tagMatureThe Adventures of Cholita and Mike

The Adventures of Cholita and Mike



This story is dedicated to a wonderful lady with whom I am having a 'fantasy' affair. It is written with her help, assistance and, in certain areas, guidance although it is submitted under my pen name, she deserves to be recognised for she is my muse. So, Cholita my angel, this is dedicated to you. With grateful thanks for the pleasure we have enjoyed in writing this and in our amorous exploits. A warning however, all parts will be HOT, very, very HOT! This contains straight and oral sex, anal of course, lots of cum swapping from various places, and some mother/daughter interaction. You have been warned!

If you enjoy reading this please vote and comment. More adventures will, undoubtedly, be forthcoming as our affair continues on apace.

Chapter 1. Meeting:

I had spent a week in the tiny lakeside village of Baveno on Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy. The conference was boring and I was glad it was over. Now for some relaxation! This new hotel, late 19th Century restored, was grand with a marvellous position just outside the town overlooking the Borromean Islands. A truly romantic setting. My wife declined to travel to conferences, she wasn't fond of any form of travel, so I stayed on alone. I knew the area well and stayed there often.

It was Sunday, Sunday evening that I first saw you. I had my usual table in the corner facing back along the large dining room. I noticed you immediately. You together with a younger women and a man. As you approached I could see that the younger women was similar enough to be your daughter so, I assumed, the man was your husband.

I don't know why but for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I suppose I should have known really for you are very attractive. Late forties perhaps, petite, 5' 1" or 2". Your hair then was blonde cut loosely just short of your shoulders revealing a rather slender neck. I loved the way your shoulders sloped gently in that enticing feminine way. Your breasts aren't large but right on your small frame -- close to perfection for me. Your waist, not tiny, but with enough shape to show off the curve of your hips. Then you turned to sit and I saw you there! Your bottom was, is, perfection. Proud, pert, fulsome, and shapely. There is something else about you as well, something I couldn't put my finger on. I felt drawn to you. As I looked I felt a nervousness in the pit of my stomach, an ache, a desire, that I didn't recognise. It was sexual certainly but unlike a casual lust. It was more intense, more difficult to treat with disdain.

Throughout the meal I found my eyes drawn to You. You are sitting with your back to me, very straight in the chair so I can't really see you -- that doesn't matter; my eyes continue to be drawn. Then you walk over to the salad counter and I see you from the back again. The breath stops in my lungs then as your bottom sways. How was it possible for me to feel like this! What is going on?

You can't help but notice me sitting there on my own at the end of the dining room. You feel my appraising eyes. Not that you mind, you are used to being admired. No false modesty here, you are an attractive woman. My eyes, however, seem to hold more meaning for you. They send a shiver along your spine that you are careful to hide from your husband and daughter. You know my eyes are on you as you sit: you are almost able to feel my desire. Then you stand and walk to the salad bar. You feel my eyes on your bottom now and I am still watching you as you turn. You can see my eyes are hot, so hot you feel a frisson of excitement even from where you are standing. Our eyes meet and I look away apparently embarrassed. You feel unnerved by the effect I have on you. How could this be? You have been admired by men before, you've had lovers, but have never felt like this.

I wait until the dining room empties so that I can watch you leave. The younger woman, your daughter possibly, catches me staring and I can see her mention something to you. You just smile and glance in my direction. You rather like what you see.

I don't see you again that evening but, laying in my bed that night, I can't get you out of my mind. What is doing this? Never before have I felt like this about a woman.

I am in the dining room early on Monday evening making sure I can see you enter. This time you and your daughter are alone. I wonder why. Now you deliberately sat side on to me at the table and, as before, I find my eyes drawn to you. Your daughter, I notice later, is watching me and I am often caught staring. I don't mean to be rude but you have captured my imagination.

You plan it before dinner. "He's watching you mum," says your daughter Allie. "He watched you through the whole meal last night. I think it's rude."

Cholita smiles, "No, it's flattering. He's not bad looking really. I think I like him. Let's sit differently tonight."

"Mother! You're impossible!"

"Mmm," you murmur thinking of his eyes and what they say to you. "Watch him for me Allie. I want to know if it's the same tonight."

"Mum . . . you're not . . .?"

"Never you mind," says her mother with a smile.

You see me then, at the far end like the evening before, and feel my eyes on you. Why, you think, does my heart flutter so? I am a little older you think, and, having seen me walk to the salad bar, over 6' in height. Well built without being overweight, you think I present a fine figure of a man. That isn't it however. There must be more, you think. 'How can he make me feel like this, hot, tense with something close to desire?' All through the meal you can feel my eyes on you. You like it. You are happy for men to admire you. As the advert says, you think with a smile, 'I am worth it!'. This is different. You are puzzled but it feels like fun!

God you are beautiful, I think, as I watch you move about the dining room, to the salad bar, to pick your sweet, then to leave. Why does my heart pound, my blood race -- and to a particular point? Where is your husband? Dare I think . . .

I have to meet you so follow you and your daughter out of the dining room. You go on to the terrace, I follow and sit at the next table. It is a soft summer night with a light breeze blowing in from the lake. I take a deep breath.

"It's a beautiful evening," I say turning to you both. Your heart flutters as you consider a response.

"Yes," you say with a big smile. "Romantic." Your eyes are wide as you look at me. Beautiful eyes that bore into my soul. I feel like a schoolboy. Heck! What is going on here. Get a grip!

"You haven't got a drink. Can I get you both one." You and your daughter lock eyes and you turn and smile.

"That would be nice, thank you." Your eyes widen in innocence. "We are not very experienced in Italy. What would you recommend?" That smile again. Did it promise? I couldn't see the younger woman's face but you seemed friendly.

I spoke to you. Why did you feel so nervous when I did? You aren't a schoolgirl, you are an experienced woman. Your heart beats wildly as you respond. You know then that you want me, want me badly. OK, you'd had lovers but nothing like this, nothing had felt like this. So strong, so frightening, but so, so exciting it sets your body tingling in anticipation.

I return with the drinks. "Limoncello," I say with a smile. "A liqueur made from lemons. Very cold. They even keep the glasses in the fridge." You sip. It is cold and quite tart, lemony. Nice.

"It's nice," you say with a smile, "isn't it Allie?"

"Mmm, yes mum."

"I'm being rude," I say, "my name is Mike .............. I'm staying her for the week. Conference finished last week." I was talking to you, looking at you, into your eyes. My pulse was racing. "May I join you?" You nod.

"I'm Cholita .............. This is my daughter Allie."

I look from mother to daughter and say, "No, surely not!" with a great big smile, knowing full well I am being corny and sure it had been said before. You take it as it was meant and smile back with a nod of the head.

"Are you here on holiday?"

"Well sort of," you reply. "My husband is attending a conference in Stresa and we came along for a break." And so we chat. You ask about the lake, the islands, and the hotel. I find out something about you. I find myself drawn even more to you. Your eyes, soft and gentle, over a pert nose. Your mouth, ever ready to smile, taunts me. I find it difficult to breathe despite the beautiful evening.

You are also caught. You wonder why I have this effect on you. You feel a tingling between your legs that matches the tension between mine -- not that either of us are really aware. We just know that something is happening. After a while your husband arrives and you introduce us. We chat for a while. You are so hot you need some release. He knows you well and you both excuse yourselves leaving me with Allie.

Back in your room you kneel before your husband and undo his pants. The cock you know so well slips easily between your lips. Your hand gently masturbates his just under 8 inches readying it to find it's home between your legs. He is nice and hard now as you move away and begin to undress for him. You like this, sexy posing, teasing. Showing him your tits, your pussy, and your arse. He watches, gently masturbating and then, naked, you kneel again and suck his cock deep in your mouth.

'Mmm', you think, lovely pre-cum. As you do you suddenly think of me. How big am I? What will I taste like. You know then you must have me but now you are going to fuck your husband. You undo his pants and ease them off. He takes off his shirt and you are both naked. You run your hands over his body, the body you know so well. He lifts you to the bed and, opening your legs, buries his head in your cunt. You close your eyes as his tongue washes you there and then, suddenly, you see my face and you wonder . . . will I do that?

Your reverie is broken by your husband's cock breaching the lips of your pussy, pushing home, driving home now as he fucks you hard. Again your mind wanders to me. How will I feel? But now your husbands cock is calling to you, fucking you hard as you love so well. He fucks you missionary, than turns you and takes you doggy. You love doggy! While he fucks you in that position, you put a finger in your mouth; sucking it; bringing it to your clit; taking some succulent juice, then sucking your finger again. Over and over you keep doing it as he fucks you. Then you hear his long moan and feel his cock pulse as he pumps his cum into you. Your love overwhelms you at that moment and you feel your body melting into a wonderful cum as you flood his cock with your juices. He rolls off and you snuggle up to him, putting your leg over his, pushing your wet cunt against his thigh and you hold each other, satisfied for now, with the intensity of your orgasms.

I chat with Allie, realising now that you are gone, what an attractive young woman she is. Not as attractive as her mother however, because I can't get you out of my mind. We chat for a while then I take my leave. I lay in bed thinking of you, your body and I shiver in anticipation. Did I read the signs correctly? Are you interested?

Chapter 2: Together -- first time:

I decide to spend a day by the hotel pool. You arrive with your daughter after lunch. You wear a bikini, as does your daughter. Your beauty makes me catch my breath. I find my mind wandering to your tits, your cunt, your arse. Why do I think of you like this? It is so intense. Your figure is perfection, shown off by your bikini. You smile at me, is it a smile of invitation? I nod and you come over the chat, sitting on a sun bed next to mine. You begin to gently flirt seeing how I am so obviously affected by you.

Then you swim and I watch your body flow through the water. You climb from the pool in front of me showing your body to me. The bikini stocks to you and my eyes are drawn to the V-between your legs. The wet costume leaves little to the imagination as your pussy lips almost appear. The wet top displays the contours of your nipples, hard now at the rush of the water and the thought of my eyes upon you. I am mesmerised and embarrassed by my reaction to you. I have to turn face down to cover my erection -- obvious to both you and your daughter. Now you begin your final seduction as only a woman can. You show yourself to me innocently, lifting your legs to check your toenails so that I can clearly see the lips of your cunt through the wet material of your costume. Your ankle chain, glistens in sun and I can see it partnered by a waist chain that rests on top of the bikini bottom drawing attention to your wonderfully feminine hips. You stand then bend to check your carryall, thrusting your arse in my direction. It is almost too much for me as my erection digs into the sun bed.

You want me, you know that, and you tell your daughter.

"I want him Allie," you say quietly then, with a smile, "Can you see his bulge?"

She nods with a laugh, "He is obviously quite taken with you!" she responds.

She, knowing you well, suggests seduction and gives you the key to her room. You come and sit near me, to chat you say, but really to show me your pussy again, your body. You 'accidentally' drop the key in front of me and bend to pick it up. Then sit opposite with legs slightly open. You drag the key slowly over your pussy showing the room number on the tag then you leave the pool area. My eyes follow your arse as you leave. The message is obvious. I am captured and follow a few minutes later with a rueful glance at your daughter who nods and returns a big smile. She knows her mother well!

I knock softly on the door and you open it. Quickly inside and you are melting into my arms. How, why, what, we don't know. We just know we want each other madly. Holding each other we shuffle into the room and fall on the bed. Kissing, stroking, touching. I kiss your lips, your neck, your eyes, then, slipping off the top of your bikini, find your tits. Nipples are rock hard hazelnuts which I suck, lick and gently bite. Hands cover them. Your hands search in my loose swimming shorts and find my erection. A gasp of pleasure at it's size. My hand moves down to your pussy pulling aside the bikini bottom and finding your wet cunt. It is beautiful. A nice, well cared for bush, slightly trimmed at the bottom. Full lips that beg to be kissed and filled. Neither of us want it to be like this but we are not in control. Passion is all this first time. We roll, we heave, and soon are naked. I must have you, you must have me. Pleas, passionate begging, and soon we are together. You feel my cock at your lips, parting, probing, then inside driving the breath from your body. I feel the warm softness or your vagina, your pussy, your cunt, gripping me as if never to let me go. You pull me in tighter, your lips yearn for mine. You want to take all of me inside you. I want to fill you with my body. Never, never before have either of us felt like this. Wanton, raw, sexual passion.

It's over too soon of course and you feel your orgasm crushing you as I begin to cum deep in your womb. Pulse after pulse fills you and you can feel every one as my cock stiffens to jet it's offering inside you. It's over then. I roll to the side and you lay quiet for a few moments wondering if you can ever capture such wanton pleasure again -- you will!

Suddenly you are surprised by my hands on your body, stroking your tits and across you stomach to your pussy. I can't leave you alone. Bolt shot for a while, I want to kiss your cunt, pull my spunk from your body. You can feel it leaving you and you flex your vagina to keep it in. I move between your legs and see the tiny trail of my offering dripping down. Then you feel my tongue on your clit, gently licking, teasing and calling another orgasm. My tongue in your pussy, licking the inner walls swollen in pleasure. I taste you and I taste myself. I want you to taste us. I cover your cunt with my mouth and suck. An orgasm shudders across your body as my spunk and your juice is sucked from your pussy.

I lift my head, you can see the wetness around my mouth and chin as I bend towards you. You pull my lips to yours and I enjoy our mouths coming together for a kiss. You want, no you need, the spunk and juice and suck it from my mouth. The taste, oh the taste, as you wash it around your mouth and swallow.

I watch you and smile. "Turn over," I say tenderly and you wonder. And you hope!

Languidly you turn and I look down on you. The soft curve of your back and the rise of your bottom cheeks. The tight valley between and your swollen pussy below. My hands stroke your back and bottom right down to your knees. Then I bend my head and you feel kisses on your back and bottom. I ease your legs apart and move between. You feel my hands on your nether cheeks, kneading, caressing, squeezing gently. Then thumbs part those wonderful cheeks and expose the tiny star of your anus.

It is too much! My tongue runs from the small of your back down across your sphincter and to your pussy. Back and forth, back and forth coating the valley with saliva. I must, I must, and my tongue lingers on the tiny forbidden star -- teasing, licking, probing. Then rolled it pushes at the entrance. You open, oh how you open, and I push my tongue gently inside to taste you. I fuck your arse with my tongue. You want more but not now. Heck how you wished you'd got ready there but you didn't know.

I lean forward, my cock resting in the valley rocking slowly back and forth caressing your anus with it's length and breadth. I whisper, "You like it there?"

"Oh god yes, yes. Please!" You plead, you don't care but you know. "No please not . . . Oh god I want it but . . ."

I whisper, "I know. Perhaps another day?"

You hear the question in my voice. "Oh yes. yes. Please, please put it in! Please."

I want you again. I'm hard for you! So quick, so soon. Not usual for me, for a man my age. You feel my body leave yours, my cock go from the valley. You almost cry out at its leaving. But then it returns, splitting the lips of your vagina, filling you again. I am steadier this time, more controlled. As are you. Oh there is still passion, unbelievable passion as I thrust deep inside you, but it is better now, even better.

I fuck you like this for a while. Sometimes long and hard, sometimes short and sharp. Back and forth, up and down, my thighs slapping into your buttocks.

You turn your head, "Fuck me, oh fuck me hard, harder. Fill me," you shout again and again as you thrust back on to my cock. I see the tiny star flexing. I wet my thumb and place the ball there with gentle pressure. A long low groan escapes your lips as you cum. I fuck you through it taking you to new highs.

It goes on. I've cum once so now I can last but only so long in that fabulous pussy of yours. You feel it again, the stiffening cock, swelling slightly, then the pulse that sets you off. We come together and I pump what little spunk I have left deep inside you again.

I soften, roll sideway, and lay pole axed by the emotion. You lay beside me looking down. You haven't really looked at my body now you do. You like what you see but there, down there, is my poor cock - defeated. You feel sorry for him and, moving down the bed, bend your head to take him inside your mouth.

"Oh god," I just about manage and my whole cock disappears. "I can't Cholita. Oh god Cholita I'm sorry!" You smile round my cock. You know the male curse and you think back. Four, or was it five, and you pleasure me -- and yourself by tasting my cum, sucking the remains from my limp dick. Tasting yourself.

Finally we are both finished, emptied of passion and filled with the need to hold each other. Neither can understand what is happening here, why we feel like this. Arms enfold sweaty bodies before you whisper in my ear. "Time to clean up Mike darling. I must go."

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