tagLoving WivesThe Affair Episode 08

The Affair Episode 08


As always thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526. I hope you enjoy the story.

The sound of a car door closing caught Charlotte's attention. She was sitting on the couch reading, still as naked as when Brad had left in the morning. She listened for a second door to close, wondering if Brad would invite Sherry in. Instead she heard the car leaving. She picked up her book and continued reading. When Brad entered the room she casually looked over the top of her book at him.

"That was a long birthday brunch," she chided.

"We went shopping and a few other things," Brad replied.

"Did Sherry give you something for your birthday?"

"Yea, she might have gone a bit overboard," Brad answered, blushing slightly.

"Can you show me what she got you?"

"Yes," Brad said reaching behind his back.

He had considered asking Sherry to come in just to show off the ribbon tattoo slightly above her ass, but had decided against it. What he did have to show was the flogger. Brad pulled it out of his back pocket and held it out for Charlotte to see, then slapped it against his thigh.

"Kinky, I like it," Charlotte said as she stood up.

"Really?" Brad replied.

"Really really," she smiled.

Charlotte took the flogger from Brad. She ran the leather tendrils through her hand, and then swished them against her breasts. She finished by slapping it against her thigh.

"You look too tired to whip me, why don't you sit down and rest," Charlotte offered.

She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Once there she seated him on a stool near the foot of the bed.

"What have you been doing while I was out?" Brad asked.

"Oxygen Channel had a "Hunky Men of Romantic Comedies" marathon, so I sat on the couch and got hot and bothered. You arrived just in time to watch me play with a few toys," Charlotte answered. She decided not to mention the time she spent wondering if having her own affair would jump start her libido to match Brad's unquenchable desire for sex. It seemed an inappropriate topic to discuss on his birthday.

"So you did not miss me?" Brad inquired.

"I missed this," Charlotte answered as she peeled his shirt off.

"Okay, as long as I was missed," Brad replied.

Charlottes sank to her knees. One at a time she removed Brad's shoes.

She then unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. Charlotte could see his erection straining against the fabric of his underwear. With the back of her hand she brushed his cock. Then she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and stripped them off, leaving Brad naked.

Charlotte walked over to her dresser and opened a drawer. She began sorting through her collection of vibrators and dildos. She did not have very many, but spent a few moments picking each one up and examining it. She settled on two. One was a clear acrylic and completely smooth. The second was slightly larger and very realistic looking. It was flesh colored and about the size of Brad's erect penis. Holding one in each hand she sat at the foot of the bed and smiled at Brad.

The stool he was sitting on was not very comfortable but Brad did not care. He had a front row seat to Charlotte masturbating; he could have been on a bed of nails and still been quite happy. She set the larger toy aside and rolled the other one between her hands. Grasping it with one hand she lifted it to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. The clear toy accentuated Charlotte's pursed lips as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Finally she leaned back until she was lying flat on the bed. Charlotte spread her legs apart and pressed the dildo against her labia. Brad smiled at the sight of pure sexy Charlotte. He liked to look at her when she was giving him a blowjob or riding his cock. He enjoyed the way she looked when he fucked her doggie style. But seeing just her naked body writhing with pleasure was unbelievable arousing. He winced when she plunged the toy into her pussy. Without realizing it he began to stroke his erection.

Charlotte planted her feet on the bed and raised her hips in the air. The toy felt good but what really excited her were the quiets moans she heard from Brad. She thought masturbating in front of him would be embarrassing. Instead it was exhilarating. She brought her knees together and rolled over. Charlotte raised her ass in the air and spread her legs apart. All she could see of Brad was his midsection. Centered between her thighs was the sight of him yanking on his erection. Charlotte reached back and put the toy between her legs again. Once again the tip parted her labia and sank into her body.

Brad felt increasingly aroused as he watched Charlotte. With her ass high in the air she was ramming the toy between her legs hard and fast. With a loud moan she stretched out flat on the bed, her hips rising and falling as she fucked herself with the dildo. Finally she stopped moving, then rolled over and sat up.

"Did you like that?" Charlotte asked.

"Uh, yea," Brad said, nodding towards his throbbing erection.

"Think I can do better?"

"I can't imagine being more turned on than I am now," Brad replied.

"I expected you to be more creative, now sit on your hands. I don't want you touching yourself. I want this to be all mental."

Charlotte bent at the waist until she was eye to eye with Brad. She put one hand on his shoulder. She took a deep breath, inhaling Brad's scent. Grasping the larger dildo in her other hand she guided it between her legs. In her mind it wasn't a silicone toy, it was another man. In her mind she was about to get fucked hard while her husband watched. Charlotte rubbed the tip of the cock against her labia. She could tell by the feel she was dripping wet. Slowly she pushed it in. As the dildo penetrated her she let out a stuttered moan, "uh...uh...ahh...ah, ah, ah."

Brad realized she was right. This was better. Seeing her masturbate with the toy had been exciting, but not much more than a porn video. Seeing her expression, feeling her breath on his face, listening to her moan made his cock ache. She had been smart to make him sit on his hands. If he had been stroking his cock he would have already cum. Having to imagine her pussy being stretched open by the toy was actually more erotic than seeing it. The wet sound of the toy sliding in and out of her was testament to how aroused she was.

Charlotte leaned forward and pressed her lips against Brad's. At the same time she continued to fuck herself with the toy. Brad's tongue snaked into her mouth. Her entire body was starting to quiver with excitement as she imagined being with two men at the same time. With great effort she pushed herself away from Brad, breaking their kiss.

He did not want to stop kissing her, but Brad had faith that Charlotte had something better for him. He was not disappointed. She rose up slightly and moved a bit closer. Her breasts hung right in front of his face. She ran her fingers through his hair, finally cupping the back of his head in her hand. He could tell she was fucking herself harder. Brad could hear her hand slapping against her flesh as she rammed the silicone cock deep in to her pussy. Her tits bounced with each impact. Charlotte's nipples were swollen to almost the size of his fingertips. The slapping sound continued, each time sounded louder. Each time sounded wetter. Brad could see her chest flushing red as her excitement increased. His cock ached and precum flowed from the tip. He wondered if she could make him cum without even touching his cock.

Charlotte was completely lost in her fantasy. She moaned as she rammed to the toy into her pussy, "Harder, harder, fuck me harder."

She pulled Brad's head to her breast and felt his lips wrap around her nipple. She felt absolutely no guilt about her fantasy. With her blessing Brad had fucked Sherry only hours earlier, so she was clearly entitled to her imaginary affair, but she still felt a little guilty. Charlotte shifted her weight so she was leaning on Brad. Her legs began to feel weak has entire body was racked by orgasm. The dildo slipped from her grasp and fell to the floor.

"Sit...on... the... floor," she stammered, unable to form more than one syllable words.

The expression on her face told Brad the magnitude of Charlotte's orgasm. He had never been in a position to witness it quite like this. Just the look in her eyes made his skin tingle. The moment she told him to sit he complied, sitting straight up, legs extended in front of him. Charlotte struggled to plant her feet by his hips, almost like she was drunk. She put one hand on his shoulder and unsteadily lowered her body. Brad felt her other hand on his cock. Her wet, hot pussy pressed down on the tip of his erection. She let go of his cock and wrapped both her arms around his neck. Slowly she sank down until she was sitting in his lap, her legs extended behind him. He was buried inside her. Brad could feel her muscles clenching down on his cock as her orgasm continued. He could not stop looking at her face and her expression of absolute euphoria; not even the highly erotic sight of her shapely breasts could tear his eyes away. Brad knew he if he looked down he would see her pussy impaled on his throbbing erection, but at the moment nothing was sexier than the look on his wife's face. It felt like her orgasm was a whirlpool and he was being sucked into it.

"Tell me to fuck your cock," she stammered.

"Fuck my cock, fuck it hard. I want to be all the way inside you," Brad moaned.

The fantasy was over. It had done its job and pushed her over the edge of her climax. Charlotte no longer wanted her imaginary lover. She wanted Brad. She had practically fallen on to his cock as her legs turned to jelly. Having his arms around her was all that kept her upright. With all her remaining strength she pulled against his neck, but she could not lift herself. Brad slipped his hands down her body and grabbed her ass. She leaned forward and kissed him as he bounced her up and down in his lap. She closed her eyes and lost herself in a torrent of pleasure.

He just wanted to feel her. Brad stopped lifting Charlotte up and down. With his cock completely engulfed by her body he wrapped his arms around her. Her breasts were pressed tight against his chest and her tongue wrestled with his as he launched into his own climax. His cock jerked as it pumped the little remaining cum in his body into his wife. She stopped kissing him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"You were right," Brad said with a grin, "that was better."

"I'm impressed you were able to get it up after everything you have done today."

"I will always find a way to get it up for you," Brad replied. He knew it sounded sappy, but it was true. Pleasing Charlotte was something he always strived for.

"So is that enough sex?" she asked.

"That depends, are you offering more?" Brad replied.

Charlotte punched him in the shoulder, "You are such a pig."

"I'm just saying I won't ever turn you down," Brad answered.

"Or anyone else."

"Right now I'd turn down all but a select few."

"Well, I don't think Kate Beckinsale is going to pop in for a quickie, so you should probably get some rest..."

Charlotte slowly stood up. She walked over to where she had dropped her sex toy and picked it up.

"I'm going to put this away and take a shower," she said, walking toward the bedroom.

"Can I join you?" Brad asked.


"Can I watch?" Brad asked.

"Really?" Charlotte replied with a bit of disbelief in her voice.

"It is my birthday," Brad reminded her.

"Okay, but only because it is your birthday," she said with mock exasperation. She briefly considered calling his bluff. It was highly unlikely he could have another erection but Charlotte was too exhausted to challenge him. Her lengthy orgasm had left her feeling drained.

Brad leaned on the bathroom counter as he watched his wife shower. Much to his disappointment she had not taken the dildo into the shower with her. She still put on a bit of a show for him with the shower massage, but she did not invite him in. It was just as well. As much as his cock ached to be inside Charlotte again his erection would not return. Brad thought if Charlotte had played with the toy or teased him a bit more he could have managed another erection.

Brad took a quick shower after Charlotte. True to their agreement she spent the rest of the evening naked. Brad thought it made everything a bit more exciting, even watching TV. He was amused when she chatted on the phone with one of her friends. Even at dinner the only thing she wore was the napkin in her lap.

Charlotte found she liked being naked. The entire house was her private nudist getaway. She enjoyed all the attention Brad was giving her. After dinner she insisted on clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. She loaded it one item at a time, always bending at the waist. She turned frequently, giving him a different view of her body each time.

The idea of having sex with Brad again began to sound attractive as the evening turned to night. Charlotte did not make any offers, but she wouldn't have turned him down. He seemed content just to watch her as she went about her nightly activities.

As he watched her move about the house Brad realized he really enjoyed seeing Charlotte naked. He wondered if she would be willing to go to a topless beach. He was encouraged by subtle signs that she was starting to feel horny again. Her nipples stood out just a bit and he caught her staring at his crotch more than once.

"I think I will go to the gym, care to join me?" Brad asked. He wanted to fuck Charlotte again, but his body needed a little more time to recover.

"I don't think they will let me in without clothes," Charlotte replied.

"I will give you a pass," Brad offered.

"No, a deal is a deal. Don't worry, I will still be here when you get back," she teased.

Brad suspected that Charlotte knew he had fucked Sherry at the gym. He wondered if he could convince his wife to try sex in public. He decided he would just plant the seed of the idea tonight. He changed into his gym clothes and headed out the door.

"I'm only naked until midnight, and then I'm putting on the sweatpants." Charlotte reminded him.

"Don't worry, I will be back," he assured her.

As he opened his car door Brad looked back at the house one more time. Charlotte was in the window, still naked, blowing him a kiss. He smiled as he slid into the leather seat. He would certainly be back before midnight.

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