The Addict


It's that funny feeling again.

The voices in your head scream at you to leave, but his voice, so calm, whispering... things so vulgar and degrading that you stay in place.

The mirror is lying. That girl isn't you. That man behind you isn't there caressing you so softly that you feel you might faint. You're innocent. Big brown eyes and a deceiving smile... you died on the inside long ago. You need this. Scared. He scares you ... or do you scare yourself?

His hand dips between your thighs so smoothly... you shudder as he roughly grabs your hair and pulls you up to your toes. You whimper at the slight pain, but again... you need this.

If being abused was the only way you felt love who's fault was it. You're fucked up enough to think this is right, but it's not. You're turned on by your own vulnerability...

You brace your hands on the sink with your eyes locked on that girl. You don't watch him as he licks and bites your sensitive skin, or when he sucks on that one spot that makes you squirm on his hand. He gets excited.

His sex is now grinding against your back while he manipulates your body just the way you like it. Just the way SHE likes it. The girl is biting her lip and staring back with a glassy look in her eyes. Zoned out on everything else. Numb to the world and her past. None of this is for her though... in the end she won't matter anymore. You're with a new man every night doing the same thing just in different places... you can't get enough of it. You feel like it's the cure for everything, in fact, you feel ill if you're not fucking. A phone full of numbers and you've called them all at least once. You need help.

His hand in your hair gets tighter as his hand rubbing your sensitive regions gets rougher and faster now rubbing with rapid speed. Your legs are already straight so you push up on your toes to get away from the hand that's causing you to feel this good. You're only held firmly against a strong chest and pushed so hard into an orgasm that you see colors explode through the darkness of your mind. You're hardly able to catch your breath when you're thrown out of the bathroom and onto the wooden bedroom floor.

He grabs your hair again and drags you to the bed where you're fiercely instructed to do what most think of as unorthodox.

Tears being to well up in your eyes because of the pain being emitted from your tender scalp. His grip only gets tighter when you hesitate.

You hate yourself for this. You're being mistreated, hurt... defiled... yet your pussy is leaking from cumming so hard because of this all...

Fumbling with the zipper, you take his pants off slowly with the leverage he's allowing you. He doesn't like slow...

He jerks off his boxers with one hand and holds your face a few inches from his throbbing manhood. You're sickened by what you're imagining... you just want him to pin you down and force it inside of you over and over, harder and faster, until all of your pain is gone...

"Open your mouth, bitch."

You flinch at the sound of his voice, but open up a crack. Growling insults, he shoved his cock into the back of your throat, causing you to gag. With his hand firmly in place, you can't move away, all you can do it choke and try to scream...

As soon as you feel like passing out , he pulls out from your throat and rams it back in, then repeats the process until you loosen your throat and just take it. You keep your eyes closed.

When he gets into a rhythm, he fucks your mouth with an intense power that makes your jaws hurt. He pulls your head up and down so hard that you're straining your neck just to try and keep up.

After an eternity, he lets go of your hair and places both hands behind your head to hold it there while he cums in your mouth.

First you feel relief on your head, then you're filled with horror as you push against him with failing strength while he effortlessly forced his dick deeper and shot it directly down your throat.

He pushes you off and pants to himself. You cower on the floor remembering things... you're alone ...

You stand up to gather his clothes so he can leave when he suddenly grabs you by the back of your neck and throws you on the bed.

"I'm not done with your pretty ass yet... "

Terror and fresh tears start to form. He was too big and you weren't ready for this.

On your back, he pulls your legs to the edge of the bed and enters you so hard that you almost feel like you're being split open. You aren't a virgin, but this felt similar the the first time with a bad partner.

He didn't care how you felt, he didn't wait for you to get used to his large size before he thrust himself deep into your depths with piston-like speed. It didn't take long before you started moaning and writhing under him.

... you never stopped screaming...

Whether it be the pain he caused you or the pleasure mixed, you never stopped screaming...

He leaned over you and held your wrists above your head with one hand while slapping and choking you with the other.

Alternating between talking and sucking your small, erect nipples, he growled out each sentence powered by deep lust and sadistic intentions.

"Fuckin beg for my cock... You're such a fucking whore... God! you're so wet... I'm your fucking master... Tell me to fuck your slutty little pussy... I'm gunna cum all over your pretty little face... "

You blush and deeply. He forces you to stare into his eyes and fucks you so hard you can feel a sharp pain your cervix. You scream in agony and squirm and fight for him to withdraw, ease up, anything.

He likes it...

You are accidentally encouraging him and he goes in faster than ever while you're hysterically crying for him to get off.

He pulls out and strokes himself in front of your face for less than a second and cums for the second time all over you lips and tear soaked cheeks. He then takes his two fingers and smears it all over your lips and inside your mouth then wipes his shaft in your hair.

You settle down enough to slightly sniffle and you're in the fetal position staring at the space on the wall beside him while he gets dressed.

You're still exhausted and in immense pain, but you feel ... calm. He glances at you and laughs cruel laugh.

"Same time tomorrow babe?"

With that, he picks up his coat and leaves, not even shutting the door behind him...

Nothing matters in that moment. Your legs shake just a little and a warmness flows your head to your toes. Like a bath, you're submerged in this comforting warmth.

You hate him so much... but as an addict... you'll take anything and he's so generous with giving...

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