The Aftermath Ch. 02


"You can't come in here dressed like that! What do you think you are doing?" she gasped. I had the attention of the whole place now, including all the staff.

"Expressing my right to freedom of expression." I said, still smiling.

"But -- but -- but..." she stuttered like an old BSA Bantam motorbike.

"Never mind the 'buts'" I said, "I'll have two coffees please, one for me and one for my Husband who will be here in a few minutes expecting it sitting on the table waiting for him and if it's not, I'll be punished by my Husband and Master."

Her face reddened and she turned to get my coffees while I fished a five pound note out of my purse. Still smiling, I gave it to her and walked away to sit near the door in the window and wait for Martin.

While I was waiting, a man in a suit came and sat across the table from me, I presumed he was the manager. "Madam" he said, "I'm afraid I can't allow you to remain here unless you put some clothes on -- you will be upsetting the other customers, now I'm afraid I have to insist that you leave please."

I looked around the cafe for a moment and then said "I don't see anyone paying me too much attention, or suffering from heart failure or anything, so I don't think I am doing any such thing."

I stood up from behind the table and said to the room in general "Does anyone feel threatened or intimidated by my being here dressed as I am, and am I really bothering anyone enough for you to throw me out or involve the police or anything?"

God, I didn't know I had so much guts, but it had to be done, I couldn't meekly walk out just because some jumped up little excuse for a manager thought my being naked in his establishment would threaten his job or something.

A few people shouted back at me, and him, "No" and one said, "Let her stay you bully, she isn't doing anything is she!"

The general consensus seemed to be that I was OK, although there were a couple of dissenters in the ranks but they didn't make much of a fuss and, more importantly, none of them asked me to leave. His head dropped at the response and, with a sigh of defeat, he asked if I would not come like that again in future, and to be quick with my drink then go.

"I can't promise that, it depends on my husband and Master, so I will have to do what he says or I get punished, but I'll try for you."

He looked perplexed at that but wandered off anyway.

There was a little cheer around the room and I said "Thank you all, I'm most grateful for your support." and sat back down again.

I had just finished putting the sugar in our coffees (I can't stand unsweetened coffee) when Martin came in.

He had a smile from ear to ear and sat opposite me and straight away in a low whispering voice asked, "What made you do this -- has anyone said anything to you?"

"The manager and I just had a chat, he invited me to leave but the other's in here disagreed with him so he didn't push it, especially when I told him that my Master would punish me if I wasn't here with your coffee ready when you arrived." I said.

"What did you tell him that for?" he asked incredulously.

"I told that to the girl who served me when she firstly refused to, and once I had said it I found it quite thrilling, so I carried it on. I'll tell you more later, but for now, what are your instructions, my Master?"

I was just loving this and so close to cuming right there in front of the whole restaurant that I had to get a grip for a minute and let it subside.

"I know we had sort of talked about this in passing, but I didn't for a minute expect you to do it so soon -- do you really want to try this?" he asked.

"Yes -- yes yes yes pleeeeeease -- be my Master Martin." I pleaded.

He sat back, picked up his coffee and, looking directly into my eyes while he sipped it obviously gave my question some serious thought. After a minute, he asked me how turned on I was.

"Extremely" I told him. "I'm almost cuming just sitting here."

He didn't move or make any response for a couple of minutes, while I sat opposite him fidgeting and drinking my coffee.

"Take my keys" which he offered to me "and go out to the car and bring me my briefcase. Do it now or I will put you over the table and spank you."

I grabbed his keys and did exactly what he said, walking across the car park swinging my hips far more than I normally did while hoping I looked OK and not like some untrained and gangly catwalk model. I was trying for really sexy but wasn't sure I was pulling it off.

I opened the boot and took his briefcase from it, closing it behind me and re-locking it, then walked back again. I was very conscious of all the eyes that were on me again now. I went back in and put it on the table in front of him.

I then said, louder than needed, "I hope I didn't take too long for you Master."

"No, but next time run when I tell you -- I expect more immediate results than this in future."

"Yes Master, may I sit back down now Master?" I asked, still louder than needed but I wanted people to hear me.

"Yes" he granted.

He had a quick look in his case and then closed and put it down on the floor, tutting as he did so.

"Is there anything wrong Master?" I asked -- I was enjoying this!

"Yes, you have not put my apple in the bag today like I told you to. Don't you ever learn from your spankings?"

Ohhh how deliciously he was playing the game!

"No, Master." I hung my head in mock shame.

"Drink your coffee, I'll deal with you when we get home." he instructed.

I readily drank my coffee -- my mouth was now quite dry and my hands sweaty, like I was frightened, but my nipples and bare naked pussy told an altogether different story -- I was actually horny as hell and I think Martin could see it.

"Go to the ladies room before we leave, I don't want you making stains on my car seat again."

He was clearly getting into this as he too spoke louder than was necessary.

I immediately got up and crossed the restaurant heading towards the toilets. A woman, early twenties I surmised, put her hand out and stopped me.

She whispered, "Is he really going to spank you later? Why do you put up with it?"

"The Master and spanking bit is a little game we like to play, the nudity is all mine though. I just love being naked and can't ever get comfortable any more when I'm dressed, so this" I said pointing to my bare skin " is all my doing, the rest is just a game, but thank you for your concern, it's appreciated, and so is your tolerance of my state of uhhh, undress."

She smiled and whispered back "I need to get out more -- you do look as if you are enjoying yourself. You're certainly excited enough, you are quite wet down there."

Well, she was in direct line of site of my dribbling pussy lips and was looking directly at them, what else could I expect her to say!

"Hmm, and I'm just off to do something about it too, so don't worry if you hear me squeal a little will you." and I continued on to the loo.

I didn't even get to enter the stall before I was cuming; and what an orgasm it was. I thought the top of my head was going to blow off and it seemed to just ripple through me again and again and again for what seemed like minutes.

I was drained when it finished and had trouble trying to stand up while I cleaned up my pussy and thighs. As I was doing it, the girl who had just spoken to me came in too.

"Boy, you look like you're having so much fun, but where do you get the guts to do this from? I don't think I could ever do it." she said.

"Never say never girl." I said, "and it does take guts, especially the first time you do it, but once you brazen it out it gets a lot easier very quickly. And to be honest, now that I've done it -- actually gone out on my own, naked in public, I have come to hate having to put anything on at all, and I never wear anything at home anymore anyway. I'm even lucky enough to be able to work in my office naked too, so I'm pretty much always nude. The other upside of it is that it saves a whole load of money on buying and washing clothes!"

She giggled a little but didn't say anything, so I carried on...

"The one thing that I found first time I did this, a few years ago actually on holiday in the Med when we stumbled across a nudist beach, which made it a bit easier with everyone else being nude too, was to keep your head up, smile and be personable to those you meet, and willing to talk honestly. The minute you look down at yourself, or at least with me, I get scared and want to cover up. I'll tell you one thing though, it certainly makes you feel sexy and our sex life has been so good since I decided I was going to go nude all the time, if I could get away with it of course. I don't know how I'll feel when I get arrested for it, because it is probably a question of when rather than if. I'll just have to see what happens then, but I know Martin will back me up and help me because he loves me being naked all the time too and had fantasised about it for ages but was scared to bring it up. He told me that, beach aside, when we were in a club one night and I had no clean knickers left to wear, so I went commando, that he could see my pussy when I was sitting down and my bum and a quick flash of my pussy under my short dress when I was dancing -- and he's fantasised about me doing more ever since. Then this thing in work came up that required to work naked for one day and I haven't looked back. You should try it though if your asking me all these questions, I think you'd probably love it too."

God, that was some gut spilling speech girl I thought.

She was obviously considering something, because she didn't say anything for a moment, but looked kind of quizzically at me. Then she said, "Do you think you could help me?"

"How can I help?" I asked, "It really is something that you have to do for yourself. The only thing I could do I suppose is encourage you, but that wouldn't be right -- you have to want to do it for yourself I suppose."

"Well, it would be easier I think if I had someone else to do it with, especially the first time." she replied.

"Tell you what then, why don't you come and sit with us for a minute and we can see what Martin thinks -- he's normally good at stuff like this and very supportive." What do you think, can you speak to him without getting embarrassed?"

"Yes, I can, but do you think I should strip now if we're going to do that? I'm not sure that I can."

"Look, I get really annoyed with myself when I set my mind on doing something and then chicken out because of the possible ramifications of what I had planned to do. I have in the past metaphorically kicked myself for being a little scardie-cat and utterly gutless, and it's that bit that's hard to get over, that 'I don't think I can' bit. So, it's entirely up to you. Strip or don't, it's your choice at the end of the day and I'm not going to even attempt to suggest you do this or that -- you have to have some guts and do what you want to do. After all, it's only one life you get, and that is depressingly short, so if you want to do something, you just have to or you never will, and if you're anything like me, you'll regret it later because it probably wasn't all that much of a biggy. This is though, especially given the society we live in and there is always going to be that risk of getting arrested, so no one can decide this for you." I told her.

"OK, let's go talk to your Master then and, thank you for talking so openly to me about how you feel, it's quite refreshing to meet someone prepared to do that."

I gave her a little hug and said, "Come on then, let's go." and turned to open the door. To my surprise, Martin was outside the door waiting for me, and looking a little worried.

"You OK?" he asked me and I assured him that I was. As we had drunk our coffees, I asked him if he minded having a chat with, and I pointed to the girl besides me who then introduced herself as Emily, and definitely not Em or Emmy please, about what I was doing with the nudist thing.

"No, that'll be fine, should I get us another coffee then?"

"Hmm, yes please, do you want one too Emily?" I enquired.

She replied in the positive so I asked Martin to get them while we went back to the table we had previously occupied.

She sat next to me and looked around the room.

"Mostly, people are not really taking much notice of you; they looked as we walked through, but now they seem to be getting on with what they are doing as if there wasn't a naked girl sitting in the restaurant. I thought they would still be staring, I know I want to."

"Well, stare away then. I have found that once the initial shock is over, and that people see you are not embarrassed yourself, they just accept it and do what they are doing. The odd one makes a bit of a fuss, but if you smile and talk to them, they seem mostly to come around and accept you for what you are, even if they do think your a bit 'weird'." I replied.

She just sat in silence for a minute looking around the room again. When Martin came back with the coffees, he asked her if there was anything wrong and she said no, explaining to him roughly what she had said to me.

To my surprise, Martin said to her, "So, you think you want to try being naked too then do you? I know, just like Gina was, you want it but you're too prissy and scared to take what you want. Well, I'll help you out then. Go back into the ladies, remove all of your clothing, including your shoes, and leave them there. Then, come directly back here to the table and sit down to finish your coffee. When you do come out, don't look at anyone but Gina and keep your head up, shoulders back and point those pretty little boobs at me. Now go, or suffer the inevitable consequences."

I looked at him with amazement -- I had never dreamed he could be like this.

Emily got up and walked directly to the toilets and went in. I didn't think she would come out again until we were gone, Martin had not really been all that nice and certainly not supportive, but to her credit, she did come out -- naked -- completely. Not just her clothes and shoes gone, but any trace of jewellery was gone too -- she really was as stark naked as the day she was born.

She stopped for just a second when she came out the door, and it hit her in the back as it closed which pushed her out into the open. Then she started walking and did what Martin had said, she didn't look anywhere except directly at me and her head was held confidently high. I slid along the bench seat so she could sit on the end and she settled herself down next to me.

"God, I can't believe I'm doing this. This is incredulous -- I feel so... aware of myself."

Neither Martin or I responded to that, I think we both wanted her to just feel herself, and let her contemplate what she was doing and feeling for a while. We both sipped our coffees whilst she sat, a little rigidly, on the chair looking straight ahead.

I gave her a few minutes and said to her, "Here, drink your coffee, it's getting cold."

She snapped out of her trance then and picked up her cup, taking quite a large mouthful.

When she had swallowed it, she said "This is fucking amazing -- my Mum's going to kill me though if she ever finds out I did this -- but it is just so thrillingly amazing -- I mean here I am, in McDonald's, sitting drinking coffee with loads of people around me and I'm stark naked. Not only that, I can see now why you were wet -- it's such a fucking turn on. I feel like I will wake up in a minute and find that you two are just a dream."

I put my hand on her arm and said, "We're no dream, and yes you are sitting in a crowded restaurant stark naked drinking coffee -- but your not on your own you know."

Robotically, she drank the remains of her coffee and started looking around the room. One or two people were looking still, but it was more like curious looks rather looks of animosity that we were getting.

She seemed to relax a little and finally she smiled at me. "Thank you. I may never do this again in my life, but at least, as you said, I'll never regret doing it just this once. It'll be hard to forget it though -- one of those life changing moments I guess." she said.

"Ah, that'll be life changing only if you do it again, just a memory otherwise." I said.

Martin said, "I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it. So what are you going to do now Emily?"

"You're bidding Master" she replied.

Martin smiled and then looked at me, shrugging his shoulders.

I laughed and said "Looks like your gathering a bit of a harem Martin -- what are you going to do with us?"

"Well Emily is certainly relaxing into it isn't she, but a Harem I can't handle -- you're all the girl I can handle; or want. However", he continued stroking his chin, "If you both want to play, I'll have to think about it won't I."

We all had a little giggle and suddenly Emily seemed to be comfortable for the fist time since coming out of the ladies and publicly displaying her nudity.

I suppose I should describer her shouldn't I. Well, as I said she was early twenties I guessed; she was a bout 5'6" tall, slim but with good hips and long shapely but slender legs, 34B or thereabouts bust with small areola and tight pointy nipples (I didn't know they were like that all the time then) and dark blonde mousey looking hair which came down to just touch her shoulders and she had a nicely rounded fresh open face. Her pussy was not shaved, shaped a little maybe, but not shaved. I thought I might have to do something about that if we met her again, which I quite fancied doing.

We had all finished our coffee's by now and Martin said, "Well Emily, I think Gina and I should get going now. Are you going to get your clothes back from the ladies before we go?"

Emily's face dropped and she slapped her hand to her mouth, looking quite shocked. "Oh God no." she said.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Gina, I didn't think this thing through properly. I took off my blouse and bra and then, when I came to take off my skirt I almost chickened out. To make sure I would go through with this and not get cold feet, I tore up my clothes and put them in the bin! I don't have any clothes to go home in now. Shit! What am I going to do -- oh God help -- why did I do that?"

I touched her arm and said, "OK, don't worry, we can take you home, can't we Martin?"

"Sure, I suppose, the car's outside anyway. How far away do you live, and what about your friends, how will they get home?"

Emily had obviously forgotten about them, so looked around at where they had been sitting to find an empty table.

"Shit!" she said again, "The sod's have abandoned me here. We came in Mike's car all of us together. Please help me, I'll pay your petrol if you take me home, it's a little village about 4 miles out of town." she stopped for a moment and then said, "How the hell am I going to get into the house dressed like this -- my Mum is going to kill me."

"How old are you Emily?" Martin asked.

I couldn't blame him really, it's hard to guess a girls age these days afterall.

"I'm just coming up to my 23rd birthday, but she'll still kill me for all that."

"There is an alternative solution then; do you have any money on you?" I asked. I was feeling really wicked all of a sudden.

"Yes, a little, but I do have my bank card in my bag."

Thankfully this was on the table in front of her, not taken off by her friends, or should that be ex-friends?

"OK, I suggest that we go off to Tesco's and get you some new clothes then, would that make life easier for you?"

"Yes, but how are we going to get them, we don't have anything to put on to go in there."

"Just to remind you, as if you could forget this being your first time and all, you don't have anything on in here either. Besides, Martin and I went shopping in there on Saturday and it was OK." I said.

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