tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of Quinn Ch. 02

The Adventures of Quinn Ch. 02


Sally Rutherford kicked her naked legs and feet wildly as her bare ass was being hit repeatedly. She was drapped over the knee of a large burly woman(a former maid in her father's household.) The crowd cheered as Sally cried desperate cries, pleading for the spanking to stop. She hit her fists against the fully clothed shins of the woman spanking her, but that just made the spanks harder. This was Sally's punishment by the court, it was designed to be as humiliating as possible. The mayor was furious at his daughter who had become a pirate just to settle a personal vendetta against a business associate of the mayor. Now the mayor looked on as his daughter was humiliated and his motives were put into question.

Sally straitened her legs out and flexed her ass muscles as the final five slaps hit her now red and blistered butt. Sally screamed so loud people in the crowd plugged their ears. Sally would now be paraded around town weeping as the city dwellers looked on in glee at the fallen mayor's daughter.


Quinn docked her ship at the busy but illegal smuggling port of Pirate Cove. She had just plundered a slave ship from the Kingdom of Dryquell. Quinn took all the valuables off of the ship, including the clothing off the backs of every single Dryquellian. She dropped the slaves off on Emil Island and then headed into Pirate Cove to wait to sell her goods to Bellmont's middle-man. When the middle-man did arrive he did not look especially happy.

"Quinn all hell has broken loose in Portsmouth because of you. The mayor's daughter Sally Rutherford has caused a massive problem. When Sally was exposed as a pirate and spanked in public, it looked horrible for the mayor, so the town called for special elections for which he is likely to lose."

"I didn't tell anyone in Portsmouth Sally was a pirate!" Quinn spoke back in defense.

"Well, because you let her live and because she was exposed the mayor who was friendly with Mr. Bellmont and all smugglers and who accepted bribes is going to be thrown out of office and in her place is one of those moral types that promises to crack down on pirating and smuggling. This puts the whole operation in danger!"

"Well maybe the huge shipment I just brought in for Bellmont will make him happy." Quinn responded.

"It might ease some pain, but he will have to go into hiding soon and it may be the last shipment you give to him. Our whole operation will be easily exposed if we don't have a mayor friendly to our type of business."

After the shipment went through Quinn felt quite disparaged. She probably should have killed Sally Rutherford, who Quinn knew as Charisma, but Quinn wasn't that sadistic, she enjoyed watching her rival suffer in humiliation, she believed that was punishment enough. Dismayed at the news of the special election in Portsmouth Quinn decided to do what most of her crew was doing, getting drunk at the "Bucket O' Blood" the local tavern at Pirate Cove.

When Quinn walked into the "Bucket O' Blood" she was met with rowdy applause, she was adorned in her captain's outfit. She had a cutlass on her hip and two concealed small pistol's inside her jacket sleeves, she knew the "Bucket O' Blood" was a dangerous and foul place, still she was right at home.

In the Bucket O' Blood there were plenty of hookers, pirates, gamblers and fighters. The tavern was too rowdy for the owners to control, there were nightly fights and the occasional murder. Quinn won two drinking contests against Blacksword and Ravenhair, two grizzled pirates. Quinn had previously sold some of her crew that mutinied with Sally Rutherford to Blacksword, who in turn sold them to Fairbeard. Ravenhair was an old woman pirate who taught Quinn many things. Now both pirates were passed out on their respective tables.

Quinn now drunk started telling some of her colleagues about what Bellmont's middle-man had told her, there was quite a bit of worry but the drinking and fighting continued. Quinn now substantially drunk sat down on a corner bench, isolated from the rest of the reveling. In a matter of moments a striking young woman sat next to her. Quinn had never seen this woman before and a woman of her beauty rarely entered the Bucket O' Blood.

"I'm Vixen, I am a member of Fairbeard's crew" the woman said introducing herself.

Quinn was interested to know about her former crew members and how they were being treated.

"The fat cook with a missing testicle, he's useless he just cries in his cage, we poke him every now and then. The other guys, they are usually naked in shackles waddling around Fairbeard. Fairbeard is going to let them free once they do some... favors for him."

Quinn laughed at the thought of those scoundrels performing sexual favors for an old pirate just to get their freedom back. Quinn looked into Vixen's eyes to respond with words and was immediately entranced. Vixen's icy blue eyes starred into Quinn longingly. Quinn was immediately turned on and ready for a drunken rendezvous, and it looked like Vixen wanted the same.

"I've heard a lot about you Quinn, I've heard your the most respected female captain in the entire sea." Vixen spoke from her lush lips.

"The most respected, really?" Quinn responded, always the sucker for compliments.

Vixen put her hand on Quinn's thigh and approached, the two began to vigorously and passionately kiss. Quinn did prefer men, but just the right woman could persuade her to lie with the fairer sex. Quinn's sexual exploits with men and women were like most other pirates numerous, it was part of the lifestyle.

Quinn went to the tavern owner and purchased an upstairs room. Vixen and Quinn walked up to the room. Upstairs the two women could hear moaning and grunting of numerous other people also having a good time with each other. This just turned Quinn on more. The two immediately fell on the straw bed and groped and fondled each other as they kissed. Quinn had the foresight to light a few candles in the room to make sure both women got a good view of each other.

"I've heard things about you Quinn" Vixen spoke seductively.

"Like what?" Quinn said smiling back

"Strip!" Vixen sharply ordered.

Quinn got up and started taking her clothing off, one layer at a time until she was completely nude standing in front of Vixen. Vixen meanwhile was still clothed. It was true Quinn had a predilection to be dominated, this was in juxtaposition to her position in life as a captain. Quinn didn't fully understand why she liked this role reversal, but it turned her on tremendously none-the-less.

"Get on your knees!" Vixen ordered, Quinn did so immediately.

"Hands behind your back!" Vixen picked up Quinn's belt sash and walked around to Quinn's backside. Tying Quinn's arms together tightly.

Quinn was starting to get wet down on her knees looking up at the tall black haired young woman with the icy blue eyes. Vixen started to undress in front of Quinn. Underneath Vixen's clothing was an athletic woman with a solid build. Vixen's legs were long and well defined, her breasts were medium sized but firm and not at all sagging. Quinn on the other hand was shorter and rounder, Quinn was at least five or six years older than Vixen and her breasts were bigger but hung down more. Quinn was in awe of Vixen's body. As Vixen lay naked with her legs spread on the straw bed Quinn's mouth began to water. Quinn loved to give oral sex to both women and men, she nearly climaxed many times just in this act of giving.

"Lick my pussy." Vixen harshly spoke.

Quinn gathered herself up to her feet and fell onto her stomach in front of Vixen's open legs her hands still tied behind her back. Quinn looked up at Vixen as she lapped at Vixen's pussy. Vixen closed her eye's and slowly gyrated her hips on Quinn's mouth. As Vixen became more turned on her thighs tightened around Quinn's neck and head to the point where it was hard for Quinn to breath. Quinn liked this helpless position she was in and as Quinn became more aroused she moaned into Vixen's pussy.

Vixen pushed Quinn's head even deeper into her pussy as Vixen loudly began to scream in ecstasy. Quinn was nearly cumming herself she kicked her feet and screamed a muffled scream into Vixen's crotch. When Vixen finally finished her orgasm, her mood changed. With a wild and insane look in her eyes she gritted her teeth and began to violently squeeze her thighs around Quinn's neck.

"Your dead bitch!" Vixen screamed letting out a wicked laugh.

Quinn couldn't breath and she felt her neck twisting in a supremely uncomfortable fashion. Quinn realized that Vixen was trying to murder her and Quinn was helpless. Quinn helplessly struggled flapping her arms and kicking her feet in every direction she could. Quinn thought to herself how cruel fate was, she was going to die with her face buried deep inside a pussy while a beautiful but sadistic and insane woman laughed at her.

As Quinn desperately struggled she knocked over a candle she had previously lit and the straw bed began to burn. Still this didn't stop Vixen as flames lit up around her she continued to twist Quinn's neck. Quinn tried to bite down on Vixen's pussy, but only bit her own tongue in the process. Quinn could feel her neck reaching a breaking point, Quinn was near her end.

Suddenly the tension was released, Quinn quickly got up to her feet and started to run away from Vixen. As Quinn jumped through the flames that now engulfed the doorway she saw Vixen trying to extinguish fire from her hair. Quinn tried to scream for help but her lips were swollen from the cunnilingus she was just performing and her tongue was swollen as well. It must have been quite a sight to see a handcuffed naked pirate running down the hallway, face glistening with secretion from another woman's vagina, hopelessly mumbling.

Quinn ran down the stairs to the common area, she was panting and in fear unable to realize that most of her pirate cohorts including her own crew were standing shocked looking at her. Quinn could faintly hear people yelling for buckets of water to put out a fire when Vixen came running down the stairs. Vixen had haphazardly put on a mixture of her own clothes an Quinn's clothes . Vixen was wearing her own vest but Quinn's pants. Vixen was however carrying Quinn's cutlass.

Vixen lunged at Quinn, with Quinn's cutlass and Quinn dodged the cutlass by jumping over the bar. Vixen jumped over the bar and swung the cutlass at Quinn as Quinn backed up scooting on her ass. Vixen kept knocking over the bar's beer and spirits with the sword. The alcohol splashed all over Quinn. Quinn was in the corner, with Vixen raising the cutlass above her head ready to strike when Vixen was tackled by Ravenhair and Blacksword. Quinn was helped up by Fairbeard.

Both women were hauled into the center of the common area of the bar. Quinn and Vixen stared at each other as they were surrounded by a group of extremely excited pirates. Ravenhair loudly screamed "Quiet!" and she began to speak.

"These two women have a disagreement I presume, yet per the pirate's code when two pirates get in a disagreement, it must be a fair fight!" the veteran female pirate spoke as the crowd let out a "fight" chant.

"What is your disagreement! Vixen, Quinn." Fairbeard interrupted.

"She is working for the Dryquell Kingdom!" Vixen said loudly and quickly. The crowd let out a gasp.

"I AM NOT!!! THIS WOMAN TRIED TO KILL ME." Quinn screamed in a muffled tone.

"Well, as per the PIRATE CODE this disagreement must be settled in a FAIR FIGHT! If Quinn is indeed working for the Dryquell Kingdom she shall be prosecuted by the Pirate court! But first a disagreement between two pirates must be settled with a FAIR fight." Ravenhair said to the crowd, the crowd continued the "fight" chant.

A young pirate came down from upstairs. "I found this key in the other ladies pants pocket it should unlock Quinn's cuffs. Oh and the fire is controlled, in case you all were wondering."

The key indeed did unlock Quinn's handcuffs. Now acutely aware of her nudity Quinn immediately covered up after getting her hands free and demanded clothing, which she was given. Now both women were equally clothed and the fight was determined fair, they were set to square off.

Quinn's lips were still swollen, but she had recovered enough to speak in an understandable way. "You bitch, you seduce me, humiliate me and accuse me of being a traitor, I am going to enjoy this." Quinn put her fists up, it was clear Quinn knew how to fight.

Vixen now looking less confident backed up slightly and said "If you all know what your doing you will arrest this BITCH now!"

Before Vixen could say another word Quinn had jabbed her in the nose twice, drawing some blood. Vixen wiped the blood off and tried to punch Quinn, only to have her slightly singed hair grabbed.

"I'd like you to know, I am going to humiliate you before I knock you out!" Quinn spoke into Vixen's ear before she tossed Vixen onto her back.

Vixen was on her back stunned, when Quinn jumped on her pinning Vixen's arms down, with her legs. Quinn shook Vixen by the hair slamming the back of Vixen's head on the hardwood floor. Still penned down and dazed Quinn began repeatedly slapping Vixen in the face.

"Damn you!" "You bitch!" "Stop!" Vixen managed to say in between slaps.

Ravenhair looked at Quinn smiling, she knew this would save Quinn. Quinn could beat most hardened experienced men in a fist fight. No matter how tough Vixen was she was probably no match for Quinn. The crowd was hysterical at this point. Quinn could hear many men and a few women pirates in the crowd yell out for Quinn to strip Vixen naked.

"Should I strip her naked!" Quinn yelled out.

The crowd responded with a huge uproar, Quinn looked down smiling at Vixen who was shaking her head with a worried look on her face. Quinn wondered why the beautiful young woman was being so modest. Quinn pulled up Vixen to her feet by her hair. The struggling and desperate Vixen kicked and punched the air. Quinn let Vixen go and allowed Vixen to desperately charge at Quinn. Quinn moved out of the way and tripped Vixen so that she landed directly on her stomach knocking the wind out of herself.

Quinn took this opportunity to mount Vixen so that she was sitting on her lower back facing Vixen's ass and legs. Quinn pulled down Vixen's pants to reveal her naked ass to the crowd. Predictably the crowd let out a huge roar. Quinn began to play into the crowd and started smacking Vixen on her ass with the palms of her hand. The crowd was so loud that it could barely hear Vixen cursing as she kicked her feet. Quinn did this until Vixen's ass was noticeably red.

Quinn slid Vixen's pants all the way down to her boots and turned them inside out all the way around her Vixen's boots, then Quinn began to tug some more. Vixen was desperately struggling to grab onto her pants as they slowly stretched enough to slide off her boots. Quinn greatly enjoyed the utter desperation in Vixen's eyes as she desperately and fruitlessly grabbed at her pants. As the pants finally came off Vixen started to cry, "You've done it you've won, let me go, I want to go home."

Vixen tried to cover her crotch with her free hands was she slowly got up, she backed up as Quinn slowly walked forward towards her. "Please have mercy!" Vixen pleaded. Quinn would have no mercy, in one felt swoop Quinn yanked off Vixen's jacket leaving Vixen nude except for her boots. Vixen now in a panic began to run around in a circle looking for a way out through the crowd.

Quin let her do so. At one point Vixen tried in desperation to crawl between the legs of a drunken pirate only to be pulled back in by the foot Quinn. As Quinn was pulling Vixen back Quinn pulled one of Vixen's boots off, leaving Vixen with only one boot and a barefoot. Now hobbling around and in a hysterical desperation the crowd began to laugh.

In the middle of the bar Vixen crouched down and let out a blood curdling scream cursing all of the pirates. "Your all scum all of you! I am going to enjoy watching you DIE!" As Vixen was saying this Quinn approached and punched Vixen repeatedly in the gut, until she was on her knees gasping for air. Quinn pulled off Vixen's final article of clothing, her one remaining boot, leaving Vixen stark naked.

"Time to walk the dog." Quinn said to the cheering crowd.

Vixen felt a hard tug on her hair and almost involuntarily started crawling to avoid her hair being pulled out. This led to Vixen being led around by her hair on all fours, giving the crowd a good view of Vixen's ass and pussy. When Vixen finally realized the humiliation she was involuntarily putting herself through she stopped. Quinn pulled out a chunk of Vixen's hair. Screaming and lying on the ground clutching her head Vixen was completely defeated. Quinn smiled as she realized that not a single pirate would remember Quinn's previous naked humiliation.

Quinn hogtied Vixen with Vixen's discarded pants and walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. Vixen was suspended in the air above the reach of the tallest pirate. This was partially to protect her from being groped by the excited crowd and partially to continue to enhance her utter humiliation.

A few minutes later in a secluded room, Ravenhair, Blacksword, Fairbeard, Quinn and a few other captains met to discuss the events.

"I am not an agent of Dryquell, I don't know why she would think that." Quinn said

"I know, I think it was a clever ploy on her part." Ravenhair said.

"Aye, but who is she? Why did she want to kill you Quinn?" Blacksword spoke

"She came on my ship a few months ago, she never does much but she's a looker for me men. She boosts moral I of course could care less what she looks like." Fairbeard spoke

"Quinn and I and whomever else wants to join in will do some interrogation tomorrow, right now this Vixen woman is too hysterical. For now lets celebrate Quinn's victory." Ravenhair called out.

The celebration lasted long into the night and the next day on board Quinn's ship below the deck stood Ravenhair, Quinn, Blacksword and Fairbeard. Vixen was tied naked to a chair her legs spread. Quinn slid a chair in front of Vixen.

"Who are you? Why did you want me dead?"

Vixen just starred coldly with her icy blue eyes right into Quinn, stoic with her lips sealed.

"Shave her head" Quinn said sternly

"No, no don't do that, my beautiful hair, please don't do that." Vixen pleaded.

As Ravenhair slowly sheered off Vixen's hair she screamed bloody murder and cursed at Quinn. When Ravenhair was done Vixen had a short buzz haircut.

"Okay now you know we are serious" Quinn said to a now weeping Vixen.

"Who are you and why did you want to kill me?"

Vixen again remained silent.

Quinn and the rest of the pirates untied Vixen and shackled her feet and head so that she was lying prone with her ass up and her head down. Vixen did not take kindly to being put in this ultra vunerable position. A target was carefully painted on Vixen's squirming ass. Many pirates were invited into the ship to play a very memorable game of darts.

Quinn sat in front of Vixen smiling as Vixen cursed at her. "I need you to tell me everything!" Quinn calmly spoke as she was berated by the again utterly humiliated Vixen.

Finally at a near hysterical level of rage Vixen spoke. "I am a spy, I was the one who informed the authorities of Sally Rutherford's piracy. I did it to dislodge that corrupt mayor. I work for the Order of the Blue Rose!"

All the pirate knew what the Order of he Blue Rose was. It was an organization that worked to make Portsmouth "Pure" of any immoral behavior, especially piracy.

"The Order of the Blue Rose is behind this, I should have known!"

Laughing Vixen interrupted with insanity in her voice. "Your all DEAD! We have the whole town of Portsmouth on OUR side! All of the crooked buiness men are being rounded up for execution as we speak!"

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