tagLoving WivesThe Adventures of Kathleen M. Ch. 17

The Adventures of Kathleen M. Ch. 17

byJust Plain Bob©

The look in Rick's eyes was murderous as he walked from the light switch over to where she was leaning across Ron's desk with her skirt bunched up around her waist and Ron's cum leaking out of her ass. He never took his eyes off of her as he advanced toward her. She heard Ron chuckle and say:

"I told you the bitch was a slut."

He chuckled again and was starting to say something when Rick hit him and knocked him to the floor. "Get over by the door" Rick snarled at her. She stood up and hurriedly dropped her skirt and went over and stood by the door. Ron was starting to stand up and he was saying:

"What the hell did you do that for? Jesus, that hurt. You knew what I was going to do so why the fuck did you hit me?"

"I hit you, you fucking asshole, because you were supposed to be my friend. A friend wouldn't do what you just did to me."

"Then why did you bet me that I couldn't do it if you didn't expect me to try?"

"You weren't supposed to win that's why. I wouldn't have taken your money if you had lost, but you just had to win the bet, didn't you?"

"She's a slut Rick. I knew she was a fucking slut and as your friend I thought you needed to know."

"Bullshit Ron. If you were a friend you would have alerted me so I could check it out. A real friend wouldn't have done what you did. You fucked her so you could rub my nose in it. Only an ass-wipe would have me come into the room so he could show me."

Rick turned to her and asked, "Is this the first time you fucked him?"

She couldn't find her voice so all she could do was nod a yes. Maybe if Ron stayed intimidated he wouldn't mention the earlier fuck and the blow job. The anal sex had been bad enough, but if it was all Rick knew about it would be better for her when she tried to talk with him. That hope was dashed when Rick said:

"This dirt-bag says he fucked you over an hour ago and a half hour later you came back and sucked his cock. Is he lying?"

For just a second she considered lying and saying yes, but what if Ron had some way to prove it. Lying would only make it worse. She looked away from Rick and said, "I meant that tonight was the first time." She saw the look of disgust on his face as he reached into his pants pocket and took out some money. He handed it to Ron, but Ron wouldn't take it.

"No man, I don't want your money."

"Want has nothing to do with it asshole. We bet, I lost, take the money."

"No" Ron said and Rick quickly grabbed Ron's wrist and jerked Ron toward him. She saw the look on Rick's face and it scared her. She had only seen it once before. She and Rick had stopped at a convenience store on the way home from dinner one night and Rick had seen six guys picking on a homeless man. His eyes got very dark and scary and he got out of the car and he walked right into them and they took one look at him and took off running. She knew he was in some special kind of unit when he was in the service, but he never talked about it. If you asked him about what he did he said he was a glorified clerk. But she didn't think a clerk would have gone after six guys the way Rick did. He had that same look in his eyes as he grabbed Ron's wrist.

Rick placed the money in Ron's hand and then he forced Ron's fingers to curl around the bills. And then Rick did something so fast that she wasn't even sure she had seen it and Ron screamed and went to his knees with a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder. He was crying in pain when Rick leaned down and said:

"That is just a sample of the hurt I'll bring down on you if you ever tell another living soul about what went on here tonight and if I hear a rumor about her I'll know where it started and your life won't be worth spit. You will forget you even know her name. You had better stay out of my way from now on. You see me walking toward you, you had best turn and go the other way. I'll have to be civil to you at work, but I catch you any place away from work I will not promise to be good. Do you understand me?"

Ron shook his head yes and Rick said, "No head nods ass-wipe, I want to hear you say it. Do you understand what I just told you?"

"Yes" Ron hissed through pain clenched teeth.

"Good" Rick said and then he turned to me and said, "Get your cheating ass out of here and get in the car."

The venom in his voice made her hesitate for a moment and she showed some of her usual spark.

"Why? So you can take me home and break some of my bones?"

"You choice you cheating cunt. Get in the car or stay here with ass-wipe, but I'm leaving now with or without you."

She knew that her only hope to save her marriage was to stay close so they could talk so she unlocked the door and headed for the car. She sat in the car and waited for Rick and it was all she could do to hold the tears back. It wasn't fair! She had quit! She had rededicated herself to her marriage because she didn't want to lose Rick and now this. She shook her head at the very irony of it. She fought off all the attempts of Ron to get together with her. If she had just said to hell with it and named a time and a place it would have been over and done with before she got her wake-up call and the night wouldn't have happened. What could she say to Rick? How could she salvage anything out of the night's disaster? She knew she had to try. She couldn't lose Rick; she just couldn't.

It was about five minutes before Rick came out and got in the car. As he put the key in the ignition he said:

"Not one word Kathleen; not one fucking word. If I hear you say, "Honey, I can explain" or "Baby, it's not what you think" I swear before God I will not be responsible for what I do. Just sit there and keep your mouth shut. The only thing you have going for you right now is that you are the mother of my children. Or at least I hope to God they are mine."

The trip was made in silence and once they were in the house and the babysitter had been paid and sent home Rick said:

"Get everything of yours out of the bedroom and into the guest room. You will be staying there while I decide what I am going to do."

She felt a little sliver of hope when he said that. At least he hadn't gotten home and then put her out of the house. She moved what she needed for the night and morning and left the rest for when Rick went to the golf course on Saturday. The kids were done with dance and swimming lessons so she would have time to get it all moved. Hopefully he would take out most of his aggression on golf balls and would be somewhat calmer and settled when he got home. If she could just get past the next day.


She did not sleep at all that night. Even if Rick did come home a little calmer on Saturday what could she say to him? He had been in the room when Ron had taken her so she couldn't deny it. It was obvious that Ron had set her up for what happened, but why? To make her suffer for making him wait so long? If she had given in earlier would he still have exposed her to Rick? What could she possibly say to Rick when he demanded to know why she had given Ron the sex that she had? She could tell the truth - that he was blackmailing her - but then Rick would want to know what she had done that Ron could hold over her head. She couldn't tell him that. No way could she ever tell and she hoped to God that Ron would believe all that Rick had said to him and that he would give Rick a wide berth. If he stayed away from Rick and took the warning about starting rumors to heart Rick would never know about the cell phone picture.

Damn! She didn't know what to do. And what was Rick going to do? She was sure that he would not physically hurt her, but she knew him well enough to know he wasn't going to shrug it off. He wouldn't say, "Okay Kathleen, water under the bridge. Let's move on." No, Rick was not a wimp. He would not sit still for being made a cuckold. He would take some action, but what? Did his statement that the only thing she had going for her was that she was the mother of his children mean that he was going to let her stay?


She was still awake when she heard the alarm go off in the master bedroom and she laid there and listened to Rick get ready to go to work. She didn't get out of bed until she heard the garage door opening and then close. She busied herself with her normal morning routine, getting the kids up and getting them off to school and then she called work and told them that she was sick and wouldn't be in that day. She sat at the kitchen table, sipped her coffee and stared out the window at the back yard as she tried to think of what she could do. After an hour of thought she finally decided that she had lie to Rick to have any chance at all of saving her marriage. She had to give him a reason he could accept for her having done what she had done with Ron. If he went to Ron to verify what she said she would be toast. But if she didn't come up with something he could believe she was toast anyway. All she could hope for was that he would believe that she wouldn't paint so bad a picture of herself if it wasn't true. Once she had decided on what she was going to do she went into the master bedroom and started moving her stuff out and into the spare room.

When Rick got home that night she had dinner ready and as soon as dinner was over she did the dishes, put them away and went to play with the kids. She stayed with them until it was time to put them to bed expecting that Rick wouldn't tear into her while they were still up. Once she got them to bed she went right to the spare bedroom and closed the door. She hoped that Rick would wait for Saturday before talking with her. She hoped that by staying out of his sight it would give him a little more time for his rage to fade some. It wasn't to be. Rick gave the kids time to fall asleep and then he came into the room and said:

"Get your cheating ass down to the kitchen."

She followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen and he pointed at a chair and said:


She took a seat on the chair he pointed to and then sat down across from her. He looked at her without saying anything for almost a minute and then he said:

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I love you Rick, you know I do."

"That didn't keep you from fucking Ron."

If Ron had told Rick about what he had a picture of - her sucking a cock on the train - then she was cooked. Her only chance was to hope Ron hadn't told Rick why he knew she was a slut, just that he did and could show Rick. She took a deep breath and launched her lie.

"He blackmailed me. He knew something about me and he threatened to tell you if I didn't give in to his demands."

"What did he have that was so bad that you would fuck him to keep me from finding out?"

"He caught me giving Dave Holbrook a blow job at Helen Catron's birthday party."

The disgust was obvious on Rick's face as he said, "My God, it just gets worse. How many other guys have you had sex with?"

"Just last night with Ron and the one time with Dave. Dave was more of a rape than anything else, but that wouldn't have mattered if Ron hadn't seen it. If Ron hadn't seen it I would have told you about it, but Ron did see it and he told me if I didn't put out for him he would tell everybody. I couldn't let that happen. If only you and Dave and I knew, I knew you would take care of Dave. But everyone we knew knowing about it? No, I couldn't let that happen. Even though Dave forced me I wouldn't have been able to face people.

"You know how people think Rick. Half would believe that it wasn't rape and that I did it willingly and I would be hit on for the rest of my life. I told Ron I would have to think about it. I stalled him for a couple of months and when Dave was killed in that auto accident I thought I could tell Ron to fuck off and leave me alone. Without Dave around to smirk when Ron told the story I thought no one would believe him. Ron told me that he didn't care if people believed him or not and he gave me a deadline. He told me I had to have sex with him by the night of his open house or he was going to spread the word that I liked giving blow jobs at parties. I knew he was going to do it so I gave in. He promised me if I let him have me all three ways he would never mention what I did with Dave again."

"You say Dave raped you. How did that happen?"

"You know I don't hold my liquor very well. I'd had too much to drink at Helen's party and I was feeling woozy. You were in the basement shooting pool and Dave offered to walk me outside for some fresh air. We were standing at the back of the patio and Dave told me that I was a very sexy woman. I thanked him and then he said it was a shame that I was wasted on just one man. He told me that he liked my mouth. He said it looked like it was made for sucking cock and then he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees and stepped in front of me. I hadn't noticed, but while we were talking he had taken out his cock and it was hard. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward his cock and I opened my mouth to yell and he shoved his cock in my mouth. Then he held my head and face fucked me while I tried to push him away. He came quick and let go of my head and I jerked back from him just as Ron walked out and saw us. As I was pulling back Dave's cock shot one more spurt and it hit my face and when Ron asked if he could be next I turned to look at him and he saw the cum running down my chin. I saw him smile and start to unzip his pants and I got up and ran to the car, got in it and locked the doors. I used some Kleenex from the glove compartment to clean my face and about twenty minutes later I went back to the party to find you and tell you I wanted to leave."

"Dave and Ron and that's it?"


"I'm having a hard time believing that Kathleen. You seem to forget that I was in the room and I heard you begging for Ron's cock. I heard all of that slut talk about how you were his slut and he could fuck you whenever he wanted. It sure didn't sound to me like you were being blackmailed."

"You know me Rick. You know how much I love making love to you and you know how I get when I'm having sex. Yes, I did say those things to Ron, but that was my body talking. I was having orgasms and you know how I am when that happens. God knows you've heard a lot of that kind of talk from me when you have brought me to orgasm. Rick, I'm sorry. I should have told you about Dave and I should have told you about what Ron was trying to get me to do, but I was afraid. I was afraid that Ron would tell everyone and that my life would become miserable. And I'm sorry to have to admit that I was afraid that you might even believe that it wasn't rape if you heard about it."

"You were afraid that I would believe it?"

"Just think about some of the things you have said to me since my birth control pills screwed up my hormones. Why wouldn't I think that you might suspect that I wasn't getting enough from you at home? I was scared Rick. I was afraid and I stupidly thought that if I did what Ron wanted it would all go away."

"Well it isn't going to go away Kathleen. It not only isn't going to go away, it is going to get worse. You know why Kathleen? Because you are a lying, cheating whore. No one but Dave and Ron? One a rape and the other blackmail? What about the guy you were sucking off on the train?"

At the mention of that she turned pale and felt her blood start to run cold. He knew! Dear God, he knew the worst. She felt the pain of her betrayal stab her in the heart. The one she loved most in the world she had hurt and she did not think she would ever be able to heal that hurt.

"Just how stupid do you think I am Kathleen? Did you really think that Ron could come up to me, tell me you were a slut, and that I would just say, "Okay, show me?" When he called you a slut he was only seconds away from being stomped into a puddle and he knew it so he pulled out his cell phone and showed me that picture. Cell phone pictures from a distance aren't all that great and it did look like you, but it possibly could have been someone else and that's when Ron said he would prove it. That is why I was in that room with the lights off Kathleen. I was there so I could watch you slap Ron's face, knee him in the balls or something like that, but none of that happened, did it. You just spread your legs and said, "Fuck me Ron, I'll be your slut." You did it so easy, so natural, that it looked like something you did a lot of. I want to know it all Kathleen, every last little bit of it."

She had never seen him so grim, so determined, and the worst part was that she could sense the steaming rage he was keeping bottled up inside himself. He had sworn at her. In all their years together, no matter how bad the argument, he had never sworn at her. That fact alone told her how bad she had hurt him and that knowledge caused a pain in her soul she didn't think she could bear. "Oh my God" she thought, "What have I done to him." The look on his face and the pain she saw in his eyes made her want to curl up right there and die. The man had put her on a pedestal; he had worshipped the ground she walked on and she had betrayed him. For the sake of some sexual excitement she had driven a stake through his heart.

She had never given any thought to how he would feel if he ever found out, because she knew he never would. Her sluttish ways were just that - hers - and he would never know. Except that now he did and the pain that he was feeling at her betrayal was tearing at her heart. Dear God, she had never meant to hurt him, to cause him the pain he was now enduring, and even at that he didn't know the half of it. And the bad part, the really horrible part, was that there wasn't anything she could do that would make things better, that would drive away the hurt and pain he was suffering.

Well, there was one thing she could do. It wouldn't ease the pain, but it would remove the cause. But at what price? It would maybe help him, but it would absolutely destroy her. But then, wasn't that the definition of love? Being willing to die if it would help the one you loved? The only way to remove Rick's pain was to remove herself from his life, but there was the rub. She loved him too much to leave him. She just could not do it on her own so he had to be made to push her out of his life and there was only one way to do it. She took a deep breath and then said:

"The one thing you have to know and believe above all else is that I love you. I have always loved you and I always will love you. What I did was wrong, but it was not done because I no longer cared for you. I'm still not even sure why I did it other than for the pure sexual excitement. It fed on itself. The more I did it, the more I wanted to do more of it. You saw the outcome. I couldn't leave you alone. I kept wanting more and more."

"I never did anything with Dave. I made that up knowing that he was dead and couldn't deny it. I had hoped that telling you that lie would be enough, but now I see that it isn't going to help me."

And then she told him how it had started and then how each encounter had driven her to the next. The train, the blackmail at school, the car pool and everything that had come about while car pooling. She told him what she did while he played golf on Saturdays and she told him of the constant calls from The Watcher who she came to find out was Ron. She did not tell him about Billy and Todd and she made no mention of Sarah, Chris, Bobby or Frank. She would not be responsible for poisoning the relationship between him and his father - not on top of all the other pain she had caused him. Even with the ones she omitted the picture she had painted of herself was not pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly.

"And then you came home from that trip and told me about Andy Milliken and that was my wake-up call. Until then I had convinced myself that you loved me enough to forgive me if I got caught, but after hearing how you felt about Andy's situation - how you felt about something that didn't even concern you - I could no longer believe that your love for me would be a 'get out of jail free' card. I quit cold turkey and promised myself that never again would I do anything that might cost me you.

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