tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe After-Con Experience

The After-Con Experience


(With Jessica Nigri and Meagan Orzel)

Author's Note: This erotic fiction is created solely for sexual arousal purposes. All events herein are fictitious and the author has no relation, sexual or otherwise, with any of the subjects of this story. Only intended to be read by persons 18 and older.


Meagan kicked off her shoes and exchanged them for comfortable flip flops as she walked into the lobby of the large Marriott hotel. It was just across the street from the convention center. She was lugging a large bag behind her that had both of the cosplays she had used throughout the day. But her feet were killing her, and she needed to rest. Meagan rested on a seat in the lobby, pulling out her phone and staring at it.

She felt a small tap on her shoulder, and lifted her head from her phone long enough to notice the blonde beauty above her.

"Hey girl," she said in her slightly higher voice than usual. Meagan smiled at her. Jessica was a guest at the same convention as her, and they had been friends for years. Jessica's dirty blonde hair had fallen down to her shoulders, as she was wearing a purple tank top and black shorts. Meagan could also make out a black bra easily visible from underneath her tank top. Meagan herself had dressed down. The convention hall was very hot, and making it out of the heavy costume allowed her to dress down to a white t-shirt with a laced Victoria's Secret bra underneath. She was also wearing purple athletic shorts, comfortable ones that hugged her tiny curves with a matching purple thong on underneath.

"So how was the last day of the Con?" asked Jessica as she held her garment bag behind her back.

"Too long, also too many perverts." Meagan laughed to herself as she stood up. "Plus my feet are really screwing me over."

Jessica laughed as she grabbed Meagan's bag. "I'm gonna take these up to our room, first drinks are on me. Meet me in the bar in five." Jessica walked away and Meagan walked toward the bar. There were several men there, all ogling her tiny frame. Meagan adjusted her shirt making sure her small breasts were not visible. It was almost enough to want to go with women, she was tired of every day fighting off advances from the guys.

Meagan sat at the bar, ordered herself a nice martini as one guy walked forward. This man, fairly decent height, was in a navy business suit as he sat on the stool next to her. She rolled her eyes slightly as she started sipping her drink. The cold liquid soothed her throat as she instantly felt better. She rested her feet on the bar of the stool and leaned forward. The man stared at her like he wanted to start a conversation, his short brown hair resting against his scalp, but was unable to get the words out. Meagan kept drinking, feeling the alcohol getting to her as Jessica returned, ordering her cocktails and paying the tab in advance.

"Megs, we're gonna get fucked up tonight. You know this right?" said Jessica as she started drinking her drinks. Meagan finished hers and the bartender immediately brought her another. As she finished the second one she could already start to feel herself get tipsy. The man looked at them both.

"I'm...I'm Jason," he said as he straightened his tie nervously. Jessica just began laughing hysterically as she pointed at him, the drinks already starting to take their toll.

"Jess...don't make a scene." Meagan started as she finished her second drink. Jessica pointed to the bartender and he brought another drink.

"I meant what I said, we're gonna get fucked up...and I bet this little boy thinks he's gonna get fucked as well." began Jessica as she stood up. "You think you can actually stand both of us?" Jessica smirked as she gently glided her hand down Meagan's silky blonde hair.

Jason gulped, expecting Jessica to probably make fun of him, or tell him off in a rude manner.

"But you know what?" began Jessica, reaching down and grabbing Jason's tie. "It's your lucky fucking day, because I want to fuck tonight, I'm already getting drunk, and you happen to be here. Megs, let's go." Jessica took control and picked Jason off his stool.

Meagan finished her drink. "Fuck it, I guess I need a dick tonight." she said as she stood up. Jessica took both her hand and Jason's, leading them toward the elevator. Inside the elevator shaft, Jessica wasted no time. As the doors closed Jessica grabbed Jason and quickly ran her hands along the outside of his crotch. Meagan bit her lip and watched as Jessica rubbed her small hand over is crotch, rubbing her leg against his.

"You like this, you fucking little pervert?" Jessica whispered as she began to nibble alongside Jason't neck, before pulling up and smirking at him. "Megs, you're part of this too, get in here."

Meagan nodded and moved closer, Jessica's hand reached out and pulled her against her. Meagan now had her body pressed against both of them, with Jessica taking control. One hand giving Jason an erection and the other one reaching up under Meagan's shirt, parting her bra to the side and squeezing on her right nipple. Meagan whimpered a little bit in pleasure as she felt Jessica's fingers.

The door opened and all three of the members straightened up, Meagan quickly pulling down her shirt, sweat already beading down her forehead. Jessica put her hands behind her back and Jason was covering up his crotch, the three quickly walked down the hallway. The other guests were going about their business, unaware of what had transpired in the elevator.

Jessica opened the door and dragged both of them in, quickly slamming the door and leading them through the entryway to the large king size bed in the middle of the room. Meagan took off her flip flops and stood next to Jessica, as the two of them pushed Jason down on the bed. Jessica reached down and began undoing his belt, while Meagan came around the side and began kissing him passionately. Jason put his hand on the back of Meagan's head while sliding his tongue in. Jessica unzipped his pants and pulled out a large, eight inch cock, with an incredible thickness to it as well.

"Looks like I made a good decision," said Jessica as she giggled, taking its nice size in her hand. Meagan continued kissing him before he pushed her off, pulling her shirt off and unclipping her bra from the front, revealing Meagan's perfectly small breasts. Jason reached out and ran his fingernails along her soft pink nipples, running circles around them before cupping them with his hand and caressing them. Meagan let out a moan as she felt him, throwing her head back.

Jessica was still stroking Jason's large shaft as she reached down and began sucking it. She looked at Meagan and then began licking the tip of his head, running her tongue all the way down the bottom of his shaft. Meagan looked over and bit her lip before backing away, getting on her knees next to Jessica and began touching Jason's balls with her small fingers. Jessica giggled to herself as she positioned her tongue to the left of Jason's shaft so Meagan could go to the right. Both girls licked up and down the shaft repeatedly before stopping. Meagan took her turn to take his cock in her hands as she leaned over and made out with Jessica. The two girls locked tongues together in a passionate kiss, before Jessica broke off and took off her tank top, and then pulling her bra down exposing her large fake breasts.

Jason moaned in pleasure as he looked at both of them. His cock growing larger as Jessica slid down her pants and thong, now fully nude except the scrap of black bra still dangling below her exposed breasts. She climbed on top of the bed and began kissing Jason as she moved her body further up the bed. Meagan began sucking Jason's cock quickly, her petite mouth barely containing the large member, and she felt herself gagging on it on more than one occasion. Meagan continued to suck on it as Jessica moved her hips over Jason's head, lowering her moist, glistening lips over his face. Jason knew what to do immediately, he arched up, placing his hands on her large, rounded buttocks, and began feverishly flicking his tongue back and forth alongside Jessica's clit.

Meagan let go of Jason's cock now, her saliva drooling out of her mouth down onto it as she stood up, dropping her shorts and thong, now fully nude herself. She climbed right over Jason's hips and grabbed his shaft, lowering her soft pink pussy onto it. Pleasure coursed through her as she began to moan, feeling his large member stretch out her walls. She stared at Jessica being eaten out, Jessica herself moaning in pleasure as all three of them were entranced in the moment. Jessica grabbed her own breasts and massaged them, feeling Jason's tongue flicking across her clit even faster. Jessica's juices were flowing onto his scraggly beard, covered in her wet insides. Meagan began rubbing her own clit as she watched, continuing to bob up and down on the large cock.

Jason grunted, slapping Jessica's rounded ass as he continued eating her out, before pushing both of the girls off. Meagan and Jessica swapped places as he bent Jessica over the bed, getting behind her and positioning the tip of his cock right at her dripping entrance. Jessica screamed as his large member entered her, him grabbing her by the hips and beginning to roughly slam deep inside her moist insides. Meagan climbed in front of Jessica and spread her legs, which Jessica immediately obliged. Jessica took three of her fingers and slammed them deep inside Meagan's tight hole, leaning her head down and licking Meagan's clit. Meagan arched back and moaned, preparing to cum all over Jessica's face.

Jason leaned over and grabbed his belt off of his pants on the floor, bending it in half and used it to slap Jessica's ass as he continued roughly slamming into her. Jessica made some muffled moans, her face still full of Meagan's wet clit. Meagan screamed, louder than she knew she should as she felt herself cum all over Jessica's fingers. Her entire body was covered in sweat now, grabbing her own breasts and catching her breath as she recovered from cumming, her right hand now running through Jessica's blonde hair, pushing her head harder down on Meagan's clit.

Jessica pulled up, pulling herself off of Jason's large cock as she pushed him against the wall. Meagan walked up beside Jessica and began using her fingers on Jessica's clit. Jessica began stroking Jason's cock as she moaned, feeling it growing and throbbing in her hand. She got on her knees, pulling Meagan down with her. Meagan began fondling his balls, as Jessica continued stroking before he couldn't take it any more. Jason let out a large scream as his cock exploded, white streams of hot sticky cum flew straight into Jessica's face as she continued stroking it, laughing as she licked her lips free of the cum. Jessica moved the cock over to Meagan, letting her get the last of it, but selfishly keeping most of it to herself. Meagan licked the cum off her lips as well, before Jessica grabbed the back of Meagan's head, kissing her passionately and licking the cum off of her. Meagan did the same to Jessica as the two of them smiled at one another.

Jessica grabbed a towel, cleaning her pussy and laughing. She grabbed Jason's clothes and threw them at him.

"Now get the fuck out of here, we're done with you," Jessica said coldly as he nodded, catching his breath as he hastily threw on his clothes and headed out of the room. Jessica and Meagan got in the shower, cleaning each other off and making out passionately as they reminisced about the amazing fuck they just had between them.

Both Jessica and Meagan left the shower, dried off, and laid in the bed still nude. Meagan smiled and cuddled up to Jessica, wrapping her arms around Jessica's waist. The two smiled as the moon was rising. After a few minutes, Jessica looked over to see Meagan moving her finger sensually up her thigh.

Meagan was ready for round two.

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