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The After School Special



Kevin Wannamaker looked at the wall of computers in the server room, below the main hallway of Sally Smyth Elementary School. He had come in on the weekend, unpaid, because this mess of computers and wires would taunt him every time he walked into the room. It was like an itch in his brain that he could never scratch. It simply had to be redone. He had plans to replace the backup server, since it died last week, taking all of the backups with it. But before he could do anything in this place, it had to be cleaned up. How the previous technician kept any of this straight was beyond Kevin.

For someone so concerned with neatness, it's a wonder he walked around with his shoes untied most of the time. Such can be the nature of a brilliant mind.

Kevin felt many things in his mind, none of which were brilliance, as he felt one foot come to a halt, and something small slip out from under his other foot. He knew all too well what was happening and he was powerless to stop it. The heavy computer in his hands threw him off balance. Both he and the awkward machine came crashing to the floor. Kevin's heart nearly stopped as his face hit the floor and he heard the horrifying sounds of metal bouncing on cement. He could almost hear the magnetic heads in the hard disks smashing into the delicate platters. It took a stupendous amount of time for the noise to settle. When it finally fell silent, he opened his eyes and looked at the mostly undamaged computer inches from his face. A yellowed and curled piece of masking tape stared back at him from the face of the machine, with the faded hand written letters "L. P."


The loud and comforting white noise of the shower filled the overly bright tiled bathroom as Caitlyn removed her bathrobe and hung it on the hook near the door. Opening the shower curtain with one hand, she rubbed one tired eye with the palm of the other and stepped in. Memories of yesterday replayed in her mind. Twenty-three children, over the course of the day, in and out of her tiny Special Ed classroom. Her fellow Spec. Ed. teacher and best friend, Emma telling a joke over morning coffee. Caitlyn stepped back into the stream of water and put her hands to her shoulders, feeling the sides of her neck.

Emma. Even her name is beautiful. She was bold and funny. Classy and professional and incredibly attractive. She had been keeping her hair a dark auburn color so long that nobody really knew her natural color. Sometimes, she would add some large jewelry. Yesterday, it was big hoop earrings, an oversized bracelet and a big stone necklace. She had alluring lips, colored to match her hair, and could draw the gaze of any man, and on days like yesterday, her best friend.

Caitlyn's hands slipped down from her shoulders and rested near the top of her chest while she positioned herself so the warm shower sprayed into her still dry hair. Her secret thoughts turned to a time, years ago, when her children were younger. Emma had been watching her oldest son, who was only six or seven at the time. She had returned him home for dinner and was invited to join them. After the kids had gone to bed, the ladies put on a movie that Caitlyn's husband David clearly had no interest in watching, as he left them to it. Caitlyn sat at the end of the couch and Emma sat next to her.

As Caitlyn stood in the hot cascade of water, her recollection started to blur into fantasy. At first Emma was sitting just a little closer than normal, but in her imagination, Emma had laid on her back with her head resting on Caitlyn's lap, and her feet on the opposite arm of the couch. With Emma's head turned toward the television, Caitlyn couldn't help but glance to see down Emma's top. Her fabulous breasts sat high on her chest from the way she was lying, and showed off a rather enticing cleavage. Worried her friend would be suspicious, Caitlyn looked back to the movie for a few minutes. When she looked down again, Emma was looking up at her. Their eyes met for a long moment. Caitlyn's hand moved from the back of the couch, and landed slightly above Emma's midsection. She nearly touched one of her breasts. Emma simply and silently looked up at her and smiled. Emma raised her arms above her head and parallel to her body as though she were stretching. In fact, or rather in fantasy, she was arching her back for Caitlyn's benefit. Caitlyn nervously slid her hand up and over Emma's beautiful bust until she reached the cleavage she had been admiring. Her skin was warm on Caitlyn's fingertips.

While Caitlyn's memory fantasy played out, she began touching the top of her own breasts, shiny and wet now. Thinking about her hands sliding down inside Emma's white and red printed top, she moved her own hands lower. She thought about how Emma's bosom, somewhat larger than her own, would feel. Emma's eyes closed as Caitlyn found her nipple. Playing her fingers over her friend in her mind and over herself in the steam of the shower, she felt hardening nipples at both her imagined and real touch.

Caitlyn's free hand touched Emma's cheek and combed back through her expressive dark auburn hair. She danced her fingers down Emma's neck and shoulder to join her other busy hand. Trading places, her first hand now trailed along the silky fabric toward Emma's hip. She continued over the boundary between blouse and skirt and as was soon at the hem, about mid thigh. Caitlyn's real hand was making its way down her own body now as her imagined hand ran up the inside of Emma's inner thigh. She wondered about what sort of panties her friend might be wearing. Now within an inch of feeling the imaginary answer, and within the same distance of her own naked intimacy, she closed her eyes.

A second later she heard the bathroom door open, causing her to instantly pull her hands to her hair and tip her head back into the stream of water. David unceremoniously entered the bathroom and went to the sink. "Morning," was all he said. The non-rhythmic buzzing of an electric toothbrush clashed against the steady and peaceful sound of the water against the shower curtain. Quickly washing her hair and her body, she stepped out, donned a towel and headed to the bedroom. She wished David would have least knocked before barging in on her like that. After fifteen years of this sort of intimacy, however, she imagined there was no point in asking him to start now.

Caitlyn looked herself over in her large dresser mirror and considered the new outfit she would wear today. It was something new she had picked up over the weekend while out buying summer clothes for her kids. It nearly jumped off the hanger and onto her when she saw it. It began with a knee high pencil skirt in a large scale black and white hounds tooth pattern. She paired it with a thin black long sleeve top and a white v-neck knitted vest that fastened in the front to with two oversized buttons. She added a large low hanging red and silver pendant, for color. Leaving for work, Caitlyn finished off her look with a pair of shiny white pumps that clicked on the pavement as she made her way along her walkway to her car.

The early morning sun shone onto the red brick of Sally Smyth Elementary School's long easterly wall. Children began to arrive onto the playground from all directions. Tennis balls, basket balls, and soccer balls were being thrown, kicked, and bounced around the paved portion of the yard. The sounds of swings squeaking and children playing echoed through the orange morning light.

Emma watched her own boys, Michael and Gordon, playing with their friends outside, from the hallway window near hers and Caitlyn's small classrooms.

She wore a black sleeveless dress; a bold little number that featured high contrast diagonal red and white stripes of different widths. They seemed to crisscross in the middle, which suggested an hourglass shape. The dress had a way of enhancing her gorgeous figure without being revealing.

As she watched the bright morning scene through her large sunglasses, she went to over yesterday and the upcoming day in her mind. Yesterday morning, as everyone began their Monday, whispers of a computer crash over the weekend turned into a loud collective groan that moved through the halls, as it turned out to be the computer in the server room marked "Lesson Plans." Everyone's plans for the year were on that machine and now were gone. They were supposed to have been backed up, and might have been, had this accident happened the following week.

The familiar sound of Caitlyn's footsteps approaching from the length of the hallway drew Emma's attention away from the boys and her lamentations. She lifted her sunglasses and set them into her hair as though they had become a hairband.

She turned and looked down the hall to see her best friend carrying two coffees. Emma admired Caitlyn's hair. Neat, thin, pretty blonde hair that curled inwards at the shoulders. It bounced tightly as she walked her cute little walk up the hall, with hard soles on the tile floors. Emma had an image flash in her mind of her hands in Caitlyn's hair, passionately untaming it. Caitlyn looked great today. Emma greeted her, "Hey Beautiful. You're a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you."

"I know," Caitlyn jested as though the endearing greeting was directed at her. "Aren't they pretty? Here you go." She handed Emma a grande skinny vanilla latte. As Caitlyn spoke, Emma enjoyed the way she hung onto the A just a little. Caitlyn had spent some time in Alabama and had taken home a hint of the accent. Emma would melt little inside whenever she caught a glimpse of it.

"It's gonna be another long day."

"For me too." Caitlyn took a sip of her own mocha latte. Emma's eyes stayed with Caitlyn's cup for a second until she pulled it from her lips. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as and let out an "ahhh." Emma's mind flashed an image of Caitlyn's face looking just like that, but for a very different reason.

Emma shook her head and took a careful sip. "I redid most my lesson plans last night. I had some at home and just updated them, but I had to do some from scratch. It was almost one before I hit the hay."

"Same here." Caitlyn took mental stock of the workload. "It'll be IEPs after classes today."

"Yeah. I've got a few to do as well." Emma took another quick sip and added casually "I think I'm gonna kill Kevin when I see him next."

Caitlyn chuckled and brought the warm cup to her lips again. She smiled her usual cute smile just before taking a sip. The familiar sound of the school bell crashed through the hallways. Outside, children ran toward a gathering lineup at the doors. Some ran faster than others.

"See ya" They both said to each other.

Emma gathered her items to go to her first classroom of the day. She took long drinks from her latte and enjoyed a yogurt from the tiny refrigerator atop her filing cabinet.

Once home room morning routines were through, Caitlyn and Emma left their little rooms, each with their nearly empty cups toward the classrooms they would begin their days with. They smiled at one another before heading off in opposite directions. Emma turned and took a long hard look at Caitlyn's behind as she walked away down the empty hall. The new skirt flattered her hips, and the way she walked made them sway just right. Emma had to wonder if Caitlyn was doing that on purpose. She imagined herself slowly hiking Caitlyn's skirt up and feeling her ass through what she imagined were simple white bikini cut cotton panties. Emma looked at her coffee cup skeptically. Joking silently to herself she sniffed it. A gulp later, she tossed the empty vessel into a stainless steel garbage can and entered her first class.

Later in the day, both Emma and Caitlyn were in their own small rooms. Emma was helping a few fifth graders with their studies, catering to each one according to their individual education plans. Caitlyn was doing the same with a small group of third grade students. The doors of their classrooms nearly faced each other and Emma would sometimes catch a glimpse of Caitlyn. As the students worked quietly in the friendly space she so carefully curated, Emma began to question why she had been looking at Caitlyn the way she had been today.

It was nothing new to her. She and Caitlyn had been friends for more than fifteen years. They were especially close. Today wasn't the first time she had thought about touching Caitlyn, kissing her, or even more. But for some reason, today, she wanted Caitlyn badly. It had to be more than just a nice new skirt, because whatever it was, it had been getting stronger for a long time.

As close as the pair were, they weren't close enough for Caitlyn to have discovered Emma's hidden attraction to her. As Emma caught sight of Caitlyn briefly through their open doors, she forced herself to remember all the reasons to keep her feelings under control. Her husband, for one. Sure some men might think they would love having a bisexual partner, in hopes that it might lead to a kinky threesome. However, like most men, when faced with the prospect for real, he felt threatened by it. If Jim had suspected Emma was attracted to Caitlyn, he might resent the time the two ladies spent together.

Their children. They went to the same school where she taught. That alone was reason enough to be careful. Her career aspirations could also be at risk. She repeated the reasons quietly to herself. It was a speech she had given herself countless times, and quite frankly, she was sick of hearing it.

However last, but definitely not least, there was Caitlyn herself. Would she shy away from Emma? Might she lose Caitlyn altogether? That thought made Emma's heart break a little each time she approached it. The cruel juxtaposition between her burning desire to have Caitlyn, and the fear of losing her, made her feel like she was at war with herself whenever Caitlyn was near.

During afternoon recess, while her classroom was empty, Emma picked up a small framed picture from her desk. It was from last Christmas and showed the two of them, together with their friend, Stephanie. In the bottom of the image Emma's hand lay next to Caitlyn's on the island countertop in front of them. A closer inspection shows Emma's pinky finger spread unnaturally from the rest of her other fingers, reaching out to touch the underside of Caitlyn's hand. This tiny detail was where Emma's eyes focused. Only she knew the touch was intentional. Her breath caught. Lost in the image, something stirred down deep inside Emma's heart. She didn't quite understand it, but it was strong, it had purpose, and reminded her of the strong independent woman she had always been.

She set the picture down carefully and picked up her phone to messaged Caitlyn, "Let's go to Joe's for dinner when we're done tonight."

Next, she messaged Jim, "Can you pick up the boys after school? It's going to be a long night here."

Caitlyn answered back "I just messaged David not to a wait up."

Jim answered, "sure thing."

After classes were out, Michael and Gordon came into her classroom. "Ready, Mom?"

Emma hugged them tightly; even more tightly than usual. "Dad will be here soon. I have to work late tonight."

Minutes later she heard Jim out in the hallway. "Hey Caitlyn... yeah, I know, I'm picking them up now... Thanks for getting the baseball tickets. We can't wait." He appeared in Emma's doorway, with his hands pressed to the insides of the frame. "Hey Snuggly. Ready, Boys?"

"Bye, Mom" They said together and ran under their father's arms.

Jim looked at his wife. "I love that dress on you." He walked toward her.

"I know. You told me this morning."

"It's worth mentioning twice."

Emma's eyes begged him not to compliment her right now. "Caitlyn and I are going to Joe's after we finish redoing our IEP's. It's been a long two days and I could use a drink." She didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but if she had her way, Jim would hate to know about it. Compliments would be the last thing on his mind.

"Sure, Hun. You deserve it." As Caitlyn appeared in the doorway with her laptop, Jim looked at her, then at Emma again. He felt a little itch on the back of his head. His brain told him that a quick bit of wit might scratch it. "OK, you kids have fun, but don't stay out too late. It is a school night after all."

Caitlyn giggled politely.

Emma kissed him quickly. "Don't wait up."

"OK..." was all Jim said. His itch didn't go away. He touched the back of his head on his way out the door.

Caitlyn set up near Emma's desk and got to work. Emma caught a glimpse part way up Caitlyn's new skirt. Another image flashed in Emma's mind. This time it was her lips on the inside of Caitlyn's thigh. Emma's stomach muscles twitched involuntarily. She returned her eyes to her computer. Emma cleared her throat and shifted in her seat. She tried to focus on her work.

Moments later, Caitlyn was leafing back and forth through a stack of papers neatly arranged next to her laptop. "Dammit" Caitlyn whispered loudly. She put her finger to her lips. "Paper cut," she added when Emma looked up at her.

Emma imagined her own lips kissing, Caitlyn's finger. She thought about Caitlyn's whole finger in her mouth. Another squirm in her seat. Emma was getting heavily distracted now and needed to do something about it. She was more comfortable with her little flashes about Caitlyn, but she also had important work to do.

She pulled a bottle of water from her little fridge and offered one to her friend. As Caitlyn drank, Emma had a quick clip play in her head of Caitlyn's tongue penetrating the mouth of the bottle. "Oh for crying out loud," Emma told herself as though she were pleading with some narrator who was having a little too much fun with her.

The two friends sat together and toiled away steadily as the sun went down. They hardly spoke, but enjoyed each other's company. It was getting late and Emma's stomach growled. She looked at Caitlyn to see if she had noticed. Caitlyn was staring blankly into her computer screen. She had the back of her pen to her lips. Her tongue was touching it. Emma didn't imagine that. Emma, watched as Caitlyn's tongue flicked slowly back and forth across the rounded end of her pen. She appeared to be in deep thought, but it wasn't work by the looks of it. Caitlyn glanced up and Emma shot her eyes at her screen again. Emma's ears began to feel warm.

Caitlyn cleared her throat and sat up straight again. She set the pen down and stretched her arms up over her head. "I'm almost done my last one. How about you?"

"Close enough. I'm starving, and I can't concentrate." Emma opened her mouth to clarify it was probably because she was hungry and tired but decided to leave it at "can't concentrate."

"Why don't we put this away for now and come back to it tomorrow?" Caitlyn closed her laptop.

"You're right. We ought to come at these with fresh heads, anyway."

Not Your Average Joe's was a nice restaurant on he other side of town. They had good seafood, great drinks, and it was quiet enough on weeknights to relax and unwind. It was their favorite place to get some late dinner on nights like tonight.

Emma looked over her rare-seared ahi tuna, covering a bed of chili-spiced crispy wontons. "This looks perfect, Wendy," she commended the server, as though she were the one who made it. Caitlyn's miso marinated salmon over coconut rice was also a sight to behold. Aromatic and textured food called out to both of the hungry ladies. Emma's eyes closed as she took her first bite. She made a quick "hmm" sound, followed by a loud exhale through her nose as her mouth experienced the savory goodness inside.

Caitlyn saw and heard this. She waited until Emma opened her eyes again. She stared at her mockingly.

"What?" Emma insisted.

"Should I leave you two alone for a few minutes?"

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