tagNovels and NovellasThe Adventures of Rob Ch. 09

The Adventures of Rob Ch. 09


Chapter Nine: Rob, Bill and Rob’s Mom

It was Thanksgiving weekend and Rob and his sister were both home for the weekend holiday. Rob had invited his friend Bill over for dinner. Shortly after dinner the phone rang and it was for Rob’s father. It turned out that his dad had to leave right away for Houston. Rob’s dad is a trouble shooter for a multinational oil company and it seems something needed his immediate attention. He threw a suitcase together and was about to leave when Rob’s sister said to their dad.

“Daddy can I go with you?”

“Why of course sweetheart!”

Rob thought to himself, she just wants to go so she can get fucked! Rob offered to drive them to the airport. He also invited his mother and his friend Bill to ride along. Bill accepted and his mom declined.

Mrs. Jones, “No, you guys go ahead, I’ll stay and clean up this place! It’s a four hour round trip to the airport. I’ve had too much wine to ride that long in the car.”

Mr. Jones, “You’re sure honey; I won’t be back until late Sunday night!”

“Yes I’m sure. Go on ahead you and Julie enjoy yourselves!”

If she only knew what enjoy yourselves included! With that everyone piled into the SUV and left for the airport.

- - - - -

After Mrs. Jones finished cleaning up the house, which took only about half an hour, she had a couple of more glasses of wine. Mrs. Jones usually doesn’t drink this much and was feeling pretty good. She knew she would be home alone for at least another three hours. She was getting horny from all of the wine and knowing Rob’s friend had been checking her out all day! She couldn’t help herself from wondering what his young dick looked like! The more she tried to suppress these thoughts, the stronger they got and the hornier she became.

Finally Mrs. Jones decided to do something about her condition. Mrs. Jones went upstairs to her bedroom and set her plan in motion. She took a quick hot bath and put on her sexiest lingerie. Her attire consisted of a very short baby doll top, a push up half bra that framed and separated her middle sized tits. It left her nipples exposed so they could be played with, which was exactly one of the things she planed to do! The last items she added to her ensemble were thigh length black nylons and high heeled pumps.

She dressed like this because she was going to create a video of her self masturbating! Why was she going to make a video, you might ask? She and Anita had made a pact to exchange a video of themselves masturbating. They thought that it would be fun to watch it, just before one of their afternoon encounters with each other, sort of a visual foreplay!

While Mrs. Jones was setting up the video equipment she had a couple more glasses of wine. By the time she had every thing set up she was feeling pretty good and had lost all inhibitions! Also, nearly four hours had passed! She got the KY jelly and her six inch pink dildo out of their hiding place and lay down on the bed. Since the cucumber incident Mrs. Jones has found out where to purchase dildos discreetly!

- - - - -

Bill, “Man, your mom can sure cook!”

Rob, “She sure can!”

Bill, “Now what are we going to do Rob?”

Rob, “I don’t know. Maybe we can find some more middle aged pussy!”

Bill, “Come on, where could we find that on a holiday weekend?”

Rob, “Some where close I think!”

Bill, “The only middle aged woman close to here is your mom and I’m sure you don’t mean her!”

Bill hoped Rob did mean her! He has wanted to fuck Mrs. Jones ever since he knew what “fuck” meant! Bill thought she was absolutely gorgeous! Bill did not know that Rob had actually already fucked his own mom!

Rob decided to take the chance,

“And what if I did mean my mom, would you be interested?”

Bill, “Are you serious? I mean really serious?”

Rob, “Yes! I’m as serious as a heart attack!”

Rob then went on to describe the first time he had fucked his mom! By the time he was finished with his story Bill was rubbing his hard dick through his trousers!

Bill, “How could we do it?”

Rob, “If I know my mom, and I think I do, she’ll have cleaned the house up by now and had a couple of more glasses of wine. That’ll make her horny and she’ll be upstairs in her bed playing with herself!”

Bill, “You’re kidding!”

Rob, ”I kid you not!”

- - - - -

Mrs. Jones was indeed upstairs playing with herself! She was on her back with her fine legs spread out as far as she could get them. In her left hand was the end of the dildo that she was driving deeply in and out of her dripping pussy. Mrs. Jones was pumping her self as fast as she could! She was kneading both breasts with her right hand. Now and then she would take her fingers and smear them with the juices of her pussy. After Mrs. Jones got them wet she’d slip them in her mouth and pretend they were a cock! As she pounded her pussy and sucked on the make believe cock Mrs. Jones was fast approaching an orgasm!

- - - - -

Rob and Bill arrived home and parked Rob’s car.

Rob, “You remember how we got Mrs. Zamora to take us both?”

“Yeah, how could I forget? That was the best piece of ass I’ve ever had!”

Rob, “Well tonight’s going to be better! We’ll do the same thing! I’ll go in first distract my mom then you join in. OK?”

“Anything! I just can’t believe we are doing this! You’re sure you want me to help you fuck your mother?”

Rob, “Yes of course! She’ll love it! Fuck, we’ll all love it!”

The two young men quietly went into Rob’s house. They found it exactly as Rob said it would be. Rob and Bill went upstairs. When they got to the top of them, the boys let their eyes get adjusted to the dim light. Rob and Bill could hear Mrs. Jones pleasuring herself. They crept down the hall way and stopped next to the wide open doors to her bedroom. What greeted their eyes caused them both to get instant erections!

Mrs. Jones had the fingers of one hand buried in her mouth and was furiously sucking them, just like her fingers were a small dick! Mrs. Jones had a dildo grasped in her other hand and was slamming her pussy like she was possessed! Rob and Bill quickly got undressed! Mrs. Jones was so close to Cuming that she was oblivious to her surroundings. Her legs were spread wide and her head was off the side of the bed.

Rob and Bill crept into the room. Rob slipped up next to his mom and pulled her fingers from her mouth and replaced them with his massive hard on. Mrs. Jones popped her eyes open! Before she could say anything Bill had hopped between her lovely legs and replaced the dildo in her pussy with his dick!

Rob’s dick had finally matured to just over ten inches and Bill’s had grown to just over eight inches. So between the two of them, they were sticking a foot and a half of cock into Rob’s mother!

Mrs. Jones recognized her son’s cock at once. And let it slip down her throat. What she didn’t know was, whose dick had invaded her pussy! Right now she actually didn’t care. She was seconds away from her first orgasm of the night. The one she thought would be the only one before she fell asleep. However, now she knew it was going to be the first of many!

When Mrs. Jones tried to speak, Rob just pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. The last time he had fucked her mouth Mrs. Jones had difficulty swallowing Rob’s whole member. Now it was almost two inches longer! Rob got in about nine inches when his mother gagged on it. Rob stopped pushing at that moment. He turned his eyes towards his mom’s pussy and watched Bill’s dick completely disappearing inside of it! Bill had his eyes closed and was fucking Mrs. Jones pussy with all of his strength. While Rob watched this, his mother’s throat relaxed a little bit and he shoved the rest of his considerable dick into his mother’s throat. He now had his balls against her chin! Mrs. Jones reached up between his legs and cupped his balls. She gently squeezed them while Rob was pumping her willing mouth and throat.

Since Mrs. was already on the verge of Cuming, when the boys attacked her, she was the first to cum! Mrs. Jones threw her legs around Bill’s body and nearly squeezed the life out of him! Bill buried himself deep in Mrs. Jones pussy and erupted as well! At the other end Rob was now fully fucking his mother’s face. He was pumping his full length in and out on each stroke. Mrs. Jones was cupping and squeezing her son’s balls, trying to massage them into giving up their precious fluid. Mrs. Jones loved the taste of cum and she wanted to taste Rob’s cum now! She took the index finger of one hand and abruptly shoved it deep up Rob’s asshole! Rob had never had anything stuck up there before! He let out a loud yell, and shoved his dick clear to his balls in his mother’s mouth! He unloaded the biggest load of cum he had ever dumped!

Both boys removed their dicks from Mrs. Jones body. She looked at them and asked,

“Just what do you think you are doing young men?”

Bill tried to answer but could only stammer. Rob told her,

“Finishing what you started with the dildo!”

“What makes you think I needed help?”

“Lucky guess!”

With that, Rob reached over and grabbed his mom’s ankle and spun her around 180 degrees. He now was between her legs. Rob threw one of her legs over each of his shoulders. He took his still hard dick and slammed it deep inside of his mother’s cum filled pussy! Bill, seeing Mrs. Jones’s open mouth before him, slipped his still hard dick into it! Mrs. Jones took him in and gave him the best blow job he had ever experienced! Soon Bill’s nuts began to tighten up and he announced,

“Mrs. Jones, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in my mouth. I love the taste of it!”

Bill went over the edge and dumped his second load of the evening into Mrs. Jones’s willing mouth. Bill pulled his dick free and watched Mrs. Jones being fucked by her own son! Rob had her legs spread far apart and was sticking his whole dick all the way in and out of her pussy! She was thrashing all about the bed. Under Rob, she was screaming out for Rob to fuck her harder and faster. Soon both of them went over the edge. Rob went first, he filled her pussy to over flowing. When Mrs. Jones let loose, she squeezed the breath out of Rob and tore the skin on his back to ribbons!

Bill couldn’t help himself while he was watching them, he masturbated to another orgasm. He let his cum fly all over Mrs. Jones’s nice tits! She took both of her hands and smeared the sticky stuff all over her chest and licked her fingers clean!

After a brief rest, when no one spoke a word, they were back at it some more! Between the two young men they used and abused Mrs. Jones for the entire weekend. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, Mrs. Jones orifices were all sore and the two young men could hardly walk, let alone fuck some more.

While Rob and Bill were leaving, to go back to school, they met Julie and Rob’s father at the airport. After they parted Rob watched his sister walk away and noted she walked like a fresh fucked female, which indeed was what she is!

Rob nudged Bill and, pointing at his sister’s ass, said,

“What do you think, winter break, we do her?”

”I game!”

They got on the plane and went back to school.

To be Continued…

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