tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 01

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 01


Chapter One Rob and The Next Door Neighbor

One very hot summer day, after his senior year in high school ended, Rob was inside the loft of his parent's garage. He knew he could get an excellent view of his next door neighbor when she sunned herself in the backyard of her house. The garage was on the property line shared with her lot. From inside of the loft Rob had made a small viewing hole that was undetectable from her side. Mrs. Zamora is the lady's name Rob lives next door to. Rob will spy on Mrs. Zamora, as well as lust after her, for the entire summer.

One day in the early part of summer Rob happened to glance over the common fence and observed his next door neighbor, Mrs. Zamora, lying on a beach towel in her back yard. She was lying with her feet towards Rob and her nice round ass was very prominently on display for him. This was the first time, being this close to and looking at a nearly naked female caused him to get an erection! Rob knows what an erection is, because it wasn't the first one he's had. He also knows what to do with it, he just hasn't gotten the chance to share it yet! Rob just stood quietly and watched her for several minutes. He slowly stroked his massive dick through his shorts. Mrs. Zamora eventually stood up and bent over to pickup her towel. She did not see Rob looking at the better view of her ass that she now presented for him! As Rob stood there and stared, Mrs. Zamora slowly walked into her house, with her great ass swinging invitingly.

Rob took his hard on into the garage. He went up in the loft to his hiding place and jacked off, thinking about Mrs. Zamora's beautiful ass! When Rob erupted he fantasized one day he would have sex with Mrs. Zamora! But in his heart Rob knew that was very unlikely to happen! Rob believed Mrs. Zamora thought he was still just a kid. At eighteen and compared to a middle thirties woman that was a fair assumption!

Mrs. Zamora is very short at four foot ten. This makes her nearly twelve inches shorter than Rob, who was about five foot eleven. She has the body of a gymnast except for one difference, Mrs. Zamora has giant tits! One of Rob's fantasies is to see them uncovered and, of course, to suck on them. Mrs. Zamora always wears a very small bikini.

Today Rob is in a perfect position to see the lounge chair Mrs. Zamora is using to sun bathe on. She came out of her house and walked toward the chair, as well as toward him. As Mrs. Zamora walked in his direction, her big tits were bouncing up and down. They were barely covered by her new tiny bikini. The top was so small Rob finally got to see the outer edges of her nipples! The bottom was down to a thong. The patch of cloth in front emphasized her prominent pussy lips. The "V" between her legs was plainly visible. There were also brown pubic hairs sticking out all around the tiny piece of cloth!

Before Mrs. Zamora sat down, Rob tried to get his teenage dick out to stroke it. When he touched his dick it exploded inside of his jeans! Being an eighteen year old he still had lots of passion untapped.

As Rob watched Mrs. Zamora, she sat down on the chair facing him. She raised both of her arms and undid the top to her bikini. She folded it up and placed it on the grass next to her. Rob's eyes feasted on her gigantic tits, naked to his eyes for the first time. He had his dick out and was slowly fisting it. Rob just stared at her big tits as she lay down on her back! While he was taking care of his dick's needs, Mrs. Zamora turned over on her stomach. This gave Rob another first. He could plainly see her pussy's lips. The tiny cloth only covered Mrs. Zamora's pussy so far, leaving it exposed to anyone who happened to be looking from the rear.

Rob just stared at Mrs. Zamora's nearly naked body and stroked his massive erection. Rob quickly came again. He continued to stroke himself through three more orgasms. The whole time Mrs. Zamora was putting on quite a show for him!

Rob continued to watch Mrs. Zamora for the entire summer. It was almost always the same scenario. Mrs. Zamora would come out and get undressed to various points, sometimes she even got completely nude! On those days Rob could hardly walk back inside his house after satisfying his lust for her. By the end of summer Rob had grown to over six feet tall and he was sporting serious wood. His eighteen year old dick was now a full eight and half inches when fully erect. Rob could also cum five or six times at a session, depending on how naked Mrs. Zamora got and how much she showed him!

Rob was still under the impression that Mrs. Zamora thought of him as just a kid. But that was not the case. Over Rob's eighteenth summer Mrs. Zamora watched Rob mow the lawn and play with his friends in the neighborhood. Mrs. Zamora's pussy sometimes twitched when Rob said hi to her. Towards the end of the summer Mrs. Zamora began to plot how she could seduce Rob! Mrs. Zamora was totally unaware of Rob's voyeur activities. Rob kept them well hidden from her.

On the last weekend of summer Rob's family were going to his aunt's house for the weekend and an end of the summer picnic. He asked his parents if he could stay home, because all of his friends were going to have a beach party, before everyone went away to college. After some discussion Rob was allowed to stay home.

On the other side of the fence Mrs. Zamora's husband was out of town on business for the preceding two weeks and would not return home for at least three more. Mrs. Zamora was getting pretty horny. She had a very high sex drive and her husband did not take as good of care of her as he should. This frustration was to later benefit her and Rob.

This holiday weekend neither Rob nor Mrs. Zamora had the other one in mind at all. What was about to happen was just fantastic luck, for both of them! Saturday morning Rob got up about 10:30 and put on just his shorts and tennis shoes. After fixing something to eat he went out side and got the lawn mower from the garage. Rob mowed the front yard first.

While Rob mowed his front yard, Mrs. Zamora was getting ready to sun bathe in her back yard. It was already very hot. She made a pitcher of lemonade and got a bottle of Tequila down from the liquor cabinet. She took them with her out into the back yard. Mrs. Zamora quickly got naked and reclined, face up, on the lawn chair. Her massive tits spread out on her slim chest. Her fantastic legs were slightly spread, allowing her hairy pussy to be on display, for anyone to view. After several double shots of Tequila, each followed by a small sip of Lemonade, Mrs. Zamora drifted off to a very sound and drunken sleep.

Rob finished mowing the front yard and went to mow the back yard. Since Rob was using a push mower, he did not make very much noise. Rob finished the back lawn in about a half an hour. Rob wondered what time Mrs. "Z" would come out of her house to sun herself today. When Rob was putting the mower away he accidentally made an awful lot of noise. He still didn't know that Mrs. Zamora was lying naked next door and would wake up pretty drunk and sexually aroused from the Tequila.

Mrs. Zamora heard all of the noise from next door and wondered what Rob was up to. Shielding her eyes, she looked in the direction of the garage next door. Just as she leaned up on one elbow, Rob glanced over the fence!

What he saw froze him in his tracks! There Mrs. Zamora was, completely naked and staring right at him! Rob was terrified, excited and transfixed all at the same time! Rob quickly looked at every naked part of her he could see. His dick got painfully hard instantly! Mrs. Zamora waved at him! She had forgotten that she was completely naked and stood up! Rob moved over closer to the fence, to get a better look at her and to hide his hard on from her.

"Hi Rob, you look awfully hot. Would you like a glass of Lemonade?"

"Yes Mrs. "Z", I would."

Rob was trying to keep his cool. Mrs. Zamora poured him a glass of the cold liquid and walked over to the fence and handed it to him. She was so close to Rob he could almost touch her and he could smell her sexuality. Rob couldn't help himself when he looked her up and down, devouring her with his eyes!

When Mrs. Zamora looked down at herself she thought, "He is looking at me like he wants to fuck me! Well I want to fuck him too!"

Rob knew she had caught him staring at her naked body and stammered. "I'm sorry!" and started to turn away.

Mrs. Zamora put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Do you like what you see?"

Rob managed to stammer, "Oh yes, you are beautiful!"

No one has told Mrs. Zamora she was beautiful in a long time and her pussy clenched in hot desire for this young stud.

"Would you like to touch me?"

"Could I?"

Mrs. Zamora walked through the gate and took both of Rob's hands. She placed them on her large breasts.

"Oh, my they feel so lovely, completely different than I've imagined!"

As Rob started to massage Mrs. Zamora's tits his dick was sticking out of the top of his shorts. She took one hand and pulled Rob's shorts down and grabbed his dick with the other one! Mrs. Zamora slowly ran her hand up and down the full length of Rob's dick.

"My, my you have a very nice and very large member!" She took the head of it and rubbed it against her flat stomach.

"Oh, Mrs. "Z", please don't do that, or I'll make a mess all over you!"

"That's OK Rob, these things sometimes do that!"

She grasped his dick tightly with her small hand and ran her fist up and down it a few strokes. Rob's super heated dick exploded on Mrs. Zamora's belly. Being a teenager, and loaded with cum, Rob blasted his load all over her belly, up onto her huge tits and on her face!

"What a lot of cum you have!"

Mrs. Zamora took her fingers and scooped some of Rob's cum into her mouth. With the other hand she continued stroking Rob's still hard dick.

Rob was reduced to a babbling idiot by now!

"Let's go inside of the house, where we can properly use this fine looking tool!"

When they got to his room Mrs. Zamora laid back on Rob's bed. She spread her legs far apart for him.

Mrs. Zamora said to Rob,

"Have you ever made love to a woman before?"

When Rob shook his head no, she said,

"It's time to start! Come over her and kneel between my legs!"

Rob took off his shorts and tennis shoes. He then got on his knees and quickly inched toward Mrs. Zamora's waiting pussy. She reached out and took his large dick in her hands. When Mrs. Zamora had the tip of Rob's dick splitting the opening to her very wet pussy, she told Rob,

"Push forward slowly as far as you can."

Rob had never felt anything like this in his entire life! Jacking off felt great, But this was heaven! Rob slowly slid his dick into Mrs. Zamora's dripping pussy. He half expected it to get stuck somewhere along the way. It didn't. Rob's massive dick went in Mrs. Zamora's pussy all the way to his balls. When Rob got there he stopped.

"Now slowly pull it back out," Mrs. Zamora instructed him.

Mrs. Zamora is a very sexy and passionate woman. But, she has only had two lovers in her entire life. She has never had a dick this big stuck in her pussy before. Rob's massive hard on stretched Mrs. Zamora's pussy to its' limit. She had never been this full in her life! Her husband's dick is only about six inches long and not too big around. The only other man she'd fucked had about a seven inch dick. Even the dildos Mrs. Zamora used occasionally on herself weren't this big! She felt completely full!

At the end of his first out stroke Mrs. Zamora told Rob,

"Ok, now slowly start moving in and out. After you get the hang of it, gradually increase your speed. OK?"


Rob began very slowly stroking Mrs. "Z's" tight pussy. He was afraid he might hurt her. Rob needn't worry; a horny pussy is very tough! Rob gradually increased the speed of his strokes. Pretty soon he was hammering Mrs. "Z's" pussy! She was thrusting her hips up and back at him as hard as she could. Mrs. Zamora was now being fucked royally! After just a few minutes Rob's dick swelled up and he blasted his second load of cum for the day. This time he was deep in Mrs. Zamora's pussy. Rob shot so much cum into her that it spilled out of her pussy and down onto the bed.

Rob's dick was still hard and he knew he could cum several more times before he would be through.

"Rob honey lay down on your back."

Rob did so quickly. Mrs. Zamora got above Rob and slipped her messy pussy down on Rob's upturned dick. She squealed in delight when she felt the head of his dick hit the back of her pussy! Mrs. Zamora was now in control of this teenage dick and wanted to ride it to her own orgasm. She immediately slammed herself up and down on Rob's huge dick! Between the Tequila and the big dick in her pussy, Mrs. Zamora's passion was now so high all she wanted was fucked! And fucked some more! The more the better!

Mrs. Zamora fucked Rob so long and so hard he came three more times. Right after the third time Rob came, Mrs. Zamora's pussy began clutching widely at Rob's dick. Mrs. Zamora let out a tremendous moan and came so hard she fell on top of Rob. This put Mrs. Zamora's hug tits right in Rob's face. He took each nipple, in turn, and sucked them as hard as he could. Mrs. Zamora went wild on Rob's still hard dick. She continued to move her hips all about Rob's hips. She had one more orgasm. Rob's dick finally had enough and it went limp.

"Rob honey that is some kind of monster you've got between your legs. I hope you are not upset with me for taking advantage of you."

"Mrs. "Z", I must confess, I've wanted to fuck you all summer. I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to do it though!"

"Rob baby, we can't do this too often. But, that's the biggest dick I've ever seen and I want to get fucked by it again sometime!"

"Mrs. "Z", my folks are gone for three days and Mr. Zamora is gone for two or three more weeks. I bet we can find some time to fuck some more!"

"When do you think your dick will come back to life?"

"Give it about an hour and it will be as good as new!"

"Fine, I can hardly wait! I want to see if I can swallow the whole thing! You've probably never had a blow job either, have you?"

"No ma'am."

They spent the rest of the afternoon and the next three days sucking and fucking in every imaginable position. By the time Rob's family got home, Mrs. Zamora's entire body was sore. She and Rob explored every hole in her body. Mrs. Zamora's pussy was fucked raw, her asshole hurt so bad she could hardly sit down and her jaw muscles were sore from stretching them around Rob's massive dick. Rob's only physical problem was he wanted more!

When Rob's parents got home his mom asked him, "How was you weekend alone son?"

"Oh, I just kind of lay around the house most of it!" Rob replied.

The End (?)

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