tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Adventures of Jack and Jill Ch. 02

The Adventures of Jack and Jill Ch. 02


Jack said nothing, but just stared at Jill's torso, covered with his cum. Jill blushed deeply at the intensity of Jack's gaze, but made no attempt at covering herself.

Finally standing up, Jack reached down and untied the ropes around Jill's ankles. Reaching down, Jack took Jill's hand and helped her stand up. When Jill stood up, Jack knelt in front of her. When Jack reached to the button of her jeans, Jill said nothing, but bit her lip in expectation of what was about to happen.

Jack undid the button and pulled down the zipper of Jill's jeans, then put his fingers under the waistband of both her jeans and panties. It took a couple of tugs, but Jill's panties and jeans eventually slid down to her ankles. Without being asked, Jill stepped out of them, then waited under Jack's fervent gaze.

Jack lightly ran his fingertip up and down Jill's hips. Jill might be narrow hipped, but she still had a nicely rounded bottom and toned legs. What drew Jack's eyes, though, were the sparse blonde hairs covering Jill's nether lips, which were swollen and wet. Jack took one finger and drew it across Jill's pubic hairs, being careful not to touch her body. The delicate touch was more than Jill was used to. With a moan, Jill leaned forward, putting her right hand on top of Jack's head to support herself.

Jack chuckled, knowing that Jill's reaction meant that this night was going to be more fun than he had hoped. Standing up, Jack took Jill's hand. "Time to get us cleaned up." Jill allowed Jack to pull her to the bathroom, her eyes watching in amazement. The very few times that her husband Jim bedded her, he would come one time and then roll over and fall asleep, being spent for the night.

Jack ran the water in the shower until it was pleasantly warm, then stepped into the shower, pulling Jill in with him. The shower was basically a large box of frosted glass one stepped into, with a large shower head fixed on the wall and a detachable shower head on a hose. There was also a fold out seat in the corner, which presumably Jill's husband used.

Jack closed the shower door behind the two of them, and then picked up a bar of beauty skin care soap, which he presumed was Jill's. After holding the bar under the water, Jack began running the bar over Jill's chest. Jill thrust her chest forward, luxuriating in the gentleness in which Jack lathered her breasts.

Jack moved Jill so that she stood under the shower head, then stood behind her, pulling her back against himself so that he could rinse and massage her breasts. Jill could feel Jack's erection pushing between the cheeks of her bottom, but it actually turned her on. What aroused Jill even more was the feel of Jack's hands kneading and cupping her breast. She leaned back into Jack, covering his hands with her own to encourage him.

Jill actually moaned a small 'no' when Jack removed his hands, pushing her away. Jack just gently shushed her as he sat Jill down on the fold out seat, and then knelt between her knees. Jack placed his hands on the sides of Jill's breasts, letting his thumbs gently stroke Jill's nipples. Jill leaned back, enjoying the sensations that Jack's hands produced.

Jack removed his hands before leaning forward, taking one of Jill's breasts into his mouth. Jill cradled Jack's head, holding it to her chest, crooning in pleasure as Jack first savored one breast, then the other. Leaning back, Jack told Jill, "You have such a beautiful body. Beautiful breasts. Beautiful nipples. And other beautiful parts." Jack pressed his lips between Jill's breasts, and then began a trail of soft kisses down across her stomach and lower.

Jill's eyes grew wider as she thought to herself, Surely he's not going to kiss me th--"Oh!" Jack had indeed kissed Jill there, and Jill had nothing in her life to compare the sensation to. And it wasn't just a kiss. Jack was lazily drawing his tongue up and down her nether lips, and Jill found her hips bucking of their own volition, trying to press Jack's face into her crotch.

Jack needed no encouragement, however. Placing his hands on Jill's thighs, Jack continued lapping up her juices; the literal screech of pleasure that came from Jill's mouth when his tongue caressed her clit was music to his ears. It didn't long until Jill was screaming in pleasure, before having to push Jack's face away, so sensitive had she become between her legs.


Downstairs, Jill's orgasmic scream didn't go unnoticed. Zeke and Daryl chuckled, and then looked down at Jim LaRouche. "Looks like your wife doesn't mind paying off your debts that much, deadbeat."

Jim just sobbed in shame.


Jack and Jill had made their way to the bedroom, and Jill was again learning that pleasure in the bedroom was not just meant for the man. The only sexual position she had ever known was lying on her back, legs spread, waiting for Jim to get his business down so she could get his oppressive weight off the top of her and go to sleep.

With some initial reluctance, Jack had convinced Jill to straddle him, lowering herself onto his waiting erection. The initial sensation had been incredible. Jill just didn't know that she could feel as filled as she did with Jack inside of her. And being on top let her control everything.

Jack looked up at Jill, his hands on her hips, guiding and encouraging her. The way her mouth was half open and in a silly smile, her eyes closed, her breasts bouncing with every stroke up and down his erection, were just as exciting as the feel of her tightness on his erection. Jill's hands were just hanging by her side, so Jack decided to do something about that.

Taking Jill's hands in his, Jack placed them on her own breasts. "Play with yourself," Jack said, placing his own hands over hers, and then causing Jill to massage her own breasts. Jill needed no more encouragements, as her hands caressed her own breasts, occasionally gently pulling and twisting on her own nipples.

Jack lowered his hands to Jill's hips, increasing the pace of their lovemaking. Jill moaned in response, riding Jack faster. Jill's squeaks of pleasure started a chain reaction in Jack, as he felt the pleasure beginning to boil in his testicles. With one final grunt, Jack thrust upward into Jill, shooting load after load into her. That was enough to push Jill over the edge, as she had her second orgasm of the night. Jill milked Jack for everything he was worth, before finally releasing him.

Exhausted, Jill collapsed on Jack, her head pressed over his heart, her breasts resting on his stomach. The two just lay there, letting their breathing return to normal.

Finally, Jill hesitantly asked, "Jack?"

Jack had been lost in his own post-glow thoughts, as he lazily stroked Jill's hair. "Hmmmm?"

"I--I don't want to stay here, Jack. This--it's not a good place, Jack. I want to go with you."

Jack was stunned by this request. He remained silent for a few minutes, before he said, "Listen, Jill..."

Jill propped herself up on her arms, her large breasts now hanging enticingly above Jack's stomach for his eyes. The sight made Jack's cock twitch, as it began to come to life again.

"Jack, please. I'll do anything you say. Anything."

Jack remembered the speech his father had given him about this being a onetime thing. But the way Jill had said 'anything' had brought Jack's erection back to life.

"Stand up," Jack barked.

"What?" Jill was confused with Jack's order.

"You said you would do anything, so now I'm seeing if that's true. Stand up."

Confused, Jill stood up, moving to the foot of the bed. Embarrassed, Jill kept her hands to her side, knowing instinctively that Jack would not want his view of her body obstructed.

Jack sat up, so that he could see more of Jill. "Now, put both your hands behind your head, and spread your legs farther apart. Farther. Right there."

Jill blushed as she stood motionless. Jack gazed at her in wonder. Her wonderful breasts looked even bigger with Jill's chess thrust out, and Jack could see some of his own cum dripping down Jill's inner thigh.

"Now turn around."

Jill did so, finding herself actually getting excited at following Jack's orders. Jack decided the view was just as enticing from behind. Jill's breasts were large enough so that he could see the swelling sides of them and, though she had boyish hips, Jill still had a very pleasantly curved bottom.

"Now get over. I want you on your hands and knees on the bed."

Jill quickly moved to the bed and assumed the position Jack had ordered her to. Jack moved to one side of Jill as he ran his hand over her back and bottom. Jack's caress sent a delicious thrill through Jill's body.

Jack reached under Jill's body and began gently fondling her hanging breasts. When Jack tweaked one of her nipples, Jill let out a soft moan.

"I'll take you with me, but anything means anything and anytime. Is that understood?"

Jill nodded as Jack moved behind her, not sure what he was going to. She got her answer quick as Jack entered her from behind. Jill lowered her torso, resting on her arms, as Jack held onto her hips, thrusting forcefully into her.

"Anything and anytime," Jack grunted, almost to himself, as he felt the tight caress of Jill's pussy on his erection.

"Yes--Oh--Anytime--Yes!--Anything!" Jill found herself approaching her third orgasm of the night, as excited about her submission to Jack as with him being inside of her.

As for Jack, he had forgotten all about his father's admonishment, or Jill's husband unhappily listening to his wife's pleasure from downstairs. All he knew was that the most beautiful woman he knew was his to do with as he pleased.


Jack and Jill came down the stairs that morning, with Jill carrying an overnight bag in her hand.

Zeke nudged Daryl awake as Jack and Jill descended into the front hallway. "Sounded like you got a little interest on your debt collection, boss," Zeke laughed. Jill blushed, suddenly very aware that all her positive vocal responses from her lovemaking with Jack were probably overheard by everyone downstairs. It was definitely overheard by Jill's husband Jim, judging by the murderous look he was giving her.

"What's with the bag, boss?" Daryl asked, looking pointedly at the bag in Jill's hand.

"She wants to come with me," Jack said, trying to look nonchalant as he shrugged his shoulders.

"No, that wasn't part of the--uh!" Jim LaRouche rolled on the floor in pain, clutching the ribs that Zeke had just planted a kick in.

All the men in the room were surprised when Jill walked over to the moaning Jim. "No, it wasn't part of your deal," she hissed at him, all the suppressed anger and frustration at her husband coming out at once. "It was part of my deal. I'm leaving with a man, not staying here and being miserable for the rest of my life with a ... with a ... with a little dicked old fart!" Jill emphasized the last four words with four seperate kick to Jim's head. It didn't do near the damage to Jim's body that being worked over by Zeke and Daryl had, but it definitely dealt a final, crushing blow to Jim's ego. And it also amused Zeke and Daryl to no end.

As Jim LaRouche lay on the floor in a fetal position sobbing, Jack knelt down beside him. In a whispering voice that sent cold chills down Jim LaRouche's back, Jack said, "This is what you're going to do. In a few weeks, a set of divorce papers is going to be delivered to you. You're going to sign them. You're also going to put this house on the market and, once it's sold, you're never going to do anything that will draw my attention to you again. You understand? No gambling, no nothing."

Jim LaRouche nodded emphatically.

Jack stood up, and then turned to Zeke and Daryl. "I think he understands, gentleman. But why don't you spend a few minutes with him to make sure he really understands."

Jim LaRouche screamed in terror as Jack and Jill left the house.

"Awww, geez," Zeke said to Daryl, "I think little dicked old fart wet and soiled himself."

"Could be worse," Daryl responded philosophically. "He could have thrown up as well."

"Yeah, that would be the trifecta of disgusting. Well, let's make sure little dicked old fart understands the boss' instructions." Zeke chuckled. "Little dicked old fart. Gotta admit, the boss' new woman has a way with words."

Zeke and Daryl spent the next few minutes making sure that "Little dicked old fart" understood all the nuances of the instructions Jack had given him."


To say that Jack's Dad was not understanding would be putting it mildly. Jack's dad ranted, lectured and shouted everything that was absolutely and totally wrong with the deal that Jack had made on his own. Jill was literally cowering behind Jack's chair but, to his credit, Jack didn't cringe once. And as angry as Jack's Dad was, a small part of him couldn't help but admire the new strength of his son's will. Maybe this whole thing was a watershed moment in his son's life, Jack's Dad reflected. If it made his son a tougher man, then two hundred thousand dollars was a cheap price to pay.

Jack's Dad rubbed his chin as he studied his son and the soon to be ex-wife of Jim LaRouche. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. Jack, we're going to tell your mother that Jim LaRouche and his wife Jill are having marital problems, which isn't too far from the truth. So I invited her to stay in our guest house. Everyone agreed on that story?" Jack and Jill both nodded in agreement.

"And you!" Jill had slowly been standing up, but froze when Jack's Dad pointed a finger at her. "I'm giving this a four month trial period. You fuck with my son even once, and your ass is on the streets with just the clothes on your back. And you'll be fucking happy that that's the worst that will happen to you. Understood?"

Jill nodded emphatically, the fear obvious on her face.

"Jill, why don't you go wait in the guest house," Jack instructed her. "My Dad and I have a few things to talk about."

Jill nodded and then picked up her bags to take them to the guest house. Jack's Dad lifted an eyebrow at the way Jill so quickly obeyed Jack, but said nothing.

As soon as Jill had left the house, Jack's Dad asked, "So what do you want to talk about now, Jack?"

"I thought we could have one of those father-son talks about my life. I think I want to go into the family business."


Jack's mother walked into the kitchen to see her husband and son talking over a cup of coffee. The two seemed to be hashing something out about her husband's business. Jack's mother only had a vague notion of what her husband did for a living. It had something to do with "Accounts Collectible", or something along those lines, and it involved a lot of her husband's friends and colleagues from his military days. Jack's mother always thought it odd that her husband would get into something as bland as accounting, particularly considering the fact that her husband was a former marine. Still, the accounting business paid well, and it allowed her husband to spend more time at home than seemed the case with the husbands of some of her friends. Speaking of which...

"Did I oversleep? I must have, because I don't smell pancakes and bacon cooking, so it must be Monday already," Jack's mom said with a whimsical smile.

Jack's Dad laughed as he got up to kiss his wife on the cheek. "I'll get right on it, sweetheart. I was busy discussing with our son his future."

"Oh?" Jack's mom gave her son an inquisitive look. He was going to college this fall, with an undeclared major. Jack's mom was more than a little worried about him. She knew her son was smart, handsome, athletic and popular, be he seemed to lack direction in his life.

"I'm going to go pre-law, Mom," Jack told her, with his father grinning in the background. "I think it'll make a good fit in Dad's business."

"That's nice," Jack's mom said, with a smile on her face. She was a little bit disappointed inside, though. She felt that Jack should have a little excitement in his life, like her husband had in the marines, before he settled down. But it was Jack's life. If he was happy working with dry numbers all day, so be it, his mother decided.

In truth, part of the talk Jack had had with his father was taking the business 'legit.' There were a lot of casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City, not to mention online and in the Caribbean that could legitimately use an organization with his father's experience in collecting gambling debts.

Although Jack's father used people who were savvy with computers to track down debtors, he wasn't aware that gambling was so wide spread on the internet. He was rather impressed that his son had the foresight to bring this potential income source to his knowledge. Perhaps it was time to transit the business to legitimate revenue generation.

The discussion that had delayed Jack's father from cooking Sunday breakfast (as was the tradition in Jack's family) had opened up the eyes of the father to the potentials of the son. Like Jack's mother, Jack's father had always been afraid that his son, for all his gifts, would never find direction in his life. If Jill LaRouche somehow gave his son some direction and backbone, then maybe she wasn't that bad after all. Maybe.

And speaking of which...

"Sweetheart, you know the LaRouches next door?"

"Yes," Jack's mom responded to her husband in a neutral tone. Jack's mother might not have known of the game Jim LaRouche had been playing with her son, but she had never taken to the man. She thought it was disgusting that the man was married to a woman who was young enough to be dating her son.

"It seems there was a falling out of sorts," Jack's dad said carefully. "I invited Jill LaRouche to stay in our guest house for the time being. At least until the divorce is final."

"You," Jack's mom said, patting her husband on the cheek, "are just too much of the white knight to the rescue for your own good." Jack's mom looked at her husband adoringly. Any other wife might have been jealous of their husband inviting a younger woman to stay in their house, no matter how innocent the reason. Jack's mom, though, knew that her husband would never stray. "Jack, dear, why don't you go see if Mrs. LaRouche is settled in, okay? And tell her she is expected at breakfast at--" Jack's mom looked at the clock, which read seven a.m. "--eight-thirty."

"Yes, ma'am," Jack said, getting up. Jack's dad gave him a stern look, before pouring his wife a cup of coffee.

When Jack entered the guest house, Jill rushed to embrace him. Hugging her back, he looked her up and down and then turned to lock the door.

"Remember when you said anything?"

Jill nodded, a little confused and scared about where this might go.

"Well, anything means we establish a few rules. One of them being, that when we're alone, you're not allowed to wear clothes."

Jill just stared at Jack dumbly. Jack made a gesture at Jill, and she quickly disrobed.

"Feet wide, hands behind your head," Jack instructed her.

Jill assumed the position, her eyes looking up to the ceiling, her pulse racing.

Jack sat down and admired Jill's body, before patting his lap.

Jill sat down on Jack's lap. Jack reached behind Jill's neck, drawing her down for a kiss. For a moment, Jill forgot everything that was going on in her life, losing herself in that kiss.

Jack broke the kiss, letting a hand slide down Jill's chest, cupping her breast. Jill hissed in pleasure as Jack's thumb grazed her hardening nipple.

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