tagInterracial LoveThe Affair Ch. 01

The Affair Ch. 01

bythe usual suspect©

(Please keep in mind that this story is purely fictional. Any parts or situations in this story are purely coincidental. If anything offends you in the story…please do not read any further. Thank You. )

I really couldn’t tell you how all of this began; not the exact time or day, but I know it was this year. I am not proud to tell this story, nor do I support extra-marital affairs, but the need to tell my side of the story is extremely urgent. I am a young black woman 25 years old, and married with one child. As a web developer, I am online quite a bit, therefore, I continuosly surf the web for new and interesting things. My marriage hadn’t been going so well, and my husband, Rashad, and I fought all the time, sometime over serious issues or petty things. His controlling and insecure behavior was driving me insane, so going online, whether it is in chat rooms or playing a game, was a release for me.

Since I like to write stories and poems, I decided to put one on a writer’s forum. I didn’t think much of it until I got an email back about 2 weeks later from a gentleman who said he liked my story. Since I was raised to be a “good girl”, I never really had the chance to express myself sexually the way that I wanted too (even while being married), so I decided to write a few erotic stories. However, one of the stories I had written, was a favorite by this man who had emailed me the feedback. After a while, we began chatting online via email at first. I still hadn’t given him my real name (because it had been about a week in the making), but he gave me plenty of information about himself. His name was Ray, and was originally from Quebec, Canada, but moved to New Jersey a few years ago with his family. After a few days, told him my name was Shana…but did not give him my last name…just to be safe.

Ray was a 45 years old white man, married for 15 years, and had 3 children. I have no problem with him being white at all. I dated a few white men, so race was never a factor. Although I am 25, and he was 45…he being an older man really turned me on. Soon, we began chatting online via instant messenger as well as through emails. I had sent him pictures of me, and he sent me a few of him. He was about 6 foot with a semi-muscular build, salt and pepper hair (which was thinning), and attractive features. I don’t like to brag, but I do receive a lot of compliments on my looks. He constantly told me how beautiful I was, and how he once had a relationship with a black woman in the 80’s, when he was younger. Weeks had gone by, and we continued to chat with each other every few days, and sometimes our chats had some sexual innuendos, but never really “dirty” or “cyber” sexual conversations.

I wanted so much to tell him why I absorbed myself in my writings, and why I decided for the first time to actually seek out a friendship with an older white man. I had always wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with a white man. Sure, I had plenty of offers, and came close a few times, but I had never been the type to sleep around, so I always declined. But, something about Ray intrigued me, so I wanted to know more about him, and what he really wanted from me. After being married for over 3 years, Rashad and I were going through our ups and downs…as in any marriage. However, we fought continuously, mostly about his jealous and obsessive behavior, and him never being home. I was extremely lonely all the time. Yes, I had my son to keep me company…but it wasn’t the same as wanting your spouse to be there.

Rashad was a work-a-holic, and a very jealous person, but I was too afraid to tell that to Ray, for I thought he would run like hell. But, when I did email Ray to tell him, he understood, and just seemed to really care about my feelings. I was still skeptical because he was an older man, and we were “online buddies”, and we had not met, so my safety was a very serious issue to me. He was married, but that didn’t take away my paranoia.

After about 2 months, Ray and I finally decided to take it a bit further. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and begin talking on the phone (secretly), just about every other day or so. Since Ray was originally from Canada, he possessed such a cute accent. His voice was deep and sexy. I knew that it was damn near impossible for us to chat everyday, but when we did…I got all warm and tingly inside. There was always a wave of guilt that flew over because of us both being married…with children, but each time that I talked with him…I felt more and more comfortable. I thought about us making love all the time. One day, he called and told me that he had to come to the same state I lived in, for business. He asked if we could meet, but I wasn’t ready.

The day of his arrival, he phoned me on my cell phone.

“Hey Shana…it’s me…Ray”, he said.

“Umm…I Ray. How was your flight?” I asked nervously.

“It was ok. I am just glad to be down here where it’s sunny. Thank God we are finally closer to each other”.

“Yeah. But I can’t promise you that we will meet”, I told him.

“It’s ok. I like hearing your voice. When the time is right, and it’s meant to be…we will hook up one day”, Ray replied.

When he said “the right” things…it just made me melt. So, for the next couple of days, we talked on and off. Sometimes during our conversation, I would masteurbate while I was on the phone with him. He would never know, because I would just play it off, but when I came…I came very hard. Sometimes, I would have to cover up my mouth to keep from screaming out loud. I had gotten bold and sent him some pictures of my pussy. I had NEVER done that before, but I went ahead and did it. When he received the photos, he called me thanking me. I couldn’t believe I had done that, but I wanted him to see me…inside of me. I wanted him to be inside of me. Although I am very shy, I felt so comfortable with Ray, it was unbelievable. One night we actually had phone sex. He was in town for a few more days, but I was too nervous and too shy to meet him. That Monday, he flew back to Jersey.

I would ask him personal and very sexual questions, and he would do the same. I asked him how big his dick was, and to my surprise…he told me it was 8 inches. To me, that was big because my pussy is always tight, and I was kind of afraid of him hurting me.

Ray assured me that if we ever made love, he would take it nice and slow, and be a gentleman about the whole thing. Thinking about him putting that big 8 inch cock inside me, made me wet just thinking about it. I thought about fucking him all the time, but I knew I didn’t have the guts to have an affair. But something burning inside of me wanted him so badly…not just my hormones. I thought he was running game, but even if he was, he was doing a damn good job at it! Since I take baths every other night, I usually closed the bedroom and bathroom door, to have some privacy. Parenthood and Wifehood needed a break sometime. While in the tub talking on my cell phone with him, my hand would start to wonder down between my legs. I would get so hot (not from the heat of the bath water), that my legs would quiver. I would come at least 8 or 9 times while continued to massage my genitals.

Ray was still unsuspecting that I was masterbating while on the phone with him. Even at work, I would think about having sex with him, and him eating my pussy. I felt so guilty because of us being married, but every bone in my body ached for him. A month later, he had to come back down to get some clients to sign a few contracts.

“Please, Shana. Can I see you? We don’t have to do anything. We can just have a cup of coffee or something, or go see a movie.” Ray asked.

“I would love to Ray, but you know Rashid is all psycho, and he never lets me go anyplace. How can I sneak out? I’m not that great of a liar, you know?” I replied.

“Just tell him that you need sometime to yourself for a few hours, and we can hang out. I will rent a hotel room that’s within your city limits. Shana, I really want to see you. We talk all the time on the phone, we’ve sent pictures to one another, shit, and we even know intimate things about each other. Please, just at least have dinner with me. Please?” he begged.

I accepted his offer. That Saturday, I decided we would meet because he had to be back in New Jersey Monday morning. I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know if Ray would kill or rape me, but I was willing to take a risk. I had gotten a babysitter that day, and prepared for the night. I went to a salon and got my hair and nails done. I went and bought a sexy, but casual, outfit, new shoes, and a sexy bra and matching panties. I really didn’t have any intentions of sleeping with Ray, in mind; I just wanted to finally meet him. But, was a 25 year old woman, like me, doing with a 45 year old white man…and we’re both married?! I was so nervous, that I almost phoned him to tell him we couldn’t meet.

That night, we met at a nice restaurant about 30 minutes away from where I lived. I was not about to get caught, so we went someplace I thought no one would ever be. When I saw Ray, my mouth dropped. Yes, he balding a little up top, but he was in excellent shaped. He had a muscular build, and was so handsome. I being as shy and I am…I completely froze. He walked over to me and kissed my hand. I was feeling really warm and tingly inside. We had dinner, and talked about this and that. At the end of the night, we decided to take a stroll in the park. I had such a great time with him that I didn’t want the night to end. I kept catching him looking at my cleavage, and he would quickly look away. Yes, I would looking gorgeous that night…and I would get so turned on by catching him take quick “peeps”.

At the end of the night, we went back to each other’s cars. Ray asked if I wanted to go to his hotel room to hang out for a bit. I was so scared and nervous, so I declined. I told me he understood. We kissed goodnight, and I went home…leaving him with a hard on. Ray and I continued to chat online, on the phone, and secretly see each other when he came to town. We still hadn’t had sex, because I felt that if he wanted my pussy that bad...he had to work for it. Not to be conceited, but I know my shit is good, so this old white man had to bust his ass to get it. One particular day Rashad and I got into a huge fight. I packed some of my things, and checked into a hotel…leaving him at home with the baby. I called Ray and told him what happened, and like always, he was there for me. I was crying and really depressed while I poured my feelings out to him.

Ray said that, since it was on a Saturday, he could take the earliest flight to come console me. That sent chills up my body because I couldn’t believe he would take a flight at the last minute to come and see me. He booked a flight, and in less than 7 hours, he was at the airport in my hometown. We both lived on the east coast, but he had to give his wife an excuse and to why he had to leave all of a sudden. He checked into the same hotel I was staying in, but I wasn’t ready to see him, so we just talked on the phone. I was still crying a little, and had a bit too much to drink. I wasn’t drunk, but just a bit tipsy. I went and took a long hot shower, which made me feel so much better. I lotioned up, and put on a nice pair of panties, and an oversized man’s long sleeved polo shirt. I had the Tom Cruise, Risky Business, look going. An hour later, Ray came knocking at my door. It was late, but I was wide awake. I opened the door, and there he stood…with a smile on his face. I was very nervous out of fear something would happen between us, so I just stood there.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asked.

I motioned for him to come inside, and he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and sat on the couch. I sat on the other end of the couch. He asked how I was feeling, and we began to talk. He then took off his shoes and socks and told me he wanted to get comfortable. I could smell his cologne…and it smelt so good that it drove me nuts. After about 20 minutes of talking, he moved closer to me, and began rubbing my back. He told me it could help me relax. I stopped him, looked him deep in his eyes, fighting back tears, and said: “Ray, I don’t want you to hurt me. I know you are just using me, but please….don’t break my heart.” Several tears streamed down my cheek, and Ray gently wiped them away. Still looking into my eyes, he replied “Shana…I don’t use people. I would never do anything to hurt you, or make you do something you don’t want to do. I care about you very much. You are very special to me, and if your asshole of a husband can’t see that…that’s his problem. Ok?”

I quickly nodded yes. And with that, he gently kissed me on the lips. That kiss sent a wave of shocks throughout my body, and it felt good. I kissed him back, and we just began passionately kissing. In the back of my mind, I was still feeling pains of guilt, but my pussy was telling me something else. I was wet in almost an instant. Ray would put his hands through my hair and continue to kiss me softy. He then began kissing me gently on my neck, then my ears, and on to my chin. I wanted this man so bad, and tried so hard to fight not fucking the mess out of him. His kisses felt so good that they made me quiver, and I began to softly let out moans. Ray then began taking off his shirt, and I gladly helped him with that. He laid me down on the couch, and we continued to kiss, for what seemed like hours. He then took his hand and slid it up under my shirt and began to caress my breasts.

I could feel his big hard erection through his pants. I was almost too afraid to have sex with him, but his penis felt unusually large. He then unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my beautiful caramel breasts. He paused and looked at me and said, “Are you ok? Want me to stop?” he asked.

He was making me feel so good that I almost pretended not to hear him. I replied through my deep heavy breaths, “No Ray. You are making me feel so good. Please don’t stop”.

I reached down and unzipped his pants, helping him remove them. He then removed my shirt, as I was now just in my panties, and he was in his boxers. His white skin looked so good against my black skin. He was such a slow and gentle lover, and I liked that. I could feel his hard cock though his shorts rubbing against my crotch through my panties. By now, I had gotten scared because I thought it was going to hurt if we had sex. His dick was felt so big and hard, which scared me a bit, but made me all the hornier. He began grinding and moving his hips against mine. “Man”, I thought, “…I haven’t hunched in ages”. I couldn’t believe how good of a kisser he was, and how well he was moving his body. Soon, both of our bodies were moving in sync with one another.

Ray then stopped, and began kissing me all over, and he moved down, kissing my stomach, and then my crotch. I still had my panties on, and I know he could feel how wet I was because my panties were soaked. He gently massaged my vagina, and I began to moan and squirm a bit. He then took off my soaked panties and propped on leg up on the couch. I was kind of hoping we wouldn’t fuck yet, but I kept quiet, but my breathing continued to speed up. He kissed the outside of my vagina, and gently spread my lips apart, and began licking the inside. I tried to be as lady like as possible…trying not to make any noises, but I couldn’t help it. I began to let out soft moans of pleasure while he began eating my pussy. I would gently stroke his head, letting him know he was doing a damn good job. But he hearing my moans was good enough. He would gently suck my clit for a few minutes and stick his tongue in and out of my pussy. A half hour passed by, and I was going insane. Just when I thought he was finished, he began to suck on my clit some more and then inserted two of his thick masculine fingers inside me. It hurt a little, but with him sucking, the pain subsided. All of a sudden, my head began to pound and I could feel myself about to come.

I had never had an orgasm during oral sex, and this would be my first one. My body then locked up, I started pulling on my hair, bit my lips, and let out a loud moan and I climaxed into Ray’s mouth. My legs began to tremble something awful, but I was in total ecstasy. He smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to come again, but I was in a different world…on cloud 9. I felt as if I was melting into a coma. Before I could answer him, I asked him to stop and stand up. My body was still numb, but I was still coherent. Ray stood before me in just his boxers with his large erection sticking out. I then pulled down his boxers, and he kicked them to the side. His cock was so big that I was so afraid to touch it. I had never touched a white man’s cock before, and Ray’s would be my first. It was about 8 or 8 and a half inches long, but thick in diameter. I then took his cock in my mouth and began gently sucking on the head.

Ray began to moan, and rub my hair and I gently put as much of his cock in my mouth possible and began to suck. I would gently massage his balls, and suck on them and return back to his cock. I knew he might be uncomfortable standing up, so I told him to lie on the floor. I got on my knees and continued to suck his cock, and began to speed up the pace.

“I don’t want to come yet, baby”, Ray said. “..but just keep sucking until I tell you to stop”. I smiled shyly at him, and put his cock back in my mouth and gave him the best blow job I had ever given a man. He asked me to stop, so I did. We both stood up looking at each other. Since I am shy, I keeping looking away, and plus, I was naked in front of this man. We began to kiss again, and then he walked me to my room. I pulled back the covers and lay on the bed. I was still nervous, but tried to play it off. Ray went into the front room. I heard him pick up his pants from the change rattling inside the pockets, then he returned to the bedroom. I seen him with a condom in his hand and he laid it on the bed next to me. We began passionately kissing more and more until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Are you sure you want to”? he asked.

“Yes. I want to.” I replied nervously.

“Yes, you want to what?” he asked sheepishly.

“I want you”.

“You want me to do what Shana.”

“Umm…”, I shyly said.

“You want me to make love to you?” he asked.

“Yes”, I replied.

“Yes, what? Tell me.”

“Yes, I want you to make love to me. Ray….please don’t hurt me.”, I said. Tears began to swell up in my eyes, and Ray could see them dribble down my cheek.

“Please, don’t cry. I won’t hurt you in any way. I promise.” he said.


“Yes. I promise”, he reassured me.

Ray then opened up the condom he gently put it on his penis. He spread and then moved in between my legs. My whole body was shaking and trembling. I was so scared, but I wanted him so bad. He then put the head of his cock into my already wet pussy. He could barely do that because I was so tight. He then pushed more and more of his cock into me, all the while, I gasped in pain. He asked if I was ok, and I told him yes. I was in a lot of pain, but he continued to push his hard cock inside of me and moved gently until the pain subsided. It felt so incredibly good!! Ray began moving his hips slowly in a circular motion, then up and down. I never thought that an older white man could be that good. He grabbed one of my legs up and put it on his shoulder and began pumping in and out of me…almost in a perfect rhythm.

He started kissing my leg he had on his shoulder as he continued to slowly move in and out of me. We both began to let out soft moans, and I started softly calling out his name. Ray began to move a bit faster, and I began to move my hip in sync with his. He put his hands underneath his ass, slightly lifting it off the bed, and I lifted my legs. He then began to fuck me harder this time, but was still keeping his perfect rhythm. I felt like I was in a dream, but I knew it was real. He was fucking me 6 ways from Sunday, and he had me completely hooked. I dug my fingernails into his back and on his ass. I worried for a second that his wife would see the scratches, but I didn’t care.

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