tagInterracial LoveThe Addicted Mrs. McNeil

The Addicted Mrs. McNeil


Mrs. McNeil paced back and forth nervously in her classroom, as she pressed out the wrinkles in her dark blue dress slacks. She wondered to herself, 'Am I making the right choice? Is he too young? Am I too old...or fat...or unattractive...or....' - she shook her head and inhaled deeply. The thought of continuing to cheat on her husband and possibly destroy her family over her "sexual needs going unfulfilled at home" was making her have second thoughts about waiting around for Kenneth again. She walked to her desk, bent over, opened the bottom drawer and reached in to pull out her purse. She knew that once she headed out the door to her car, there would never be another chance for her and Kenneth.

Kenneth walked up the hall slowly, he was in no hurry and no one was gonna mess with the muscular black 20 year old Resource Officer. He licked his lips thinking about what he intended to do with the married white teacher waiting on him. His young dark black cock was fully erect in his pants by the time he reached Mrs. McNeil's room. As he swung the door open he was greeted by the sight of her round firm ass bent over and aimed right at him....her full pouty pussy lips and panty lines easily seen through the tight, thin fabric of her slacks.

Hearing her door open, Mrs. McNeil realized it was too late to change her mind now. She inhaled deeply, causing her white blouse to press up hard against her buttoned up dark blue blazer. Her heels click as she took a few steps away from the young black man who had just entered her classroom - wondering yet again if this young black man was more cock than her body could handle.

Kenneth walked closer to her, still licking his lips and looking her middle-aged white body up and down. He smiled as he watched her eyes move to the bulge in his pants. It was obvious from her expression she still had not come to accept the fact that she was addicted to his black cock.

"So, tell me Mrs. McNeil....how big them white titties of yours...and how big is your ass", Kenneth asked her - her loved trying to turn the conservative church going married white teacher into your typical booty-call white slut.

Mrs. McNeil stood nervously as the young black man looked her over and almost jumped when he spoke up. It took a few seconds for her to utter a response.

"Ummm...well..you know I'm...ahhh.....well....you know I'm a bit overweight, but I'm a 38C-40- 42."

Mrs. McNeil gazed at Kenneth from over the rims of her glasses and noticed that her comments seemed to not register. Dejected, she slumped her shoulders and spoke as he had intended her too.

"I'm 43 years old, I am married. My white milk jugs are fat and round, with big brown nipples. My ass is round, plump and firm. My hips and thighs are full and my legs are long and slender."

Kenneth nodded in approval, as he continued to look at her lush white married whore body. Up and down he gazed, loving her big tits and fat white ass. Loving how thick she was, knowing she was born to be a slut for a young black man like him. After giving a quick squeeze to the thick bulge between his legs, Kenneth closed and locked Mrs. McNeil's classroom door.

Looking sternly at her, he spoke, "Take off that jacket and pull those fat married white milk jugs out and then get on your knees."

Mrs. McNeil nodded and nervously took her blazer off and laid it over her chair - she was still not use to taking orders, but it did turn her on. She unbuttoned her white blouse revealing a white and purple zebra print bra. Reaching into each cup one at a time, she slowly pulled out the fat, round 38C titties with their big round dark nipples. With her blouse open and tits hanging out from them, she got down on her knees getting lint on the dark blue slacks.

Looking down at her, he squeezed her big fat white married milk jugs and pulled on her dark thick nipples. Mrs. McNeil moaned and purred as his young black hands mauled her tits.

"Take my black cock out and to show me what a true black cock whore you have become my married white slut. If you're good to my cock, I'll breed you long and hard." Kenneth told her.

Mrs. McNeil nodded her head and worked Kenneth's pants and underwear to his knees. She then proceeded to run her tongue all over his young black shaft, his thick mushroom shaped cockhead and his heavy ball sack. Diligently she licked them, bathing them with her saliva.

Kenneth moaned as Mrs. McNeil's married white tongue bathed his young black cock and giant low hanging balls.

"Don't stop, show me how much of a black cum drinking whore you are", he growled.

Nodding, Mrs. McNeil rolled her tongue over the fat black cockhead a few times, before taking just the head into her mouth, sucking on it alone. Her soft white hands went to work stroking his long thick young black shaft and kneading his heavy dark ball sack.

"Oh fuck yes! Tug on my heavy dark sack bitch! Pull on those giant black balls", Kenneth moaned loudly as she sucked on his fat black cockhead. "Tell me what you are white bitch! Tell me!"

Kenneth's cockhead came popping out of Mrs. McNeil's mouth as she spoke, "I'm your married white whore! Your black cum loving slut!"

She finished her statement by starting to lick, suck, and nibble on his heavy ball sack, rolling his balls around in her mouth with her tongue. Her white hands with their shining gold wedding band were working up and down the length of his long thick black cock.

Kenneth's black cock throbs in Mrs. McNeil's hands, as she soaks his balls with her saliva. He feels his sack getting heavier. Looking down at her, he notices the gleam from her wedding ring and smiles knowing she is a cheating good for nothing black whore. A married white wife, just dying to admit that she loves black cock.

"Tell me why your a black cock loving fuck pig!" Kenneth demanded, as he reached down and molested her white married milk jugs and long big nipples.

Groaning as Kenneth once again mauls her fat white boobs and big nipples, Mrs. McNeil lets his heavy black balls fall from her mouth as she responded, "I love black cock because it's bigger than a wimpy white dick. Because black bulls have big loads of cum. Because black studs fuck better than white wimp husbands. I'm a black cum loving fuck pig because I'm yours." And with that, Mrs. McNeil buried her face in Kenneth's groin, inhaling as much of his young black cock as her middle-aged married white whorish mouth could handle and started sucking on it like a cheap street slut.

Moaning as Mrs. McNeil sucks more of his young black cock down into her whorish married mature white mouth. Kenneth feels his cock getting rock hard and his balls getting heavier because they are so full.

"You know I can cum all day long bitch. Drain some black cum from my balls now and swallow that shit up cuz I'm just getting started. I'm gonna black breed your married white womb and make you into my black baby breeding factory." Kenneth announces to her as his black cock swells and his full balls inflate getting massive and heavy.

Using one hand to knead his balls, Mrs. McNeil uses her other to jerk on the part of Kenneth's cock that is not in her mouth. Sucking faster and faster, Mrs. McNeil rolls her tongue up and down Kenneth's thick black shaft as she sucks.

"Don't stop you black slut! Come on my white mature married fuck pig, earn that black cum!" Kenneth groans at her, as his cock stiffens even more.

Letting loose a deep rumbling growl, Kenneth begins to blow his load off in Mrs. McNeil's mouth. Black cum seeped from the corners of Mrs. McNeil's mouth as she struggled to handle the amount of black seed flowing down her throat. Struggling for air, Kenneth's cock pops out of her mouth. Thick heavy ropes of Kenneth's warm cum splattered onto her face, as the runoff from her mouth dribbled onto her slightly sagging breasts. Kenneth let the last of his cum drop off onto Mrs. McNeil's glasses. Using his now limp cock, he smeared the cum all over the lens and her cheeks. He then proceeded to wipe his cock clean on her fat white tits, before yanking his underwear and pants back up over his cock - and leaving her alone in her room.

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