tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Adventures of Clover Ch. 04

The Adventures of Clover Ch. 04


Today my problem with penises was finalised by the Headmaster. I still thought I could control it till them. Thought I could be normal. I thought it had all happened because I was eighteen and a half and had never seen a cock. I thought as I approached nineteen I would settle down; it would take the edge of my insatiable sexual desire.

A whole month had gone by since the time in the headmaster's office when I had gobbled up the cum on his flaccid cock. Sometimes I'd catch him looking at me but he never did anything. I think now he was making quite sure I didn't tell anyone. I often thought about him sucking my nipples though, he'd been so good at it.

It was a summer day. I remember it very clearly because I'd been rubbing my nipples that morning, and I'd shoved my T shirt on and I so loved the feeling of the fabric against them. They were so sensitive when I got them big and juicy like that, and so I decided to go to college without a bra. Lots of the other girls did it. I used to watch their nipples and wonder what it would be like to suck them. I thought I might be a lesbian, which would solve the penis problem for good, except I really didn't want to touch another girl's vagina. And I couldn't forget how, in the middle of my arousal, I'd eaten the come off Jed Bonner's cock as if it was a feast. I was disgusted with myself.

The message that I was to go to the Principal's office came just before the first bell.

I wasn't at all sure about this. I mean, I hadn't forgotten how good he was, sucking my nipples he was just fantastic, the king of nipple sucking, he made me want to moan and whisper and beg. He made me want to say filthy stuff. But I didn't want to see his cock again. I didn't know what I might do.

When I first got to his room he was looking cross and I didn't suppose he'd be doing any tit licking. I was disappointed actually, I could feel them, all excited behind my shirt. I looked at his mouth.

"Clover Moffatt, he said. I am concerned about your nipples."

I stared. "I'm sorry sir."

"They seem to be sticking out. Have they been sucked?"

"But..." I wasn't sure what to say. He knew he'd sucked them till I'd screamed with pleasure. He knew I wanted him to suck them again. What was I supposed to say? I thought I should be bold. I opened my shirt, popped my breasts out of my bra so they stood forwards.

"There they are sir. You sucked them yourself."

"Has someone been sucking them lately Clover?"

"No sir, they're just a bit... hot."

Suddenly he had me, both arms in a half Nelson, and I saw there was a big bowl of ice cubes on his desk.

He scooped a handful and rubbed it over my left breast, gripping my left nipple. The ice melted on the skin. My breast was cold. It was gorgeous.

"This should soothe it nicely," he said.

I didn't feel soothed. Between my legs was really wet.

"Is that nice Charlie? Is there something you wanted?"

I nodded. There was no point pretending.

He tweaked the nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb and started to eat the ice cream off me, licking it away from all over my breast, edging towards the nipple, bit by bit. I could feel his other hand on my inner thigh, could feel his finger edging inside my pants. I groaned. I couldn't help it. It was his tongue on me.

"Beg, Charlie"

"I'm sorry, sir?"

"Beg me to do what you want."

"Suck them, " I said desperately. "Please sir."


"Because I love it when you suck them."

"What will you do if I suck them?"

"What do you mean sir?"

"My best friend Cyril wants to play. You met Cyril last time."

He sucked his finger and slipped it over my clit. It was wet and warm. "I can suck those tits of yours till you beg for Cyril"

My clit grew like magic. And I swallowed. "Please sir, suck them."

"You know what you have to do Charlie."

I remembered the enormous cock. Cyril. "No sir."

"We'll see. Charlie. You can have a sample. Then we can agree about Cyril."


He turned me round, laid me on the floor.

My nipples reached out like semaphore. For a moment he was poised over one of them. Then he sucked.

Christ that man was good. In later years, when I was a big success, I paid men to come in once a week to suck them for an hour. Some of them had to suck me for hours before I came, he could do it in minutes.

I was lost in it, the feeling, the sucking. So lost I hardly noticed his finger starting to rub my clit. I hadn't asked for it but I didn't care. He was sucking, chewing, kneading, and he was making me beg.

"Oh god sir, please sir, suck me sir, do it to me sir, I love that. Suck me harder. Feel my clit sir, oh that's good." I could tell he loved me talking dirty and I was good at it. I'd do it as long as he'd suck me. My cum was building up and building up.

He was clever. He held me on the edge like a pro. Every ten seconds I had to say "suck me sir, suck me some more," and as long as I did that he carried on. My clit had been getting bigger and bigger but now it was waiting. It didn't know what he'd do.

He took his mouth off my tit and pinched my clit hard.

"Beg for him, Clover Moffatt. Beg for Cyril."

I shook my head. "Please sir just suck them. I love it when you suck them. You're so good. Suck me more like that. Suck me and rub me and I'll do whatever you want."

I didn't want Cyril but if that was what it took...

And then his mouth was off me, and instead there was a finger and thumb pinching each of my nipples, pulling them out and kneading them like playdoh, hard and rough and on the edge of pain. I wriggled but I couldn't move, and he pushed my legs up and moved my pants aside.

My clit. He had found it with his tongue. His tongue was on my clit, in my cunt, prying, prodding, licking. He knew it like he knew my nipples.

I twisted, to try to stop it. If this carried on I'd be begging for Cyril to fuck me. I'd be a slut again. I mustn't. I must control myself. Already the thought of that huge, ugly purple organ was becoming dirtily exciting. Already I wanted to suck it. The kneading fingers on my breasts kept going, and excited my round swollen traitorous clit even further.

"Beg for Cyril, Charlie. Beg."

Oh God I was horny. I thought of that vast purple cock, so ugly and dripping, and I wanted it thrusting into my hands, my mouth, I wanted to worship it and lust after it and play with it and suck on it...I'd lost control. I didn't care.

"Please Sir. Let me suck Cyril. I want to suck Cyril."

"What will you do?"

"Anything sir. I'll lick the shaft and suck the end and stroke him and rub him and do whatever you want."

"We'll see little Charlie. Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to suck your juicy hot clit till you beg Cyril to fuck your mouth. Sucking Cyril will be all you ever want."

Then he sucked my clit in between his teeth.

It was like an electric shock. I shrieked.

He pulled off at once.

"Do it again sir. Oh God please."

He sucked again, then he licked twice, three times, side to side, and then he took the whole of the front of my cunny into his mouth.

It was gorgeous.

It was the best feeling I had ever felt.

He licked. Twice, and I moaned. Then he sucked hard again, throbbingly, ten times in a minute. I wanted to come. It was building up. Sucking and licking and sucking and licking. My clit was on fire.

Then he was off me again.

"That's it Clover till you prove it."

I was in the cold. The sucking, the licking, the nipples. I was on the edge of coming, it was hovering there like a bumblebee.

"Please sir I want Cyril."

It was there in front of me again, that gross purple cock. It was still only the second one I'd seen, after I'd eaten off Henry's, but now I wanted to suck it. I wanted to lick it and suck it and chew it and own it. I opened my mouth and let it in.

It was big. He pushed it in so far it touched the back of my throat. Then he stayed still. I could feel the shaft of it, the skin that covered the top pushing back. I thought of Henry's fine slim cock. This one was fat, huge. It was horrible but I lusted for it.

I could hear his voice from down near my cunt.

"Now Clover Moffatt, you lick and you suck and you chew, and you prove to me you love Cyril more than anything you've every sucked, but you keep your teeth away."

"Mmmm, mmmm "

I let him push it into my mouth, in and out. His lips were back on my clit sucking and chewing, and they were all I could think of. He was sucking on it like it was a sweetshop, feeding on me as if I was just bait. I could feel him gobbling and gumming and muttering into my clit and my lips. playing with them, flapping and them, chewing and noshing and sucking.

He could feed on me forever, I was limp, I was ready, I was his.

I could feel him starting to shudder. He was pumping it into my mouth now, and I was choking on the fatness, the hugeness of Cyril, but I didn't care, he had the whole of my cunny in his mouth and his tongue was stroking it and his teeth were chewing it. Cyril was gorgeous. Cyril was the thing I worshipped. Cyril, his giant purple cock, was the loveliest thing I had ever tasted.

I moaned

He pulled out of my mouth for a second. "Beg."

"Cyril let me suck you. Please come back into my mouth."

"You'll suck him every day? Every day?"

"Oh yes Sir, please sir, every day, I swear on my life. Every day you want me to, every day."

Cyril filled my mouth again, bigger and hotter than ever before, and Professor Jones was seeking out the back of my throat with him, rubbing and banging him into me as if he needed to break me. It was hot and hard and I loved it, and his mouth was chewing at me as if I was his favourite sweet,...

It was building up. Building up, building up. I sucked on his cock for all I was worth and then I exploded like a volcano again.

And I bit him in my shock and ecstasy.

"Christ Almighty!"

He pulled out of me, leaning over me. He must just have been about to come - but I'd hurt him.

I couldn't focus. I was still throbbing from his mouth on me. I moaned and came again.

"You little shit," he said. "Lick him clean."

My clit died a death.

Cyril hung above me, purple and unhappy. I was so ashamed. It was horrible. I had sucked his thing and I had wanted to, and now I had come and I didn't want to do it any more.

"Lick Cyril better," he said. "Cyril wants a good sucking. Cyril isn't finished. Cyril wants to start again."

He took my hands and he showed me what to do. He had me put my hands on the shaft, below my mouth, and slide them down and up ahead of me. He had me pull the foreskin back, and up again. He had me lick and run my teeth gently.

And all the time I hated it. Now my clit had collapsed I was so ashamed that I had begged to do this. So ashamed. I was a slut.

I worked on Cyril like he wanted, kneeling in front of him like a slave girl, sucking and licking and rubbing.

It took ages. Cyril was soft at first. It took a while for him to really harden up, but he did. And I rubbed and lucked and licked and rubbed. I changed rhythm and I moaned and when he told me to I reached down and I felt his balls and pushed my finger into his anus, firmly, as if I was doing sex on him instead of the other way round.

He loved it, the anus thing, he had me rub my finger round and round it whilst I sucked Cyril, and at once point he stopped and got this candle and I had to slide it in and out of him whilst I sucked. And at some point he reached down and pinched my clit and it got all fat and hot again.

That's when I knew that the minute they touched my clit I would turn into this total slut. I knew I was going to go for it, not matter how shameful. I was being punished, I was a bad girl. I was doing as I was told, and I was shameful I loved it, and the dirtier it got the more I loved it. Oh God I wanted to suck it. I was back. Cyril was my God. God I was dirty. I was filthy. I was sucking cock like my life depended on it, sucking and licking and chewing and rubbing.

Eventually he was moaning and sighing, and the power of it had turned me on. I was all over him, hungry like a dog. I was sucking Cyril, sucking Jed's hairy balls, licking round his anus, poking my tongue in there, then sucking, sucking, sucking. At one point he put a handful of ice cream on Cyril and I licked it out of every crack, poking my tongue in to get it out. God I was mad for it. I was mad for Cyril. Mad for that huge ugly cock.

I should have let him fuck me, it might have stopped me, but I guess I was so frustrated then, and so determined. I was at it for over an hour. Every time he nearly came I squeezed the bottom of the shaft, where he showed me, and I started it again. I wanted to suck Cyril forever. I rammed the candle into him. I sat on his face and ground him into my clit till it throbbed and begged for more. But really I wanted the cock, just the cock. I was drunk on the power to worship this huge purple cock. Then the balls again, then the cock. I sucked and rubbed and rammed him into my throat, harder and forcefully, and every time he nearly came I slowed him up. He was groaning and sighing and every so often he just reached down and yanked on my tits, and I was just hotter than a pot roast.

Eventually he couldn't take it any longer. Pushing and grunting he made me kneel in front of him and then he grabbed my head and rammed me back and forth over Cyril. He was fucking my mouth. He was using me as a tool for masturbation. You little slut, he kept saying, you dirty little slut, yes, that's it, fuck Cyril, fuck Cyril. You'll suck Cyril every day you're at this college. Every day, you hear me?

And I moaned and begged because I thought that's what I wanted, I was so aroused, so ready, and he was pushing hard against my throat till Cyril jerked and spurted into me. he spurted and spurted and spurted, thrusting so hard I almost gagged on the cum deep in my throat. But it was hot and salty and good, and I LOVED it. And I heard him say, "you swallow every drop, Clover Moffatt, every drop."

And as he said it Cyril deflated into a limp purple thing, and he had me suck Cyril for a whole ten minutes whilst he squeezed my nipples and sucked my clit and I exploded over and over again, wildly aroused and ashamed. Wanting to suck him and harden him all over again. And after I'd sucked for maybe half an hour Cyril spurted into my mouth again and he rubbed his cum into my tits.

After that he called for me most days. The first time he showed me the film he'd shot when I went mad for Cyril and sucked him like he was my supper. He told me he'd put it online unless I did penance, and I believed him.

Penance was sucking Cyril. I'd promised it and I loved it. I loved the dominance and the humiliation. I loved the fact that he liked to see my breasts trussed up so that my nipples screamed to be touched. Sometimes he handcuffed me and fucked my face. I had to suck him at least once a day, but often two or three times. I had to kneel at his feet with Cyril in my mouth whilst he made phone calls and organised lectures. He liked me to have Cyril in his mouth when Cyril was down and floppy, liked me to lick him awake. Every so often Cyril would swell up and want to come, and I had to swallow it every time, and then I had to thank him. Once he was ramming himself into my mouth whilst he talked to my Dad on the phone.

It was all revenge, I know it now revenge for that first time when I'd refuse to lick him. He was going to make sure that I licked him until it was all I knew. He never tried anything else. I asked him once to fuck me, to get it over with, and he said you must be joking. The day you get fucked you'll only be half as horny. You keep sucking my cock.

I was sucking it when he did my reference for my first job. She swallows everything I give her, he said, and he laughed. When she gets into her rhythm she can really produce results.

And that's how I came to hate Jed but love his huge cock with a love that could never be satisfied enough. So would you, if you'd been humiliated like that. Every time he tweaked my breasts I was his. Every time he tweaked my breasts I thought Cyril was a God. Every time his lips were on me I exploded with lust for that fat purple cock and sucked it till it exploded.

I can't get away from it. Every time I think I've found a beautiful lover and they touch my breasts, I can't stop myself. I attack their cocks as if they're going out of fashion. Hours of it. They think christmas has come till it's over, then they think what sort of a slut is she, she sucked my dick all night like I was Thanksgiving feast. She talks dirtier than a ten-dollar whore. They never call twice, but they tell all their friends about me, the virgin whore who loves cocks. I'm hornier than the horniest man in the world. I suck cocks whenever I can get them. And I call them all Cyril.

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