problem!"

"It really is. You're lucky you don't have to be bound up like this all the time!"

"Yes I am! It seems uncomfortable. Doesn't really seem fair!" he confessed.

"You're right. I should just take this thing off. It's only fair, right? You won't be offended?" asked Emily.

"Offended? Of course not. But I don't want to make you uncomfortable, I can go if you want," Hank offered.

Emily shook her head. "No. Please, stay. I like having you here." She looked over at Abby. "We like having you here."

Abby nodded in agreement.

"You never make us uncomfortable, Hank. I just wanted to make sure you didn't mind if I let these things breathe for a bit," said Emily.

Emily reached behind her back for the clasp of her bra, and in a single motion pulled the lacy fabric away from her chest. Hank was treated to a perfect view of Emily's full breasts, shimmering with moisture. The skin on her round breasts was pale, made to look even more so by the dark areola and nipples on their peaks. Emily was a woman in the prime of pregnancy, her form curved and full.

Emily was aware of the effect she was having on Hank. He was doing his best to hide it, but she could see his eyes a little wild, could see him shift on the couch. She could almost hear his heart beating in his chest. It made her feel a thrill to have this effect on someone. Emily tried to be cool, but it was tough in this heat.

"I guess... Uh." Hank cleared his throat. "You're right, it's pretty warm. I think I'd feel cooler if I stripped down, too."

Hank stood, and pulled his shirt up and off over his head. He hesitated for a moment, and then gathered his nerve and pulled off his gym shorts, revealing only a crotch bulge covered in gray cotton. His brief stretched across his groin, barely covered as it was, straining against his half-erect cock. Abby and Emily caught a glance of his muscular thighs before he sat back down.

"Glad you can get comfortable!" Abby exclaimed, amusement in her voice.

Hank chuckled. "When in Rome, I suppose."

Emily turned her head from Hank to peer at Abby, her gaze landing steadily on the other woman's still bra-covered chest.

"You're the last one, Abby." Emily said pointedly.

"I guess so." Abby replied. "You two looking for a show, or what?"

Emily giggled. "Whatever you'd like."

Abby pulled her bra up and over her head, revealing her beautiful B-cups. They were almost perfect circles, with diminutive nipples in the middle of light brown areola. She cupped them with her hands, doing a little dance in front of them.

"Hmm you like that you pervy deviants?" Abby teased.

"I sure do! Keep going!" Emily laughed.

"Well too bad. We've got to finish this episode!" replied Abby, settling back into her chair.

Emily and Hank forced themselves to turn their gaze back to the TV. They finished the rest of the show in silence, and by the end were shouting at the TV in response to the dramatic ending. As the credits rolled, Hank stood, by this time his erection back down to a manageable level.

"I guess I better head out." Hank stated.

"Awww." Said Emily and Abby in unison.

"You can hang out a while longer. If you want," Emily said, her voice pleading. "Unless it's too hot in here for you."

"No, no. I'd love to hang out." Hank confessed. "I just didn't want to overstay my welcome."

"Then stay," she instructed. "I'll get us a few more beers."

Abby headed upstairs, not bothering to put back on any articles of clothing. Her ass bounced underneath her sheer panties as she went up the stairs, drawing Emily's gaze.

Hank addressed Emily, this time very serious. "Hey, I don't want to interrupt anything. You two seem... Uh. Primed."

Emily waved off his concern. "Please, we like having you around. You aren't interrupting anything."

Hank nodded. "Okay, cool. I really like you guys, I don't want to intrude."

Emily smiled. "You're not. Thanks for coming to visit."

Abby's return prompted outstretched arms, Hank and Emily each taking another drink from her. With her free hand, Emily landed a health smack on Abby's backside, prompting a squeal from Abby. Hank laughed at their playfulness.

"Thanks love!" she said to Abby, hoisting her juice and smiling, watching Abby head back over to her chair.

"Man, this heat is unreal. I don't want to bring down the tone, but my crotch feels like it's on fire," Abby confessed, waving her hand between her legs to get some air moving.

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