The After Dance


I grin. Poke my tongue out between my teeth. Watch him watching me.

"My balls," he gasps, "suck my balls as you do that."

First I give the head a couple of quick licks with a flat tongue, then I lick the underside of his balls, all the while still twisting and stroking the shaft. I take one of his balls into my mouth, suck on it, roll it around in my mouth, and let it pop out. Do the same to the other one. Then both at once, as best I can. His sac twins aren't overly large, but my mouth isn't all that big either. I suck hard, release. Repeat. Several times. My loud moans with his balls in my mouth must be vibrating up his shaft. He is really aroused now. Not relaxed at all.

I switch back to using my mouth as a cunt. Spit on the head, rub the saliva all over the dick, engulf it with my lips, slide in over my tongue. My head bobs vigorously and greedily over the engorged offering. The heat, the sensation of fullness and the scent are intoxicating. I go to the back of the tongue, but obey him and don't deep throat. I slurp and moan with abandon. All the while my hands are massaging his hips, his inner thighs.

"Ah, Christ...Anna...that feels so good..."

Yep, I think, a good production is always better with a first class sound track.

Between his expressions of appreciation and my greedy moans of desire, I was sure he was going to cum. Instead he leans forward, grabs my hair just above the nape of the neck, and pulls my face up to his. He just looks at me for an instance, then kisses me hard. His tongue invades my mouth and then he starts fucking my mouth with his tongue.

I try to kiss him back, but he wasn't having any of that. I was just to receive.

So I relax into the moment and let him explore my mouth, my lips, trace my teeth. His hands stroking my face and neck, moving down and cupping my breasts.

"Let's get this off you," he says as he begins unclasping the hooks running down the front of the bustier. "I want your breasts free to swing." And his long strong fingers begin the repetitive action of unhooking each fastener one by one, revealing my naked flesh slowly as each one gives way.

When the last hook and eye is undone he pushes the bustier fully open, and reaches up to pinch my nipples. "I haven't seen these for well over an hour," he says grinning. "Pale pink nipples," he whispers. "They should taste like cotton candy if you went by the color." Then his lips latch onto one, while his fingers twist the other.

"Ahhhh," I yelp as the sensations flood from my tits to my clit. Electric shocks is what it feels like. Deliciously pleasurable shocks, but sharp and biting. His teeth and fingers are really working me over. Then he leans back to admire his handy work. "There," he says with an air of satisfaction. "Nicely swollen and perky." I have the feeling he wished my nipples were larger, but then he wouldn't have the fun of trying to make them longer and bigger nearly every damn day.

Because the garters are attached to the bustier, he reaches down and unclasps the silk hose. He has me sit in his lap, removes my shoes, and has me bend my leg as he rolls the stocking down to my ankle, then off my foot. Repeats with the other leg. Now his palm runs up and down my legs, over the swell of the muscles, the dips of the joints. Again and again, arousing me until I squirm. I am now wearing only a tanga panty.

The hand that was stroking my legs now holds my hip firmly and presses me to him, while his other hand explores my back. Long and slow strokes, over and over. I am breathing faster now, my pupils must be blown wide open. My cunt is aching and weeping, crying for him to touch it, fill it, but he just keeps trailing his fingers and palm over my back.

"Please, please," I beg him. "Please touch me John, please."

"But Anna, I am touching you," he grins wickedly.

"Noooo," I wail. "Touch me on my cunt, John."

"No touch you on your cunt. Got it."

"John! That is not what I meant!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha," he laughs uproarously. "Well, that is what you said, and Ma'am, I will obey your request."

"No, no no no no!" I wail louder. "You know I want you to touch my cunt! John, please do it now!"

"Exactly," he affirms. "No No No No No want you to touch my cunt. Got it."

"Ahhh, John, you are impossible!" I try to squirm away and touch myself. He grabs my wrists.

"Oh Anna, if I No No No No No touch your cunt, then same goes for you."

I try to shake him off me, but he just laughs more.

"Go ahead. Give me a show. My tits are bouncing around very provocatively."

And with that he puts both my wrists behind my back, pulls me close, leans down and bites my breast.

"Ahhhhh Ooooo OW OW OW!" I holler.

He releases his tit and just laughs.

"Go ahead, holler all ya wanna. Nobody's gonna hear ya!" he says mockingly.

I know he is right. I am at his mercy. He continues to bite, suck and lick my breasts for over five minutes. His cock is at least a third deflated now, making a softer seat for me in his lap. But I'm still horny as Hell and I can't get any friction on my clit for relief. He stimulates my breasts just enough so I feel my cunt lips getting fuller and achy, but not enough to get me off. Erudite bastard. He knows what he's doing.

Eventually I just stop fighting and let him have his way.

"Hmmm," he finally says as he leans back and admires how rosy my breasts are now after being softly bitten all over with his teeth.

"I am thirsty. We will have some dessert and coffee, and then I think I will indulge myself and play with you again."

With that he puts my wrists in my lap, lifts me up and puts me on the floor.

"Don't you dare touch yourself," he sternly admonishes me. I look at his determined face and know that I won't disobey his order. I nod yes, sheepishly putting my wrists behind my back.

"C'mon," he says. "Let's eat."

He holds out his hand to me, I place my hand in his, and we walk over to the cappuccino machine.

John picks up two large brandy glasses, and asks me to make some cappuccinos. Organic milk for him, organic soy milk for me. He always looks after me. Remembers my allergy to dairy.

While I make the coffees, John pours some brandy into the two glasses. Then he picks up one of the candles that are scattered about the yard and moves its flame back and forth along the lower part of the bowl of the glass, heating the brandy. Then he spoons some fresh fruit salad into the heated brandy. On his he puts a dollop of fresh whipped cream. On mine he sprinkles a little demerara sugar.

I place some biscotti on John's coffee cup saucer, and bring the two beverages over to the same table where we ate the kabobs.

Again I sit in John's lap as we fish the fruit out of the brandy glasses with spoons. Then we sip our coffees as we talk about Earth Day and the environment. We both express appreciation for the few acres we have here next to the lake. We both love the wooded landscape and the wildlife. John's charity interests are environmental conservation, as well as wildlife habitat restoration. We are both aware of species becoming extinct before our eyes, and discuss how we can help to slow down the trend.

John takes my empty coffee cup from me and places it on the table.

Then he gives me a couple of playful swats on my outer thigh, then my hip.

"Play time," he says in an imperative tone.

"Stand up, my dear." I do as he asks. "Now, over my knee. I want to make your cheeks as rosy as I made your breasts earlier."

I look horrified. "Why?" I exclaim. What did I do to deserve a spanking?

"Oh Anna, not that kind of spanking. A fun spanking. Hopefully one where your cunt juices run down your leg and soak my robe. A sexual spanking to arouse that cute pussy of yours."

I almost throw myself over his knees. Yesssss. Finally, he's going to touch me and I get to orgasm. Ahhhh, my cunt clenches with delight.

"Mmmm, you're so pale. You redden up so nicely under my admiring palm." Smack.

I jump at the unexpected contact. He is swatting my cheek at the bottom, lifting it upwards. Not very hard, cupping his hand. It makes a lot of noise, but doesn't sting too much.

Smack, smack, smack...then his palm caressing the whole cheek. Again.

Smack, smack, smack, smack...caressing. Nails trailing across the cheeks. Sometimes he leans over and gently bites my plump ass cheeks. I moan, groan and yelp. He loves it.

A steady rhythm of swats, caresses, nails, teeth, sometimes even a pinch slowly build up my arousal.

He asks me to open my legs a little more, and checks with his fingers to see how wet I am.

"Oh, you are enjoying yourself. I don't know who is happier right now. You with your wet cunt or me with the view of your gorgeous reddening ass. Oh Anna, the moment I saw your red hair, green eyes and pale skin, I just had to have my hands on you. You pink up so quickly. And the heat radiating off your lovely backside is so comforting to my palm. I just love smacking your backside. I love getting you wet like this, I love the scent your cunt gives off as I continue smacking you. Your beautiful legs, the curve of your back. No struggling, no crying...I just love having my hands on you. Such a gorgeous woman, and all mine."

I moan as he speaks to me. I feel his erection stiffen and swell. Harden. Making it a little uncomfortable as it presses into my hip.

After twenty minutes, he asks me to stand up. He never stimulated my cunt, just checked to determine its degree of wetness off and on during the spanking. Oh, I really want some relief right now, but don't dare ask or beg. He has a plan, I'll just have to wait.

"Now, I have a surprise for you," he says with a toothy grin.

"What?" I want to rub my hot ass but just leave my hands at my sides.

"Its in the gazebo. C'mon."

And with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, he takes my hand and leads me past the billowing saris hanging from the beams, and has me stand in the middle of the structure.

He picks up a sheer length of cloth with some beading on it. It is a lovely cream color. He also picks up a yard long cloth belt about an inch wide, also in cream.

What is he going to do with that?

"We are going to be walking over to the top of the stairs that lead down to the lake, so you'll need to have something to protect you from the cold. This is it."

"What, the world's largest scarf?"

He snorts a laugh. "No, a sari."

"Oh," I say. "Well, do you know how to put it on me?"

"Yes," he states with confidence. "There are many helpful videos on the internet."

"Okay," I say with a tiny bit of apprehension. "What do I do?"

"Mainly, you just stand there while I wrap this around you. Don't move."

First he ties the belt around my waist. Snugly. "Usually a skirt is tied with a belt under the sari, but I want to see your legs through the sheer fabric. So I'm just using a belt."

He puts three fingers under the belt, gives a little tug, and nods satisfactorily.

He takes one corner of the cloth and tucks it under the belt at one hip, making sure that the length is just at the top of my toes. Then he wraps it all the way around my hips until it is in front of my belly button. He tucks all that in under the belt and checks the evenness of the hem. Now he makes accordion folds in his hands, and tucks all those folds in a bunch right in front of my belly button. Centers it all. Checks the hem. Now he takes the rest of the sari and wraps it around my body, coming in front of my belly again and then up and over one shoulder, diagonally across my body. He takes the end dangling down my back and tucks that into the belt behind me.

"Now, the style is to wear a blouse under the sari, but I want to see your tits through the sheer fabric. Very nice effect. Yes. Very nice."

I look down at my body and wiggle a bit. The beads shine in the candle light . I feel quite warm and exotic wearing this. Just a tug, and I'll be naked again.

"Here are some sandals for us both. Now we walk to the stairs. I want to see the moon over the lake from there. It should be a magical sight."

"John, this evening just keeps getting better. You've made it so special for me. I'll always remember today."

"Evening's not over yet, My Love. Not until you scream my name. C'mon, let's go before the evening gets too cold. We still have to celebrate Earth Day with a tree."

"Um, exactly what does that mean?" I'm really curious now. Am I going to be tied to a tree with this sari? Who knows what he has planned.

"Ha ha ha ha ha," he chortles. "That would spoil the surprise."

The soft middle eastern music becomes muted as we walk away from the gazebo along the trail to the stairs that lead down to the lake shore. Are we going down to the lake shore? Maybe he has a fire going down there on the shoreline. Maybe a Sheik's tent? So many possibilities. I can never second guess him.

The trail is lined with trees, but the dappled moonlight illuminates the path. It is such a beautiful night. Unusually warm for this time of year. But then, the spring time is getting warmer sooner. Some people would say its global warming, others would say it doesn't exist. I do notice the spring flowers bloom earlier than when I was younger.

The swish swish swish of the fabric occasionally distracts me and I like the way the folds of fabric part as my feet move forward. The garment is a different sensation on my body. Probably why he put it on me. Always stimulating my senses in a new way.

We come to the end of the trail where there is an unobstructed view of the lake. On either side of the stairs leading down to the shoreline are cherry blossom trees. In full bloom. The moonlight falls on the lovely pink color and they look like pink cotton candy swirls on sticks.

I notice on the first step there are several woolen blankets neatly folded in a pile. John takes a blanket and spreads it under a tree full of blossoms, about six feet away from the trunk.

"Do you know of the poet Joyce Kilmer?" he asks me.

I shake my head no as I gaze out over the lake. The moonlight is reflected in the water and the entire scene is surreal.

"Well, this poet wrote a poem titled 'Trees'. There is a lovely line in the poem, 'A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed against the earth's sweet flowing breast.' Tonight I loved pressing my mouth against your sweet breasts My Anna. Oh yes. I truly enjoyed it."

He undoes the belt of his robe, and then removes the robe and tosses it to the side of the blanket laid on the ground. Then he approaches me, leads me to stand on the blanket, and gently unwinds the sari. He wads up the sari and tosses it onto his robe, unties my belt and throws it on top of the sari. My tanga panty follows the belt.

Then he picks up a second blanket, leaves it folded and drops it on to the blanket laid out under the tree.


A one word command, and the look on his face. I see he is partially erect. Mmm. Cock again.

"Anna, the evening is getting chilly. Make me hard, and quickly. I want to enjoy your swollen cunt around my cock as soon as possible. I've been wanting your cunt all day."

I kick off my sandals and fall to my knees to worship his dick, collecting saliva in my mouth in anticipation. I see he's even more erect now, but not quite there.

He walks up to me, holds my hair above the nape of my neck, tilts my face up and eases his cock into my mouth with his other hand.

"Stick out your tongue and open wide. I want to fuck your mouth. You can suck it later."

For the first few minutes, he does exactly that. I just open up and he sets the rhythm, the depth of the strokes. Some go deep throat and he lingers there a few seconds, then out again. My gag reflex does not activate. So the next time he deep throats me, I waggle my head back and forth rapidly to give him something different to feel. I make gargling sounds, moan like I'm getting the best foot massage in the world. Oh yea, he likes that. His back arches as he pounds my mouth a little more rapidly.

"Oh, Anna. The sounds you're making are driving me crazy!"

He pulls out all the way, and looks down lovingly at me.

"Okay, you can suck me."

I feel his cock jerk uncontrollably in my mouth. My moans start in my chest, travel up my throat and vibrate around his dick. His balls are cupped in my palm and I feel them tighten, pulled closer to his shaft. My finger tips tickle the underside of his balls. His back arches again. The rhythmic rocking of my head becomes faster, more urgent. I know he is holding back a little, just to make it more enjoyable and stronger when he spurts his offering.

John's cock swells inside me. The time is now. I take him deep into my body, wanting to hold him there. He looks at me, his eyes blazing with lust. A crazed look on his face.

I look at him, focused on him. My green eyes wide, shining with love and wanting. Looking at him in the dark. Like a cat.

He is fully erect now. And suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and yells, "Enough!"

"Stand up."

I rise up and his arms encircle me. He holds me close. Tight. Kisses me deeply. Reverently. Repeatedly. Smashes my breasts against his chest, kneads my ass.

"Hold onto my shoulders and wrap your legs around my waist," he says as his hands grab hold of my still red ass cheeks.

"Ah, nice and warm still..." he sighs.

He takes a few steps and stops directly under a branch of the cherry blossom tree.

"Now Anna, I want you to reach up and hold onto the tree branch. Tight. Don't let go."

I do as he says. The bark is rough and bites a little into my palms.

"Don't let go," he sternly instructs again.

He starts kissing me again. Talking to me. Saying how pleasant an evening he's much he wants to enter my body and have me cum in his arms.

His erection gets longer, harder. He massages my clit and labia with his member.

His speech becomes vulgar, lustful. I become more wet. So wet there are squishy sounds as he keeps massaging my clit with his dick head.

Suddenly I'm hoisted into the air. A yelp of surprise escapes me. Then a groan of pleasure as I'm impaled on his dick.

John's hands move my ass up and down in a slow rhythm. Then faster, slower, faster, slower...

I notice the cherry blossoms start to fall upon my face.

The feeling is incredible. The moonlight plays upon our faces and bodies. The cool blossoms fall upon us and tickle our skin. His cock massages me deeply and stretches my pussy. Every stroke makes me crave another. And another. Faster, faster. Deeper, stronger. Long strong strokes. Pounding me viciously, my body shaking the tree branch violently.

We're engulfed in a blizzard of pink cherry blossoms. My back arches, my body convulses. John's roar of ecstasy is deafening in my ear, and I hear myself scream his name.

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