tagLoving WivesThe Affair Episode 07

The Affair Episode 07


I'd like to thank my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for the help and encouragement with this story. It's not required but I recommend you read at least the previous story before reading this one ( but the story should still make sense even if you don't read any of the previous episodes.). I considered putting this story in a different category, as it drifts a bit from the loving wives theme. I think later episodes will get it back on track. Enough chatting....


Sherry opened her dresser drawer. Inside was her collection of sex toys. She picked up a realistic looking dildo. She wrapped her fingers around it, measuring its girth. It felt just a bit smaller than Brad's cock. She picked up the bottle of lubricant and closed the drawer. As she turned back towards her bed Sherry caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. A smile spread across her face as she looked at her naked body; which today also happened to be Brad's birthday present. She turned and looked over her shoulder. The small of her back was adorned with a temporary tattoo. A bright red bow stood out against her pale white skin.

On her hands and knees Sherry crawled to the center of her bed. For the past week she had performed some variation of this procedure. Sometimes she was on her back, sometime she was sitting on her knees. Once she had tried it standing, which was not very satisfying. Today she was back to her favorite, on her hands and knees. First she opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on the top of her ass, then lowered her shoulders until her ample breasts were pressed into the mattress. As the liquid flowed between her ass cheeks a shiver passed through her body. She snapped the lid shut and tossed the bottle onto the floor.

Sherry pressed the tip of the dildo against her labia. Starting with a circular pattern she moved the toy around until the head of the fake cock was covered with her wetness. Sherry felt her nipples harden as her arousal increased. The first day she had done this she had used a small vibrator that was about the size of her finger. Each day she had selected a slightly larger toy. Today was the graduation exercise. She pushed the dildo forward an inch, then drew it back. Then she did it again, this time a little further. Over and over she thrust the toy into her body, and then pulled it back. Each time she imagined it was Brad's throbbing erection inside her instead of a silicon reproduction. Occasionally she would pull the toy all the way out and rub lengthwise along her slit so that it rubbed against both her labia and her clit. Then she would plunge the entire length back into her pussy.

When she felt herself getting close to climax she pulled the toy out and rested the tip against her ass. She had spent the last week reading about, preparing for and rehearing anal sex. Today was the day she would do it with something about the size of Brad's dick. She pushed the dildo forward. Her body stretched to accommodate the flared head. It was a much tighter fit than her pussy had been. She felt a bit of relief when the head slipped inside her and the slightly narrower shaft slid back and forth. Sherry felt her orgasm building. She was thinking of Brad and how excited he would be to fulfill one of his fantasizes. The smooth sheets rubbed against Sherry's swollen nipples as she slid the toy back and forth. The muscles in her belly began to contract as her orgasm built to a crescendo. Sherry collapsed on to the bed and moaned has her climax overwhelmed her. She was ready. She was ready for Brad to fuck her in the ass.

After lying in bed for a few minutes dreaming of having Brad's body next to hers Sherry got up and dutifully cleaned her toy and put it away. She took one more look at her nude body. Sherry knew Brad was going to enjoy his birthday surprise. Hopefully he would not be worn out from whatever his wife was giving him.

Sherry selected her outfit carefully. Both she and Brad were trying to be discrete about the affair even though his wife approved of it. She did not want to be the subject of gossip, so Sherry tried to be subtle and sexy at the same time. She wore a silky black thong and a bra that displayed her cleavage, but covered her lingerie up with a knee length skirt and a button down shirt. Once she was dressed she headed off to pick up Brad.

Brad had scarcely finished dressing when he heard a knock at the door. Charlotte was still naked, and would remain so for the rest of the day as part of her birthday gift to him. He hurried downstairs and opened the door.

"Happy Birthday," Sherry said as he opened the door. She was dressed conservatively but had left her shirt mostly unbuttoned.

"Thank you," Brad replied. Brad could see her lacy bra and most of her breasts. Even though he had just finished fucking his wife he felt his cock begin to swell at the sight of Sherry's large tits. He shifted around, trying to keep his erection from tangling in his clothing.

"Where's Charlotte?" Sherry asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Upstairs resting. I guess giving me my birthday present took a lot out of her, although I think I put a lot into her," Brad replied.

Sherry giggled, "If you are too tired we can reschedule."

"I've got plenty of energy left and quite an appetite. I believe you said we were going to brunch."

"Brunch and more, if you are up to it," Sherry replied.

Brad stepped outside and pulled the door shut. As they walked to Sherry's car Brad lifted the back of her skirt. He whistled when he saw her bare ass.

Sherry slapped his hand away, "Brunch first, I think you will need your strength for what I have in mind,"

The drive to the restaurant was uneventful. Brad was disappointed when Sherry buttoned up her shirt before getting out of the car.

As they sat down Brad's phone buzzed. He glanced at it and put it back in his pocket.

"Anything important?" Sherry asked.

"A text from Charlotte, I will read it later."

"You can read it now, anything from your wife is important."

Brad pulled out his phone and tapped on it to bring up the text.

Does this count as clothing?

Brad scrolled down. There was a picture of Charlotte's breast with a nipple clamp on it. Brad closed the message, but before he could return the phone to his pocket it buzzed again. Reluctantly he opened the message:

Ask Sherry, she probably knows.

As she watched him read his message Sherry saw a confused looked on Brad's face.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"No, just unexpected," he replied.

"Can I help?"

Brad fidgeted in his seat. Until now he had kept Sherry and Charlotte compartmentalized. He took a breath and slid the phone across the table, "Charlotte wants your opinion on something."

As Sherry put her hand on the phone Brad continued, "For my birthday she agreed to remain naked all day. Now she wants to know if, uh, if she can accessorize and still be in compliance."

Sherry read the text and the scrolled down the message. When she saw the picture she blushed a bit. It was not the first time she had seen Charlotte's tits; they had changed clothes together a few times over the years. It was the first time she had seen her friend's breast presented with the intent to arouse.

"Oh my, I'd allow it," she said, feeling like she was issuing a judgment as she slid the phone back to Brad.

"Was this your idea or hers?" Sherry asked.


"I might want something like that for my birthday, " Sherry said.

Brad's phone buzzed again. He opened the message

What about this?

This time the picture was from her knees to her navel. Strapped to her thigh were a garter belt and a holster. Brad slid the phone to Sherry.

"Nice, is that a Smith and Wesson?"

"Yea, a bodyguard 380."

"Tell her that's allowed as well. I mean it says 'right to bear arms' in the constitution, I suppose bare thighs are covered as well," Sherry said with a smile.

"I will let her know she is doing her job as an American," Brad said as he tapped on the screen.

The discussion on being naked ended as the food arrived.

The brunch was good, the high point being Sherry slipping her bare foot into Brad's crotch and massaging his cock until it was fully erect. Sherry wished she could parade Brad out of the resturant with his pants bulging but she erred on the side of discretion. She withdrew her foot and let his erection subside before they left.

"We have an errand to run," Sherry said as she sat in the driver's seat. The moment Brad had his seat belt on she pulled out of the parking lot.

"Are you going to tell me where we are going?" Brad asked.

"No, it is a surprise," Sherry replied.

Brad looked out the window, trying to guess where she could be taking him. They were in a part of town he was not very familiar with. When Sherry began to slow down Brad noticed that they were near a strip club. He wondered what it would be like to buy Sherry a table dance. Brad felt a bit disappointed when they did not stop at the club, but instead turned into a strip mall.

As she turned off the car Sherry felt Brad's stare. Sherry smiled and picked up her purse.

"Are you serious?" Brad asked.

"I told you we had an errand, this is it. Come on, I'll buy you something nice for your birthday," she replied.

Brad opened the door and stepped out. He shook his head in disbelief. They were at a sex shop. To her credit she had picked one of the classier shops in the city. He followed her in to the store. Sherry waved to the clerk and headed directly to the dildos and vibrators.

"You remember our deal about fucking me in the ass?" she asked.

"Yes, you said I had to go first."

"No, I said you had to agree first. We never said which one of us would actually get fucked in the ass first. Regardless, I don't have a strap on to use. Since it is your birthday I thought I would let you pick it out," Sherry said with a smile.

Brad stared at her, not sure if she was serious or not.

"Well, I know which one I would want," Sherry said reaching for a large clear silicon cock, "but maybe you need something for a beginner."

Brad decided to call her bluff. He scanned the shelf looking for something expensive. He wanted to see her put her money where her mouth was. A twenty dollar dildo could be a joke. He was looking for something closer to a hundred dollars.

"How about this?" Sherry asked, holding up a box that said HIS FIRST ANAL.

"It has two sizes, a starter and something for when you are more experienced." She was clearly enjoying what she was doing.

Brad spied a box with the price tag he was looking for. He picked it up and looked at it. It was called a Feeldoe. The device was L shaped and roughly the size of his own cock. The description on the box explained that it could be strapless; she would hold one end in her vagina and use the other end for sex. It was supposed to be enjoyable for both partners.

"I think we should get this," Brad said handing the box to Sherry. She read the description. Much to Brad's dismay her lips curled into a grin. He had called her bluff only to find she held a winning hand.

"Are you sure this is not too big?" She asked.

"If I had you use something small on me I know I would never hear the end of it," Brad answered. In for a penny, in for a pound he figured.

"It says it is for lesbians. Are you trying to tell me something?" She asked.

"Maybe," Brad replied.

"Now pick something out that you want," Sherry said.

The shelves held a wide assortment of devices, outfits and other items. Brad found himself staring at a rack of whips, crops and other implements of pain. He felt Sherry walk up behind him and press her breasts against his back.

"Have I been a bad girl? Do you think I need to be whipped?" she asked.

Brad picked up a leather spanker. He tapped it against his palm, and then he put it back. Next he picked up a leather collar. Brad turned and held it against Sherry's neck before placing it back on the shelf. The next item he picked up was a flogger. He swung it back and forth, and then he gently slapped it against Sherry's ass. She squealed in response.

"I think I will take this," Brad said.

"Okay, let's go check out."

As they walked toward the register Brad realized he had made a strategic mistake in picking the expensive toy. A cheap strap on could be passed off as a joke. Some of them were even hollow so they could be used by men with ED. The one in Sherry's hands had one obvious use for the two of them. He tried not to make eye contact with the clerk as Sherry chatted with him. He felt himself blushing as she paid for her new toy and his birthday present.

Sherry smiled as she tucked the receipt into her purse. The toy Brad had chosen was a bit more expensive than she expected but she had no intention of backing down. She had to call his bluff. Even if it never got used it showed Brad she was serious about what she had said to him.

As they walked out she tossed her keys to Brad.

"You drive, I have other things I want to do with my hands," she said has she opened the door to the back seat.

"So now I'm your chauffer?" Brad asked.

"You are not driving Miss Daisy; I don't think you'll have any complaints when we are done. In fact, you might want to take the scenic route to my house."

Brad settled into the driver's seat. He adjusted the side mirrors so he could use them, but adjusted the rear view mirror to look at Sherry. She was sitting in the center of the back seat.

The decision to have Brad drive had been spontaneous. It was not part of her original plan. Sherry had enjoyed teasing Brad in the restaurant so much she decided to do it some more. As soon as they were out of the parking lot she began to unbutton her shirt. As they approached a red light she slouched down in the seat and opened her shirt. Sherry saw Brad adjust the mirror. There was no doubt that he could see her nipples poking through the sheer material of her bra Sherry ran her hands over her breasts. The bra was silky smooth. When the light turned green she pulled her shirt back over her bosom.

"I won't contribute to distracted driving," she warned.

Brad shifted in his seat, trying to accommodate his erection. He found a position that was bearable. Brad began looking for another red light. To his left was something even better, a line of cars at an unprotected left turn. He pulled in behind the last car. As soon as the car stopped he saw Sherry spread her shirt open. Much to his delight she was wearing a bra with a front clasp. She released the clasp and her breasts tumbled out. The sight of her bare breasts caused Brad's pulse to pick up a bit. As cars sped past them on both sides he watched Sherry tug on her nipples and caress her ample tits. If they had been in a parking lot he would have just climbed in the back seat.

One car made the turn. The moment Brad took his foot off the brake Sherry crossed her arms, ending the show until they were stopped again. Act two had Sherry sucking on her fingers and then pinching her nipples. The shiny wetness on her skin made her breasts even more arousing. Brad moaned when Sherry scooped her breasts up in her hands and pressed them together. All he could think about was having his cock in between her tits. Once again the show ended as another car made the turn and Brad moved up.

While they waited for the next car to turn Sherry slipped her hand inside the waist band of her skirt. Even thought they were in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight Sherry did not feel too exposed. Between her slouching down, the tint on the windows and the speed of the other cars whizzing past nobody was going to see enough to realize what was going on. The tip of her finger reached her vagina. It was wet and hot and slick. The car lurched forward as the line moved up. Slouching down a bit more Sherry rested her legs on the front seats of the SUV. She could see Brad's eyes in the rear view mirror. They darted between the car in front of them and the arousing show in the back seat. Sherry pulled her skirt up so that the only thing blocking Brad's view of her pussy was a very sheer, very wet thong. She felt the car begin to move and covered her pussy with her hand.

There were no more cars in front of them. Brad's eyes flicked constantly between the oncoming traffic and Sherry with her legs spread wide. A gap in appeared in traffic and Brad turned left. He had not even looked at what he was turning in to. It was a parking garage. With each level they went up the number of parked cars decreased. On the upper levels there were only one or two cars. It took all of Brad's discipline not to look back at Sherry. The wet sound of her fingers in her pussy filled his ears. There was no doubt in Brad's mind that precum was leaking out of his engorged cock. The last two levels had contained only one car. Finally they broke out on to the rooftop. Brad parked as far from the elevator as he could.

Sherry had lowered her skirt when they entered the parking garage, but she had not stopped touching herself. She could see one of Brad's arms on the steering wheel. His muscles bulged as he gripped it tightly. She had wedged her fingers under the thong she was wearing. Gently she stroked the lips of her pussy. She wondered if any of the people they were passing had noticed her legs resting on the front seats. She did not care. A warm feeling had spread through her entire body. It felt like she was a tinder-dry forest just waiting for a spark that would light an inferno. The car came to a stop. Brad reclined his seat until he was flat on his back.

The sound of his seatbelt retracting startled Brad. He had been staring at Sherry's large breasts so intently that he had not noticed her press the release on his seat belt.

"Unzip your pants and show me your cock," Sherry said.

Wasting no time, Brad pulled his erection out of his pants. The tip was wet and shiny with precum.

Sherry pressed her wet fingers into Brad's mouth. He immediately began to suck on them. Working within the confine of the back seat Sherry managed to get on her hands and knees. She maneuvered herself to that her breasts were directly over Brad's mouth. With great enthusiasm he pressed his lips around her swollen nipple. She felt his hand on her other breast. Sherry reached between her legs and stroked her wet slit. When her hand was covered with moisture she grabbed Brad's erection. Her wet hand slid easily up and down his stiff shaft.

"Does that feel good?" Sherry purred.

Brad moaned in response. The vibrations of his voice against her nipples send shiver down Sherry's spine.

"Don't cum until you are inside me," Sherry said.

Brad moaned again. He knew that accommodating Sherry's request would be a challenge. All he could see was her tits hanging over him. He flicked his tongue against her stiff nipple. With his hand he caressed her other breast. He was thankful she was only stroking the shaft of his cock and not the sensitive head. Suddenly Sherry moved. She was still on her hands and knees but moving into the 69 position. When she stopped her pussy was just behind his head. Brad looked down his body, past Sherry's pendulous tits. Her head was pressed against the steering wheel and inches from his cock. Brad wriggled back until his shoulders pressed against her thighs. The feeling of Sherry's lips wrapping around his cock made his body tingle with excitement. He took a moment to look at Sherry's vagina. The surface was shiny and wet. He could feel the heat of her arousal. Brad put his hands on Sherry's ass and pulled her down until his face was buried between her legs.

It had occurred to Sherry when she picked Brad up that he probably had not showered after fucking his wife. As his cock filled her mouth she found herself thinking that she was in delayed threesome. As Brad's tongue stabbed between her labia Sherry took more and more of his erection into her mouth. Much to her surprise Sherry found the thought of sucking Brad's cock after he had fucked Charlotte arousing. For a few moments she held still, enjoying the way her lips stretched around his dick and the way it filled her mouth.

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