tagBDSMThe Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 03

The Adventures of Nick and Frankie Ch. 03


Nick and Frankie had been playing for over a month now - they'd had some amazing naughty adventures already - lots of playing outdoors and a few sessions with other people. One thing they hadn't done yet was a whole day just devoted to the two of them. Today was that day. Nick had cleaned and prepared everything. He also knew that Frankie had prepared herself especially for today and he couldn't wait. He drove to pick her up and smiled as she slid into the car.

"Hello Babygirl."

"Hi Daddy."

"Ready for today?"

"Yes Daddy."

She smiled that gorgeous smile and he set off, quickly driving back to his house. He let them in and as soon as they were through the door he had her pressed up against the wall kissing her hard, hand around her throat as his other hand rubbed her pussy through her jeans. She moaned softly into his mouth and closed her eyes as his lips kissed down the side of her neck just the way she loved.

Quickly he pulled her into the front room and she put her bags down. He slowly kissed her; his fingers softly rose to the front of her blouse as he began to unbutton it gently. Spreading it open he marvelled at her glorious bra-clad breast before stroking the tops of them. He leaned down to bite them softly through the material before slipping his hands down to her jeans. He kissed her again and flicked the button on her jeans open, lowering the zip and then firmly pulled her jeans down. Her panties went with them leaving her naked from the waist down. Eagerly he pushed her back onto the sofa. There had been something he wanted to do from the start and hadn't had the chance.

He pulled her ass to the front of the sofa and pushed her legs wide apart before dropping down and running his tongue over her pussy. The taste was sharp but fresh... he probed between her lips, running his tongue over her clit - finding the spots that made her twitch and gasp. He spent a few minutes simply experimenting; licking, sucking and even biting at one point. Her sighs and moans were music to his ears as he set to eating her cunt with a determined purpose. His tongue lapping in hard strokes over the top of her clit, swirling in circles around her little button and grinding his lips and beard into her tight hole.

His hands drifted over her soft skin, teasing her breasts as his tongue insistently worked her clit. Stroking down over her ribs, he reached and grabbed her hands feeling her clutch at him as he flicked his tongue quick and lightly over her clit making her whimper her pleasure and beg for more. He reached down and slid two fingers into her, curling them inside her to massage the roof of her cunt as he kept licking.

"Daddy... please can I cum?"

"Yes Babygirl - cum for Daddy."

He smiled as she came hard for him, her whole body tensing and trying to shove itself back into the sofa. Slowly he stopped licking as she came back down from her heights and relaxed.

"Upstairs Babygirl..."

She nodded happily and stood, kissing him as he stripped off the rest of her clothes. She piled them neatly and grabbed one of her bags as he took her by the hand and led her upstairs. He kissed her and pushed her into the bed, stripping his own clothes off then moving to kneel between her legs again. She smiled shyly almost as he lowered his mouth to her aching cunt and proceeded to taste her again. She was still incredibly turned on and after a few minutes of him kicking and then adding fingers she came again for her Daddy, writhing on the bed.

He moved up her body swiftly as she lay basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. His thick hard cock was pulsing and waiting at her entrance, lining up carefully he forced his way in with one hard brutal thrust. Her eyes flew open and she gasped...

"Oh fuck Daddy, that felt good..."

He smiled, a slightly cheeky, self-satisfied smile and began to fuck her slowly. Today was bubble day, there was no rush. His thick cock slid in and out of her soaked hole with ease. She was still deliciously tight but oh so very wet. He slid back and forth, all the way out to all the way in. Stopping when he was deep inside her to adjust the angle, to grind inside her looking for the sweet spot that made her moan every time. His cock throbbed as he kept the tightest of reins on his own pleasure - giving her the fucking she deserved.

It felt like forever as he moved slowly with her, he could feel her clenching her internal muscles around him as he slowly but firmly pushed his way in and slid back out. He reached down to grip her wrists and thrust sharply forwards making her gasp. The more he fucked her at this slow, almost teasing pace the darker her eyes became. The intense lust that seemed to be filling her up until it radiated from her face made his cock harder and thicker than it had ever been before.

Harshly he grabbed her ankles and lifted them to his shoulders; he bent her in half and started slamming his cock deep into her over and over. What came out of her mouth was more like a primal growl that any sexual whimper but his thick cock was driving into her at a great pace and force now. He leaned down and fastened his teeth around her nipple, biting, teasing then repeating on the other one. All the while slamming down into her. He reached down and gripped her throats as he drove into her over and over - this time she whimpered in need as his fingers tightened slightly around her vulnerable throat.

He stopped pounding and knelt up, staying inside her but reaching down to run her clit. She had a tight grip of the sheets now and was holding on for dear life. His cock twitched inside her and he felt her cunt contract around him. Her pussy was soaked through as he rubbed her clit furiously, grinding his cock inside her all the while.

"Daddy - Please... I need to cum!"

"Cum for me slut... like a good little fucktoy on Daddy's cock..."

He stayed as still as he could whilst she came on his shaft. Loving the sensations of her orgasming cunt wrapped tightly round him. As she stopped and slowly calmed he leaned down to kiss her again softly before leaning back up and slapping the tips of his fingers over her nipples making her gasp. There was that lust again filling her face - the need for her Daddy to fuck her and hurt her - but he knew it was only there because she trusted him to make it right again afterwards.

Wrapping himself around her and kissing her neck he began moving inside her again. Impressed at his own stamina and control today - given how horny he was. He kissed her hard and fucked her deep and fast now - she was so wet and warm it was pure heaven thrusting in and out of her. He teased her already sensitive nipples and bit down - loving the sounds she made as he did. He noticed that she was looking very flushed and from the position he was bending her into now she was struggling to breathe properly so he slowed and let her legs fall.

Sliding out of her for a moment he cuddled into her, kissing her softly and stroking his fingers over her ribs. She lay there catching her breath for a minute then with that wicked smile he adored she rose to her knees and slid down the bed until she was kneeling between his legs. He watched and almost held his breath as she lowered her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. He moaned then, soft and closed his eyes for a brief moment, savouring the feelings and sensations and she pleasured his shaft. She took him into her mouth, this angle was better than in the car. She could take him deeper, further without choking.

He stroked his hands over her shoulder and twisted his fingers in her hair briefly before letting her take control and work his shaft. Her hand stroked up and down the length of his cock, her tongue flickering backwards and forwards over the head and slit as her warm breath moved over the sensitive skin. She took him again and again into her mouth, taking as much of his length as she could manage and forcing herself that little bit further down every time.

Nick sometimes struggled to cum from oral but the way she was working his cock was intense and he knew he was getting close. She ran her tongue the length of his shaft and licked his balls making him shiver.

"Babygirl - Daddy is going to fill your mouth..."

"Mmmmmmmm..." was the only response he got as she wanked him harder and fast sucking determinedly on his cock. His fingers tensed and gripped the sheets and his hips bucked upwards and his cum exploded into her mouth. He hasn't cum for days so he knew there was a bit and it flooded into her mouth. She swallowed it down then smiling opened her mouth to show her Daddy how good she had been. Nick collapsed back onto the bed, all the tension sucked from him like poison from a wound.

She almost slithered up his body to kiss and curl up with him. She rolled onto her side and he curled up around her, spooning, their warmth and comfort shared as the spent the day in their bubble. It was pleasant just to lie there, no rush, time to relax. His fingers traced lazy patterns over her skin and his kisses on her neck made her shiver.

Nick grabbed the leather cuffs and fastened then around her wrists, tying her them to the corner post of the bed with a cord, restraining her and leaving her helpless. Whispering how she was helpless and his to do as he pleased with. He pulled her up onto all fours and pressed his hard cock into her tight wet pussy - she was still soaked and he slid in relatively easily filling her hard and fast. He fucked her kneeling for a few minutes before changing position to raise one leg over her, allowing his cock to drill down into her. He fucked her hard and fast and she lost her balance. He grabbed the back of her head and forced it down into the pillows roughly as he fucked her brutally hard now - ramming his cock into her. She cried out, begging her Daddy to keep going, telling him how amazing it felt as he pounded her. He grabbed a pillow and raised her hips shoved it underneath her cunt before continuing pounding her. After a few more minutes he felt his own climax approaching so he slowed and slid out of her beautiful pussy. His Babygirl started to wiggle her ass against his hardening cock giving him an idea.

"Did you bring the lube Babygirl?"

"Yes Daddy - in the bag down there."

She pointed down at the foot of the bed and Nick slid off to pick up the bag. Inside were all of the toys he suggested she bring and a bottle of lube. He pulled out the lube and selected one of the toys. Smearing copious amounts of lube on to the toy and then adding more to her ass he dipped one fingertip into her tight little anus and massaged some lube inside. Then as she lay face down on the pillow, nervously holding on he slowly pushed the tip of the toy into her ass. She moaned slightly but her training paid off as the first section of the toy slipped inside. Gently he kept pushing, steady and slow - watching as the toy slowly slid into her ass, opening her up. He fucked her with the toy in smooth strokes listening to her groan. His hard cock was aching now and he smeared the cool lube up and down his shaft putting plenty on the head.

He pulled the toy from her ass and lined up the head of his cock. The lube made it slippery but he managed to her the head to her entrance pressing firmly but not pushing yet. He checked with her one last time then slowly began to push his cock into her ass. He felt it stretch around the head of his shaft and heard her whimper but kept firmly pressing forwards. He felt himself enter her right ass and paused for a moment. He pushed forward and she tensed. Leaning down he kissed the back of her neck and waited. He felt her relax and so began pushing slowly but surely deeper inside her. It was hot and tight and different and she seemed to be enjoying it. Before long he was laid on top of her with his cock fully embedded in her tight ass.

"You've got Daddy's cock in your ass Babygirl..."

"I know and it feels amazing... fuck my ass Daddy."

Nick began to rock his hips, feeling the unfamiliar but pleasant sensation of her ass around his cock as he slowly fucked her. She whimpered occasionally as he thrust a little harder but from the dirty moans of encouragement he could tell she was enjoying it. His thrusts got harder and more forceful as he fucked her tight ass. After drilling her cunt before and now this he knew he wasn't going to last long.

"I'm going to fill your ass Babygirl..."

"I know Daddy and then you will have fucked and filled all my holes..."

That was all he needed - he hammered his cock into her ass and exploded. His cum flooding out to fill her as he collapsed over her back breathing heavily. He curled around her and held her, kissing for her softly as he felt his load inside her. Slowly he pulled out gently and kissed her again. They were both tired for the moment and needed a break and some food.

"Shower time Babygirl." Daddy smiled and led her to the shower where they climbed in together. Nick stood behind her and massaged her sore boobs under the streaming warm water. Teasing her and cleaning her up then stepping out of the way as she slipped out the shower and grabbed his robe. She did look good in it. He washed and cleaned himself carefully then wrapping a towel around his waist they went and sat in the front room.

His sweet little slut had brought them an indoor picnic to enjoy and as she curled up next to him on the sofa they picked at the food together - it was perfect and Nick was enjoying himself immensely. She had brought so much he knew they couldn't get through it all but they gave it a good try. As their picnic went on Nick felt himself stirring again so kissed the side of her neck, loving the little sighs that escaped her lips as he did. He moved the tables back and opened the robe so he could get at her luscious skin.

He pulled her across the sofa and pushed her down until she was pinned helplessly in the corner. He lifted her legs and entered her roughly. She was his for the taking now and he took her hard. Pinned under him, submissive and helpless and yet craving her Daddy's thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast and brutally. She came within minutes on his hard cock. Whimpering he drove in and out of her. Stopping to catch he breath he decided there were things he wanted to do still so he guided her back upstairs. There on the corner of the bed where a number of items he wanted to see her in.

First he picked up a length of rope. Working on ties and rope harnesses was something he had wanted to try before. He had been researching and now he had a willing victim to try on. Deadly he fastened it around her breasts, looping it under and over and feeding through and round until he stepped back and admired his handiwork. It had turned out well for a first attempt! Next he picked up the leather cuffs. Slowly he wrapped them around her wrists and then smiled at the view. Wrapping a cord around the centre chain he pulled her off the bed and pushed her against the door, flipping the cord over the top and shutting the door to keep her hands tied and cuffed above her head. Next the blindfold, cutting her off from the world around and finally the ball gag. He traced his fingers over her skin and kissed her neck softly before whispering in it.

"You're mine slut... helpless and bound... I could do whatever I wanted to you, share you with whoever I wanted and you couldn't stop me could you..."

The smallest shake of a head affirmed his words. His fingers found her cunt and he pushed two inside feeling her body trembling...

"Moreover my little fucktoy the very idea of that is turning you on even more isn't it?"

She nodded, mumbling through the gag as she ground her pussy against his palm and fingers. She was incredibly horny. He opened the door and released her pushing her to the bed and bending her over where he spanked her ass. Not as hard as the spamming he had given her previously but more to celebrate how naughty she was for her Daddy.

When he had finished he removed the gag and blindfold (not the cuffs) and pulled her to the middle of the bed with him. He figured they were done for the day now and it was time to cool down and come back down.

She had other ideas and within minutes her gorgeous ass was wiggling against his cock again. He was hard and ready and swiftly rolled to be above her. He drove into her, pinning her hands to the bed with the cuffs as he slammed into her. He couldn't last long and as she looked up at him with that lust filled gaze he pushed deep inside her and flooded her with his cum.

"Daddy - you filled all three holes today..."

"I know Babygirl... my gorgeous good girl took all of me today."

They were both spent now and as they had a bit of time until they had to move they lay together enjoying the embers of their bubble day - where the rest of the world didn't matter.

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