tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Adventures of Lexi Ch. 03

The Adventures of Lexi Ch. 03


Part III - Girls Night Out

Jessica's husband was going to be out of town again this weekend so she suggested that we have a girls night out. I didn't know what she had in mind, but I liked the idea.

I followed the usual routine of showing up at her house promptly at 8pm. Each time I would wear a different outfit that she had given me. This time I was wearing a black lace corset with red accents and an attached garter. The top of the corset held my fake breasts in place and made me look like a true woman. I also had a pair of matching black silk panties that would hold my cock in place, preventing me from getting hard. I had black sheer stockings and the standard four inch heels. The finishing touch was a short blond wig. I would attempt to do my own makeup, and while I was improving, she was always much better at it than me. Of course I couldn't walk out of the dorm in lingerie, so I wore her short trench-coat that only barely covered the tops of my thighs.

As I walked to her house I could feel the gentle breeze blowing against my stocking covered legs. It sent chills through my body as the wind continued to whip up under my jacket and blow against the thin material that covered my cock.

As usual I was already quite horny by the time that I arrived at her house. She looked radiant when she answered the door. She had her thick red hair in curls that flowed over the shoulders of her silk robe. She seemed to always wear high heels, even when she was naked. The image of her standing there in that robe with her heels is still burned into my brain.

She gave me a quick kiss and pulled me inside. My senses were swimming as I tasted the sweetness of her lips against mine. Her perfume lingered in the air as I followed her upstairs.

She told me that she forgot to put gas in her car so we would have to take the bus tonight, so we had to hurry.

I quickly stripped off my trench-coat and moved over to examine the outfit she laid out for me on the bed.

She picked a shimmery silver dress that flowed over my body. After I slipped it on I could feel the silky material gliding over my body with every movement. I couldn't help but start rubbing my cock through the material of the dress. I could feel my penis straining against the fabric of the panties.

When Jessica came out of the closet she was wearing a thin black dress with a dramatic cleavage that almost went all the way down to her navel. The bottom of the dress barely covered the tops of her incredible legs.

She took me over to the makeup table and quickly fixed me up. She handed me a purse with KY and makeup and told me that we had to hurry.

I followed her out of her house and down the street to the bus stop. She explained that this bus only leaves every other hour so we didn't want to miss it.

As we approached the bus stop I could see that someone else was also waiting. I took that as a good sign.

Jessica handed me a ticket for the bus and went over to check the schedule. I watched as the man at the platform stared at her as she leaned over to read the schedule.

I was feeling a little jealous so I pretended that I dropped something and leaned over to pick it up with my back to him. I spread my feet apart and kept my legs straight as I bent down. I could see him staring at my ass as I pretended to look for whatever I had dropped.

I knew from the length of the dress that he could clearly see my panties. I wondered if he could also see the bulge of my penis straining against my panties.

Jessica announced that the bus was coming so I stood back up and fixed my dress.

The bus was empty as it pulled up to our stop. Jessica and I took adjoining seats in the rear of the bus. The man at the platform took a seat opposite from us. I guess he expected another show since the seats were facing each other.

Jessica had seen what I was up to at the platform and noticed that I was slowly spreading my legs so that he could see right into my panties.

Not wanting to be outdone, she pulled the edge of her dress up to display her beautiful pussy and began to rub herself. I saw her fingers disappearing into her and knew that I had lost. I simply couldn't compete with this.

As the bus bounced along the road she got up and walked over to the stranger. She stood between his legs and undid his pants pulling them down around his ankles. Holding the bar above her head to support herself she crawled onto his lap with her knees straddling him.

I could hear her moan as she lowered herself onto him. She started to rock up and down on his penis as the bus hit a rough patch of road. I saw her body flying up off of his cock and crash right back down onto him. She gave a little yelp as his penis was rammed deep into her. She continued to grind her body into his until he came. After he filled her with this semen she lifted herself off of him and moved back to her seat next to me.

He pulled his pants back up and left at the next stop.

Jessica tuned to me and said that we still have a little while before our stop if I wanted to help her clean up.

I didn't hesitate and quickly dropped to my knees. I used my hands to push her knees apart and then lowered my face onto her cum soaked pussy. I loved the taste of a man's cum mixed with her juices. I let my tongue go deep into her to remove as much of his cum as I could. I then moved my tongue to her lips and traced lines up and down her sweet pussy. After I moved up to her clit she was ready to cum and immediately let loose another moan of ecstasy. I licked up all of her juices before returning to my seat.

Jessica turned to me and said "This is my favorite club. It's very exclusive, you need to know someone who is a member to get in. I think you'll have a lot of fun tonight."

She then leaned in and kissed me.

As she broke away I heard her say "This is our stop. Lets go."

I followed her down the street unsure of what part of town we were in. She led me down a dimly lit alley to a lone door lit by a single uncovered bulb above it.

She knocked on the door and we waited. As the door opened the bouncer appeared to recognize her and let her right in.

Jessica turned to him and said "This is my friend Lexi, do you mind if she comes in too?"

"Of course not. You can bring any of your sexy friends whenever you want."

With that we walked down the dark hallway that led into the bar.

We waited until someone came over offering us a drink. We both agreed and he led us over to his friends. After he brought us our drinks I noticed that Jessica was already dancing with one of his friends. I didn't want to be left behind so I took the drink in one hand and pulled the guy in front of me close with my other hand. We danced while I sipped on my drink.

I could see that Jessica was making out with her guy in a booth now and appeared to be pulling his cock out of his pants.

I could feel my guy's hard penis rubbing against me so I used my hand to unbutton and unzip his pants. It took me a little while but I managed to pull his cock out while keeping his pants up around his waste. I wanted to be discrete after all.

I pulled him into me and started grinding my hips into his. I could feel his cock rubbing against my own panty covered cock and felt him getting harder as I mashed his body into mine. I kept him close to me as I rubbed against him to the pace of the music. My dress was getting hiked up and his cock was now rubbing against my panties and my stomach. I could feel the heat of his hard penis pressing against me. I kept rubbing against him until I felt something warm against my stomach. He shot his load all over me. I kept rubbing his cock so that it rubbed his cum into my skin.

I looked over and saw that Jessica was also finished with her guy and was already walking over to me. I pushed my guy away from me letting my dress drop back into place. I took her face as she came up to me and eagerly drank the cum from her mouth. As I swallowed his cum I felt her hand running up my thigh and onto my cock. She kept moving up unto my cum covered stomach. I felt her using her fingers to wipe up the cum. After she released me from our kiss she moved her fingers to my mouth to clean. I sucked on her fingers until I had swallowed all of the cum.

"Let's go downstairs."

She said as she pulled me off the dance floor.

The downstairs dance floor was not very big and was filled with people grinding into each other.

It didn't take long before two guys came over and took each of us into the mix. I was enjoying dancing with my guy when I noticed that Jessica was already on her knees in the middle of the dance floor pulling out another cock. I figured that the room was so crowded nobody would notice so I followed her lead and started undoing my guy's pants as I lowered myself to my knees.

His cock was covered in sweat from dancing but I enjoyed the salty flavor. I also noticed that he had completely shaved his balls. I had never seen another man besides myself with shaved balls. I was incredibly turned on by his smooth skin. I made sure to spend extra time massaging his balls as I moved my tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

I pulled his pants down enough so that I could grab his bare ass to pull him into my face. I started by gently kissing the head of his cock and continuing to kiss him down the length of his shaft. When I reached the base I tried to wrap my lips around him and slowly dragged my lips back up to his head. I repositioned my face to that I could push him into my mouth.

As I started to lower my face onto him I could feel that he was already about to cum. I quickly shoved him deep into my mouth as the first stream of semen escaped his penis. I relished the saltiness of his cum mixed with the taste of his sweat. I felt so dirty but I loved every minute of it.

As he slowly stepped away from me I could see that someone else wanted a turn and was already pulling down his pants. He assumed the position in front of my hungry mouth and started to stroke himself. I loved the sight of another man masturbating inches from my face. I didn't want him to stop so I reached up and started to play with his balls while he continued to stroke his cock.

While I had his balls in my hand I used two fingers to gently press into the skin under his balls. As I applied pressure and moved my fingers in small circles I could see his pace quickening. The first shot of cum hit me right between my eyes. I moved my face over and lowered my mouth onto his erupting penis. I felt two more shots of hot cum fill my mouth before he started to pull away from me.

Before I knew it there was another guy taking his place. He also started stroking himself in front of me. While I tried to compose myself I saw that Jessica had moved so that she was right next to me and also had another cock in her mouth.

As I turned my attention back to the man who was jerking himself off in front of me I noticed that several other men were standing around us and they were also stroking their cocks.

I've never seen so many cocks at one time. I could see why this was her favorite club.

I moved his hand away from his cock so that I could take him in my mouth. As I lowered my lips onto him I saw that there was another guy on either side of the one in front of me. They both had their cocks out and were vigorously rubbing themselves.

I focused my attention on penis in front of me and used my tongue to move him around in my mouth as I went down on him. I could feel that his wasn't a very big cock so I had more room to maneuver in my mouth. I couldn't wait for him to blow his load inside of me. I held my lips tight against him as I pushed him into my mouth. I kept sucking until I felt him release his sperm into me. It might not have been a big cock, but he had a lot of cum. I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. As he pulled his penis out of my mouth a river of his cum poured out and ran down my chin onto my chest.

Before someone else could replace him I saw a stream of cum shooting at me from one of the other two guys. It hit me on my forehead and ran down my face. As his second shot of cum shot out of his cock I leaned my head back and it landed on my neck. I could feel his hot sticky cum rolling down my skin. I wanted more.

As I sat there on my knees with my head back I felt another blast of hot cum hitting my from a different angle. It must have been the other guy this time. His came higher and landed right in my mouth. I happily drank his cum as he continued to shoot stream after stream into my mouth.

I had to use my hands to brace myself as I leaned back further. I could see at least five other penises being furiously masturbated over me. Since the light was so dim and the room was so crowded I couldn't see any faces. All I could see was a circle of cocks ready to cover me in there hot juices.

The wait was unbearable until finally I felt another blast of hot cum hit my face. That was followed by another that landed on my neck. The hot cum kept flowing. Before long I didn't know what direction it was coming from. I kept feeling the impact of more cum splattering against my skin. I tried to use my tongue to work as much into my mouth as possible. I could taste all of the cum mixing in my mouth. The salty musty juice was filling me up and flowing over my body.

After a while the streams of cum stopped. I slowly got myself up to my feet. I could feel that I was completely covered in cum. Using my fingers I tried to collect as much as I could and put it in my mouth.

As I attempted to clean myself up Jessica came over to me and said.

"You put on quite a show there. Don't stop now"

With that she took my hand and pulled me into the corner where there was a low table. She told me to lie on my back across the table. I could feel a hand pulling up my dress and pushing my panties to the side. I felt something cold pushing into my ass. It must be Jessica lubing me up. After a few seconds she removed her fingers and I felt something else pressing against me. I knew it was another cock right away. I hoped that the dim lighting would prevent anyone from noticing the bulge in my panties.

As I felt his cock slowly pushing into my asshole I could see several other guys standing around my head. I started moaning as his cock finally pushed its full length into me. He kept pumping me while the men surrounding me started to pull out their cocks. All I could see were the tips of their penises and the blurry motion of their hands pumping away at their own flesh.

My head was swimming as I waited for the ocean of cum to wash over me. Suddenly I felt the cock pull out of my ass without cumming. I tilted my head up just in time to see a stream of cum shooting out of his cock and land on my dress. I could feel his second burst of cum land right on my panty covered cock. As I moved my hand over to rub his semen into my panties I could feel another hand touching me. I could see that it was Jessica using her hand to guide another cock into me. I realized that she was ensuring that nobody would notice out little secret.

As the head of another cock slipped into my asshole I continued to vigorously rub myself through my panties.

This cock was much larger than the last one and completely filled me up. I had to arch my back a little to allow him to fully enter me. As I felt him pushing his hard cock deep inside of me I remembered all of the other men around me.

They must have been enjoying the show because they didn't let up with their own self gratification. I could see ribbons of pre-cum hanging all around my face. I desperately wanted to reach out and taste all of them but I knew I would have to hope that they had good aim.

I was so surprised by a hard thrust into my ass that I let out a yelp threw my head back causing my mouth to open. It was at that same time that the first salvo of cum was launched at me. It shot across my face and actually landed on the cock that was opposite him. My eyes followed as the stream of semen flew across my horizon and landed right onto him. I think that the sensation of hot cum coating his penis was too much for him as he let loose with a blast of his own cum. His shot landed right in my open mouth just as the second shot from the first guy also landed in my mouth. They both continued to shoot their semen all over my face as I swallowed.

The pounding in my ass was getting harder and harder as a third guy erupted and sent his cum across my face. I was once again covered in the sticky sweet juice of many men.

I was so absorbed with the cocks in front of me that I almost forgot about the huge cock that was probing deep inside of me. That all changed when I felt his penis swelling as it unleashed its first stream of cum into me. He pushed himself deep into me as he emptied himself. I could feel pulse after pulse of his cum pushing into my tight ass.

As I lay there panting from the hard ass fucking I felt him slowly remove his cock from me.

I could feel someones hands moving my panties back in place and pushing my dress down.

Jessica appear above me and said "I think these last two guys need a little help Lexi."

I got the hint and slide myself off the table and onto my knees.

I opened my mouth as one of the men pushed his cock right into my open mouth. I could feel his hand on the back of my head forcing his way deep into my mouth. He didn't need much encouragement and shot his load deep into my throat. As I pulled my head back I saw Jessica moving her face towards mine. I could see cum dripping down her chin as she placed her lips to mine.

Our tongues met and again danced together in the pool of semen in her mouth. As always she eventually pushed it all into my mouth for me to swallow.

As I sat there I could feel her tongue lapping at all of the cum on my face and neck. She was furiously cleaning me off. Every now and then she would push her mouth against mine to deposit another load of cum. I happily swallowed every drop that she fed me.

After several minutes of this she got up and told me that we should go.

I followed her out of the club sure that everyone was staring at the cum covered slut. I loved it.

She had timed it perfectly so that we didn't have to wait long for the next bus. As we boarded the bus I heard her shout "Shit! I lost the bus tickets!"

I looked up and saw the driver looking down at me.

"I remember you two from earlier tonight. You put on quite a show back there. Maybe we can work something out after all."

His hand was patting his thigh as if to offer me a seat. I looked into the bus and saw that it was empty.

Jessica pushed me onto the empty bus and cheerfully said "Sounds like fun. Lexi would love you help you out."

The driver undid his pants and pulled out his cock. I slipped past the steering wheel and positioned myself over his cock. Fortunately my dress was just long enough to obstruct his view. As soon as I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my hole I pushed hard against his lap.

The driver closed the door and off we went with me bouncing up and down on his cock with every bump on the road. I didn't have much room because of the steering wheel but I did my best to grind back into him and work my hips around. We went on like this for several minutes until I felt his swollen cock growing inside of me. He must have lost his concentration because we flew through a red light as he pumped me full of his cum. He got so excited that he pushed me down into the steering wheel against the horn. I could feel him sending streams of cum into me as I blasted the horn with my chest.

Finally his cock settled down and I tried to get up.

"I think you should stay right here until we get to your stop."

I could feel him still rocking his semi erect cock into me as we drove along. I knew that he must be covered in all of the cum that was leaking out of my ass but it didn't stop him. As he worked himself into me I could feel him getting hard again. Fortunately we were approaching our stop. I did my best to ride his cock as we pulled up to the curb. I gave one final thrust of my hips into him and felt another blast of his cum enter me.

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