tagRomanceThe Actor at the Bar Ch. 14

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 14


Half an hour later, and Vee was seated in the back of the audience. She watched as the clever host made it through his monologue. It was so exciting to be here. It was a part of Jesse's world that she never thought she would enjoy, but now that she was getting to experience it; she was somewhat starstruck. When she was with him alone, and even on the set, Jesse was almost a normal guy. Here though, he was the megastar that she watched on TV and read about in magazines. This was the first time she realized that she had been glimpsing behind the curtain this whole time.

When it was Jesse's turn to come onstage with Alec, the crowd roared with excitement. All the women screaming as he made his way out and took a seat on a large red and black couch. The thought that none of them knew him like she did caused her to grin widely. Jesse stole a glance towards her in the crowd and she smiled at him sweetly. Alec caught her eye as well and even the thrill of knowing him had her blushing.

Vee focused on the interview then taking in how Jesse was able to speak in front of all these people without even a hint of nerves. She listened intently as he discussed his character and with every cheer from the female audience he would grin and send out that sexy vibe that he had so easily. It was a good thing she was taking him home tonight, because her mind began to undress him and consider how wonderful he would look spread out across the desk of the charming host next to him.

About half-way through the interview, the host stopped and turned to him taking on a serious face.

"Now, Jesse, I understand earlier today it was announced that you and your wife, Daniella, were in the process of finalizing your divorce. I'm sorry to hear that. I guess you two were kind of a power couple." Vee stopped at the question and tuned in. He was finalizing his divorce and he had made it public? The questions this might raise for them were suddenly floating through her mind.

"Uh, yea, unfortunately, we have just grown apart and while we are separating amicably; it will be better for us both moving forward."

"Now, of course your fans are upset to hear this, but let's get to what they really want to know. When are you going to be single and ready to make some new lady happy?" The host played it off as a joke, but Vee wanted that answer more than anything.

"It will be finalized in late May, just after the season wraps up filming."

"Okay ladies, you heard him, you have a few months to get your bikini bodies ready before the sexy Mr. Hall is on the market again. And of course, the good news for me is Daniella will be single again."

The crowd cheered before he moved on to the next topic. Vee heard the words and couldn't believe it. The divorce would be final in May? May? Her mind swam at the thought, and what it would mean for them. He had told her before that once the divorce was final, he would likely be selling the house in Austin and moving. Where would he move? Would Jesse want to move in together? It was all too much, and the questions didn't stop even after they were in a car together heading two hours South to her house.

Vee didn't broach the topic with him, though, instead keeping things light. There was no divider between the driver and the two of them in this car, so she had to keep it to friendly only. It was a pity too because there was something about the way Jesse's hand danced lightly against her leg that made her more and more excited.


"So, this is your apartment." Jesse took in the place around him, and couldn't help but notice the roses on the counter in a vase. He smiled to himself.

"You can look at it more when we're done, but for now." His vision went black as he felt silk fabric hit his face. He was plunged into darkness out of nowhere, and he just stood taking it in as hands tied the fabric behind his head.

"Oh, I um..."

"I've missed my sub Jesse, my little J, my angel. And, I don't want to take it slow with you anymore." Her words were whispered in his ear from behind and it sent a shiver through him. Of course, Jesse had hoped for something like this, but had figured Vee would wait. This caught him by surprise.

"I'm yours mistress, I always have been and always will be." He let his breath fall from his lungs and then felt movement at his feet.

"Don't move. I'm going to undress you now." Vee's voice came to him in the darkness and he felt his dick stir to life.

He registered in the next few moments that she had untied his shoes and he lifted each foot helping them to be removed. Her hands shifted into each of his socks then as he shifted allowing their removal. Now, he stood again trying to listen to find his Vee in the darkness.

A few more moments, and the heat of her hands permeated through his shirt. She was in front of him and he didn't dare lift even a finger towards touching her. Each button that was freed from its cloth holder made him more and more excited.

"Are you excited already angel?" Her voice was low and thick as she spoke, continuing her journey to the bottom button. Her fingers moved to his wrists loosening the buttons there. The pace she was moving at was excruciating and he could feel himself getting harder by the second.

"Yes mistress." The slide of fingers under the collar of the shirt pushing it down his arms sent goosebumps flying over his skin. It had been so long since Vee touched him, far too long.

"Help me take off your shirt J, but leave the blindfold." He sighed and reached to the bottom carefully pulling the white t-shirt up and over his head leaving him bare for her viewing. "Oh angel, so pretty still." She spoke softly before putting her hands back on him to trace along the curve of his neck and down over his pecs. Jesse's breathing started to speed up as he felt her move downward.

When her touch left him, Jesse was plunged into withdraw. He needed to feel her skin, needed her fingers across any part of him. Mostly, he just needed to know she was there.

A brush of wet lips across his spine made him sigh. She was behind him. He knew Vee was nimble, but somehow she seemed to be moving around him in the foyer without any noise at all. Her hand joined her behind him brushing down over his denim covered ass and he sighed in response again.

Vee was mesmerized. Here he was after so long and she needed him. Vee wanted to reclaim her lost lover, and Jesse was exactly where she wanted him. His nipples were hard as she made her way to his front taking in the beauty that was his form. He stood there with his chest heaving, giving himself to her without hesitation and it was perfect. Their long talks had instilled a new trust in her, but this, this was submission and it was the ultimate trust for him to show.

Jesse waited again, listening for Vee and then he felt those same lips touch his chest. They traced light kisses to his right nipple and then a wet heat surrounded it. He could no longer hold back and groaned at the sensation. Vee was torturing him with her slow movements. Her lips trailed to the other nipple and that same wet heat surrounded it licking only lightly.

"What's your safe word?" A whispered question came from the darkness before fingers danced over his now obvious bulge.

"Trust." It was simple and he felt her pause in her movements when she heard it. The pause didn't last long, and before he knew it Vee was using that same agonizingly slow pace to open his pants and slide them down his legs. Another easing of his feet and he only wore boxer shorts before her.

"Is this a bear on your boxers?" Vee's voice returned to normal for a moment, as she looked at sky blue fabric with a giant grizzly plastered across the front. Jesse's cock strained at the fabric, making the bear's claw appear to protrude from the picture and she couldn't help but ask him.

"Yes, yes mistress. I thought it might make you smile." He grinned a little as he heard her soft giggle.

"Nice. Well, let's take them off shall we." Her fingers eased them down and Jesse again facilitated their removal.

There was a long pause and he heard nothing. He tried in vain to reach out with any of his senses, but nothing returned the information he was looking for. Then, a soft light touch moved across his chest again. It was softer than her fingers, but not wet like her mouth. He wasn't sure what was touching him, but as it made a path towards his dick he stopped caring.

Vee was playing now, enjoying the fact that Jesse was in the dark and guessing. She had scampered across her room seizing one of his latest roses and returned. The stem rested in her hand as she watched the bud trace along Jesse's skin. The way his lips parted made her wet. She wondered if he knew what was touching him now.

Her hand kept the touch of the flower light as she made her way downward bef

ore letting it graze along his trail of hair at the bottom of his abdomen. The white silkiness caught a little as she made the transition to running along his cock. It was almost poetic the way the flower took the precum leaking from his tip. Vee continued her light play watching as his face flushed more and more while the flower traced along every surface of his manhood.

"Does that feel good angel?" Her words were full of sex again.

"Yes mistress, please more." Jesse sounded harsh already and it made her body respond. Her own nipples hardened as her pussy got wet. She moved the flower over and over him loving the way the petals looked against his skin.

"Do you want me to taste you?"

"Oh God, please mistress please."

"Ask me for what you want Jesse, ask me." The bud was now pressed end to end with his head as she twirled it around. More and more liquid oozed over its petals as she leaned to his ear.

"Please taste me mistress." He said the words, but she wanted more.

"Say it better, I don't believe you want it." Vee pulled back her hand and tapped his head with the side of the rosebud and Jesse winced.

"Unh, please suck my dick mistress, please I want you to so bad." His voice had grown thicker. Jesse was desperate at this point. He no longer cared what was touching him; all he knew was how excited Vee sounded. He would do anything to make her feel good tonight, anything.

In another instant, he was rewarded with the feeling of hot air on his dick and he threw his head back. Being unable to see her made this unbearable and yet more intense. An instant more, and Vee had Jesse buried in her mouth completely as her tongue caressed over the bottom of his shaft. He cried out as he clenched his fists. His every instinct screamed to bury his hands in her hair, but she told him not to move.

Groans came from him freely as Vee moved on his dick. He had lost his ability to think under the suddenness of it all. She had gone from the slow exploration of him to a fast, harsh blowjob. It was all so much and before he knew it he was running at full speed towards a release. The sensation of her tongue all over him and the sucking as she pulled off each time were in a perfect rhythm. His only saving grace was that she was not using her hands on the rest of his body.

"Please may I cum, please mistress I'm so close." He panted the words as he threw his head back taking in the intensity and letting it wash over him.

"God yes, cum for me angel." It was all he needed to hear and he relaxed letting the sensations take him as he grunted and moaned with each spurt that filled her warm mouth around him. When he finished, he stood exhausted barely able to hold himself up. Then, he felt her mouth on his and her tongue plunged inside.

Any other woman probably would have made Jesse protest, but Vee heard none as she shared Jesse's cum with him. Vee hadn't swallowed at all and now was plunging her tongue in ruthlessly forcing Jesse to taste himself. He didn't seem to care though. All he cared about was kissing her. When she needed a breath, Vee pulled back just looking at him.

A sheen of sweat covered the man before her and his cock still stood half-hard as she watched him. His face was flushed and his mouth red from kissing. A faint trace of white sat on his bottom lip as evidence of just how far she had pushed. Vee wasn't done though, not by far.

Her hand grabbed Jesse's leading the taller man to her bedroom. Once inside, she threw back her covers and pushed him down onto the freshly washed sheets. Truthfully, Vee had wanted something to happen, but had talked herself out of it. Then, something struck her. It must have been something in his smell or his eyes, but the moment she saw that silk scarf on the table by her door, she was done. They could talk later.

"Hands above your head..." Her words were dark and Jesse smiled as he trailed his hands upward.


Jesse awoke the next morning with Vee in his arms and the world made sense again. He hadn't really gotten a good look at the room the night before, but now that he was able to it was so perfectly her.

On the walls hung posters from various heavy metal bands all on a backdrop of light lavender. Her furniture was simple, but perfectly matched in a light grey wood. The bed around him fitting in that same lavender that was on the walls. There was nothing out of place except for the few items of clothing she had worn into the room the night before. Everything else was neatly kept just like her bar. Then, he caught sight of a small stack of paper on the nightstand by her side. He squinted trying to see what the pile was, and his smile spread wide. It was a stack of all the cards that he had sent on the dozens of flowers. She kept them, and from the looks of the pile, she kept them all.

Vee stirred as she rested on his chest, her soft brown hair scraping across his skin and sending a shiver through him. He pulled her in tighter and leaned down taking in her smell.

"Mmmm...good morning." She raised her head up to look at him, a satisfied grin across her lips.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

"Better than I have in months, you?"

"Same here. I missed you so much Vee, and last night...fuck last night was incredible."

"It was a nice start." She leaned up kissing him and Jesse returned her light touch. When the kiss turned heavier, it was Vee who rolled onto her back letting Jesse take the lead. She wanted him to own her this morning, and was truthfully tired from the night before.

He pulled back from her mouth and started a descent over her neck making her get wet before starting to kiss downward making his way towards her chest. Vee was in bliss being worshipped like this. When he paused and kissed her scar lightly, she looked down and caught his eyes.

"Will you tell me what these are from Vee?" He asked her so sweetly with those damn green orbs as he placed soft kisses along a scar just beneath the first.

"Does it matter?" She hesitated. They had grown so much, but was she ready to open up more to him?

"No, and it won't change anything about the way I see you. I just want to know you." He moved back up to her face stroking his fingers across her cheek.

Vee pulled the covers down a little revealing her abdomen and hips, taking a deep breath as she stared into Jesse's face. After all his understanding, and their new found trust, she needed to give him this.

"You remember I told you about Rachael?"

"Yea, I know she gave these to you. I just want to know why." Vee sighed and her mind went back to that time. Her beautiful Rachael that she thought would last forever.

"Jesse, I was so young when we met, and I fell hard for Rachael. She and I were epic and inseparable. And, after a while, she introduced me to this world of domination and submission. Rachael was a Dom like me, and she loved it. I mean tying me up made her so excited. I loved it too, and sometimes she would let me control. It was so good and it seemed like everything couldn't be more perfect, but then it changed."

"So, she's the one that introduced you to all of this, but you were her sub?"

"Yep about half the time, and after a few years of that being fine, she started wanting to do more and more. Then, suddenly it wasn't okay for me to Dom anymore. I was always the sub, and trust me I was fine with that too. I worshipped this woman and the thought of her wanting me so badly made me want to do anything. One day, I was tied up and Rachael brought out a small knife. I wasn't scared, just thought it was some sort of game we would play. But, she cut me right here. Vee pointed to the scar that Jesse had been licking only a minute before."

"She cut you? Like deep?" Jesse didn't know what to think. He couldn't even imagine wanting to hurt Vee at all and this was pretty intense.

"It wasn't too deep. I mean she bandaged it after and it stopped bleeding. And, we talked about it too. It was something Rachael said she wanted to try and she promised it wasn't to hurt me just to taste me. The sex after Jesse, I mean holy shit. Rachael was insatiable. She licked at it and sucked and just went crazy. I had never seen her like that before. So, when she did it again, I didn't protest. It was a week later. I thought it was just a quick phase and it didn't hurt that bad."

"Wow, Vee I...I mean you wouldn't want to do that to me would you?" Jesse looked at her, not in fear but just asking her about this piece of her world he didn't grasp.

"No, that's not my thing. She liked it, not me. Anyways, two cuts turned into one every week. It was kind of her Saturday adventure. And she kept them where no one would see them as I went through college and even into law school. Rachael wasn't really trying to hurt me, it was just something that got her off Jesse and I consented. I had a safe word, but I never used it. She would have stopped if I had. I just...well she was my world and I wanted her to have everything she needed in me. Rachael was a little older than me, and it just made sense." Vee sighed at feeling the relief at letting someone else know.

"So, what changed?"

"You see this one?" Vee pointed to a wider, jagged scare on her right hip. Jesse watched as she traced the line of it. "Rachael started this one and I couldn't believe how much it hurt. It was more than the others, so I sat up and I started to say my word but she was finished and threw the knife. I never saw her face like that before. She seemed surprised and excited all at the same time. Well, we made love and it was crazy and intense, but afterwards, it just wouldn't stop bleeding. We got pretty freaked out and I ended up going to the Urgent Care Clinic. They glued it shut, said no reason to worry just don't be so careless in the future. I think the doctor was crazy busy, too busy to notice all the old cuts around it. Anyways, it freaked me out."

"Holy shit Vee. How many times had she done this before this one?" Jesse traced his thumb along the jagged line taking in the way Vee's eyes seemed to be distant suddenly.

"37 times Jesse, Rachael cut me 37 times before she did that one. One per week for months, but that one...it scared me. So, I told her I couldn't do it anymore. I just couldn't. I wanted to be hers, I did and I told her that I would do anything, but just not that, not anymore. She said she understood, said she loved me so much she wouldn't do it again. I felt so guilty, making her give this up. You have no idea how incredible she was when she cut me. It was like she was more in love with me each time. And, I failed her because I couldn't take anymore."

"Vee baby, I'm sorry, you don't have to say anymore. Please don't cry I don't want you to cry." Jesse had looked up seeing a tear roll down her beautiful face as she remembered. It made his heart break and he didn't want to know anymore. He didn't want to see that pain on her face.

"No, let me finish and then we're never gonna talk about it again okay?"

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