tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 06

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 06


Chapter Six: Rob Does His Mother Anally

On Saturday morning, the last weekend of summer, Rob was lying on his bed thinking about how well the summer had gone for him. He had fucked Mrs. Zamora several times, in every hole and every imaginable position they could dream up. He fucked several girls this summer that last summer wouldn't even give him the time of day. He thought that was because, when he fucked that blabber mouth Sharon, she told all of her friends about his big dick! Rob reminisced that he'd even fucked his mother a few times! As he lay there nude, with his sexual thoughts, he began masturbating his now very erect dick! Rob closed his eyes and moistened the end of his dick with spit and was massaging the head. He was getting close to cuming and was lost in what he was doing. He also forgot the door to his room was open.

Mrs. Jones, who at the time was the only other person in the house, happened to walk by her son's room and looked in. What she saw made her pussy quiver! There Rob was, pulling his massive dick with his hands! She had not had that massive dick in her for at least three weeks. Seeing it in all its erect glory sent waves of desire burning through her! Mrs. Jones could tell that Rob was oblivious to her presence. Lust overcame her and she crept into his room. Rob was close to the near side of the bed, with his erection in close proximity to her. Without touching the bed, Mrs. Jones bent over and grabbed Rob's dick and took it fully in her mouth! She had finally learned to swallow all of it.

Rob's eyes flew open! He thought he was home alone. When Rob recognized who was sucking his cock, he reached out and slipped a finger in his mom's moist pussy.

"Good morning mom!"

Mrs. Jones looked back at Rob and winked at him! She was busy taking this entire wonderful dick in and out of her throat. As Rob fingered his mother's pussy she got up on the bed and put her legs on both sides of his shoulders. Rob was looking up at his mother's tasty pussy. He pulled his fingers out of it and glued his lips to her pussy's outer lips.

Rob licked his mother's slit, from her clitoris to the bottom of her pussy. As he continued the oral assault on her, his tongue began to get closer and closer to her forbidden treasure. In her entire life, no one had ever touched her asshole, not even her husband! When Rob's tongue made its first contact with the virgin opening, Mrs. Jones shuddered and moaned her approval. Rob was soon sticking his tongue far up his mother's asshole. He flicked back and forth across her clit, pussy and asshole. All of this caused Mrs. Jones to increase the pleasures her mouth was giving Rob's dick! He knew he wanted to fuck this virgin opening!

Rob sat upright, keeping a hold of his mother's hips. He had her ass up in the air toward the ceiling and her mouth was still on his dick. He took his mouth off of her pussy and ass and slid her head toward his feet. He positioned her on all fours and got behind her. Mrs. Jones had no idea what Rob was about to do.

He got up on his knees behind her and slipped his dick inside of her dripping pussy.

She groaned, "Oh yes!" and put her chest and head on the bed, leaving her ass waving in the air.

After a few deep lunges, Rob's dick was slick with his mother's juices. He removed it from her pussy and touched the head of it against Mrs. Jones asshole. He hesitated for a moment, when she didn't say anything; he moved the head of his massive dick inside the opening to her asshole. Mrs. Jones stiffened up and yelled,

"Stop! Stop, it hurts!"

By now Rob had two inches inside of his mother's asshole and he was not going to be denied!

Rob, "Just relax for a minute and it'll stop hurting!"

Rob held still for a few moments. And sure enough the pain in her ass went away! Rob moved in another inch and she yelled again,

"Stop! Stop it hurts!"

"Just keep relaxing and don't fight it! Soon all of it will be in and you'll love it!"

After several minutes of Rob slowly invading, stopping and starting, he had his whole dick buried inside of his mother's no longer virgin asshole!

After a few minutes of Rob stretching her asshole to unbelievable lengths, she began feeling pleasure instead of pain. Mrs. Jones felt completely full, and she was, with Rob's dick in her back side. She had always thought anal sex was wrong. When her friends talked about it Mrs. Jones would always change the subject. Now here she was, doing two of the great sexual taboos, anal sex and incest! Mrs. Jones's ass was being stretched to its' limit and was being soundly fucked by her son!

Rob felt the subtle change in his mother's attitude when her asshole started clenching at his dick. He pulled it out to the tip and slipped it back in to his balls. Rob stroked his mother's asshole very slowly several times. Finally she exclaimed,

"Rob honey, it's time to really fuck my asshole!"

Rob's mother seldom talked like this. This turned him on even more! He looked down at his mother's great looking ass and saw his dick sticking in it and exclaimed to himself,

"This is unbelievable!"

Rob furiously fucked his mother in her ass. She was face down on the bed and begging Rob to fuck her as hard as he could. He did his best and finally he announced,

"Mom, I'm Cuming!"

Rob unloaded his cum up her asshole. Mrs. Jones had been playing with her pussy the whole time she was been ass fucked and brought herself to an intense orgasm as well!

Rob's dick slipped out of his mother's asshole with a loud pop!

"Goodness me, I never thought being fucked in the ass would be that would be pleasurable!"

Before Rob could respond they heard a car in the drive way!

Mrs. Jones, "That's probably your dad; I better get to the shower!"

With that she was gone.

To be Continued...

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