tagHumor & SatireThe Adventures Of Wonderboy

The Adventures Of Wonderboy


The scene is a local college where our young Bobby Bigcock is studying for a finals test. Seated beside him is the lovely Alice, and on the other side is cool guy. The teacher, Miss bigteets is watching them as they study.

[Cool guy]::looking over with his slick cool outfit and his cool shades on with his cool hair style and cool cologne on:: hey psst bob, dude give this to Alice alright.

[Bob]::shaking is head:: no, I have to study.

[Cool guy]::blinking:: dude, don't fuck with me you little twerp, or ill beat the shit out of you.. Got it you little shit?

[Miss bigteets] hey no talking your taking your finals review test, if you are caught cheating you fail this semester.

[They all nod and look down to their papers]

[Cool guy] listen you little shit for brains who thinks he is better than me. I get more pussy than you will ever dream about. I get to eat clams every night and I have my nut swallowed by all my bitches. I don't wont to fail; you don't want to die. So do what I tell you, or ill bash your fucking face in. ::handing him the paper::

[Bob]::gulping and taking it and handing it to Alice who takes it:: [mentally] you stupid cock sucking freak of nature, testosterone seeking He-man wannabe, ignorant steroid freak, if I could I would kick your ass and send you to the moon in one fucking blow. You like that jock rot?! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT YOU STD CARRYING SLIME BALL OF SHIT!!! ILL KICK YOUR ASS

Just then, Miss bigteets looked up and saw the note being passed.

[Bigteets] what the fuck are you passing over there bobby? ::Standing up now::

[Bob]::blinking:: wait no there is a mistake miss big.. I

[Bigteets] I don't want to hear it bobby, from a high-grade average student like yourself I would exec more maturity from you. Go to the deans now and inform him of the failure you have. ::pointing towards the door now::

[Loud snickering from cool guy and Alice as well as the room]

[Bob]::getting up and walking out now:: [mentally] god I would love to get Alice and Miss bigteets in bed. I would ride that ass like a cowboy to tame them two bucks. Then I would watch as they share my nut and beg me fore seconds then third's. Heh heh, I would love to watch them do each other and then sandwich me between them.

[Moment of imagination occurring now]

[Alice] ohhh bob. Ohhhh miss bigteets I never knew knowledge was so. Oh yes lick it right there it's so fun MMMMMMMMM

[Bob] yes knowledge is fun.. It allows me to know what to give you two bitches ahh yess bigteets that's it suck on my left ball and jerk it.

[Sounds of wet suckling sounds then loud moans as bob takes them both]

[Bob] yeah that's it right there yes oh yeah you like it when I cum all over both of you don't you?

[Both girls] yes bobby your like your like wonderful

[Bob] yes that's me wonder boy.. Yes call me that now bebe

[Both girls moaning now] wonder boy. Ooooooohhhh yeas. WONDERBOY!!!!


[Bob blinks and looks around now, the dean is looking at him] I cant believe you did that bobby, I thought you would be a better student than to do that. Why blah blah blah blah

[Bob] [mentally] shut up you fat fuck, you lousy good for nothing child molesting freak of nature.. Shit if I had a condom for each time you fucked your secrita hey that's a hot chick you got working for you dean wonder what she is like in bed no on your desk.

[Sounds of kinky porn music from the seventies]

[Bob watches as the dean leans back in his chair] you know bob its good to be the dean, its like being the president son. You get head from your secretaries and you get to call them whatever you want::he looks down:: I told you not to use your teeth woman

[Muffled sound from sucking] sowwy mesteh deen ::slurping sounds now::

You see bob, you get to fuck the shit out of your classmates sorry if you're a dean they are your students you have to love college girls who like to work for their grades. And the best part is, they enjoy it. ::he looks down again:: swallow my cum? ::He smiles now:: good girl you will get that B+ you wanted.

[The girl sits up her blond hair falling down a bit now as she looks ticked] B+?!

[Dean] well you'll have to do something better than just suck my dick now wont you why don't you go and give my friend bob here a good hand job, well better yet how about you let him fuck the shit out of you.

[Bob]::blinking and getting hard now:: yeah dean let me fuck that bitch of yours

[Dean looks to bob now in reality, seeing bob smile in a sick child molester kind of way] what the fuck did you say bobby Bigcock?!

[Bob]::blinking realizing he said that out loud:: uh nothing sir I was just I was just nothing I didn't say anything.

[Dean]::pissed:: I know I heard you say something fucked up son what the fuck did you say?!

[Bob blinking and closing his eyes tight now] [mentally] shit shit gotta calm down fuck I'm screwed.. What am I gonna do? Oh shit shit shit!!!

Then a flash of light appears now as he feels that hard cock beginning to soften up something inside him was breaking free now his inner demon. But it wasn't he stood up now and looked around.

[Dean] what the fuck are you doing you little piece of shit?!

[Bob] I am not a piece of shit I'm Wonderboy

[Dean] your what?

[Wonderboy]::he holds his hands out and began to morph now, his clothes, the stupid jeans and shirt fade into him as tight pinkish tights form now, he has big black construction worker boots, his shirt is a big black muscle man T shirt, and his muscles are huge over him now::

[Dean]::taken back:: what the fuck?!!


[Dean] what the fuck?! Get the fuck

::sounds of crashing sounds now as clothes are being torn up then the loud pop sound, followed by loud pounding noises then comes the screaming of the dean::

::Moments later, bob steps out of the deans office and fixes his pants, then begins to walk off to his dorm room now. He walks through the little park they have and sees Alice eating her lunch with cool guy there::

[Cool guy] hey you you fucking freak!

[Bob] eh me? What?

[Cool guy] yeah you you fucking nut job! I told you I was gonna kick your ass since you made me waste paper I'm gonna kick your ass for that plus it took me two hours to write that note so your gonna fucking pay!!

[Bob] oh shit fuck me

::Sounds of running now::

[Cool guy] I'm gonna get you freak I'm gonna get you!!!!

[Bob stops running and looks to Alice and starts running to her]

[Cool guy] get the fuck away from my girl bitch!!

[Alice] EW bob is near me get it away!!!!


[Cool guy] what the fuck holy shit

::Sounds of grabbing as cool guy lets out a scream which is quickly muttered by wet choking sounds, Alice is now heard running and then gets stopped, she then starts to moan now::



[Alice] oh wonder boy ohhh wonder. Oh shit I'm I'm. I'm. CUUUUUUMMMMING!!!!

Is this the beginning of mild psychosis finally breaking free? Is this suppressed sexual horny little freak we call bob now a sex charged over powered libido? Is this the beginning of a porn fest? What the fuck is this shit anyway? Who the fuck is this wonder boy???? Could it be that bob has a split personality? Find out the answers and more next time on WONDERBOY!!!!!!!!!!


Wonderboy Wonderboy, jerk it, spank it wonder boy
Cum on girls what a joy everyone wants to be Wonderboy
He slaps he spanks watch him go
He will fuck you and he will blow
Jerk it oh WONDERBOY!!!
Call his name when you're scared
His big cock will be prepared
When alone don't be sad
Or he will fuck your dad

Wonderboy Wonderboy
The biggest cock you have to see
Wonderboy Wonderboy
He'll cum on you then on me.
The biggest dick is WONDERBOY!!!

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