tagBDSMThe Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 02

The Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 02


After their first adventure together Frankie and Nick had a quiet few days but given Nick's naughty imagination and Frankie's insatiable sex drive that wasn't going to last long - especially when Nick found out Frankie was going away for a few days... Once Nick knew that he suggested that they try and get up to some mischief before she left and arranged to see her the night before she went. Nick then started toying with the ideas of how he could make it naughtier and hotter.

Over the next couple of days whilst they waited Nick chatted to a few people looking for the right sort of thing. He didn't know what it was but hoped something would catch his eye and imagination. It was getting close to their meet when he spotted that another couple were looking for some outdoor fun near where they lived. Nick and Frankie had found a sweet spot recently and had enjoyed fucking there - it was hidden but public - all the rush with less of the risk of being caught.

He dropped them a message saying he knew somewhere and what were they interested in? He quite fancied meeting but playing separately. He knew Frankie would get off on watching and being watched. They seemed quite keen on the idea and after checking that Frankie was up for it Nick arranged a time for them all to meet up and he would guide them to their special spot.

When the night in question came around Nick drove to pick Frankie up - she got in the car wearing the same coat as last time (Nick was learning to love that coat) however this time Nick realised she had nothing but hold ups on underneath it. His cock practically ripped through his jeans he was that hard and after a quick kiss he drove them to a quiet spot to wait for the other couple. Whilst there he teased her pussy a bit and enjoyed chatting for a few minutes before the couple showed up. It didn't take long and he got out, had a quick chat then set off guiding them.

Nick could feel his excitement rising as he drove to the quiet dark country lane. He pulled up and the couple pulled up along side them. The male was fairly tall, trimmed beard and Nick could tell Frankie quite liked him. The female was shorter and curvy but with amazing tits and a cheeky smile. After a very quick chat Nick turned to Frankie and opened her coat... revelling in her naughty nakedness underneath he quickly slipped his fingers down to her clit and began teasing it. He kissed her hard - he could hear noises from the other car behind him but kept all his focus on Frankie, teasing, kissing, fingering and then leaning down to bite her nipples - he loved the hissed gasps that she made as he pushed her pain thresholds.

He teased her clit and kissed her neck listening to her. Whispering in her ear and asking her what they were doing. She told him the woman was naked and being fingered just like she was. He asked if it was turning her on and she moaned her affirmative. His teeth grazed her neck and she whimpered.

"Please can I cum Daddy?"

"Yes Babygirl - cum for me like the dirty little slut you are!"

She clutched at him desperately, he pressed harder and rubbed faster pushing her gasping over the edge into her first orgasm of the night. Nick slowly released her, letting her come down and turned to have a look. Between his slut cuming for him and the sight of them playing in the next car, her naked with a leg up on the dash and him obviously working her wet pussy, he was hard as fuck. He slid his car seat back and unzipped his pants, pulling out his aching cock he took a handful of her hair and firmly guided her mouth down to his throbbing shaft. She sucked on it greedily, taking it all into her mouth and bobbin her head up and down. Nick's groan of pleasure obviously carried as the couple next to them looked over and grinned.

Babygirl went to town on his cock, worshipping in. She licked and sucked on the head, swirling her tongue around it. She slid down taking as much of his cock as she could and gagged again, then forced herself to take even more which Nick adored. He pulled her head up so she could look at the couple next to them then forced her head back down on his cock. She brought one hand up to stroke his shaft, now combining her hands and mouth to pleasure his thick shaft. Nick's head flopped back and he relaxed into her amazingly talented mouth.

He let her work his shaft for around a while... he always found it hard to cum from oral but loved the sensations and control of the slut sucking his cock. A wicked thought crossed his mind and whispering something to his slut he stood, exited the car and walked round to the other side opening the passenger door. Frankie stood up out of the car then bent over to face the other couple through the car. She could stare straight at them and they could watch (and did watch) as Nick slid his thick cock deep into her soaked pussy.

Nick fucked her deeply and slowly to start. He had planned on cuming over her face tonight but the minute his cock slid into that perfect pussy he knew he wasn't going to do that. Her groans had attracted their attention and they were playing and watching him fuck her now - Nick knew they would be getting an amazing view of her tits bouncing as he thrust into her sharply. He began to speed up now - his cock punching into her tight hole with the hardness of her thrusts. Her head dropped down on to her arms as she struggled to stay balanced with his pounding shaft. He slowed down pulled all the way out - enjoying the view of his shaft disappearing into her. He gripped her hips tightly and rammed himself back in; three sharp hard thrusts that sent him over the edge. On the final thrust he buried himself inside her and exploded - his cum flooding into her soaked cunt.

"Oh Daddy... I can feel it..."

She loved the feeling of his cock throbbing inside her and his cum filling her up. He ground his cock deeper and fucked his cum up inside her hole - staying mostly hard he walked back round the car and collapsed back into his seat watching the other woman suck off her partner again. He reached over to gently tease Frankie's clit and and her moans were delicious. He twisted and slid two fingers into her cum-filled cunt before putting them to her lips which she eagerly licked clean. He started to circle her clit with the tips of his fingers, enjoying watching the expressions wash over her as he pressed an teased different bits.

"Please Daddy - put them in me..."

"Like this Babygirl?"

"Oh fuck yes..."

Nick pushed two, then three of his finger deep inside her, keeping his thumb pressed against her clit and he massaged the inside of her pussy. She whimpered and rolled her hips with his movements...

"Cum for me again slut... Watch them in the other car as you do - I bet they are loving seeing you be a dirty slut."

Her fingernails dug through her Daddy's shirt as his filthy words penetrated her core and she came again hard, holding onto her Daddy for dear life as she crashed through another orgasm. Almost as soon as she was done Nick had her head back on his fully hard cock again and he sat back enjoying the sensations... She was more just teasing the head and stroking him this time which he enjoyed.

"Can you taste your cunt on my cock Babygirl?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Do you like it slut."

"Oh yes Daddy."

Lazily Nick turned to watch the other couple... They were fucking now and it was so hot watching the woman's big tits bouncing as she was fucked hard. Nicks cock was aching but fully hard as his Babygirl did her best to make him cum again. As he watched the couple they finished and stepped out. He watched as they lubed up her ass and slid a butt plug in with a tail... they walked over to one of the trees and then male half cuffed her to the tree and started posing her and taking photos... The car was blocking the view now and Nick was curious what they were up to.

"Get out and bend over the bonnet slut."

They both stepped out, Frankie totally naked apart from her shoes as she walked to the front of the car and assumed the instructed position. From here they could see every kinky thing the couple were doing. Nick entered her roughly, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her head up - he could already tell something was different about this angle. He slapped her ass, leaning hand prints on hot as he started thrusting up into her tight fuckhole. She was louder than before, her cries of pleasure echoing through the wooded area. Nick started to fuck her faster drilling his cock up into her.

"Daddy, Daddy... I need to cum!"

She was loud now and he knew the couple were watching, he knew how turned on she was with them watching...

"Cum on Daddy's cock like a good slut Babygirl..."

Her orgasm was the most intense of their play sessions yet - he could feel her pussy clamp down around his cock and groaned as he blew his own load deep inside her then and there. Her cries were loud and he considered trying to gag her but they were nearly done, it was too much fun as he pumped his second full load deep into her gorgeous pussy.

They stayed there for a few minutes, basking in their mutual orgasms as the other couple fucked and came again next to them. Soon they would have to part ways again but tonight had been just what they all needed.

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