tagRomanceThe After-Party

The After-Party


"Okay, it's time for all of you to move your sorry asses out of my flat," I yell at the stumbling drunken party goers who are gathered in my hallway.

Each one of them is loudly shouting at each other and gesturing wildly, I am fearful for the safety of my ornaments that decorate the windowsill to the left of the doorway as Brad flings his arms around whilst describing a talking chicken. I roll my eyes whilst trying to subtly push all four of them into the night air.

"Aw, c'mon Luce, don't be such a party pooper," Carly says to me whilst breathing vodka fumes into my face. I just smile in response.

It takes me near enough an hour to see each of them off into a taxi before I close my door on the bite of the wind. It reaches under my top and nips at my skin. The warmth of my tiny flat smooths the goosebumps on my body and calms my shaking muscles. I then move through the hallway into the sitting room to survey the damage left over from the party.

The mess isn't too bad, enough so that I am able to leave it until morning where I will pull out my rubber gloves and really go to town in a frenzy of cleaning that will leave the flat smelling of disinfectant.

"I thought they would never leave."

The smooth velvety voice travels the distance between me and George, it travels the length of my body leaving a trail of warmth in its wake. My nipples tighten almost painfully. I gasp and turn around. George stands in the doorway, his body eclipsing the space. His face a mask of want.

"What are you still doing here, mister?" I ask, feigning nonchalance.

George pushes off of the door frame and strides towards me, I don't really know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't for him to grab me by my hair, fisting his hand into the long strands and pulling my head backwards to place his lips over mine which was exactly what he does. I am frozen in place by shock as his tongue traces the seam of my lips. A growl rumbles up his throat at the lack of response and his hands tighten in my hair, pulling my head further back. The pain tingles along my scalp, spurring me into action. I press my lips harder to his, our tongues tangle, exploring. I begin nibbling at his lower lip as his fingers push up towards my heavy breasts. His tumbs push up under my bra and trace my hardened nipples. I moan into our roughened kiss.

This seems to effect George considerably as he begins to push my top up over my head and my trousers down past my thighs so that they lie on the floor haphazardly. I am now stood in the sitting room in my lacy thongs and half cup bra, my nipples are pushing against the fabric creating tingles in my sex which has dampened the fabric of my underwear. George steps backwards leaving me stranded, the warmth that I had previously embraced inside my flat has now deserted me so that suddenly I feel cold without the feel of George's roughened palms across my flesh. His gaze travels the length of my body as my eyes skim down his. His erection tents the front of his trousers, the sight dampens my thongs considerably to the point that I fear he will notice.

"Finish undressing for me." His voice is roughened and harsh in the silence.

I shiver and begin pushing down my thong.

"Slowly," he whispers.

I have hooked my thumbs into the waistband, but I pause at his voice. Gathering my wavering courage I begin to slowly push the fabric down my legs, running my fingers over my skin. The sensation creates tingles in my cunt and I moan as my thong falls to the floor, the need to touch myself becomes overwhelming. I gently place my fingers on the tip of my shaven pussy. My middle finger dips into the wetness that has pooled inside, my eyes close as I slowly circle my hardened clit. A hand tightens on my wrist. I fling my eyes open to be greeted by deep brown irises.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?" His tone is chiding, "such a naughty girl Lucy. Not doing as you are told, you need to be punished."

My breath shortens at the prospect. His hand travels up my arm and reaches around to the fastening on my bra, a gentle pressure before the straps start to slide down my arms. My bra falls to the floor and my large breasts are freed to George's gaze. His hands palm the globes whilst his lips press to my neck, then to my shoulder until his lips wrap around my left nipple. My head falls back as I push my finishers into George's hair.

"Fuck this, I need to be inside your tight pussy." He growls as he lifts me up, my legs automatically wrap around his hips as he walks to my bedroom.

My pussy rubs against the rough denim of his jeans, his cock pushes the material further into my drenched sex. I moan loudly at the new sensation causing George to nip me on the neck as he drops me on my mattress.

I bite my lip at the sigt of my cream on the front of his trousers. A gentle blush filling my cheeks. George pulls the zipper down on his jeans, the noise echoing in the silence. I lick my lips at the sight of his cock. The sight making my mouth water. I reach out and rub my hand up the silky flesh. I lick the weeping head, the taste of his pre cum salty and delicious. I widen my mouth and push his cock all the way to the back of my throat but he is too big and I can't put the whole of him inside of my mouth so I reach up and stroke the remaining length. I push forward and back with my mouth, imitating sex. Using my tongue I follow the vein on the underside, this causes George to groan and push his fingers into my hair. As I move George's cock out of my mouth I begin licking the head and twirling my tongue around the tip. My hand strokes up and down, using my saliva to lubricate the flesh.

"Play with my balls," George growls as he pulls on my hair. A constant stream of swearing and groans emanate from him as I reach up with my other hand and massage his balls. George begins to swell in my hand as my strokes become harder.

"Fuck!" He shouts through gritted teeth. He pulls my head away from his swollen erection and roughly pushes me onto the bed. He digs his fingers into the flesh of my thighs pulling them apart.

"You little whore, trying to make me come before I have gotten inside this tight little cunt." With that, he thrusts inside my weeping channel and in one smooth glide reaches the end. I moan at the fullness that his cock has created inside of me.

"Oh god, yes, please George make me cum." I yell.

"You don't deserve to cum"

George pulls out of me and flips me onto my front, my nipples drag across the rough sheets. I grit my teeth in pain. With a few thrusts George yells and cums inside of me. He then collapses on top of me, his heavy breathing on my neck. I smile knowing I have pleased him.

After few moments of lying there George eventually pulls out of me and stands up. I can hear him pulling on his jeans but I don't turn around, afraid that I will beg for an orgasm but trying to have some dignity.

"Thanks babe," he says, then slaps me on my bum.

I lie still as I listen to him open the door. At the sound of the the front door closing, I turn around and lie in the centre of the double bed. My body is over sensitive, my pussy is so incredibly wet that I can feel it at the tops of my thighs. I push my finger into the wetness and vigorously rub my clitorous. I spread my thighs, placing my feet flat on my mattress to increase the sensation. I lift my other hand to my nipple and twist it almost painfully.

"Oh, yeah, yes, oh fuck I need to cum. Oh God...Oh god, yesssssssss" I yell as my muscles begin to tighten I then cum with a shudder that travels up my body.

Grabbing tissue from my nightstand I wipe myself clean then toss it into he bin. Deciding to sleep naked, I lift the quilt from the floor, wrapping it around my body I turn over and with a smile on my face I drift into sleep.

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