tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of Futa-Girl 01

The Adventures of Futa-Girl 01


Hillary Trenton, a young, blue-eyed buxom blonde, was archaeology's fastest-rising star. A recent big find of a previously unknown species of dinosaur had catapulted the young archaeologist to public recognition (rare in her field) and, of course, money. Hillary was already set for life, a combination of TV appearances, book deals, and of course profit from selling the completed fossil to the highest-bidding museum, had set her for life. However, one doesn't get into archaeology for the money, and with the help of a generous grant from Gammaville Mayor Jacqueline Rothstein, who was a big fan of her work, Hillary had a fully-loaded science lab on the edge of town that would suit her science needs for years to come. Today was another big moment in Hillary's life, only she didn't know just how big it was going to be...

"Working on a new dig, Hillary?" asked Sue Christensen, a researcher working in the science lab that Hillary also worked in. Sue was known around the lab as a jack-of-all-trades, proficient in many areas of science and mathematics, as well as an inventor extraordinaire, and Hillary's best friend. Sue had long, straight raven hair, black eyes, DD-cup breasts and a pale complexion. Sue always wore a form-fitting white labcoat that showed off her figure more than an ordinary labcoat.

"Yeah, I saw some funky rocks a couple hours north of here when I was just cruising around a while back," Hillary replied. "They're probably just really old igneous rocks that got pushed to the surface, but you never know!"

"Good luck," Sue said.

"So what's this?" Hillary asked, motioning to a large machine that had recently been constructed in the lab. "Another one of your inventions?"

"Yes, it's a gamma ray scanner," Sue replied. "Basically, this machine bombards a target with gamma rays in order to get a deep, penetrating scan. I'm still calibrating it, though."

"All right, well I won't distract you anymore," Hillary said, heading for the door. "I've got some rocks to look at!"

Hillary left, getting a brief glimpse at the large, complex gamma ray scanner. Little did the blonde bombshell know that this machine would soon change her life forever...

After a few hours of driving, Hillary arrived at the site. It seemed like a normal field, but with a large, scorched crater in the middle. As Hillary got out of her car and approached the crater, she already knew that there weren't any dinosaur bones to find here.

Jet-black rocks were strewn all over the crater. Now that Hillary could get a closer glimpse at them, she wasn't so sure that they were rocks at all. They were far too homogenous to be rocks.

Interesting, Hillary thought to herself. It appears as if these are all pure mineral bodies or, possibly, an artificial compound. Extraterrestrial origin, perhaps?

Hillary collected a few samples, some small, some larger than her head (and heavy as hell!), loaded them in her car and headed back to the lab. When she arrived there a few hours later, she saw that Sue was still working on the gamma ray scanner.

"Hey, Sue," Hillary began to ask.

"Yeah?" Sue said, not looking up from her calibrations of the cutting-edge device.

"Is the gamma ray scanner working?" Hillary asked.

"No, not yet," Sue replied. "It's not fully calibrated, but it will be in a second. And.....done! It's ready!"

"I got some samples from the site I was telling you about," Hillary said, pulling out a sample about the size of a football. "I can't make heads or tails of it. Do you think we could gamma scan it or whatever?"

"Hmm," Sue said, taking the sample and looking it over. "I don't see why not! It would be a good first test to see if this thing will actually work."

Sue put the sample on a little stool and began working the gamma ray scanner's controls. An aperture opened and the machine whirred to life, the whole construct shaking slightly. This continued for about a minute before Sue shut it off, grumbling.

"Weird," she said dejectedly. "The gamma rays aren't penetrating it for some reason."

"Oh well," Hillary replied, reaching to pick up the sample.

"It's still hot! Don't-"

Hillary grabbed the sample with both hands, looking puzzlingly at Sue. "Doesn't feel hot to me," she shrugged.

"No, Hillary, I meant hot as in irradiated! Put it down, quickly!" Sue shouted in desperation. Hillary quickly put the sample back on the stool.

"Is this bad?" Hillary asked, more than a little nervous at potentially becoming irradiated herself.

"Come here, quickly," Sue said, taking Hillary to another device, what appeared to be a beefed-up Geiger counter. "This will see how much gamma radiation got into your system. Hopefully, you didn't get exposed too badly and no long-term effects will occur."

Sue plugged a wand-like device into the gamma ray scanner and proceeded to wave it over Hillary's body, starting at Hillary's head and slowly moving down. As Sue moved the wand down Hillary's body, the machine began beeping and clicking with increasing urgency. As Sue passed the wand over Hillary's crotch, the machine sounded like it was about to break down from overstimulation, and as Sue continued moving the wand downward, the machine seemed to settle down. Puzzled, Sue moved the wand back to Hillary's crotch, and was met with an insane reaction from the scanner. Moving the wand to Hillary's feet, Sue heard not a peep from the machine.

"Umm, Hillary, if you could...take your pants off? It seems that...err, well, it seems that all the gamma radiation is concentrated in your crotch."

"Sure!" Hillary replied. She wasn't ashamed about her body, and besides, she was heavily irradiated, so she understood the implications. Hillary disrobed, her clean-shaven pussy exposed to Sue, who began to directly scan Hillary's bare crotch. To Sue's surprise, the machine slowly began to quiet down the more she scanned Hillary.

"Is it going away?" Hillary asked.

"I...I guess? I've never seen gamma radiation act like this before," Sue said, puzzled. "I suppose you're fine, because I'm not getting anything more than a background reading now."

Hillary began to pull her pants back up. "I guess that's th-" suddenly, Hillary's eyes went wide.

"What's the matter?" Sue asked.

"I-I don't know," Hillary stammered. "M-my crotch is burning up!"

Sue looked down and gasped in surprise. "Hillary!" she exclaimed. "Your clit is moving!"

Hillary looked down and sure enough, her clit was visibly throbbing. Reaching down to touch it, lightning raced through Hillary's body as soon as her hands made contact with her screaming clitoris. Hillary arched her back and moaned hard as she touched her clit.

"It feels so good!" Hillary moaned. "It feels-"

"Oh my god, it's growing!" Sue yelped. Hillary could feel her clit began to push outward, growing in her hand as she stroked it, juices flowing from her pussy as she did so. A strong pushing sensation emanated from Hillary's clit as it grew in both length and thickness, slowly changing color to match her skin tone. Hillary continued to stroke her growing appendage, moaning, her eyes closed as it began to take a very distinct shape, a hole appearing at the tip.

"Oh god...it feels so good!" Hillary moaned. "I've never felt anything like this before!"

"Hillary, this is..." Sue trailed off, unable to look away from Hillary's transformed appendage.

"Oh fuck! S-something's coming out!" Hillary screamed, both hands flying up and down her new addition. "Oh god!"

Thick, white ribbons erupted from the tip, Sue barely getting out of the way in time as Hillary moaned in pleasure, ropes of white, sticky stuff shooting onto the floor with a wet splat. "This feels so good!" Hillary moaned. "It's shooting so much!" Hillary continued to ride her orgasm, stroking as much spunk out as she could.

"Oh my god, that was..." Hillary moaned, slowly coming back to reality.

"Hillary, that's...that's a dick!"

Opening her eyes, Hillary looked down at the object she had been so pleasurably rubbing not a minute earlier. "Oh my god! You're right! I have...I have a penis! This...this is..."

Hillary suddenly felt her knees buckle, the young blonde fainting at the realization of what had happened to her.


Hillary awoke inside a large machine that encased her entire body from the chest down.

"What the...?" Hillary started to ask, before seeing her friend, Sue Christensen, standing nearby, looking at a monitor. "Sue, what's going on?"

"Oh, you're awake," Sue idly responded. Shaking her head, Sue turned to her friend. "While you were passed out, I put you inside a hi-def body scanner of my own design. I must say, what I'm seeing doesn't make any sense. At first I thought the machine was broken, but upon further inspection, it's not, and what I'm seeing is real."

"What are you seeing?" Hillary asked. "And can you get me out of here?"

"Oh, sure," Sue replied, pressing a button on a control panel, causing the machine spit Hillary out on a tray. Once she was free from the machine, Hillary went over to where Sue was.

"See this?" Sue said, pointing to an image on the screen. "This is your body." Hillary saw a silhouette of the female form, with many different-colored blobs inside. Hillary saw a large appendage hanging between the legs of the silhouette, and looking down, remembered that her growing a penis wasn't a dream, it was real.

"Of course, there's your new cock," Sue said. "After you were passed out, I measured you, and erect, you're exactly fourteen inches long. Nice and thick, too. Flaccid, it's about five."

"So I'm a guy now?" Hillary asked.

"Oh no, you still have your vagina, as well as all of your female reproductive organs. The only thing that's different is that your clit is now a penis. However, do you see this?" Sue pointed to a greenish-blue blob located at the base of Hillary's penis on the screen. "That's not supposed to be there."

"What is it?"

"Heck if I know. It doesn't match anything I've ever seen before, in human or animal biology. All I can figure out is that it's connected to your penis. My guess is that it produces semen, although given how much you shot before you passed out, it would have to be way bigger to hold that much. As far as I can tell, that organ produces semen more or less instantly on demand."

"What does that mean?" Hillary asked.

"Basically, it means you can cum as much as you want, with a refractory period that is measured in seconds, if at all, as far as I can tell. Interestingly, the semen that is produced does not match human semen, so I think there's no risk of pregnancy. But those aren't the only changes your body has gone through."


"See your muscles?" Sue said, pointing to one of Hillary's arms on the screen. "These muscles are many times denser than they should be. Here's a comparison shot with my own arm."

Sue typed out a command on a keyboard and on the screen, a side-by-side comparison of scanned images of Hillary's arm and Sue's arm appeared. Hillary's arm contained a much darker mass of muscle.

"By my calculations, you're at least 50 times stronger than an ordinary human," Sue said. "Possibly more. Also, when I first began my tests, I tried to take a blood sample, but the needle just broke on your skin, so you have super toughness as well."

"Do you think it's because of the gamma radiation from that weird rock?" Hillary asked.

"I can't think of any other explanation."

"So, I'm a girl, but I have a cock now, a huge one at that, and I have superhuman strength..." Hillary mused, contemplating her recent changes.

"I haven't figured out a way to change you back, but I'm working on it, don't worry," Sue said.

"Why would I want to be changed back? This is awesome!" Hillary exclaimed, much to Sue's surprise. "I mean, the penis might take some getting used to, but now I'm super strong!" To illustrate her point, Hillary easily hefted the giant scanning machine above her head. "This is so cool!"

"Hillary, put that down, it's very expensive!"

"Oh, fine." Hillary gingerly put the scanner back in its original place.

"You...you just want to stay that way?" Sue asked, finding herself unable to not steal a glance at Hillary's swaying, flaccid member.

"Yeah! Just think of what I could do! The world's first super-strong archaeologist!" Hillary exclaimed. "It'll be so cool! Man, just thinking about the possibilities of my new powers makes me feel like I'm floating!"

"Uhh, Hillary? You're floating."

"Yeah, that's what it feels like!"

"No, I mean, you really are floating. Look down."

Hillary looked down and was shocked to see that she was hovering a few feet above the ground. "I can fly? I can fly!" Overjoyed, Hillary immediately began flying circles around the room, her cock instinctively flattening against her stomach. All this power was starting to make Hillary horny, and her cock began to harden. Touching down, Hillary looked at her now-engorged member. "Shit, it's hard!"

Looking down on her hard cock, Hillary moved her hands to grip the shaft. "I guess I've gotta take care of this now..."


Hillary looked to Sue, who had just stopped her.

"T-this would be a good time for me to get some hands-on research, to try and better figure out how your cock works," Sue said, blushing slightly. "Let me."

Hillary moved her hands away from her cock as Sue got on her knees in front of the archaeologist. "Wow, it's so big..." Sue marveled. "It's even bigger up close!" Gingerly, Sue wrapped a hand around Hillary's thick shaft.

"Ah..." Hillary gasped, her cock throbbing at Sue's soft touch. Sue began stroking Hillary's cock.

"Oooh, your hand feels so good..." Hillary moaned, as her cock produced a dollop of precum, which Sue hastily worked into the shaft, both of her hands now running up and down Hillary's prick as her pace increased.

"Well, it certainly looks and feels like a real cock, albeit a whole lot larger, but let's see how it tastes," Sue said, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Sue, it's so big...can you even...aah..." Hillary gasped, Sue somehow managing to stuff the enormous tip of Hillary's penis into her mouth. "Emh...ahh...ohh...h-how is it even fitting in your mouth..." Hillary moaned. Sue could only moan, her mouth stuffed full of Hillary's cock.

"Oh, god, it feels so good..." Hillary moaned as Sue suckled on the tip of her throbbing cock. "Don't stop..."

Suddenly, Sue pulled Hillary's cock out of her mouth with a wet pop.

"W-why'd you pull it out?!?" Hillary asked indignantly, her cock angrily throbbing at being denied pleasure.

"Because," Sue replied, lying on her back, unbuttoning her labcoat, "I want to feel it inside me." As Sue disrobed, Hillary could see that, shockingly, Sue was totally naked underneath her labcoat. What's more, Sue's pussy was totally soaked!

"A-are you sure? My cock's so big...will it even fit?"

"Please, just try."

Hillary lined up the throbbing head of her prick with the entrance to Sue's moist pussy. "Okay...here goes nothing..."

Hillary began pushing her cock forward. At first she encountered heavy resistance, but eventually, her cock was able to slide right in to Sue's cunt like it wasn't impossibly thick.

"OH FUCK! IT'S SO BIG!!!" Sue screamed. "I'M CUMMING!!!"

Hillary wasn't but a few inches inside of Sue and already the scientist was cumming hard on her monster cock, her pussy squeezing hard on Hillary's junk, soaking it in fluids.

"You're cumming already?!?" Hillary moaned. "I don't think I can hold it in much longer!"

"Hillary, slam this huge fucking cock inside me!" Sue begged. "Fill me to the brim with your meat! I want to feel all of that hot fucking shaft!"

Hillary obliged, pushing her cock in with gusto, her super strength enabling her to make short work of Sue's internal defenses, the she-cocked blonde quickly hilting inside Sue, her massive cock somehow able to fit all the way inside Sue, the woman screaming underneath her as she came again and again.

"You're cumming nonstop!" Hillary moaned as Sue continued to thrash and scream underneath her. "Your pussy's so tight! I'm gonna cum!"

Hillary, in one last act, pulled her cock halfway out of Sue's spasming pussy before slamming it home again, the dickgirl moaning even harder as she felt an orgasm began to happen in her prick.

"Oh god! I'm gonna cum! I'm...I'm...I'M CUMMING!!!!!"

Hillary joined Sue in screaming as cum surged up her cock, exploding like a flesh volcano directly into Sue's womb, jet after jet of white-hot semen filling up the cummy scientist.

"Oh shit! This feels so fucking good!" Hillary screamed, thrusting her hips, fucking her cum deep into Sue's depths. "Your pussy is milking my cock!"

Hillary extricated her still-shooting cock from Sue's gooey cunt, her cock shooting a few more ropes of thick, sticky cum onto Sue's stomach and chest before finally relenting. Blinking, Hillary took a step back.

"Whoa, that took a lot out of me," Hillary said. "I feel...weaker."

Acting on a hunch, Hillary went to pick up the large scanning machine once more. With a bit of difficulty, she was able to get it over her head. "It was easier to lift this before," Hillary murmured. "Hey, Sue, are you all right?"

Sue could only reply with a moan, cum seeping out of her well-fucked pussy.

"Come on, I'll help you up," Hillary said, pulling Sue to her feet, the scientist staggering around in a daze.

"What a fuck," Sue gasped at last.

"Hey Sue, if you were looking for data to gather, it seems like when I cum I lose some of my strength," Hillary said. "I can already feel it returning, though. It's coming back slowly."

"Yeah...I guess that makes sense..." Sue said, breathlessly getting dressed, ignoring the cum still oozing from her pussy. "I suppose that strange organ uses your energy to produce cum."

"Man, this is so cool!" Hillary said, exhilarated. "I've got superpowers!"

"So what are you going to do with them?" Sue asked.


"You have all this great power...that great cock...what will you do with it?"


"It would probably be wise not to tell anybody else about this, at least for now," Sue said.

"Good idea," replied Hillary. "If I tell anyone else what's happened to me, I'd probably end up locked in some government bunker in the middle of nowhere, being experimented on for the rest of my life. But...I do feel like I should do something. I mean, there must have been a reason I got these gifts. But I can't think of a way to use my newfound powers without people finding out about them."

Sue snapped her fingers. "I've got it!" she exclaimed.

"What?" Hillary asked.

"I figured out a way for you to use your powers, for good, and not have to really risk anything!"

"Go on..."

"You could become...a superhero!"

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