tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Aftermath Ch. 03

The Aftermath Ch. 03


My apologies to my supporters for the delay in posting recently. The last year or so has been quite busy and I've just not had the time. I hope you all enjoy the continuation of my life story.

On Monday morning, we got up as usual for a weekday and went through our normal routines, except that this morning I didn't even think of dressing, I just put on my shoes.

When I thought about it later, I had been completely naked since Thursday last when I left work for the day, and I had been perfectly comfortable the whole time, and was just as comfortable now. As I said goodbye to Martin, he asked if I had put a dress or something in my bag, just in case the response from work about working naked all the time was a negative one.

I hadn't, and I said I didn't think I would need it – if I'm not allowed to, I'll either have to come home to get something to wear or they will have to put up with me for another day, and I'll dress thereafter. I did so much hope that they would all agree.

I kissed him and then walked out the door and down the street to the bus stop.

The usual people were at the bus stop waiting and they smiled when I arrived in the same naked condition that I had been last Friday morning, but just seemed to accept it. They were more chatty than would normally be the case though, just like they were on Friday, which made me think how my nudity was breaking down the inhibited nature of people not to talk to even relative strangers.

Most mornings, no one ever spoke, but my nakedness seemed to be breaking that cycle quite nicely and people were chatting away and joking (not at my expense I may add) with each other. The bus arrived a few minutes after I got to the stop and I boarded as usual. There was a different driver today, a woman at that, and as I got on she said "You can't come on here like that you know."

"I can't come on here like what?" I asked, "What is it that I've done to prevent me?"

"You're naked!" she spat back at me.

"Oh, is that all? My fellow travellers don't mind" and I turned to the passengers and directed it at them, "do you?"

Turning back to face the driver I said, "They were all happy with it on Friday, so why not today – or have you never seen yourself naked in a mirror before?" and I then showed her my bus pass and walked away down the bus.

She started to shout after me and the guy who had been behind me getting on chastised her for her narrow mindedness and that all the regular passengers were happy with my attire, "So leave her alone." he finished.

Louisa, the woman who had been dubious about me last week, called to me and patted the seat next to her, so I went to sit with her. "Good morning, how are you today?" I asked as I sat down.

"I'm fine, thank you." she said. "And, I had a very interesting conversation with my husband about you on the weekend and we did some looking around on the internet. I have found that there are thousands of people around the world like yourself, those who like to be just naked, and those who like to be naked in public specifically – exhibitionism it's called – so it is not as unusual or weird as I had expected it to be. After reading all that stuff on the computer, my hubby said to me why don't you try it around the house for a while, then you'll see what all the fuss is about and how relevant and accurate your concerns and, now previous, inhibitions have been. Well, to cut a long story short, I did go about the house naked on Saturday afternoon, and I now see the enjoyment that you get from it – it is indeed liberating, so I have changed my opinion from that of last week. I don't have the courage to show myself off like you are, but I did feel that it was enjoyable. We are thinking of going to a clothes optional beach someday, or a club, a Naturist club nearby, to see what it is like to be naked in the outdoors. I'm quite excited about trying it too, so maybe soon I'll have something else to tell you. It was quite an interesting weekend for other, albeit related, reasons too – hubby, and for that matter me too, were quite turned on by the experience. What I'm trying to say, in a round about way, is sorry for making it difficult for you last week, and thank you for showing my another way of living and," and she whispered, "for giving me one of the most sexy weekends I've had in a very long time."

I took her hand and said, "Thank you for that, and for your support last week. It was a little easier for me to start going naked, I suppose, as I have always liked skimpy clothes and lots of attention anyway, but I do hope you will try it a bit more, and maybe you could come naked yourself one day until you get to your stop when you can dress, and that you enjoy it as much as Martin and I do. It would be lovely to have a travelling companion too."

"Maybe I shall some day, that would be something wouldn't it – two of us naked on a public bus!" and she kissed my cheek.

The remainder of the journey went much as it did last week, so nothing to report otherwise there, and the walk into work was pretty much the same, a few car horns, and shouted encouragements, mostly anyway, and then I was once again crossing the car park to the office complex.

The building receptionist was quite surprised to see me naked once again and she said "I thought it was only Friday we would have naked people about, what's happening today then?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal working day today as far as I know, and good morning to you too."

"Why are you naked again, not that I'm complaining of course, I think you look sexy as hell and I wish I had your guts – especially since you don't appear to have brought anything to cover yourself up with if you need to."

"I just found during the course of last week that I love being naked and just accepted for it, so I asked Friday evening if I could work naked all the time. They are going to decide today if I can or not, so I may be here naked every day – would you be OK with that?"

"Yes, it would – like I said I think you're gutsy and sexy as hell, and I love your bald pussy, if I may call it that. But, what if they don't agree to allow it – what happens then 'cause you don't have anything to dress in do you?" she asked.

"No, I don't – I thought I would just take the chance that it would be OK. If they don't I'll either have to go get something or they will have to put up with me for another day, won't they."

She smiled again and said, "See you later then, I hope."

I walked through to our office space and put my bag on the back of my chair, and then went to the kitchen, just the same as any other day, to make a cup of tea.

Rachel was in there already, and she asked "What the hell are you doing here naked again today – you do know it was only Friday that was supposed to be a naked day don't you?"

I said yes and went through the same spiel as I had outside, and then asked "Will you be OK with that, I do hope so 'cause I love it so much – the exhilaration, freedom and complete comfort of it is like a drug – I can't get enough of it, not to mention how good it is for my sex life!" and I smiled one of those knowing smiles at her.

"I can't say it will be easy, not in the beginning I suppose, you are a distraction after-all, but I guess I will be OK with that. When are they going to make this momentous decision?"

"I expect they will broach it during the normal Monday meeting when we have the de-brief from Friday's adventures." I replied.

I sat opposite her and it was only then that, once again, I noticed how my juices were flowing again. I looked down at my thighs and could see my pussy glistening a little from my juices. When I looked up again, I noticed Rachel looking too, and she had a smile on her face that hadn't quite reached her lips yet – like Mona Lisa a little bit I thought. "Anything wrong Rach?" I asked.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to stare – I just couldn't help noticing again how pretty your pussy is, especially when it's glistening like that – it looks like it's covered in a silver dusting."

"Hmmm, now you mention it, I suppose it does, and no I don't mind if you look if your thinking that – if I did I would be dressed, wouldn't I?" I said.

"Have you been naked all weekend then?" she enquired.

"Yes, and Martin and I went shopping on Saturday in Tesco's and then had lunch in a pub out in the country after that, but the rest of the weekend we just stayed home. I think both of us were a bit knackered after last weeks games, so we needed to recharge our batteries on Sunday ready for another week in work."

Her mouth opened and closed for a moment while she digested the implications of what I had just said and then, "You mean you went to Tesco's, naked, to do your shopping – how come you weren't arrested for God's sake?"

"Yes, I did – and it was OK actually. We went upstairs first of all to get a coffee, then we just did our shopping as normal. When we finished and were on our way out, the Manager did speak with us, but apart from being little flustered, he was OK too. We got some remarks and stares, of course, but I just ignored them. And, Martin was so supportive too – he's bloody gorgeous you know!" I said in reply.

The others started to come in then and they all, of course, noticed my nakedness, but didn't seem too bothered by it at all, which I was obviously happy with of course. At 9:00, we all went into the main office and gathered around the conference table, chatting away together quite normally until Robert interrupted us and said, "Shall we get started then?" to which we all agreed we should.

"Obviously, the first thing on the agenda this morning is last Friday's – adventure – shall we call it, and how it went.

He did not mention my nudity at this point, which I thought was thoughtful of him.

He continued, "The production company was more than happy with us – it was the first time that they had a 100% compliance from any company that they have run the project with. Now that we have done that, do you think it was a success and do you feel it helped us to get to know each other better. Can we bond as a good working team any better now do you think?" he asked no-one in particular.

Donna was the first to offer an opinion. "Eventually, when Gina had spoken to me and I had undressed properly too, I did find it worthwhile and I did enjoy it – clearly not as much as Gina" and she nodded in my direction and smiled, " has done, since she has come to work naked again today. I certainly feel more relaxed today, and I feel more prepared to discuss difficult subjects with people, so I suppose it has been of benefit; and thank you Gina."

Most of the others made similar comments, no-one was negative anyway, and I didn't say anything at all for the time being, feeling that my countenance was speaking for me.

Gerald said, when we had all finished with our comments, "That is more positive than I had expected, and thank you all for participating so fully – I think the day went very well."

He paused for a moment, then continued, "I suppose there is no escaping this, as you can all see Gina has come to work naked again today – not planned as I'm sure you all appreciate. However, she did stay back for a private word with me on Friday. She said how much she had enjoyed the experience and asked if she could work naked every day from now on. This is not something that affects just myself or the business, so I want to put that issue up for discussion next. Does anyone object to Gina's nudity on a daily basis, indeed, there may be some others of you who would consider doing likewise, and do any of you think it may be detrimental to the business, which of course has to take precedence?"

To cut a long story short – there were quite a lot of comments made and, delightfully for me, all positive, and, surprisingly, even Donna said she wouldn't mind coming naked now and then either, they all agreed pretty much without reservation.

Robert then said to me, in particular, but the group overall, "In that case Gina, I look forward to seeing more of you every day and yes, you may come to work naked if you wish – but with a couple of proviso's tacked onto that. Firstly, it must not interfere with your normal work – you will still have to attend to people in reception for instance, and if necessary, you may be asked to go to other sites as you have in the past and you did on Friday. Now, you can either keep something here to wear in such cases, or you can do it naked if you don't have something to wear, but you will have to decide that. Your nudity will not be an excuse to not do any of those things then. Also, if anyone of the staff, including me, do find your state of dress, or otherwise, awkward, you will have to dress from that point on. All agreed?"

There were a series of yes's from around the table and Donna, again very surprisingly, asked, "And may I be included in that also?" to which Robert replied, "Well, it would be difficult to say no – so with the same proviso's, if any of you wish to come naked then you are welcome to do so. After all, I did start this so I suppose I have to put my money where my mouth is so to speak. To be honest, I found it very exhilarating too, so don't be too surprised if I too am naked some days. Now, onto more normal business then."

I stepped in at this point by standing up and I was very conscious for a moment that, with Gerald directly across the narrow table from me, my bald vulva and pussy was right in his eye-line and very close, but it only lasted for a moment.

"I want to thank you all for being so supportive and understanding, not just for Friday or for what you have agreed this morning, but the way you all were with me last week. I have to say it has radically changed my life and I don't want to go back to the one I had before. Now I know I am going to enjoy working here so much more than I had been, enjoyable that it was anyway, but how much better will it be now, and Richard, I promise I won't let you down. Thank you all so much."

As I sat down a tear ran down my cheek , I had become quite emotional following all the kind remarks and obvious support that people had given me. I couldn't wait to telephone Martin with this brilliant news.

The day went quite well after that – nothing too out of the ordinary happened but I did have to go out front when we had a three deliveries of registered mail from different carriers that needed to be signed for. Donna kindly asked if I wanted her to go get them the first time as she was dressed, but I said that I had bargained for just such an eventuality and that I was happy to get on with, after all, the sooner the regular visitors to the office complex new about the naked workforce in the architects place, the better and easier it would become.

I spent the day generally unconscious of my nudity, but that didn't stop me getting wet during the course of the day and by lunchtime I had to go and 'relieve' the itch in my pussy. I managed to do it quietly though this time.

When it came time to go home for the day, I happily packed away my desk and was really looking forward to my journey home. I needed to be reminded that from now on my life was going to be different and that I was naked in public again; I craved that intense feeling of being just 'on the edge', it's the best way I can think to describe it, even though I was quite comfortable now being naked.

As I said my goodbyes to my colleagues, I wondered what would happen and if I would still have the confidence that I thought I had to carry on this naked in public way of life I now craved or would I chicken out like I had done with so many things in the past and then hated myself for not having the courage of my convictions.

I walked across the car park of the complex and turned right, as usual, and crossed the road at the crossing a little further on, to the delight of a couple of men in the van that had stopped for me. I smiled and gave a little finger wave of thanks to them as I crossed.

Now normally I would have turned left to carry on to the bus stop, but for reasons I cannot determine, I turned right instead and started walking back the way I had just come and towards the town centre.

I had gone past the entrance to the office block where I worked and suddenly thought 'what the hell are you doing here?'

I stopped and started to turn, then again changed my mind and continued on my way. I knew then that I was going to walk the 200 yards or so to the roundabout junction where a McDonald's was located, get a coffee to drink and then walk back again to the bus stop. I knew that I just wanted to extend my time naked on the streets further than just walking to the bus stop and then home from the other end.

This then was something else that was new. When I had gone on the bus before I had the consent of the people travelling on it beforehand, and when we all went to KFC I had not been alone, neither in the Tesco store – so this was entirely new and the closer I got to McDonald's the more I felt that tingling feeling, because now I was quite alone, nothing to cover up with and I was walking the main road with the intention of entering a public establishment completely naked.

Now my pussy really was dripping wet with the anticipation of it. I stopped a moment and called Martin.

"Hello love, anything wrong?" he asked when he answered his 'phone.

"No" I said, "I just wanted to ask how close you are to finishing work and would you be able to pick me up at McDonald's by the roundabout at work?"

"What the fuck are you doing there – I thought you went to work without anything to wear today, or has someone loaned you something to put on?" He sounded frightened.

"Well" I began, "I was walking to the bus stop and when I came to the crossing instead of continuing on towards it after crossing the road, I turned the other way. I had gotten all the way back to just outside work when I realised what I had done, and then I saw McDonald's and decided I would go get a coffee, and no, I don't have a stitch on – I am as naked now as when I left for work this morning. And it's no good shouting at me for it – I just had to do it and I'm loving it. So, can you?"

"I've got to see this! But bloody hell, you're taking a bit of a risk aren't you?" he asked.

"I suppose I am, but I may as well get things like this out of the way so that I can go about naked with confidence in myself sooner rather than later, besides, it's turning me on so much I couldn't back out now if I wanted to – so are you coming?" I asked again.

"Give me ten minutes, I'll be there right now. Exactly where will you be?"

"I'll be sitting inside with a coffee, hopefully by the window and near the door, OK?" I said.

I heard him giggling as he hung up the phone. My smile was so wide now it was hurting my cheeks, and I was gushing in the pussy department. I'd have to visit the loo when I got there to clean myself up.

I continued walking along and getting the odd call or beep from a passing car, but because it was the main road there was not too much pedestrian traffic. I had some inquisitive looks and the odd comment, but none of that bothered me – I was alone, almost in town, naked as the day I was born except for a pair of 3" heeled sandals and in absolute heaven. How come I hadn't done this before – it's so exhilarating!

A minute or two later, I turned into the Golden Arches and was now very visible to the occupants as it is nearly fully surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. I walked confidently across the car park, up to the door and nearly hesitated there, but I knew I had to go on. I pushed the door open and walked straight through and up to the counter. It was such a rush I nearly came right there again, and I hadn't touched myself since lunchtime – and all because I was without clothing!

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