tagBDSMThe Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 01

The Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 01


Nick had been playing with Frankie for a few weeks now. They had met on a kink website and after chatting for a bit had found they had a lot of things in common - both in and out of the kinky side of things. She was tall and leggy - around five foot seven - and had the most gorgeous figure; a few curves (she thought too many) but they were exactly how Nick liked them. They had a quick social meet and chatted briefly and then almost the same night they had met for a naughty meet. They had driven to a quiet spot and fucked for the first time, then later that night when Frankie was a little bit drunk and still incredibly horny they had met again.

They chatted a lot and the naughty fun continued as they found out more about each other. She liked being his Babygirl - she felt safe with him and he was enjoying being her Daddy Dom when they played. She loved being watched and watching others and was keen to experience more group sex. After a few weeks of playing Nick decided to give her a taste and see how it went. He looked around for someone to meet them - he made it clear they would only be allowed to watch and play with themselves whilst Nick and Frankie fucked at their place.

There was a lot of interest - Frankie was stunning - but after a a few conversations Nick and Frankie picked one guy who seemed fairly normal. They arranged a time and on the day both Nick and Frankie were feeling a heady mix of lust, excitement and nervousness. Nick drove round and picked Frankie up. She got into the car wearing a coat that seemed a little to warm looking for the end of August and Nick soon realised why - underneath the coat she only had on a bra and knickers. Nicks cock was rock hard and he knew they were in for a good night. The guys house was only a few minutes drive really and they arrived swiftly. A quick message to check and they were out of the car and knocking on his door. He opened it - they went in and sat on the sofa for a few minutes chatting - Nick and Frankie had agreed a code for if either of them felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave - neither of them used it. He guided them up the stairs into the bedroom where Nick opened Frankie's coat and showed off how gorgeous and naughty she was.

The guy sat on the ends of the bed - his back to them at the start as agreed and Nick proceeded to tease Frankie. He pushed her down onto the bed, got his cock out and let her wrap her gorgeous lips around it moaning softly as her talented tongue and mouth went to work on his shaft. He pushed her off and stripped her. He was looking forwards to ducking her in a bed rather than bent over his car. They moved up the bed until they were right behind the guy and he lifted her legs. She did yoga and Nick could tell by how flexible she was - his cock had never been harder. He entered her - luxuriating in the hot, tight passage gripping his cock as he filled her. He loved how her eyes widened slightly as he pushed deep into her.

He fucked her slowly - enjoying her soft sighs and moans as he filled her over and over with his cock. A glance to the side and he could see the guy was touching himself - Frankie knew as well and it was getting her hotter.

"Shall we let him watch now Babygirl"

"Yes Daddy... You can turn round and watch now."

Frankie's grin got wider as the guy turned around - not as long or as thick as her Daddy but she now had two cocks hard because of what she was doing. Her finger gripped her Daddy tightly as Nick began to fuck her harder and faster. The guy was stroking his cock watching them - he had been promised a treat if he lasted until Nick was finished with her - Nick's cock was thrusting deep inside his Babygirl and he was so turned on he knew he wouldn't last much longer. Ramming his cock deep inside her he exploded and filled her tight cunt with his cum. She looked up at him and smiled that sexy, lust-filled smile as she felt his thick cock throbbing and pulse inside her - spilling his seed into her. Nick kept fucking her - his cock barely softening st all with how turned on he was.

"On the bed on your knees Babygirl." He half growled and helped her move into position. She was now on her knees facing the guy wanking his cock as Nick rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. He knew she was loving it for the whimper that escaped her mouth - he grabbed a handful of her hair - pulling her head up to look at the guy wanking in front of her and started to fuck her soaking hole. He knew she loved the feeling of his load inside her, she loved heading the noises of her cum filled oussy squelching with each thrust and withdrawal of Nick's cock.

"I think he's enjoying himself Babygirl."

"Yes Daddy! May I touch it?"

"Yes my naughty slut you may..."

Permission from her Daddy given - she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the guys cock - she had pumped it about three times when the guy moaned a warning and cupped his hand in front - catching his cum as he exploded from Frankie's touch. Nick was incredibly turned on now and hammered his cock in and out of Frankie. With one hand she was touching the guy's cock and with her other she reached back to play with her clit...

"Daddy may I cum?" She cried out as he drilled in and out of her..

"Yes you filthy slut - cum on Daddy's thick cock... "

Nick was fucking her; deep, hard and fast strokes - ploughing into her over and over as he felt her cunt clench around him. Her breath caught in her throats and she cried out her orgasm. He kept fucking her throughout and when she had come down a bit pulled out.

He raised one hand and brought it crashing down on her ass. He swatted her ass four times on each cheek with increasing hardness - feeling her writhe under his touch - seeing his red finger prints appear on her soft pale skin. He trust his cock back into her and fucked her again for a few more minutes - she was wanking the guy again now furiously as Nick pulled out and repeated the spanking again. Her ass was going a glorious colour now and Nick decided he was finished. He pulled out and stepped back to enjoy the view - his slut on her knees, cum smeared around her cunt and thighs, red ass glowing and her hand firmly walking off practically a stranger in front of her.

"Finish him Babygirl."

She shuffled forwards and sat back on her heels she was stroking him harder and faster now and the guy was close - within seconds she got a warning and aimed his cock between her glorious tits letting the guy cum all over her perfect breasts.

Nick wiped the sweat from his brow as he enjoyed the view and snapped a couple of photos for their collection. Frankie sat there showing off her cum covered breasts to her Daddy with a mixture of pride and horny lust. The guy had very kindly left them some towels so Nick took Frankie's hand and led her into the bathroom where they climbed into the shower. He stood behind her and let her snuggle back into his chest as the warm water washed over them. He asked her quietly if she was okay and the big smile he got back helped reassure him that she really had enjoyed this first experience.

He kissed the side of her neck softly and stroked his fingers over her skin- cleaning and caressing her at the same time - enjoying the warmth of her naked body pressed against his. In a few moments they would be dressed and on their way but right now he could enjoy this. The start of their adventures together.

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