tagLoving WivesThe Affair Episode 01

The Affair Episode 01


I have to give credit to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with this story.

I'm not sure this belongs in Loving Wives, if it does not please let me know why ( and where it should be ). Comments and voting are appreciated. And now, on to the story.


Brad found himself staring at Sherry's tits again. He wondered if she had noticed. She had not shot him a disapproving glare, so either she was oblivious or did not care. Maybe she liked it. He had never looked at her as a sexual object before his wife mentioned her.

Sherry was a mutual friend of Brad and his wife Charlotte. Brad had met her at a meeting a few months earlier, and introduced her to his wife. The two women shared a few interests and quickly became friends. Their kids played together, and they alternated kid sitting. Brad and Charlotte would have Sam over when Sherry had a date. Alex and Tommy would go to Sherry's when Brad and Charlotte wanted a night out.

Sherry had larger breasts than Charlotte, which was part of the reason for the starring. Everything about Sherry was slightly larger. She was a few inches taller, her ass was at least a size bigger, and she had just a bit more of the belly pooch that seemed to be all the rage in the forty something set. Brad smirked. He knew Charlotte and Sherry both regarded it as a curse of getting older, but he liked it. Brad liked the way it felt when he ran his hand down Charlotte's body... It set them apart from the twenty-somethings at the gym with abs that looked like beef jerky. It was hardly the calamity that Sherry and Charlotte made it out to be...

The genesis of the staring was Charlotte. She had been encouraging Brad to find a fuck buddy. She did not want him to have an affair or a mistress. She wanted to satiate what she imagined his unsatisfied sexual desires were. For Brad sex was in his top three favorite things to do. For Charlotte it was somewhere in the top ten. For months Charlotte had been chiding him about finding an additional sex partner. At first he thought she was joking. After a few months he realized she might be serious. The concept was almost beyond his comprehension. He cherished his wife and enjoyed making love to her; he just wished it was a little more frequent. Brad had never been one for one night stands or casual sex. At his most outrageous he was serial monogamist. When Charlotte has suggested Sherry as a possible friend with benefits something clicked. It was finally real. Sherry was single, attractive and Brad felt comfortable around her. He just could not work up the nerve to say something to her. Brad watched her as she typed something into her computer. He had not been paying attention to the meeting; hopefully she was taking good notes.

The buzzing of his phone snapped Brad out of his daydream. He flipped it open to read the text message. It was from Sherry.

Take a Picture, it will last longer

Brad's face turned bright red. He was busted. He continued to stare at his phone. It buzzed again. It was another text from Sherry.

I did not say you had to stop

He almost dropped the phone when he read the message. Was she flirting with him? He still could not look up. His phone buzzed again.

Since you won't look up

The next message was a picture. It was Sherry's cleavage taken from the webcam built into her laptop. Brad felt his cock stir as he gazed at the poorly lit photo of Sherry's tits. He clumsily typed a reply.

Feeling a little frisky

The second he pressed send he regretted it. Drawing deep breath he looked up and looked at Sherry. She smiled at him. She no longer hunched over her computer she was sitting straight up with her shoulders back and chest out. Brad heard the word Adjourned and realized the meeting was over. The bulging erection in his shorts made him reluctant to stand. The other people were leaving, everyone except he and Sherry.

Sherry remained in her chair as the meeting broke up. The words stared back at her.

Feeling a little frisky

It was a true statement. She wondered if Brad was aroused or embarrassed. She felt both, but mostly the former. Two days ago she met Charlotte, who was both her friend and Brad's wife, for a few drinks after work. Before either of them had taken the first sip Charlotte had asked an outrageous question. It was a conversation Sherry had not been able to stop thinking about.

"Would you have sex with my husband?" Charlotte had asked.

"You mean if he came on to me in a bar, and he was not your husband? Without a doubt. At my age I'm more likely to be killed by terrorist than to meet a good man. Really, there are studies that prove it," Sherry had replied.

"No," Charlotte said.

"Do you mean no to the studies or no to him coming on to me?" Sherry asked.

"No to all of it. That study was proven false, no to Brad coming on to you and no to him not being my husband. If you and my husband Brad were in a room alone would you have sex with him?"

Sherry took a big swig of her drink before answering, "I would not do that to you."

Charlotte sipped her drink before speaking again, "What if I wanted you to? No consequences, it would be a freebie."

"Where is this coming from?" Sherry asked, trying to process what she had just heard.

"Brad never got around to sowing his wild oats, and I think he will regret it someday. There are some things I'm not ready to do for him, and there are some things I can't do for him. I am hoping you can help," Charlotte had explained.

"We are going to need a few more rounds to have this conversation," Sherry joked.

"No, this can't be something you agreed to because you were drunk. I need an honest answer."

"What can't you provide for him?" Sherry inquired.

"Bigger tits." Charlotte had answered flatly.

"I hate to break it to you, but mine are a little past the 'enjoy by 'date. They were spectacular when I was in my twenties, now, well, gravity won."

"I lost that same fight, and Brad seems just as satisfied now as he did when we first met. I have to say he is very enthusiastic about showing his appreciation. I have no doubt he would be just as impressed with what you have. Maybe more."

"Let's just say I can help you out with that. What is it you won't do?" Sherry asked.

"For one, swallow," Charlotte said making a bitter face.

"That bad?"

"Not really, but the taste and the feeling... I just don't like it. I've done it a few times and he really likes it. I feel bad because he has no problem going down on me, and he is really good at oral. I feel like I am cheating by not taking care of his desires. Is that a show stopper for you?"

"Not really, as long as... " Sherry's voice trailed off

"As long as what?"

"I make them snowball," Sherry said with a grin, "if they won't agree to that, then I won't let them come in my mouth."

"I'm sorry, what is that?" Charlotte asked.

"After the guy comes in your mouth you spit it back into his mouth. Then he gives it back to me

and I swallow it."

"Guys agree to that?"

"The good ones do," Sherry replied dreamily.

"I don't do it for every guy I go down on. God, I sound like such a slut. It really is not that many guys. If a guy wants it, and he agrees to my terms then I will suck him dry," Sherry explained.

"I can't believe guys agree to that, are the ones that do it freaks?"

"A few, but a lot of them are, well, considerate. They won't ask me to do something they won't do themselves."

"Has a guy ever, uh, swallowed?" Charlotte asked.

"Not yet."

"The feeling of it going down your throat does not bother you?" Charlotte asked.

"No, it just kind of slides down."

Charlotte shook her head. "It's like raw oysters, I don't see how people can eat those, but they do."

"You know, I like raw oysters, maybe that explains it. Okay two down," Sherry replied.

She had looked down at her drink, wondering if her friend had noticed her swollen nipples. Brad was a good looking guy. More importantly, he seemed very considerate. In Sherry's experience that usually made for a good fuck. Giving Brad a blowjob did not seem that farfetched. She wondered what his reaction would be to the snowball.

"What else won't you do?" Sherry asked.

"I won't take it in the ass"

Sherry grimaced, "I admit, I have never done that."

"Show stopper?"

"Probably, "Sherry answered, "but not definitely. I get a little turned on when I see it in a porn movie, but then I found out what it takes to get ready. There are butt plugs and stretching and lube and enemas. I just don't see it being that much better for me. I don't think it would be worth the extra effort. You really think he wants that?"

"He hinted at it when we first got together, and I want to please him. I just don't think I can get drunk enough to do that and not pass out." Charlotte had explained.

"There was one guy that really wanted it," Sherry said, "and I just shut him down. He was not worthy even if I was into it."

"What did you say to him?' Charlotte asked.

"I told him that he had to let me fuck him in the ass with a strap on first. Suddenly he was not interested." Sherry had replied.

A grin spread across Charlotte's face, "I guess turnabout is fair play."

"So it's not absolutely a show stopper, but it probably won't happen. I mean if I am really horny, and he is amazing at everything, and his dick is not huge... well, maybe."

"I'm sure two out of three will work. So are you interested?" Charlotte asked.

"Intrigued would be a better word. He is not into any freaky stuff, is he? He won't ask me to call him Daddy or pee on him, will he?" Sherry asked.

"No, no nothing like that. We have done the tie up thing a few times. We tried role-playing, but neither of us really got into it. Sadly we are pretty vanilla," Charlotte answered.

"I like vanilla, so when is this happening?"

Charlotte rolled her eyes, "I'm afraid you are going to have to make the first move, so whenever you want to."

Sherry snapped out of her recollection, realizing she had just set things in motion. She looked around, and the building was empty except for Brad.

"I told them I would lock up," he explained.

"So everyone is gone?"

"Yes, everyone is gone. You want to tell me what is going on?"

"I had an interesting conversation with your wife," Sherry said.

"She didn't!" Brad groaned.

"She did, and I told her I was intrigued."

"What exactly did she say to you?" Brad asked.

"She said lots of things. For started, she said you wanted to play with my big tits. And judging by the bulge in your shorts, I think she was right."

"I...I...I..." Brad stammered.

"At a loss for words? Maybe this will inspire you." Sherry said, lifting her shirt and bra. Her breast tumbled free and collapsed onto her ribs. She waited nervously for Brad's reaction. Seconds ticked by but it felt like hours. Brad's eyes became as wide as saucers and his mouth spread into a huge grin.

"Charlotte put you up to this? She is serious about me and you?" he said excitedly.

A huge sense of relief washed over Sherry. She stripped her shirt off and threw it to the floor.

"Does that answer your question?

Brad was suddenly speechless. He had thought that his wife's suggestion that he find another woman was a running joke between the two of them. He realized how wrong he was. Sherry's breasts were amazing. They were at least a cup size bigger than Charlotte, maybe two. They had a bit of sag to them, but her nipples were swollen and erect. He watched as she scooped them into her hands and ran her thumbs over her nipples.

"I was going to sext you a picture of them, but then I decided you deserved to see the real thing." she purred.

Brad reached out to touch Sherry's tits. They were warm and soft. The mounds of flesh overflowed his hands. She allowed him to caress her for a few moments, then grabbed his wrists and placed them at his side.

Sherry released his hands and dropped to her knees in front of him. "Tonight I am in charge. You can think about where you want this to go when you get home."

The feeling of her unbuttoning his shorts filled Brad with excitement. He had never done anything like this before. He watched with rapt attention as Sherry jerked his shorts down around his knees. Gravity pulled them rest of the way to the floor. She pulled his erection through the fly of his boxers. The sensation of her fingers around his shaft made him even more aroused. With both hands on his cock she began to stroke up and down. Her grip was loose, and his erection slid easily through her fingers. Her mouth hovered over the head of his cock. He could feel her hot breath cascading down the length of his penis. Her hands spread her saliva all over him. He ached to be inside her mouth. Brad felt her lips press on the swollen head of his dick. She continued to stroke him.

It seemed like a dream to Sherry. She could not believe she was about to suck Brad's dick. She wondered if this is what Charlotte had in mind. She had certainly made the first move, and the second and probably the third. Charlotte had been right about one thing, Brad certainly liked her breasts. His unblinking stare flattered her. Sherry wondered how long he would last with his cock between her tits. She did not care, tonight was all about pleasing Brad. She wanted him to have an incentive to please her at their next encounter. She opened her mouth and slowly swallowed his throbbing erection. She moaned as he filled her mouth with his cock. She could taste his precum. He was clearly very excited. Brad's hands rested on the back of her head. He wasn't pushing her down, just touching her. Sherry bobbed her head up and down a few times, feeling the veined shaft of his cock slip past her lips. Finally she pulled her head back and let his erection spring free. She wrapped her breasts around his wet penis.

"I want you to fuck my tits till you cover them with cum "she moaned.

Brad was already straining to hold back his orgasm when Sherry wrapped her tits around him. He was amazed at how quickly she had brought him to this point. His wife was very good at blowjobs, but he could usually hold back for a few minutes with his dick in Charlotte's mouth. Something about what Sherry was doing tonight had accelerated things considerably. She pressed her tits together, her fingers interlaced, holding his cock in her ample cleavage. Brad thrust his erection back and forth. The combination of her saliva and sweat provided more than enough lubrication.

"That's it," she moaned, "Fuck my tits. Oh your cock feels so good. I want to feel your hot cum all over my tits, yes, yes, yes."

Just the sight of her large breasts wrapped around his erection was enough to bring him to climax. When she started talking dirty to him any hope of self control was lost. It felt like every muscle from his shoulders to his knees tensed. Brad's orgasm cascaded through his body. His cock felt like a fire hose pumping cum on to Sherry's tits. He could see it bubbling out of her cleavage.

There was so much. That was the first thought that crossed Sherry's mind as Brad climaxed. She was glad she did not try to swallow tonight. She could feel his cock jerking between her breasts as he came. He put his hands on her shoulders as he struggled to steady himself. As the last bit of cum seeped out of Brad's penis, Sherry lowered her head and took it into her mouth. The taste of his seed spread through her mouth. No worse than a raw oyster, Sherry thought. Sherry pressed her tongue against his cock. It was a little softer, but still very thick. Sherry slowly moved her hand back and forth, licking every bit of cum off Brad's dick. She felt a bit of pride that she could keep him hard. Sherry continued to suck his cock for a few minutes until it finally returned to its relaxed state. She looked up at Brad, meeting his stare. She stood up. Brad leaned down and kissed her. Their tongues intertwined and Brad pulled her close. Sherry's breasts flattened against Brad's body, smearing cum all over his shirt. He began to work his way down her body towards her breasts. Sherry stepped back.

"That's enough for tonight," she said, holding his face in her hands.

"Are you sure? I feel like I should do something for you."

"Oh, you will. Next time you will. I hope you are going straight home, or you have another shirt in your car," Sherry said, looking at the large wet spots on Brad's garment.

"Well, I think Charlotte will know how her fiendish plan worked out," Brad replied.

Sherry pulled her shirt over her head, but left her bra on the floor. Brad picked it up and offered it to her.

"You can keep it until we meet again, something to remind you of me."

Brad pulled his shorts back on and followed Sherry out to the parking lot.

"So when is next time?" He asked.

"Ask you wife, this whole thing is her idea. But next time I'm getting naked."

Brad watched her get in her car and drive away. He folded up her bra and set it in the seat beside him, then started the car and headed home.

The family home loomed in the headlights and Brad pulled into the driveway. The house was dark save the flicker of a computer screen in the office. He turned on the interior light and looked at his shirt. Several white cum stains dotted his shirt where Sherry and pressed her breasts against him. It was time to find out if Charlotte was really okay with the arrangement.

He met his wife at the doorway to the office. Even in the limited light of the computer screen the stains on his shirt were visible.

"So I see you and Sherry worked something out," Charlotte observed.

"Yea, I guess we did. Are you sure you are okay with this?"

Charlotte smiled, "Did it make you happy?"

"Very happy," Brad replied.

Suddenly feeling aroused Charlotte asked, "Did you save anything for me?"

"I think so, what do you want?" Brad asked. He could not believe he was going to have sex with two different women in the space of a few hours.

"For starters I want you to take that shirt off and throw it in the washer. Then you can come to bed and I will let you know what I want," she answered.

Brad quickly stripped off his shirt and deposited it in the washer, spraying a generous amount of stain remover on it. He found Charlotte waiting for him in bed.

"So," she began, "if I want you to go down on me till I cum, then let me go to sleep without doing anything for you it will be okay?"

"Yes," Brad replied.

Charlotte pulled the covers aside revealing her naked body, "Then that is what I want."

Brad crawled onto the bed and began kissing the inside of her legs. Any lingering thoughts of Sherry left Brad's mind and he kissed and licked his way towards the apex of his wife's legs. When his tongue grazed against her labia, his penis began to stiffen. Brad wrapped his arms around Charlotte's thighs and buried his face between her legs. With the tip of his tongue he plied apart the warm wet folds of flesh in front of his face. Using long, slow strokes he licked her pussy over and over. Each time he moved closer and closer to her clit. When his tongue finally reached it, he carefully navigated around it. Brad felt Charlotte squirm in his grasp, trying to maneuver her body so that his tongue would be against her clit. He continued to tease her, making large circles around it, but slowly spiraling in towards the center.

"Make me come, please make me come," Charlotte begged.

Brad released her leg and pressed his fingers into her wet slit. At the same time he flattened his tongue against her clit. Her hips bucked up as she was swallowed up by her climax.

He certainly seemed to have a lot of energy left; Charlotte thought has she felt Brad's mouth press against her moist slit. She had withheld a bit of information from Brad. Sherry had texted her ten minutes before Brad arrived with a brief confession of what happen. The details of the text were temporarily lost as Charlotte felt her orgasm building. Brad's fingers dug into her legs as his tongue speared into her. Charlotte tugged on her nipples as her orgasm built to a peak. His tongue moved tauntingly close to her clit and she begged him to bring her to climax. She thrust her hips against Brad's face as she came.

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