tagMind ControlThe Adventures of Starry Ch. 4

The Adventures of Starry Ch. 4


He paced up and down in front of the window, his face set in a look of dark consternation as he considered his options. His problem was one that had emotional repercussions and it was something that required serious thought. Despite all her warnings and training his slave was playing around behind his back. He understood that she had her needs and he realised that he was in part responsible for her insatiable desires, but he must have discipline and Starry had to learn control. The question was did he cut her free and cast her out to fend on her own, or was she worth making one more attempt to recondition, and to punish her more severely than he has ever had to before. This was no easy decision to make, casting her out would almost certainly mean the end of Starry as her insatiable libido would cause her to lose all control. Keeping her on the other hand would require constant supervision and he wondered if any sex slave was worth that much effort. Whatever the decision one thing was for certain, Starry would have to be punished.

He summoned Starry to be taken down into the dungeon and prepared for punishment, but he the uncertainty still racked his mind. Maybe Starry just wasn't worth all the effort, maybe she would never reform. He pondered the questions thoughtfully as he walked purposefully down the long corridor to the dungeon door. He entered, and there in the middle of the room was Starry, naked, hooded, gagged and stretched out tightly on a frame. He stood silently and looked at her for a few moments, he did so love this one above the others, but he knew that sentiment could play no part in his decision.

He walked up to Starry and casually ran a finger down her taut body. He watched as she trembled slightly and wondered whether it was fear or pleasure that caused her to react, you could never be sure with Starry.

"You do know why you are here don't you" he asked, coldly.

Starry, unable to speak because of her gag, nodded and a bead of sweat dripped from under her rubber hood.

"Good" he said "Now the question is, what do I do with you? Do I let you run free or punish and break you forever?"

Starry heard the words but couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her master would never cut her free. Not her, not Starry. Starry's whole body cried out in pain at the thought. She struggled in the bonds trying desperately to get her master's attention.

He watched her carefully and realising that Starry needed to speak he removed the hood and gag.

Free of her confines, Starry cried out. "No! No Master! Please don't set me free. I have never been so free as I am with you. Please don't turn me away." The thought of not having her Master was too much for Starry and she pleaded desperately to be able to stay with him.

"Punish me please Master. Punish me so that I'll never stray again. Anything but send me away."

With those words he replaced the gag and hood. He stood for a moment and considered Starry's plea. His mind was undecided as to whether he would keep Starry or not, although he had been moved by her plea, but he was certain that she would be punished. He made sure that she was stretched tight as possible and unable to squirm too much. He tightened each of the chains until he heard her groan and he could see her arms and legs were taut, the muscles clearly straining. He smiled to himself as he noticed how her pussy was stretched open and wondered about her reaction to what was about to be inflicted.

He looked across at the soft leather whips and picked up one that her knew would sting her enough to get her skin tingling and sensitive and her juices flowing. He commenced whipping her body, across her shoulders, her back and down along her ass and thighs. He whipped her hard enough to stripe her skin but do no permanent harm, this was not a whip for deep penetration. As he continued to lash Starry, moving to her breasts and abdomen he heard a sigh creeping out from under her hood. As the leather strips lashed across the top of her thighs and caught the edges of her exposed pussy he heard her moan and saw the first drops of lust begin to drip from her sex. This was just what he wanted, to see her slip into lust mode, her body alive and sensitive, now she could be punished, now she would be vulnerable.

He attached clips to the flaps of her dripping pussy. Attached to the clips were thin wires, which he pulled tight, stretching Starry even wider, causing her to moan once more. Another clip was attached to her clit, this too had a wire attached. He watched and waited patiently, observing her reaction and just when he was certain that Starry was waiting for something to be inserted into her he attached the wires to a transformer and jolted her pussy with a short sharp current of electricity. Starry screamed behind the gag but she was unable to move at all, stretched out as she was.

The Master walked up beside Starry and whispered in her ear "The only way to stop it is to not get wet, the wetter you get the more current you'll feel."

With that he switched on a vibrator and inserted it into her pussy, and then another which he pushed harshly up into her ass. Starry moaned behind her gag. Her brain was spinning wildly.

"Not get wet, how do I not get yet?" she thought to herself. Starry tried but was unable to help herself. She had felt the pain from the electric shock, she could feel the vibrators humming inside, filling her body. She moaned and started getting wetter. The next shock was stronger than the first, her body went rigid with pain and stayed that way till she started to dry up. No sooner had she recovered than the vibrators did there work again and another jolt of electricity coursed through her pussy. The shocks were stronger now, they were so strong that they were stopping Starry from cumming, an experience she had never had before. Her mind was lost in the pleasure and pain. As the shocks got stronger she found herself starting to dry up. But as that happened and the shocks lessened and her response to the vibrators got stronger and she got wetter. Starry could feel herself getting so close to orgasm only to have her dripping pussy trigger another electric shock. Starry screamed in frustration. Helpless in her bonds with no escape.

He waited and watched as Starry struggled, her frustration evident by the sounds that emitted from behind the gag. After watching her torture endure for half an hour before he removed the vibrators. Then he stood beside her heaving body and talked quietly into her ear.

"Since you can't be trusted you will no longer wear the collar and lead, from now on you will be lead around by your nipples. "

With that Starry felt her nipples being squeezed until they became hard and erect. This cause her more pain as the currents continued to through her now dripping pussy. Just when she thought that she might finally cum, despite the constant surge of electricity, Starry felt the sharp pain of needles piercing her nipples. Once more Starry tried to scream and withdraw her body, but she could do neither and was forced to endure as both her nipples were pierced, gold rings inserted and a gold chain draped between them.

He tugged the chain to test it's strength and Starry felt close to blacking out as the jolts of pain from her newly pierced nipples and the electricity in her pussy combined to send her mind swirling.

Once again he talked quietly to her. "Do you think you've learned your lesson yet Starry, do you think you'll behave in future"

Starry nodded her head and tried desperately to tell her master that she had in fact learned her lesson, but all that came out was a series of muffled sounds.

"hhmmm, I think I believe you this time" he said with little conviction. He looked across to a man standing near a fire, in his hand a branding iron, glowing red. He nodded to the man who approached Starry.

"But this time I will make certain that everyone knows you are my property and mine alone"

He nodded at the man who applied the brand first to one of Starry's thighs and then to her upper arm.

Starry screamed like she had never screamed before, The sound became lost in her gag but that didn't stop her. The pain was brief but intense, more intense than anything she had ever felt before. When it was over, her wounds ached with a deepness that went beyond the brands. Without even looking Starry knew what they said and what they meant, for the rest of her life Starry would wear the brand Slave, and all who saw it would know.

He looked at Starry and waited for her screams to subside, when she finally stopped her head slumped and he knew he had finally broken her, she was at last his obedient slave. He removed the clips from her pussy and the hood but put the vibrators back in their places. He wasn't finished yet, but for the moment he would allow her a few moments of pleasure.

The pain Starry had just felt was more than she had ever imagined before. But amid the agony she felt a sense of pride. Pride that her Master had decided to test her, to give her pain, to brand her as his. With the electrical wires remove Starry soon found herself responding to the vibrators in her pussy and ass. Her orgasm, when it finally arrived, was the strongest she had ever felt. She looked at her Master with grateful eyes. Trying to show him how grateful she was that he had taken her to the heights of pleasure by taking her to the depths of pain.

Her whole mind and body were now totally focused on this man, her Master. Her body was tingling with desire, desire to please her Master. She no longer cared about her own needs. She knew her Master would fill these. As the pleasure from her orgasm subsided Starry began to feel the pain in her pierced nipples and her arm and leg where she had been branded. She looked at her Master and wondered what he would do with her next. Her only thought was that she wanted him to take pleasure from her body. She didn't care if the pleasure was from inflicting pain on her or by using her body to satisfy him self or others.

He watched and waited for Starry's orgasm to subside before removing the vibrators. Starry looked drained, but her eyes indicated that she had learned her lesson well and he decided then that he would take pity on her and give her one last chance. He left her stretched out on the frame and the gag in place but had others apply cool water to her brands. The wounds would heal but Starry would be forever marked as a slave and to make certain her subjugation was complete he called in the piercer once more. He parted her pussy and squeezed her clit hard in his tongs. This time Starry was unable to bring herself to even scream but just moan softly as she felt her clit being pierced and the ring being place through. A chain was attached to the one that hung between her breasts and when the job was done her master walk up to her and tugged it lightly. Starry's eyes immediately lit up and her body responded as only hers could, her pussy becoming wet with desire.

He left Starry suspended and sat down across the room from her. He glanced off to the side and another girl came in, she looked young and slightly frightened, especially when she looked at Starry. She too was naked but wore the collar and lead that once adorned Starry's throat. The master commanded the new girl to bend and she did so, he then lowered his pants and began to fuck her from behind. Starry could do nothing but watch as her master fucked the new girl, sliding his cock deep into her and sliding his hands over her breasts and squeezing her nipples. The new girl began to moan and push back to meet his thrusts and when he came inside her she shook with the force of the orgasm that ripped through her body.

Sapphire could do nothing but watch as her Master took his pleasure from another girl. This was the final punishment and she wept as she realised that she had come so close to losing her master forever. When her master had finished with the new girl he walked over to Starry and cupped her face. He looked into her eyes and saw that she was broken and submissive and he kissed her lightly on the cheek. Sapphire smiled behind her gag and made herself a promise that she would never again give him reason to doubt her.

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