tagLoving WivesThe After Party of Her Affair

The After Party of Her Affair


This is my recollection of the night that, according to my wife, was the first time she cheated on me with another man.

The bed shook and the covers moved. The familiar warmth of my wife's body crawled into bed with me. I realized that I had fallen asleep, but the question was for how long? As the fog cleared in my head I recalled that my wife, Holly, had been out "with friends." What time is it, I thought to myself. At midnight, I had crawled into bed assuming Holly would be home momentarily. I'm sure Holly knew I was awake, but didn't acknowledge my presence as she lay facing the wall. I lifted myself enough to see the alarm clock on the other side of her. It read 2:35am! Did she just now arrive or did she get home earlier and just now come to bed?

My Friday night had been filled with trepidation. Something was amiss. Holly had a new weekend routine of going out with friends to a local dance club. "Go out and have a good time." I told her. I should have asked the question, was it female friends or a male friend? After twenty years, our marriage was adrift. It was obvious she was unsatisfied in her life and with me. She also had a new routine of going to the gym after work, again with "friends." I should have seen it coming. I should have seen it happening. I was too young and too naive. It wasn't "friends." It was a friend. My wife was secretly dating another man.

I placed my left hand on Holly's thigh. I imagined her at the dance club. I imagined some strange man asking her to dance. Would she dance with a stranger? Why wouldn't she dance with a stranger? After all it's just harmless dancing, right? My cock stirred and began to stiffen as I envisioned Holly on the dance floor with some large unknown faceless man. I moved my hand up and down on her bare thigh as my mind raced through possibilities. These thoughts weren't new. All evening long thoughts like these slipped into my brain and caused my cock to harden. All evening long fleeting visions of my wife being seduced by another man taunted me.

I had to have release. My cock was leaking precum like a broken faucet and had been all evening as thoughts of Holly's imagined escapades crept into my mind. I moved my hand up Holly's thigh and slipped my fingers under the tight elastic of her panties. My fingers made their way through her pubic hair towards her pussy. She willingly lifted her leg to allow me access. However, in this position my fingers could not enter her.

I removed my underwear and pulled the covers off us. My hands, as they had done countless times in the past, grasped the waistband of Holly's panties and pulled them down. As my hands gathered the soft material from around Holly's ankles I told myself that there was no way she had been unfaithful earlier. After all, would she let me remove her panties if she had been with another man? For that matter, there is no way she would have ever let another man remove her panties, right?

I moved around to the bottom of the bed and placed my hands between Holly's knees. Like always, she willing spread her thighs in anticipation of our lovemaking. Was this the first time Holly spread her legs tonight, I wondered? If so, did she act on it willingly or did some stranger coax her legs apart? I began kissing my way up her inner thighs. My nose was filled with the familiar scent of her sweet opening. But this time it wasn't all that familiar. It was the same, but somehow different. Once again the feeling came over me like a fire burning through every fiber of my being. Once again my brain was inundated with thoughts that something wasn't right.

The thoughts of Holly at the dance club with another man pounded inside my head as my fingers made their way to Holly's vagina. I continued alternating kisses between Holly's thighs as my fingers separated her labia and delved into the wetness. Holly wasn't just wet. She was soaked. In the darkness, my fingers explored the juices Holly's body was releasing. Her body jumped as I ran my soaked fingers along her opening and touched her clit.

My tongue was now just inches away from Holly's sweet pussy. Her pubic hairs tickled my nose. My hands moved from her pussy, up under her night shirt, and grasped her soft breasts. I ran my tongue lightly along the outside of her opening just as I had done countless times during our previous lovemaking sessions. This time it actually felt different. On my tongue, Holly's labia felt somehow wrinkled instead of smooth. Then, the sensation that I still remember like it was yesterday shook me.

Salt on my tongue! I tasted salt! It wasn't strong, in fact it was very faint, but it was there. I tasted salt!

Was it another man's sperm? It couldn't be I thought. It had to be salt produced by sweat from her dancing at the club, right? Somehow my brain didn't object. I didn't fight it. My mind told me it was sweat and pushed me deeper. I was literally drawn into Holly. My tongue instinctively continued its search for more evidence as my mind wandered. The juices she produced also tasted ever so slightly different. I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening, but I continued pleasuring Holly despite my confusion.

2:35am! My mind was once again drawn to my earlier view of the alarm clock as Holly's juices filled my mouth and as a strange tingling sensation began forming in my throat. Why did she come to bed at 2:35am? Didn't the club close at 1am? Holly must have fucked another man I thought. She must have gone home with him from the club and fucked him. Holly began to orgasm on my tongue as images flashed in my head of a strange cock filling her with his seed. What made her pussy feel wrinkled? What was that salty taste? What was that tingling in the back of my throat? Was it sperm? There's no way she would be letting me eat her if another man fucked her earlier, right? Even if she had fucked another man, she would have made him wear a condom, right?

My body wouldn't let my mind pull me away. I continued providing Holly with oral pleasure and she continued rewarding me with more of the mysterious salty remnants of her evening activities. Tirelessly, my tongue worked at cleaning Holly's pussy until once again her body became rigid through another orgasm. Holly's thighs clamped against my face and her petite hands pushed at my head until I finally relented and removed my tongue from her.

Without delay, I pulled her up into a sitting position, removed her nightshirt, and lay her back down. Once again I spread her legs, but this time I positioned my cock at her vaginal entrance and pushed my hips forward. My aching cock slipped effortlessly into the warm depths of Holly's womb. For a moment my mind went blank as our tongues entangled in a kiss and my cock pumped in and out of my wife. However, it was only a fleeting moment of bliss that would be followed by more torment.

2:35am! My brain wouldn't let it go. Was my cock the first one to slide into Holly's wetness or second? Was I the only man to feel her vaginal muscles clamping down? Was I the only man to hear her soft moans of pleasure? My brain wanted to know, but my body couldn't stop. I was tortured with thoughts of some man's strong naked body lying on top of Holly. In my head, his ass pumped up and down creating the whimpers of ecstasy that Holly was producing inside our airtight mouths. Holly's soft thighs wrapping around my legs created visions of her beautiful thighs being spread further apart with each thrust of her powerful unknown lover. I could feel her hands on my back just as clearly as I could see Holly's hands, wedding ring and all, gripping his.

It was time to cum. I had only been inside Holly for a few minutes, but I had to cum. I didn't want the moment to end. My mind was temporarily brought back to reality by Holly whispering "cum inside me." Deep down inside I knew that I was the second man to experience that feeling. Deep down inside I knew that another man tried as hard as he could to resist ending the pleasure that my wife was providing him. Deep down inside I knew that Holly begged another man to cum inside her. My body ached for release just has his body must have earlier. My cock swelled just as his undoubtedly did inside my wife earlier. My balls prepared to provide my wife with semen to mix with what must have been semen that I tasted earlier. In that moment, the unfamiliar scent, the strange texture, the unusual taste I experienced earlier tore through my body like a knife. My mind again went blank. However in that moment, as my cock began coating Holly's womb with sperm, I knew deep down inside that I was no longer my wife's only lover. My intense pleasure at that moment overwhelmed me. However somewhere within me, I knew that my sperm was being mixed with the sperm that another man had already ejaculated into my wife.

The mind is a funny thing. I laid there upon my wife of twenty years. As the sexual intoxication filtered out of my brain, so did the thoughts that Holly had fucked another man. As my cock softened and slipped from my wife, I again convinced myself that she was faithful. A few weeks later I finally confronted Holly about all the time she was spending out. It turns out she was dating. It turns out she fucked him for the first time on that fateful Friday night. "You told me to have a good time!" She explained. "I thought you knew." She rationalized. The wrinkled skin of Holly's labia, the salty taste of her secretions, the tingling in my throat, the unfamiliar scent between her thighs, and the alarm clock all told me that Holly fucked someone. However, it took being hit over the head with her words to convince me that Holly no longer belonged to me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/05/18

This is my recollection of the night that, according to my wife, was the first time she cheated on me with another man.

And the last time... should have quickly followed that first phrase... how you put her in the yard is not necessary, merely state that you did and that it shocked the piss right out of her.

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by Anonymous01/19/18

some husbands will not face the facts alive

Just needs to pull the trigger and kick her ass to the street.

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