tagMind ControlThe Adventures of Starry Ch. 2

The Adventures of Starry Ch. 2


When Starry awoke the next morning, she was still on the mattress but the harness had disappeared and her hands were free. She was still naked and a little disoriented but had a vague sense of why she was there. She sat up gingerly, her body was feeling a little stiff but surprisingly good and as she looked around the cage she noticed that a bowl of food had been placed in there for her and a toilet set up in the far corner. Starry attended to her needs and washed herself with a cloth and bowl of water. As she washed she tried to remember what it was that had seemed so important earlier. Something about the Master, but her mind drew a blank.

Starry sat on the floor and ate, when she finished she looked through the bars in the cage into the gloom of the workshop. She saw the stocks and the leather harness and felt herself becoming moist, her fingers automatically going down to her pussy. Starry saw a whole range of other machines and furniture and wondered when she would get to try them out as well. In the corner of the workshop she could make out a suitcase that for some reason it looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen it before.

The door creaked open again and through it walked the Master, this time he had someone with him, a woman. Starry watched them approach, her eyes widening and her pussy becoming wetter with ever step they took. The master walked up the cage door and ordered Starry to her knees, she obeyed, immediately dropping down onto her knees and staring up at her master. He opened the cage and walked up to Starry and put the collar and lead around her neck and led her out of the cage and across the workshop floor. The master led Starry to an area where manacles hung from the ceiling and placed her wrists in the cuffs, stretching her arms up and out from her body.

Starry's ankles were also cuffed and then the chains holding them pulled tight. Starry was stretched out, unable to move at all, her legs and arms reaching out like a giant X in the middle of the workshop. Her wrists and ankles stung from the tightness of the cuffs but her face didn't display any pain she may have been suffering. The master then applied the sweet oil and Starry's body became alive with lust once more. Her nipples hardened and stuck out straight, reaching to be touched, her clit pumped full of blood, tingled with a hunger that begged to be sated and her pussy dripped her sweet juices onto the floor. Even Starry’s ass expanded in the hope of receiving something to soothe her lust. By the time the Master had finished applying the oil Starry was moaning loudly. She begged her Master to use her, to take her anyway he wanted, just so long as she could feel him inside her. The Master looked beyond Starry and the woman who had entered with him came into view.

She had changed from the street clothes she wore when she had first entered and Starry looked at her closely for the first time. She stood tall with thick raven hair down past her shoulders, her face was flawless and her blue eyes had a cruel lust that shone through. She was dressed in a tight leather catsuit that hugged her slender body and shaped seductively around her ass and pussy. Her legs were bare and she wore black stiletto boots that wrapped tightly around her calves. Starry looked deep into her eyes, stretched naked and vulnerable before this cruel beauty she came, unable to control her own bodily impulses. Without even being told to speak Starry opened her mouth and the words "please mistress" cascaded from them. The Mistress looked at Starry and smiled cruelly, she walked slowly around her outstretched body and ran a fingernail across her taut skin.

Starry shuddered and closed her eyes allowing the pleasure to ripple though her brain. The Mistress walked over to the large chest and returned with a small cloth bag. She pulled out a handful of spring loaded clothes pegs and as Starry watched with a mixture of anticipation and lust she placed one on each of Starrys hard nipples. Starry's body exploded in rapture of pleasure and pain as the pegs squeezed hard on her already sensitive nipples. The mistress continued to apply the pegs, around her breasts and then to the parted flaps of Starry's outstretched pussy. Starry groaned deeply as her mind tried to come to terms with deep sensual pain that caused her to continually orgasm. She wanted the pain to stop, so badly did it hurt, but she also wanted more, so wonderful did it feel. Her body was sprayed lightly once more with the sweet oil and Starry no longer wanted anything but more, more pain, more lust, more of whatever they wanted to give her. The mistress went to the chest once more and came back with a short whip, it's leather thongs hanging limply from the Mistresses hand.

"Please!" cried Starry. "Please" she begged, tears welling in her eyes.

The Mistress went around and swung her arm, Starry closed her eyes and surrendered her body to the painful bite of the lash. The harder the lashing the harder she came. Starry's body was raw with welts and her mind was wild with lust by the time she passed out, unable to cope with any more.

Starry awoke from a deep sleep, she had no idea how long she had slept for nor did she care. She had lost all concerns about time and anything else, other than feeling the hunger again. She slowly began to focus once more on her surroundings, the cage and the workshop around it. Starry stretched, her arms and legs felt stiff and sore but the memory of how they got that way made her feel good. She lay on her mattress and reflected on what had happened to her at the hands of the Master and the Mistress from the time she was brought into the workshop until now.

Strangely she couldn't remember anything before that time but nor did care about that either. Starry licked her lips wantonly as thought about the previous encounter, her fingers touched her nipples, still sore from the pegs, and squeezed them hard. Her pussy moistened as though on command and when her hands reached the welts on her ass, Starry moaned softly. Once again the cage had been prepared for her needs and she washed and ate quickly, wanting to be rid of such mundane tasks. Starry then returned to her mattress and continued to explore her body, pinching, stroking and probing herself with an ever increasing desire.

The sound of the workshop door opening bought an end to Starry's lustful play and she sat up. Starry stared intently across the room as both the Master and Mistress strode into the workshop and over to the cage. The Master opened and entered the cage and Starry stood before him compliantly. He cuffed her hands high to the edge of the cage and then once again bathed her body in the sweet oil until she glistened brightly. Starry's body shook with orgasm as the Masters hands slowly explored every facet of her body as he massaged the oil into her pliant flesh. He then left the cage and joined the Mistress who waited in plain view of Starry a few feet from where she stood, helplessly cuffed to the cage. Starry's mind was flooding with lustful hunger as she looked pleadingly at the two, her juices once again flowing freely, running down the inside her legs.

The Master began to undress himself, and with every piece of clothing he removed Starry whimpered with desire as she ached to touch him. He turned his back on Starry and faced the Mistress as he removed his pants robbing Starry of the sight she yearned to see. Starry's whimpering grew and became sobs as she watched her Master undress her Mistress until she too was naked, her pussy glistening teasingly at Starry. Starry watched the undressing with a desperate lust that tore at her mind and when at last her Master turned around, revealing a raging hard on, she force her body desperately against the bars to be closer to them. The master ignored Starry's whimpering plea as the Mistress turned, bent over and gripped the bench that stood behind her. Starry begged and pleaded for them both to take her and hurt her and fuck her.

The Master picked up the whip that had been previously used on Starry and beat her Mistress across the ass and back until red welts glowed brightly on her pale skin. Starry rubbed her body against the cage, forcing the steel bars to grind against her swollen clit, desperately wishing it was her that was being whipped by her Master. Her body ache with desire as she watched her Master put down the whip and take hold of her Mistress. All Starry could do was try to satisfy her lust on the cold hard steel as she watched her Master fuck her Mistress from behind, driving his cock deep and hard into her pussy.

The tears welled then cascaded down Starry's cheeks as she fucked the cage while her Master fucked her Mistress. When her Mistress came, Starry cried out as an orgasm rocking her fevered body. As her Master continued to fuck her Mistress harder and faster, Starry slid herself against the bar harder and faster. When the master finally came Starry orgasmed again, saliva dripping from her mouth as she stared at her two tormentors. The Master finally pulled out his cock and Starry watched intently at the cum that ran down her Mistress' legs.

The Mistress straightened up and walked over to and entered the cage. She removed Starry’s cuffs and, standing in front of her with her legs parted, presented her pussy to Starry. Starry dropped to her knees and began to lick her Mistress clean, first licking every drop of cum from her shaven pussy then licking down the inside of her legs until at last she was sucking her toes. The Master closed the cage door and left. Starry, confused at first, then realised that her Mistress was to remain with her and immediately became excited again. The Mistress applied more oil to Starry's breasts, abdomen and pussy and began to rub her own body against Starry's. The sweet oil immediately went to work on the two women and they both fell to the floor embraced in each other's arms. Starry's need to be satisfied was almost as desperate as her need to please her Mistress and she kissed her deeply, exploring her Mistress' mouth with her tongue as her hands explored her Mistress' body.

The Mistress returned Starry's kiss as she rolled on top and straddled Starry's body. Starry, unable to match the strength of the Mistress, lay there compliantly as her Mistress positioned her pussy over her mouth and ordered Starry to eat her out. Starry did as she was told, with relish, burying her face into her Mistress' sex, her tongue probing and fucking her Mistress as her own body cried out for the same. The Mistress moaned deeply and ground her cunt into Starry's mouth as Starry drank deeply from her Mistress juices. The Mistress' body shook as it was gripped by orgasm and she bent forward and began to eat Starry's dripping pussy, licking and sucking at her saturated sex. As the Mistress feasted on Starry's lustful juices, Starry came, again and again. The more she came the more greedily she ate on her Mistress' sex, the more she pleasured her Mistress the more the Mistress came and ate hungrily on Starry. There they remained locked together, their bodies pressed as orgasm flowed into orgasm, eating each other out until exhaustion took their bodies.

The Master had returned and prepared for Starry's needs again as she slept. He had taken the Mistress from of the cage and she slept peacefully in the car. The Master was satisfied that Starry's body had ingested enough oil that she would be a compliant sex slave for at least six months before the need for retraining. He did so look forward to retraining her too, but now she was the property of the master that had paid for her initial training. It was time to tell him that his property was ready for delivery.

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