tagLoving WivesThe Afternoons of Ann Ch. 01

The Afternoons of Ann Ch. 01

byvelvet hammer©

It was a late summer midafternoon. I was sitting on the sofa in my living room with my former pupil Tommy, who at this moment looked slightly dazed, almost in a trance. "It's alright, Tommy," I said. "It's okay."

I was reassuring young Tommy because at that moment in time I was topless. In fact, except for black lace panties, thigh-hi's and heels, I was practically nude. And Tommy, like I said, had a look in his eyes like he was hypnotized.

Perhaps I should back up a bit here. Tommy was one of my former students - I teach high school - and I'd invited him over on the pretext to talk about what were his plans for the future. My true intentions involved my plans, for the immediate future.

I met Tommy at the door wearing one of my husbands' shirts, unbuttoned one too many buttons down - no bra, I'm sure he noticed - mini-skirt, stockings and heels. We sat around the island in the kitchen, Tommy had a coke, I had a glass of wine to fortify myself for the next step.

Listening to Tommy talk about his job flipping burgers, and his plans to attend community college in the fall, I leaned forward making sure to give him a good view down into the valley. I could see by the bulge in his jeans this was having a positive effect. I scooted a little closer and put my hand on his.

"I just want you to know, Tommy, the real reason I invited you over today," I said knowingly. "My husband has given me permission to have affairs, and I'd like you to be my first."

I don't think he understood exactly what I said at first. Or maybe he did but his pulse was racing so fast he couldn't collect his thoughts for a reply. And really, what reply is there to a loaded statement like that?

I stood up and offered my hand. "Come with me Tommy," I said. "Let's sit on the sofa and talk some more."

We took our drinks into the living room and I led him to the sofa, then I said, "Oh, can you give me a moment?" and left the room. When I returned the skirt was gone and the front of the shirt was open. I sat down next to Tommy and shrugged the shirt off.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked sweetly. I was completely nude from the waist up.

"Yes, Mrs. Morrison," Tommy whispered. His throat seemed dry.

I placed my hand on the bulge in his trousers. "Tommy, I think it's okay for you to call me Ann, at least when we're together, and alone."

I'm in my early forties and I'm keeping it together with regular workouts. I'm in pretty good shape, my husband likes to say I have a "tight ass". I'm petite, so my 34D's look larger than what they are relative to my overall body size. My dark brown hair is cut neck length with bangs, a sort of sexy pageboy, and I know I'm good looking from the looks I get from men. If only some of the men teachers could see Mrs. Morrison now.

The poor young man was totally mesmerized. He could not take his eyes off my tits. "Here," I said, taking his hand and placing it on my left breast. "It's okay for you to touch me, Tommy."

Tommy grasped my right breast with his other hand, fondled and squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. "Can I . . . may I . . . kiss them?" he whispered.

"Of course, Tommy," I replied. By this time I was vigorously massaging Tommy's cock through his trousers. Tommy leaned forward, eyes closed, and began kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples. I put my arm around his shoulders and held his head. It felt delightful.

When he looked up I leaned forward and we kissed, tentatively. Then I directed my attention to his fly. I wanted to unleash that thing in his trousers. I pulled his jeans down, had him lift up so I could get them down his thighs and all the way down to his ankles. Then I pulled his "whitey tighties" down.

"Oh my God, Tommy, you're beautiful!" And he was, he had a beautiful cock.

"Thank you Mrs. Morrison, uh, Ann . . ." he faltered. "Are we going to . . . have sex?"

"Not now, Tommy," I said, running my fingers lightly up and down that beautiful piece of man meat. "Not yet. I'm going to give you reason to want to come back, but first, I there's something you must understand."

I was gently stroking his pole as I said this, my finger and thumb forming an O around his amazing cock. And DAMN the young man was HUNG! It was so thick my fingers barely touched!

"This must remain absolutely secret, only between us. You and me. You must never tell a single person. If anyone ever hears a word of what's going on, it's over."

"Yes, ma'am." It sounded so sweet to hear him speak so respectfully while my hand went up and down his shaft.

"Good," I said, slipping from the sofa to go to my knees before him. "You were always good in my class. Now this is your reward."

I leaned forward and studied his bulging cock. A glistening droplet of shiny pre-cum formed in the tiny slitted end. I parted my lips and darted out my tongue to lick it up. Mmmm. Then I opened my lips wider and took Tommy deep into my wet mouth.

Tommy's cock was almost ten inches long. Bigger, in fact, than my husbands'. There was no way I could take it all in my mouth, but I could stroke his wet pole as my lips went up and down his length.

My mouth full of cock, I looked young Tommy in the eye. He had a look of wonder on his face. Pulling off and holding his rod before my face like a microphone, I asked, "Do you like it, Tommy? Do you like your teacher sucking your cock?"

Perhaps now is a good time to explain how this all came about. It all started when my husband and I attended a local party. I didn't know these people very well, they were people Dan, my husband, knows from his political activities. Well it became obvious that it was a sex party, or at least it had reached the point of the evening where it was about to become a sex party.

The hostess had gone upstairs and when she returned she was wearing a very daring outfit - a dog collar of all things and a fishnet dress - and all she had on underneath was a black thong. She slipped a DVD into the player and an adult movie began playing their widescreen. I mean pure, raw sex, into a roomful of well-dressed people who I thought were conservatives like my Dan.

Dan looked at me and said, "Honey, are you comfortable with this?" Well actually I have my position as a school teacher to consider, I can't be attending wild parties especially with people I don't know, and so I said something about maybe it's time we made our way home.

What my husband doesn't know is that I've got a past. There was a point in my life I was in a relationship with a lover who shared me around like a toy, and we attended parties like the one we'd just left. I rather enjoyed this kind of sex life, actually, and I was very surprised my very conservative husband would take me to this kind of party.

In the car Dan was being all apologetic. Finally I said, "Don't be, Dan. Truth be told, I'd like to do the kind of things that go on at parties like that."

Well that blew his mind, to put it mildly. Later, in bed, he brought up the subject . . . "You'd be okay with the sort of things that go on at that kind of party? You'd be okay . . . doing it . . . with other men?"

I shrugged, "Sure. What about you? It wouldn't bother you?"

That night we enjoyed some of the best lovemaking we'd had in a long time. We do a little role-playing game where we go by different names, where we're different people. Tonight as I went down on him, Dan wanted me to call him by his golf buddy's name - this seemed to have a greater effect than usual - and when Dan entered me he called me by our hostess at the party's name, the one in the fishnet dress. When he came he filled my pussy with gallons of white-hot cream.

In the morning Dan wanted to discuss the subject at length. We'd obviously stumbled upon something that really turned him on. Again, I told him I was completely at ease with the idea of doing it with other men, if that is what he wanted.

"What about you, Dan?" I asked, "Wouldn't you want to make it with other women?" I was curious he hadn't brought up this aspect. As it turned out, Dan was honestly not enthusiastic about this side of things. That's not what his thing is about, apparently. His kink is about me, making it with other men.

I've heard about this, of course. Like I said, I have a past. It just surprised me to see it in my straight-as-an-arrow husband. I told Dan I'd be okay with making it with other men, if having a 'hotwife' is what he wanted, and he gave me permission to have affairs.

Back to blowing my young man on the sofa. Tommy was in an altered state.

A young man doesn't last very long, at least not when he's got a full load. Judging by his quickened breaths and the way he was thrashing about on the sofa, this wasn't going to take very long.

I alternated between going up and down on his pole, taking him deep then pulling off to nibble and lick up and down his shaft and all around the rim of his helmet. When it was obvious he was very close, I started jacking him off into my mouth, making sure to drool lots of slobber on his pole to make it nice and slick.

Tommy's first shot splattered all over my lips, my cheeks and chin. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and stroked him as he spurted in my mouth.

I swallowed most of his cum - I'm alright with that - then sat back and let a big glob of it spill out my lips. I wanted my student to see his straight-laced school teacher with cum splattered all over my face, and a gob of goo sliding down my chin and dripping down onto my heaving chest.

As I licked Tommy clean I said all kinds of slutty things that men like to hear. "Oh God, I love cock . . . I need cock . . . I love your cock, Tommy, it's SO BIG!" And it WAS big - almost ten inches, much bigger than my husbands. As I licked up and down and swallowed his goo, it seemed like Tommy's cock was getting harder already! I could hardly wait until we fucked.

When I saw Tommy off, I didn't bother covering up. I simply took him by the hand and walked him to the door in just my black lace panties, thigh-hi's and heels. I wanted Tommy to think of me as his personal fuck-toy. I kissed him at the door, a full open-mouthed tongue-kiss, so he could taste his own cum.

After he left, I masturbated through my panties to the thought of Tommy's huge cock and what I planned to do with it.

When Dan arrived home about an hour later, I greeted my husband in only my thigh-hi's and heels, panties and his shirt. I left the shirt unbuttoned all the way down so he could see the dried up puddle of cum on my breast, and of course I hadn't wiped the splatter of cum off my cheek or where it had drooled down my chin.

I offered my husband the same French tongue-kiss I'd given my teenage lover, and when he tasted another man's cum in my mouth I could feel him hardening in his trousers.

I broke the kiss, looked at him and smiled. "Did you . . .?" he asked.

"Mmm-hmmm," I nodded.

"Why don't you get comfortable, honey," I said, "I'll bring you your drink and we can sit on the sofa and I'll tell you all about it."

Then I led him to the sofa and kissed him some more so he could taste Tommy's cum in my mouth while I massaged him through his trousers. I undid his trousers and pulled them down along with his underwear. Dan was as hard as a rock, as hard as I've ever seen him before.

Looking down as I stroked his cock, I said, "I'm having an affair. What do you want to know?"

"Who is he?"


"That kid you tutored last year?"


"What's he like?"

"HUGE. Ten inches at least." Hubby's cock spurt a stream of pre-cum at the sound of this.

"Did you fuck?"

"No, I just sucked him off. I want to take it in stages, I don't want to scare the kid off."

And then it was time to go to my knees before my husband, and suck off his raging hard-on. He came faster than ever before, and I took it all in my mouth, swallowed it, because I'm alright with that.

Then I looked up and as smiled sweetly, with a line of cum spilling over my lips, running down my chin and splattering on my breasts.

This was the beginning of how I became my husbands perfect little hotwife cum queen.

(To be continued)

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