tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 08

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Rob Discovers His Sister’s Secret

It was early Sunday morning, (about Two A.M.), on the last weekend before Rob had to return to college for the beginning of his sophomore year. He woke up with a dire need to answer the call of nature. As he came back down the hallway, he heard the unmistakable sounds of passion coming from his older sister’s bedroom! As Rob neared the partially opened door to her room he heard her voice,

“Fuck Me Harder!”

Rob peered into the semi-darkened room and got the shock of the summer! His sister was lying on her back, with her legs spread wide and their dad was sticking his large dick into his own daughter’s pussy! Rob saw how big his dad’s dick was and immediately new where his own massive member came from. Rob’s dad’s dick was nearly as long as Rob’s and slightly smaller in diameter. Julie was exhorting their father to make her cum!

“I’m close! I’m so close. Daddy, fuck me harder!”

Rob’s dick sprang to life. He began massaging it while he watched his dad fuck his sister! As he continued watching and masturbating, Rob’s dad pulled his dick out of Julie’s pussy. Mr. Jones got over Julie’s face and slipped the hard member into his daughter’s willing mouth. To Rob’s amazement, Julie swallowed the whole thing! Their dad’s balls were resting on her chin! Mr. Jones grabbed Julie buy the back of her head and unloaded his cum in her waiting throat. Rob could see Julie’s mouth and throat muscles working, as she cleaned off the softening dick that slowly slid out of her mouth!

“Daddy, that was terrific, thank you!”

“You know I love you! But I must get back to bed, before your mother miss’s me!”

As their dad rolled off his daughter and the bed, Rob fairly ran to his own room, narrowly missing being caught with his dick in hand watching them! He fell on his back ontothe bed and with only a few strokes he too had a massive orgasm! Rob covered his stomach and chest with his own white fluid. After Rob calmed down, his desire to fuck his sister heated up. Julie looked just like their mom, whom he had fucked earlier in the day, only younger! Based on what he had just seen, she loved sex as much as their mom did! Rob just had to fuck her!

Rob waited about thirty minutes for his sister to fall asleep. He was going to go in her room and play with her sleeping body. If he could get her aroused in her sleep, he figured he could slip his dick in her pussy. Rob believed Julie would think it was their dad coming back for seconds!

Rob crept into Julie’s room and found her fast asleep. She was on her back with her legs slightly apart, just far enough apart that Rob could see her moist pussy glistening in the dim light. Julie was breathing deep and evenly. Rob got next to the bed and rubbed the outside of her pussy with his right hand. Rob grasped Julie’s right nipple with his left hand. Rob rubbed both parts of Julie for a few minutes. Julie’s pussy began to leak and both nipples were now at full erection. Rob pushed three fingers inside of Julie’s pussy and took a rigid nipple in his mouth. Rob furiously pumped Julie’s pussy and bit down on her large extended nipple!

She moaned, “Harder Daddy, make me cum again!”

Rob’s dick was now as hard as a nail! And His sister’s pussy was wide open and dripping wet. Rob got on the bed and in between Julie’s legs. He put both of her legs up over his shoulders and slipped just the head of his dick inside the opening of her pussy. Rob reached forward and took a nipple in each hand. He pinched them as hard as he could.

Julie moaned. “Pinch them harder!”

Rob pinched her nipples harder and slammed his full nine inches deep in her pussy! Julie felt the extra width and length of Rob’s dick stretching her pussy a little more than it had been stretched earlier by her father’s dick. Just as Rob’s hip bone struck hers, Julie was instantly wide awake.

“What the fuck! You’re not who I expected! Who are you?”

“I’m your brother and I’m going to fuck you senseless!”

“Get off of me!”

“Why? What are you going to do, call dad?”


“If you try that, I’ll tell mom you were fucking him!”

Rob kept hammering his sister’s pussy as they spoke. Her native sexuality was beginning to get the best of her. Despite her protests, she now wanted Rob to finish what he had started. Julie’s hips were moving in unison with Rob’s deep stroking of her hot pussy.

“How’d you know I was fucking dad?”

“I just watched you two getting it on a little while ago!”

“If I let you finish, will you not tell mom?”



Rob continued fucking his older sister’s pussy for several more minutes before he responded to her pleas. Just before he answered her she exclaimed,

“I don’t care! I’m Cuming!”

Julie’s pussy convulsed about Rob’s dick, causing him to Cum in concert with her orgasm. He filled her pussy with Cum, just as their father had filled her mouth earlier! As Rob’s dick was spurting its load up Julie’s pussy he told her,

“I promise not to tell mom, if I can fuck you when I come home from school on breaks. Deal?”

Julie Now had the choice of two huge dicks to keep her satisfied. Every other boy she had fucked, so far in her short life, just didn’t measure up to her dad and now her brother’s big dicks. In answer to Rob’s request, Julie flipped them over onto Rob’s back and rode his huge dick with her horny pussy.
Julie, “If you can make me cum again tonight, it’s a deal!”

Rob reached up and took his sister’s tits in his hands and worked her to a feverous pitch. Soon she let out another wail,

“Oh yes! I’m Cuming again!”

Rob was fucked out and couldn’t Cum anymore. Julie didn’t notice that he didn’t Cum, because she was so wrapped up in her own orgasm! She got off his softening member and said,

“See you at school breaks, brother fuck!”

Rob got up and went back to his own room. He was thinking,

“I’m the only one in this house who knows who is fucking whom in this family!”

With a full day of fucking behind him he fell asleep. Just as he drifted off to sleep, Rob couldn’t help thinking about if he could get his dad to double team his sister or better yet double team his mom!

To be Continued…

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