The Ad Ch. 02


"In search of something kinky, open for everything. Make me an offer. Love H"

That was the message she published on the kinky personals website. Besides some teenagers and perverts nobody took it serious.

Until she got an email from him. He asked her if she wanted to talk about the ad and if she'd like to hear what he had to offer. He sent her a link to a private chatbox and told her where to be. He would arrive between 9 and 10. She couldn't wait to hear what he had to say.

They talked and immediately he asked all sorts of questions. "Do you mind bondage, spanking, hair pulling, anal, oral, swallowing, cumshots?" Many questions where asked and answered. Boundaries where also discussed as to what was allowed and what wasn't. He told her he was OK with her demands and told her he was going to arrange some things and mail her a date and place. He guaranteed her she would have a good time and also told her that if she decided to back out he was OK with it. They decide a safeword: "steep"

She didn't here from him for over a week and was surprised to see mail from him on Friday. It contained a date, place, time and specific instructions.

The place was large parking lot in an industrial area that was usually empty on Saturday. It was about a ten minute drive from her home. She had to be there at 2:00 pm the next day. There where other instructions enclosed in the mail. Be clean. Be there. Be on time. Bring a blindfold. Park your car close to the fence. Put on the blindfold. Exit your car. Lock it. Wait.

It was 2:00 pm on Saturday. I watched as she parked her car as instructed.She exited her car, waiting with a blindfold around her eyes waiting.

I pulled up next to her and said "Are you in search of something kinky? If you say yes, get in the car. Don't take off the blindfold until I say so. If you don't like my instructions, get back in your car and leave." My voice was low and firm. I watched as she got into the car.


Her orgasm was very intense her legs still tied to the chair. She trembled from excitement and moaning "please stop!"

"I'm just getting started." He laughed and walked out of sight.

What could he possibly have in store after the pleasurable torture she just endured. She thought about the stop word for a second but she also longed for cock.

He walked behind her, grabbing the chair and pulling it into the dark shadows. A yellow box dangled from the ceiling, she looked up and saw a big hook was hanging from the ceiling, the metal flickering in the sun. He cut one arm loose and she immediately covered her large boobs with her forearm. He cut the second arm loose but held on to it. He got in front of her, firmly pulling both her arms together and tying them with a soft rope. He grabbed the yellow box and with a zooming sound the hook descended from the ceiling. He hooked it through the loop he made on the end of the rope. The zooming sound continued as the hook pulled her arms above her head. As the hook continued to pull, the chair lifted away from the floor dangling an inch from the ground. He stopped the hook to cut away the straps from her feet, tossing the chair aside. He went back to controlling the hook until she was just standing on her feet.

She heard noises coming from the shadows behind her. As he started back towards her, mechanic pops where heard coming from the darkness in front of her. All of a sudden she could see a little red light and the vague reflection of a camera. It was still on and recording.

He walked back to her holding a bucket. With one swift move he splashed ice cold water right onto her hanging body, knocking her off her feet. Only the rope held her in place. When her balance returned he was right in front of her.

Her nipples were rock hard and she had goosebumps all over her body. He pulled her towards him using her nipples as handles.

He pulled a shiny object out of his pocket and touched the tip of her nipple with it. She shivered as the chrome vibrator started to vibrate. He brushed her body with it. He didn't hesitate and moved in between her legs fast. The cold object parted her lips and touched her clit. She shook like she was hit by a bullet and lost control of her legs. Dangling on the hook like a fish struggling it's captor she underwent the direct and intense teases of the vibrator. He continued teasing her.

She moaned hard and screamed but that only seemed to please him more. She wasn't going to hold out much longer as she longed to cum. He pulled her closer using her hard and swollen nipple with one hand and as the other tortured her clit and pussy entrance with the vibrator. Not wanting her to cum just yet, he stopped. "No!" she screamed

He disappeared into the shadows. Everything was silent.

All of a sudden she felt more water splash onto her back. It came as a complete surprise. She screamed.

"Sorry, but I needed to cool you down!" He yelled a wild grin peeping out from under his mask.

Her nipples where again hard and erect. He clipped them with wooden clothespins. This was new to her, the sensation hurt but the pressure made her hot.

He sat down on the chair behind her and started working her ass with the chrome vibe. While the tip of the chrome vibe pushed against her wet asshole he fingered her pussy with his right hand. She trembled all over.

He felt her pushing her ass backwards. She let herself hang from the rope to reach for more. He pushed the yellow box, slowly lowering her onto the vibrator. She moaned and purred.

It touched her anus and she pushed back with all her might. After a few thrusts onto it, he pulled the vibe from her ass.

Still looking for the vibe she trusted down again. Instead of the vibe, she felt his dick penetrating her asshole. She gasped as he grabbed her ass and pushed his dick all the way into her.

She started to move up and down riding on his dick while still restrained by the rope. He reached in front of her and twisted the clothespins. She screamed feeling the pain of the pins on her nipples.

Preoccupied with that,she didn't notice the cold vibrating metal alongside her thigh. It was the vibe moving slowly towards her pussy.

She rode his cock with her ass as if she was trying to outrun the metallic cylinder that was coming for her. But it was no use. Inch after inch it closed in on her and when it finally reached her pussy lips she was ready to cum again. He pushed the vibe against her lips as she trusted down on him. It entered her dripping pussy completely and she felt his dick tighten inside her.

The vibration in her pussy made him cum in her ass. As she felt the hot fluids squirting inside her she came to her top and screamed it out.

She pushed a few more times and then she let go there was no strength left in her body.

He pulled her to her feet with the hook but she wasn't able to stand. She hung by her wrists, the ropes still attached. Cum was dripping from her ass down her legs. He removed the pins that where now really hurting her boobs. He lowered her to the ground and allowed her five minutes of rest...

End of part two

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