tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of Eros Ch. 01

The Adventures of Eros Ch. 01


A high school senior gets a naughty blessing from Aphrodite.


"Come to me, sweetheart. Are you afraid of me? I don't look scary, do I?"

"N-no. Just stay away from me."

The gorgeous sex goddess sitting on the edge of my bed twirled a strand of her black hair around a finger and winked at me. Suddenly, all I could do was stare at her body and drool at the sight.

She had the most beautiful face I had seen in my entire life. Her porcelain smooth skin and small plump lips made it difficult to resist kissing her.

My eyes strayed downwards towards her perfectly shaped breasts. The thin white cloth clung onto her skin and proudly showed off her protruding nipples. The dress covered not more than half of her butt and her fleshy thighs were completely exposed.

My behaviour has never been this perverted. I wanted to touch her and pleasure her. I wanted to drag her on the bed and play with her. That was all I could think of at the moment.

I came back to my senses when she giggled and pointed towards my boxers. I had a raging hard on.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry!" I quickly grabbed a pillow to cover myself. I had never been so out of control.

"Don't be embarrassed. I get that reaction quite often and thoroughly enjoy it. I bet you have a lot of questions right now."

"Yes. Who the fuck are you? What are you doing in my bedroom in the middle of the night? Why are you in that kind of clothing? You know what? Just get out."

"So many questions. Get comfortable because all that explaining is going to take a while." She started crawling towards me as I stared at her hanging breasts. Before I could process the entire situation, she threw away the pillow and sat down on my lap.

I tried to push her away and yell at her but my body wouldn't take my orders. I couldn't move.

"Stop struggling, cutie. I am a goddess and I am going to make you do whatever I want." She smiled sweetly at me.

My hands started moving without my consent. They raised themselves and rested on her shoulders. Meanwhile, my boner was getting harder and the panic was clear in my eyes.

My fingers started pushing down the straps of her dress. I couldn't help envision what I was going to see and my fingers started trembling.

Completely pulling down her dress would have been bad enough but she had other plans for me. My hands moved towards the middle and my fingers rested against her cleavage. In a quick motion, I tore it open and started groping her breasts.

She started moaning and humping me. Soon I realized that she had withdrawn her powers. She no longer controlled me but I didn't stop. I wanted her to not come back to her senses for as long as possible. I wanted her to keep rubbing her bare pussy against my crotch. So I decided to play with her myself because that was what she wanted anyway.

I stopped groping her breasts and instead pinched her nipples. Her moaning made the experience even better. I was pleasuring her. I was playing with her.

She pulled my head towards herself and I instinctively started sucking on her nipple. The skin on her chest was flushed and I could feel the moisture on my boxers.

But this was not enough...

As if reading my mind, she turned around and raised her butt in the air, inches away from my face, and looked at me with puppy eyes. All those wet dreams of mine were finally coming true.

Her pink pussy was dripping wet. I placed my palm on it and rubbed it gently as she encouraged me with a helpless whimper. I pinched her clit and tasted her liquid. It was warm and sweet. The smell turned me on even more and I hungrily drank her juices.

She started clawing on my bed sheets as it got more intense. Finally, I could see her trying to move away but, I was nowhere near satisfied. I firmly held her thighs and smashed her swollen pussy against my tongue.

"Ah! Stop it!" She desperately tried to get out of my hold. She could if she truly wanted to but she didn't. Her reluctance and my increasingly apparent dominance over her turned me on even more.

"You started this and I will finish this." I pressed a thumb on her clit and massaged it while lapping away on her pussy. Now she was screaming at the top of her voice but honestly, I didn't care even if my parents caught us. I rubbed her faster and faster until her pussy throbbed and flooded in my mouth.

She lied on her stomach with her hips on my lap, still heaving from the effect of her orgasm. Her torn dress draped around her small waist and her legs were still spread wide apart. I was still completely turned on but still somewhat satisfied with making her cum.

Her appearance magically returned to its original state and she sat on the window sill, calm and composed.

"I never expected this from a boy like you."

"I still need my answers." I replied with a cocky grin.

"You want to know why I came here?"


"Well...I was peeking through windows and your body caught my attention. Just my type, if you know what I mean. A tall, lean body with just enough muscle, a pretty face and a strong..."

"Wait. Why were you peeking inside my bedroom? And who are you?"

"I am Aphrodite. Not the original one from mythology, of course. I was named Aphrodite and you can think of me as a...fairy, I guess? I have the powers of controlling people's sexual desires. Every now and then, I look for people having wet dreams and give them an experience of a lifetime. Just for fun."

She crossed her legs seductively and adjusted the straps of her dress before continuing, "I was expecting you to be timid and came here with a mood for some soft sex. But you held me down and made me cum. The spontaneity of the situation got me dripping wet. I am very impressed, I must say."

"I'm sorry but I can't believe this non-sense." A gorgeous, barely-dressed, sex-hungry 'fairy' who was impressed with my skill of making girls orgasm was way too good to be true. "I did enjoy this but you need to leave this house before I report you for stalking me."

"Oh my, how sad! You don't believe me?" A mischievous smirk played on her lips. "Nevertheless, I want to reward you. It will also clear up any suspicions you have regarding me."

She tiptoed across the room and wrapped her soft arms around my neck as she proceeded to kiss me on my lips. I felt her breasts touching my chest while her tongue grazed my lips. Before I could kiss her deeply, she pulled away and returned to the window.

"That should do the work. You will be my source of entertainment for this week."

"W-what are you talking about?" I pretended to be indifferent although the kiss had got me totally flustered.

"If you think about any human, you have directly interacted with in real life, while jerking off, that person is going to be insanely aroused and uncontrollably attracted to you whenever you are around them or whenever they think about you. Any sexual activity with you is going to be a thousand times more pleasurable for them. Basically, you can have any girl, or boy, you want. But only for a week. So use your time wisely."

"Stop talking bullshit!" I could feel goosebumps on my skin as I already started imagining the possible scenarios. "Even if what you said was true, why would I do something like that?"

"Please don't disappoint me, cutie. I have very high hopes. I will be following you around and watching you. I will hide my presence so don't worry about that. Keep me entertained and I might extend your reward for another week."

What is wrong with this girl? How could I even believe her for a second? What is she even talking about?

"Listen, Noah. Even if you don't believe me now, please try it for once. If it doesn't work, no harm done anyway." She walked over to me and pulled my cheek, making me feel like a kid. I pushed her hand away.

"All right, I need to leave now. See you soon, cutie." Saying that she jumped out of my window.

"Are you crazy? What the fuck?" I rushed to my window to see if she was okay, or rather, if she was still alive. But she was nowhere to be seen.

I rubbed my eyes groggily as I tried to distinguish between dreams and reality.

I need to cut down on my porn.

Halfway to the school, it had started raining. I hate umbrellas. So I decided to make a run for it.

Considering the other days, I was relatively dry when I reached school. I was drying off my short messed-up hair with the spare towel in front of my locker when I saw her walk past me.


She was wearing her favorite oversized t-shirt with shorts and cute rain boots. Her glasses rested low on the bridge of her nose as she intently read something on her phone, a subtle smile on her lips. Her slightly wet clothes were stuck onto her back, making her bra visible.

"Hey, Noah! What's up?" She turned around, suddenly noticing my presence.

"What?" I tried to feign indifference. Much to my utter horror, the tone of my voice was very rude. High level bitchy rude. She glared at me for a couple of seconds before shaking her head.

"And people wonder why you don't have a girlfriend. You're communication skills belong to an original asshole."

She quickly turned around and went on her way.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I have to be such a jerk around her?

I slammed my head against the locker door and remembered my dream once again. Any human I have interacted with in real life? Really? I continued day dreaming until I realized that I had forgotten about class.

I rushed through the corridors almost losing my balance twice on the way. As I turned around a corner, I came crashing down, bringing another person down with me.

Miss Sarah lied under me, completely squashed by my weight. My chin rested between her breasts and we both stared at each other's face wide-eyed, trying to understand what just happened.

Within a split second I jumped backwards and started apologizing profusely. As she lied there motionless with a strange look on her face, I couldn't help notice how her skirt had rode up a little too high on her thighs. Her misplaced top showed a generous amount of her flat stomach.

She quickly regained her composure and stood up. I picked up her files while she straightened her clothes.

"I'm so sorry, Miss Sarah. Are you all right?" The awkward landing position made it even more necessary for me to apologize sincerely.

"Oh, I'm fine. It was an accident so stop apologizing. You're not hurt either, right?"


"Good. Now get going. And don't run in the corridors."

No matter how hard I tried to take my mind off of it, I kept thinking about my little encounter with Miss Sarah. She was the hottest and youngest teacher at our school, probably just a few years older than us. Every guy had a thing for her.

My taste in women was a lot different. But even so, the contrast of her cheeky outfits against her demure personality made her incredibly attractive.

The recurring image of her breasts being so close to my face and the feel of her softness against my cheek managed to get me visibly aroused. I needed to revert to normal since my next class would be with Kiera.

I rushed to the washroom as soon as the class was over. I knew it wouldn't take long to relieve myself but the memories of my dream made me hesitate. It was just an vivid wet dream but after getting aroused, I started wishing that my dream came true.

Suddenly, the door of my cubicle started rattling and I could hear the sound of glass shattering.

"Holy shit! Let's get out of here."

"Come on. Quick!"

Two boys shuffled out of the washroom. The storm was getting wilder and the washroom window had broken.

The lights started flickering and a girl could be heard shrieking briefly in the distance. All of this felt unusually ominous although it wasn't that rare in our town. But the windows weren't so fragile that they would break in a storm.

Ignoring the evacuation alarms ringing in my mind, I decided to quickly finish what I had started. But before I could continue, the same girl from the dream I had last night appeared in front of me, leaving me terrified and speechless.

"Miss me, Noah?"

Just like in my dream, I was unable to utter a single word. My hands were trembling and a shiver ran down my spine. The girl was floating in the air, the wind dramatically blowing her dress and letting me see her private parts.

I could feel my face heating up. She wasn't scary at all. She was beautiful. Similar to what I had thought in my dream, she was even more beautiful than Kira.

Her wild black hair cascaded down her bare shoulders, caressing her ample bosom. Her flimsy nightgown barely covered her body. I couldn't believe my luck; encounters with two gorgeous women and it wasn't even noon.

But then it occurred to me that I should start thinking with my brains. Is she a ghost? Am I dreaming again?

"No, this is real. I am real. You are awake. It was not a dream. I really did bless you."

She extended a hand forward to flick my forehead.

"Stop ogling me. We already had enough fun yesterday. I was planning to watch you secretly but since you chose a teacher, I realized that maybe you still don't believe in my existence."

"Of course, if this was your intention from the beginning ignore my warning. I will be entertained either way." Pausing briefly, she squealed in a high pitched voice, "Oh my, I'm so sorry. You can speak now."

With that, I felt as if I could breathe after a long time. I dramatically sank down onto my knees, not believing my luck once again.

"I apologize for the interruption. Please let me help." Her body gracefully morphed into that of Miss Sarah's but the clothes remained the same.

"I am still Aphrodite but I guess this would help you climax faster." She was still floating in the air when she slowly spread her knees and started touching herself. She played with her swollen pussy lips and slid two fingers into her dripping wet hole. The storm outside continued while Miss Sarah's body and I had a session of mutual masturbation in the small cubicle.

Everything I could simply imagine earlier, was presented before me in flesh. That was the fastest masturbation session of my life.

"Looking forward to your adventures, my dear Eros," she whispered into my ear and vanished.

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by Anonymous

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by luedon05/17/18

If English is a second (or beyond) language to you, Sazaria

There are quite a few Literotica authors who have English as their only language who could take lessons from you. Any editor you choose won't have a difficult job.


Ps: Your biog page is rathermore...

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Thank you

Thank you for the positive reviews. I will add new chapters soon. I appreciate the grammar suggestions. English is not my first language and I will probably get an editor for the next chapter.

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by luedon05/16/18

An interesting little fantasy

Aphrodite is such a generous goddess.

I thought this was a well-written little fantasy and this chapter was a good beginning. I look forward to what comes next with our young Eros.


Ps: If Kira/Kieramore...

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by Eloquentman05/16/18

Brilliant premise

Wonderful idea, the only criticism is that it’s a little short. Hope to see more of this soon.

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