The Adventures of Beth


Beth felt the hard rubber touch her tiny anus. "OH!" she exclaimed, more from fright than pain.

"I am going to take it slow, baby. Let me do all the work; you just need to let it happen." Beth gritted her teeth and closed her eyes tightly as the tube began insinuating itself through the tight door. Elena worked it from side to side, in a circular pattern, while applying the upward pressure, forcing the muscles to accept the strange intruder. Beth cried out, more loudly this time, when the slightly bulbous head of the shortened penis broke through the resistance into her warm, dark rectum.

"We're in!" hailed Elena. "Good girl!" Beth's anal ring clamped around the shiny, pink dildo, and held it tightly. She could feel the dildo pressing against the larger vaginal one as it moved higher into her. Tears filled her eyes; her vagina and rectum felt completely filled. She wondered why she didn't split apart, so full were both her orifices.

When Elena had pushed the second dildo all the way in, she pulled the strap up over Beth's creamy, white ass, covering the crack completely with the strip of leather, before hooking the strap in its place at the small of the back. Somehow, Beth's gorgeous ass cheeks seemed all the more sexy as they bulged out from either side of the black strap.

Elena stood up. "O.K., honey. Let's stand up and show Ricardo and David how sexy we look." Turning crimson with embarrassment, she arose from her bent-over position and turned towards us. I almost laughed out loud, so ludicrous did the petite girl look standing in front us, naked from the waist up with her pert, tiny breasts, while below she sported a large hard-on, rising up past her belly button. Elena grasped the shaft of the incongruously large appendage and pretended to masturbate it. Beth looked down in horror at the outrage than had been perpetrated on the innocent girl. Tears of shame came rolling down her cheeks in torrents as she sobbed openly.

"Now, now," chided Elena. "That sweet little girl has such a big penis! I think Laurie will be most appreciative. She likes big cocks! Let's show her, too." Elena took Beth by the hand and marched her toward the still fully bent-over blond. The two stood in front of Laurie, who looked up to see obscene prick worn by her erstwhile lover. She knew what was about to happen, having heard the earlier conversations between Elena and Beth.

"Isn't this a nice big one!" teased Elena, grasping the penile look-alike and shaking it from side to side in front of Laurie's face. "Since this is Beth's first time as a man, Laurie, I want you to be real nice to her. Before she fucks you, she wants a nice blow-job! Are you good at giving head, dear?"

Laurie didn't answer. Her mouth hung open in shock and dismay. She was being asked to suck the huge dildo that was growing like a huge tree trunk from Beth's lower abdomen. She looked up at Elena, beseechingly, a look of deep sadness in her eyes. Elena looked through the blonde, coldly.

"Move closer to her, Beth, let her get a good look at your manhood!" Elena laughed as Beth moved forward. The base of the fake cock was in line with Laurie's head. "Kiss it, you cocksucker!" yelled Elena. With tears in her eyes, the blonde moved her head slightly forward. Her lips touched the hard- rubber base of the dildo. She kissed it, hating herself for being such a coward and not fighting back against this insanity.

"Lick it! Beth, you bend at the knees a little bit and give her access to the entire cock. She wants to taste it all! Hold it in your hand, Laurie. It's waiting for you to love it." As Beth squatted slightly, bending her legs, Laurie reached up and grasped the pseudo-cock in her right hand. She was surprised at its thickness, but even more surprising was the real cock-like feel to it. She was able to move it slightly back and forth. She despised the thought that soon it would soon be inside one, perhaps both of her lower orifices. She was trying to prepare herself for anything the sex-crazed Elena might dish out. Using just the tip of her tongue, Laurie licked the flesh-colored dildo, all the way from the base to the bulbous head.

"She likes it!" exclaimed Elena. "Take it inside your mouth, Laurie, suck on it a little. The wetter you make it, the easier it will be for it to glide between those splendid ass cheeks of yours.

Laurie moved her head from the dildo and looked at Elena. "No, please, not there!" she pleaded. "It's too big for me!"

"Are you a virgin back there, dear?" asked Elena.

"N-no, but nothing ever that big...."

"It's all relative, honey," she interrupted. "Once it's in, nice and deep, splitting you apart, fucking you, you'll come in ten minutes. I sometimes use it on myself back there, when I'm alone, and I can't stop coming after a while--one orgasm after another. It's so fucking fantastic you'll want one yourself. And it's even better when someone is doing it to you, like your lover, Beth. She has had secret dreams of fucking you for a long time, and despised the fact that she never had a cock to do it with. It will make her feel good, too."

Surprisingly, it was exactly the way Beth felt. After the initial shock of being harnessed with the leather contraption, and seeing the monstrous penis, so life-like, jutting out and up from her abdomen, she felt a strange power within her, like nothing she had ever known. She was anxious to try out her new appendage on anyone. I think if I had been in front of her, she would have liked to use it on me. And I wouldn't have minded.

"Finish sucking it, Laurie, or I'll rip your ass to shreds with a birch rod!" The pretty blonde placed her lips once more over the rounded head of the shaft. It was larger by far than anything that had ever before been in any of her openings. As she moved her lips downward, the monstrous phallus engulfed her, filling her mouth and stretching her lips into a full 'O' shape. "Take it all in, you cocksucker! Deeper!" Laurie nearly gagged on the large phallus as she gulped more of it across her flattened tongue, moving it closer to her throat. She decided to give Elena a show, hoping to diffuse the situation. She started moving the huge penis in and out of her mouth; her saliva caused it to glisten in the bright light of the Punish Room.

"Speak to it, Laurie, tell it you want it up your ass!"

She was in a defenseless situation now, having pretended to enjoy the quasi-prick. She pulled her mouth from the cock, staring at its immense size. "I, I want it up inside me."

"Up where, Laurie, up where?"

"Up my ass," blurted the scared blonde.

"Fine, fine. Beth, tell her what you are going to do to her."

Beth looked down at the tear-filled eyes looking up at her. She felt so powerful, so manly. "I am going to fuck you in the ass, Laurie, with my big cock!"

"Grab your toes, Laurie, bend over nice and far for Beth. Give her a nice shot at your gorgeous asshole! Beth, move behind her and get ready." Beth moved behind Laurie, holding the phallus in her right hand. Her slim body and diminutive breasts made the prick seem all the more large and incongruous. In front of her, Laurie's arms stretched down along her legs; her elbows were inside her bent knees; her fingers wrapped around her toes. Her hairless cunt and puckered asshole were wide open, inviting, sexy. Beth playfully ran the head of the fake cock across the middle of the semi-opened crease of Laurie's creamy, white ass. Elena smiled. Beth was really getting into it.

"Slap her ass a couple times, Beth, make it a little red-hot for her; draw her attention to what you are about to do to her." She raised her right hand above her shoulder and brought it down with a resounding smack right on the fleshy right globe. Laurie let out a throaty "UHHHHH!" as her hanging mammaries shook like jelly. Changing hands, Beth slapped the alabaster left ass cheek and evoked a louder squeal from her victim. Laurie couldn't believe her lover was doing this to her, bringing this pain and degradation upon her. I saw Beth squeezing her own ass cheeks together, finding enjoyment in having the anal and vaginal penises inside her. The smacks and screams continued for several minutes, as Beth's feeling of overwhelming power drove her onward.

"She is ready, Beth. Split her anus with your cock, honey. She wants it!"

"NO! NO! PLEASE!" begged the bent-over blonde as she felt the huge head of the penis against her back door.

"Pay no attention to the slut, Beth. All nice girls say 'No' when they really mean 'Yes'. Shove it deep inside her!" She grasped the life-like rod in her left hand and bent her legs slightly in order to gain a better angle on the defenseless target. She pressed the pink head of her thick cock against Laurie's puckered anus. Laurie screamed out once again, begging for mercy. Elena laughed and moved in front of the bent-over blonde, then pressed the palms of her hands into Laurie's back to prevent her from being shoved forward by the force of the shaft pushing into her anal cavity.

Beth's first few thrusts against the tight orifice proved fruitless, evoking only an agonizing scream from the victim on each occasion. Sensing Beth's frustration, Elena picked up the tube of K-Y jelly and located a thin, rubbery doctor's glove, the kind used for anal or vaginal inspections. She pulled the glove over her right hand; it fit tightly. She then spread a substantial amount of the K-Y over the top three fingers of her gloved hand. Laurie looked up at the naked, raven-haired woman with a look of fear and pleading in her eyes and watched her move behind her.

"Stand back, honey, we're going to gave to really grease up the path for you." Beth moved back a few steps and watched Elena kneel behind her former lover and open the anal region with her left hand. Immediately, she brought her well-greased fingers to the victim's rosebud.

Laurie felt the cold, greasy gelatin touch her delicate anal membranes and screamed out, "NO! NO! PLEASE, NO!"

"If you don't keep your mouth shut, you slut, I'll let her fuck your ass while it's dry! I'm doing this as a favor to you, darling." Placing three fingers of her right hand together, she pushed inward against the anal ring.

The tight orifice was no match for the slippery gloved fingers which easily slipped into Laurie's rectal canal. Laurie drew her breath in sharply as she felt her anus part and give way to the invading digits. It was not so much the pain, which was bearable under the circumstances, but the shame and humiliation of being bent over, naked and exposed, as two strangers and her lover watched the penetration of her delicate anal ring. Elena moved her fingers in and out of the poor girl's rectum, greasing it up and widening it with slurping sounds, punctuated by Laurie's "AHHHHHH"'s as her rectum felt the onslaught of the anal rape.

Only when she was satisfied that she had made the path easier for Beth, did she withdraw her fingers and turn to face the skinny girl. Still kneeling, Elena grasped the thick, flesh-colored dildo in her left hand as she spread the remaining grease from her fingers over the phallic head.

"It will be easier now," she said, rising to stand next to Beth, moving the tips of the fingers of her ungloved hand to the red-headed's slightly freckled face. "If you fuck her real hard, the cocks in your pussy and ass will make you come like you never came before. Do you want to fuck her until you come?"

"Yes," replied Beth, nodding her head at the same time.

"Then do it good, honey. Don't be afraid."

Elena leaned forward and kissed Beth full on the lips. Beth returned the kiss in kind. "You are beautiful," whispered Elena, breaking the kiss and moving back in front of Laurie. I caught Beth watching Elena's firm ass as the older woman stepped away from her. The pretty, lithe strawberry blonde moved once more between the back of Laurie's spread legs and brought the head of the fake cock into the freshly lubricated anal region. Elena, who had discarded her rubber glove only seconds earlier, pressed her hands once again against Laurie's lowered back.

Beth looked down into the target area, pushed forward with her lower abdomen, and watched the bulbous head of her shiny prick begin to disappear into the dark recesses of her lover's ass. Laurie thought the lower part of her body was being split in two, so thick was the dildo that was now lodged deep in her backside.

"It's in all the way!" she cried in a shrill voice. "It's in! My cock is fucking her ass!" She began to slowly undulate her hips back and forth, drawing the monstrous cock in and out of the distended anus as the ravaged victim whined and moaned to no avail. Each inward stroke of the dildo forced her own vaginal and anal muscles to tighten against the smaller phalluses in her own body. She began to enjoy feeling the double insertions inside her as they rubbed against the thin membrane separating the lower orifices.

Elena moved her hands higher up the naked back of the impaled blonde until her groping fingers found the taut skin of the victim's creamy, white ass. Separating the rounded globes, she leaned forward towards Beth and looked down at the huge phallus pistoning in and out of the beleaguered anus. "Fuck her, Beth, give it to her real hard, honey! How does it feel to be a man?"

"Oh, I love it!" she honestly replied, feeling a strange sense of power and domination over her erstwhile lover. "I could do this forever! AHHHH! The things inside me are driving me crazy! They feel so good, like being fucked in both places at once! OH! YES! YES!" Beth drove her lower torso back and forth. Laurie's huge, hanging tits swayed and shook like jelly as she continued to grip her toes with her hands while Beth rode her like a bucking bronco.

"I'm going to come!" she cried as sweat poured from her brow. "I can feel it coming inside me!" Using quick, jerking movements, she tried to squeeze her own impaled dildos deeper into her cunt and ass. Her face was contorted in ecstasy. "HERE IT COMES!" she shouted, "WHEEEEEEEE! OHHHHHHHH! YES! YES!" Wave upon wave of delightful orgasm swept through the lithe, bucking body. It was an even deeper orgasm than the one she had felt when I fucked her in the ass earlier in the evening. Her breaths came in short, quick spurts. She fell forward onto Elena's shoulders, half-crying with happiness, the thick cock still inside Laurie's tired ass. Elena moved her right hand over Beth's small, large-nippled left breast and moved her palm over the turgid nipple.

"I told you how much you would enjoy it. Are you ready now to learn more about the pleasures we find in pain?" Elena looked deeply into the little girl's eyes.

"Yes," she replied. "I am ready to learn whatever you want to teach me."

"Do you want me to leave the dildos inside you?"

"Yes," came the terse reply.

"Take that thing out of Laurie's ass," ordered Elena. Beth bent her knees and moved her body downwards, pulling the huge phallus out of the beleaguered hole which remained wide open, a big, round 'O', despite its emptiness. The pink cock glistened all over from the K-Y jelly which now coated the inside of Laurie's rectum.

"You may stand up, slut," said Elena to Laurie. The big-breasted blonde rose slowly from her bent-over position, red-faced from her painful ordeal, sweating profusely. Elena wiped the woman's brow with the fingers of her right hand as she spoke to her. "Aren't ass-fucks wonderful, my dear? They leave me tingling back there for hours! And the bigger the cock, the longer the tingle." Elena laughed at her own humor. "If every prick was as big as Beth's, we girls would spend all day fucking and sucking. Wasn't it wonderful?"

"No. Please. I hurt so bad back there. Please let me rest. I can't take any more," Laurie pleaded with her tormentor.

"The fun has only begun, love. There are two very horny men here who deserve their turns with you. You have a fantastic body! Just look at those breasts, they're absolutely perfect! And your shaved pussy, why you look like a cute little girl. So innocent, so naive. Who would ever think you could take it up the ass so easily? Which of you gentlemen would like a crack at her?

Ricardo looked over at me, the exquisite-bodied still naked Barbie standing in front of him. "I have made some promises to Barbie, unfortunately," he said to me. "Take her--she's yours." Beth gave me a quick look, hoping I would opt for some more time with her instead of Laurie, but I needed to exercise my libido with some old fashioned S&M and the large-titted blonde looked ripe for action.

"She looks worn out," I commented, "but not too much so. I would like an hour or so with here, here in the Punish Room, alone, if that is O.K. with you." Beth lowered her head, feeling disappointed.

"And I may have my way with your little friend for a while. I shan't hurt her, David, I promise," said Elena in the sweetest of tones.

"Yes, she is yours. Teach her new things, she is an avid learner," I suggested.

"Come here, darling," said Elena to the unhappy girl. Her head still lowered, Beth moved slowly to Elena's side, the huge dildo still rising from her loins. "Don't be scared. There are things to be learned you never even dreamed of. Come to my room, love." Elena moved her hand into Beth's and began moving towards the door. She refused to look back at me.

Ricardo whispered something in Barbie's ear. She nodded her head to whatever he had said and they, too, turned and exited the room. The door slammed shut behind them loudly, leaving me and the sexy blonde alone.

As the others departed the room, I moved quickly to Laurie's side. "Do you hurt very much?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied in a soft voice.

"Where do you hurt the most?"

"My backside. I can't tell you how much I hurt back there. Beth really did a job on me. When I catch her, I feel sorry for her."

"Easy now," I said. "She was following Elena's orders. She's just a kid. She's scared like you. But I'll do you a favor, my dear. I promise not to touch your poor little asshole as long as you do exactly what I tell you."

"You're going to hurt me, aren't you?"

"Perhaps. But that is what S&M is all about. Later, you can teach Beth what you learn here. It will be fun for the both of you. The girl is a willing learner. All she needs is a patient teacher."

I took a good, long look at the standing blonde. Her legs were long and sleek. The completely hairless area between her legs made her look much younger than her 30 years. Just a bit of the way into the slit between her legs I could make out the clitoral nubbin which peeked out from between the puffy lips. Her abdomen was flat, her waist thin, her hips full. Her prominent breasts, the huge gourds of flesh which hung majestically from her chest, were, of course, the most noticeable part of her body. Nature had treated her well.

I caught her throwing a few glances at my now flaccid cock. She was either scared of it, or interested in it. It didn't matter, she had all night to find out about it. I maneuvered myself next to her, watching her eye me all the while with an obvious nervousness. The closer I got to her, the more beautiful she became.

"Open your legs a little, Laurie," I said in a soft, but firm tone, as I stood just to the right front of her body. She stared forward, into space, not daring to look at me. I looked down and watched her bare feet spread apart on the white linoleum beneath her. Without hesitating, I moved the palm of my hand between her slightly spread legs, desiring to feel the softness of the two plump, naked lips at the inverted "V" of her legs.

There was no stubble at all there. She must have only recently shaved. Her clit was prominent, poking into the palm of my hand as I pressed slightly upward. Surprisingly, the middle finger which I eased between the delightful slit encountered a good deal of vaginal secretions. Was her screaming earlier just part of her game? I needed to find out if she was, indeed, a true masochist. If so, I had found the perfect partner.

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