tagLoving WivesThe Affair Episode 03

The Affair Episode 03


Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with this.


Light from the full moon shone in through the windows. It had been Charlotte's idea to open the curtains at night. It was her experiment with exhibitionism. Of course she also insisted the lights remain off as long as the curtains were open. As a result no one could actually see in. It was a very controlled experiment.

Brad looked at the clock; it was two in the morning on a Saturday. Charlotte was fast asleep. She had kicked off the covers and was sprawled out on the bed. Despite Brad's many requests and occasional begging, she would not sleep nude. He had managed to negotiate her down to panties and a slightly oversized tank top. The curve of her breast was visible through the arm hole of her top and was illuminated by the moonlight. Her panties had bunched up and almost looked like a thong.

Brad put his head back on the pillow. He should be tired. He was not. He was horny. Charlotte had rebuffed him when they went to bed saying that the earlier tryst in the shower was sufficient. At the time what she said made sense. Two blowjobs from Sherry and fucking Charlotte in the shower should have satisfied his desires. Now, he wasn't sure. He looked at his wife again. She was lying on her belly, her ass practically begged to be pinched. Brad rolled out of bed. He would do what he usually did when he was too horny to sleep. He would go the gym and work out. At this time of night there was usually no one there. Even if his erection did not go away, there was no one to notice it. Brad paused after taking off the shorts he had been sleeping in and looked at Charlotte one more time. Now that he was naked she looked even more tempting. He wondered if it was possible to fuck her without waking her up. Maybe if he used lots of lube and went very slowly he could pull it off. His plan was derailed when Charlotte tossed and turned, ending in a position that denied him access to her sex. Brad got dressed and slipped out.

For what had to be the hundredth time Sherry picked up her phone. She wanted to sext Brad, but he was home with his wife. Sherry had left Brad's house extremely frustrated. She had no right to be. In the hour she and Brad were together she came twice. It was unfortunate that his wife had arrived home early, but the three of them had an agreement, and Brad's wife could change the schedule at any time. Sherry had hoped that her date tonight would pick up where Brad left off, but he proved unworthy. He spent most of the evening complaining about everything. When one of her friends called to ask a random question she pretended it was an emergency and ended the date early. Sherry set the phone down on her nightstand, right next to her vibrator. She had still been quite horny when she got home, but no method of masturbation seemed to satisfy her desire for a real live hard cock. She picked up the phone for the 101st time and began playing with the apps. When she pulled up the find my friends app she noticed Brad was not at home. She began typing. Brad had just left his house and was waiting at a light. His phone buzzed, it was a text from Sherry. He wondered if she wanted a ride home from wherever her date had taken her so she did not have to do the walk of shame back to her car.

You are up late

The light turned green, but he remained stopped as he replied to the text.

Could not get back to sleep, going to the gym. How was your date?

Brad sat at the green light, waiting for a response. He did not have to wait long.

Sucked, and not in a good way. Dude was a total dud, bailed early. So horny.

Brad could not resist replying.

I'm sure you have something for that.

Almost right away the response appeared.

Nope, tried this.

A picture of Sherry's thumb and forefinger tugging on her nipple appeared on Brad's phone.

And this

Another picture appeared; this one of Sherry's hand between her legs. The angle was such that he could not see her fingers disappearing between her labia, but it was implied.

And this.

The next picture was not as subtle as the previous one. It was of a large purple vibrator between Sherry's legs. Her pussy was obscured behind the toy, but it was pretty clear what she was doing. His phone buzzed again.

Meeting you at the gym.

Brad felt his cock stir. He was a little sore from the day's activities, but Sherry's implied offer was impossible to resist.

Sherry put on the absolute minimum amount of clothing; Shorts, T-shirt, socks and shoes. Anything less and they would let her in the club. She had not been kidding with Brad. No amount of masturbation seemed to quell her desire to have him inside her. She was not sure what she would do when she got there, but she had to go.

Brad pulled into the nearly deserted parking lot. He could see the reception area of the gym. There were a couple people standing around chatting, but they appeared to be leaving. Brad turned off the ignition. The erection Sherry had inspired was still quite obvious. It was much too obvious to walk into the club with such a crowd at the front desk.

Knowing that he would not help his situation Brad looked at his phone and scrolled through the pictures Sherry had sent him. The one of her breast was particularly arousing.

Sherry saw Brad's car parked in the middle of the lot. She turned off her headlights and pulled up beside him. The soft glow of the phone's display illuminated his face. Sherry picked up her own phone and tapped out a message.

You can have the real thing if you want it.

The buzzing of the phone started Brad. He read the text message, and then cursed himself for losing his situational awareness. From inside her car Sherry motioned to him. Brad opened his door and stepped out. The engine of her car was still running. Sherry motioned to him again. He opened the door to her car.

"Get in, sit down and hang on," She said with a smile. The moment Brad was is in the car Sherry shifted into reverse and began driving across the parking lot. She stopped in a dark corner of the lot and shut down the engine. She looked at Brad. Even in the darkness she could see the bulge in his shorts.

"Do you remember what I said when I left your house?"

After a brief hesitation Brad nodded, "Something about ramming my fucking cock into you."

Sherry slipped her shorts down her legs and crawled out of her seat and on to Brad. She pushed Brad's shorts down just enough to expose his cock and the wrapped her hand around it.

"I have been wanting this all day," she said as she guided it between her legs.

Sherry felt Brad's hands inside her shirt. They were sliding across her ribs. She pushed herself down onto his throbbing erection. Sherry looked into Brad's eyes.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned.

A grin spread across Brad's face as his hips began thrusting against her. Sherry kept staring at him as his cock penetrated deep into her body. He felt so much better than any of her toys. His cock was warm and hard. She loved the way it felt. Sherry pulled her shirt up enough to expose her breasts and then grabbed Brad's wrists and pinned his arms above his head. She raised and lowered her hips, riding Brad as best she could in the confined space of the car.

"What would your wife say if she knew you were fucking me right now?" Sherry asked.

Brad's response was an unintelligible moan.

"She would tell you to save something for her, wouldn't she? When you finish with me are you going home to fuck your wife?"

Brad moaned again as he half-heartedly struggled against her grip. Sherry found she liked being the other woman. She wondered if it would be different if Charlotte was not encouraging her husband to have an affair. Sherry doubted she could have sex with Brad if it would hurt her friend. She certainly understood why Charlotte was pimping Brad out to her. He was insatiable. Her musings were interrupted by the tingle of her slowly building climax. She leaned forward just enough for Brad's mouth to touch her breast. She knew he would not be able to resist wrapping his lips around her swollen nipple. Brad was surprised to feel his orgasm building. After so much sex today it was amazing that he had anything left. Sherry's aggressive behavior certainly helped. Having her large tits bouncing in front of his face as she rode his cock also helped. He flicked his tongue against her nipple, eliciting a moan of appreciation from Sherry's lips. Brad stopped thrusting and let Sherry take over. She felt hot and wet. The truth of the matter was Brad had been a little annoyed when his wife arrived home early and prevented him from fucking Sherry earlier. The sex with his wife had been fantastic, but it did not fully satisfy him. Brad realized he had not just been horny when he awoke; he had been horny for Sherry and her big tits.

Brad took his mouth off Sherry's breast, "Yes, ride my cock, fuck me hard and make me come."

He always felt a bit silly talking dirty. The words sounded much more arousing in his head. Regardless of what he thought, it seemed to encourage Sherry. She started to grind against him. He could feel her clenching down on his cock. She leaned forward a bit more, forcing her nipple into his mouth. Sherry did not spend much time analyzing what Brad said. It was the thought that counted. He wanted her, and that is all she needed to know. She pushed her hips down, forcing as much of Brad's erection as she could into her body. The thick shaft stretched her labia apart. When Brad's lips touched her breast again her orgasm engulfed her like a fog.

The feeling of euphoria slowly spread over her entire body. She was vaguely aware of Brad moaning that he was climaxing and of his cum jetting into her body. Sherry collapsed onto Brad and kissed him softly on the mouth.

"Still going to work out?" She asked.

"I guess so, I certainly don't feel like sleeping," he replied.

"Can I watch?"

"Sure, but I'm swimming laps. I don't think it will be very exciting." Brad answered.

Sherry crawled back into the driver's seat and put her shorts on before starting the car. She parked next to the front door and followed Brad into the gym. She wondered in the attendant at the front had noticed any of their parking lot antics. The attendant at the front desk greeted them with a suspicious look. Brad had spoken with her a few times before. Her name was Amanda and she was one of the personal trainers at the club. She was going back to school and worked nights at the front desk because she could study while she worked. He wondered what Amanda thought of him showing up a three in the morning with a woman that was not his wife.

They exchanged pleasantries and Brad grabbed towel and headed towards the pool. Sherry grabbed a towel of her own; half expecting the woman at the desk to say something about Sherry's lack of a swimsuit. They had the club to themselves; the only noise was the hum of the ventilation system. Brad stripped off his shirt and shoes and jumped into the pool. Sherry spread her towel out on the deck and watched him start his laps. After a few minutes she walked to the end of the pool and crouched down. Brad stopped and looked up at her.

"Can I do something for you?" he asked.

"You can lose the swimsuit," Sherry replied.

"I'm pretty sure there is a rule about that."

"Give it to me, if I see someone approaching I will throw it to you," Sherry replied.

Brad grinned, "You take your shorts off as well and it is a deal."

"You first," Sherry insisted.

Brad untied the drawstring and pulled his swimsuit down. His cock was already getting hard again.

"Does that thing ever stay soft?" Sherry asked.

"Not when you are around," he answered, handing her his suit.

Sherry stood for a moment and slipped her shorts off, then sat down with her feet in the water.

"Okay, back to swimming," she chided.

For this lap he used a breast stroke. Brad wondered if Sherry would appreciate his choice. The sensation of water rushing past is erection was a bit unusual, but he quickly became accustomed to it. At the end of the lane he flip turned and swam the entire lap back underwater.

Sherry watched Brad swimming away from her. The water distorted her view of his body. She was happy he chose a stroke that did not have a lot of splashing that would have obscured her view completely. He was halfway down the pool before she realized he was using a breast stroke. Sherry peeled her shirt off, exposing her tits. When she looked back at the pool she could see Brad approaching like human torpedo. He broke to the surface right in front of her. He looked surprised to see her completely naked.

"I decided I want to swim a few laps myself, so you get to be the lookout" she said.

Brad boosted himself out of the pool and sat on the deck. Sherry jumped in and used the back stroke for her first lap. She could feel Brad's eyes on her tits as she swam away from him. She had noticed his cock was still hard when he jumped out of the pool. Sherry decided she would have to take advantage of his readiness. She swam a few more laps to see what each stroke felt like naked. It was not very different that with a suit on. She enjoyed the butterfly the most. The feeling of the water splashing against her tits was exhilarating. After her fourth lap she had come up with a plan. She would get Brad to put in a few more laps while she worked out the details.

At first he had been nervous about sitting naked on the edge of the pool. Watching Sherry's naked body distracted him and after a few minutes he was not concerned at all. Much to his surprise Brad noticed his hand was on this cock, absently stroking it as he watched Sherry's ass kicking away from him. She swam back to him and pulled herself out of the pool. The cool water made her nipples stand out more than usual.

Brand slipped back into the water. He started his lap with the back stroke, occasional lifting his head to catch a glance of Sherry sitting at the end of the pool. Somehow his cock was still erect and he intended to put it to good use. When he reached the end of the pool he flipped turned and switched to the breast stroke to return. He stopped at the edge of the pool and stood up. Brad pulled Sherry into the water and wrapped his arms around her. Her breasts flattened against him as he lowered his head to kiss her. Brad felt her warm flesh pressed against his throbbing erection. Without breaking the kiss Brad scooped Sherry up in his arms. As he walked towards the exit stairs Brad grabbed Sherry's shorts from the side of the pool. He crossed the pool deck and opened the door to the steam room.

Sherry was surprised when Brad grabbed her. Seeing Brad's cock on display when he was swimming the backstroke had stoked the embers of her desire. The moment they entered the steam room she began to sweat. Brad gently set her feet on the floor stood behind her. He wrapped his arms around her. One hand caressed her breast, the other reached between her legs as he kissed her on the neck. She felt his erection nestle between her ass checks. The atmosphere in the steam room was a drastic change from the cool water of the pool. Brad felt Sherry's wet body slipping against his. Her breast was slick with a combination of water from the pool and sweat from being in the steam room. She was slick between her legs as well, but for a completely different reason. Slowly he rocked his hips back and forth, sliding the shaft of his cock between her ass cheeks and rubbing the head of his dick against the small of her back. Feeling her ass, pussy and tits all at the same time was inching him towards another climax. Part of him wanted to cover her ass with cum but most of him wanted to be inside her again. Everything about her body said she wanted to be fucked again. Her nipples were swollen and erect and her pussy was dripping wet. When Brad put his hands on her shoulders and pushed them down Sherry did not resist. She put her hands on the bench and gripped it tightly. The unmistakable feeling of Brad's thick cock sliding into her body made Sherry moan with pleasure. He stroked her breasts as he slowly pushed his erection into her. Each time he penetrated her he went a little bit faster and thrust a little bit harder. Sherry felt his hands slide back to her hips as he began to ram his dick into her. Each time he fucked her she heard his hips slapped against her ass. Each time his cock filled her she felt her breasts jump forward. In the glass door to the steam room Brad could see the image of himself and Sherry as a reflection. He could see her pendulous tits swinging back and forth as he battered her pussy with his cock. He looked down at her and watched the shaft of his cock emerge from her pussy and then disappear again. He had been well on his way to orgasm from just feeling Sherry in his hands. Now that he was inside her he was struggling to hold his climax back. Brad held her tightly so she did not fall over as he shoved his cock into her with all his strength. She was quietly whimpering as he pounded against her over and over. Finally he could not hold back any longer and his orgasm gushed into her. The intensity surprised him. He had climaxed so many times in the past day that he did not think he had anything left. Brad did not know if the extensive exposure to naked women had put his production of cum into overdrive or if he had some hidden reserve of it in his body, but his cock jerked repeatedly as he filled Sherry with a surprisingly large amount of cum. For the first time in a while Sherry felt like a slut. In her mind that was not a bad thing, it was just another word for promiscuous. Most of the men she knew were sluts, and the ones that were not strived to become sluts.

Before Brad she had been in something of a sexual drought. Sherry had experienced more orgasms in the past day than she did in a month. She knew there would be something of a price to pay in the way of some aches and pains. Even though Brad had not brought her to climax with his most recent efforts she had thoroughly enjoyed getting fucked by him. The moment he extracted his waning erection from her she felt his cum running down her thighs. She wondered how he produced so much of the stuff. The heat of the steam room was making her light headed. She lay down on one of the benches. Brad got on his knees next to her and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I don't think I have ever had that many orgasms in a single day. I'm going to call this a personal best," he said boastfully.

"I think I made it to four in a day when I first discovered vibrators, but three is pretty good," she replied.

Brad ran his hand along her body, sliding it between her sweat covered breasts, "Well, it would be rude of me to take more than I give." Sherry looked at Brad's penis. It was still swollen but was no longer erect, "I think you are done for today."

Brad moved his hand further down Sherry's naked body. His fingertips rested just above her wet slit, "Oh, I'm sure there is something I can do." Brad seized Sherry's wrists and pulled them below the bench. He bound them together by fashioning a restraint with her shorts. Brad looked at Sherry. He could see her nipples beginning to swell again. The temptation to pinch them between his fingers was irresistible. Sherry moaned as he tugged on her breasts. Brad moved to the end of the bench Sherry was lying on and spread her legs apart. She offered token resistance. He knew he should be spent but could not resist the lure of her naked body. The disheveled appearance of her body only made her more attractive. He ran his fingers over her labia. Her skin was wet and sticky. Brad paused, waiting for her to discourage him. Hearing only a soft moan he slid two fingers inside her. His flaccid cock jerked but did not rise. As he moved his finger in and out of her a delightfully wet sound filled his ears. Brad leaned forward putting his head between her legs. It did not matter to Sherry if she climaxed again. She realized that telling Brad to stop would be a pointless debate. He would stop if she told him to but she saw no reason to deny him.

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